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NBS Ahmedabad-Narayana Business School Facilities: Reviews, Experience, Strength, Infrastructure 2024

  • Ahmedabad
  • Private

Saurav Anand

Ac Classroom

There are several air-conditioned classrooms available for students at NBS and all are designed to provide enjoyable learning experiences that are essential for future leaders in management. They do this through an innovative, imaginative, and unique classroom design that creates a unified learning environment. Each of our lecture rooms has the latest audio-visual equipment.


NBS offers students the support and an array of printing non-print, electronic, and print tools to help students, NBS has a reference and lending service that has hundreds of books.

The National Bureau of Standards has an amazing library, with many periodicals, journals, books CDs, reports, and other materials. In addition to offering access to non-print and print materials and also providing access to numerous electronic sources.


Students have the privilege of and are able to use Wi-Fi throughout the campus.

Students can use free Wi-Fi on all of the NBS campuses. Students are now able to access the internet without working with cables and plug-ins because of the Wi-Fi network that is available on campus. In many ways, this campus embodies the advanced technology of the 21st century.


Language LabUnique Lab is offered by the NBS to help students learn different languages on their own. The NBS offers a variety of hands-on instructions to help improve your speaking and listening skills.

Laboratory for Computers

  • High-speed internet connectivity, well-equipped PCs as well as the latest software are all in this fully-equipped lab.

Language Laboratory

  • It gives hands-on training in both speaking and hearing to improve listening abilities in a language lab that is equipped with audiovisual equipment and modern technology.


It’s not just a place for faculty and students can eat but it’s a space where everyone can make memories, unwind and relax and share their everyday experiences.


NBS has provided indoor sports facilities for students including the pool Table, Air Hockey, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, and many other games for our students to have fun and make the most of their gaming abilities. outdoor NBS has also created a great infrastructure for students playing outdoor sports and extracurricular activities that take place periodically and help students play many sports like Basketball or Cricket. Archery and more.


The primary goal of NBS is to ensure that their students are healthy and safe, the medical requirements of their students are only a phone call away.

PDP Room (Personal Development Plan)

  • It is crucial to acquire the proper personality traits and behaviors to achieve the highest level of performance. In accordance with our model at NBS education, it does not have to be solely focused on the acquisition of knowledge but also encourages the growth of a brain that thinks outside the confines of.

Counseling Cells are situated throughout the town.

  • On-campus resources like meeting rooms and counseling rooms are easily available. These qualities play an important role in establishing an enduring relationship between students and counselors and help them succeed in their academic endeavors.