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NBS Ahmedabad- Narayan Business School Q&A on Cutoff, Placement, Fees & Admission

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Saurav Anand

NBS Ahmedabad Q&A

1. Does the NBS Ahmedabad provide education loans?

Ans. Yes, education loans are available from the NBS Ahmedabad. Finances are taken care of by a dedicated team at the institute. “Priority Sector Lending” refers to the loans that banks give to education.

2. What costs will be included in my education loan for NBS?

Ans. Candidates are required to detail the costs involved in their application. Generally, the tuition costs, the residential costs (if you live in Paying Guest accommodation), and any other unexpected costs. You will need to borrow money for these expenses.

3. What are the value-added programs added in NBS PGDM?

Ans. PGDM includes the following value-added programs:-
Certificate in SAP,
Microsoft Office Specialist,
Digital Marketing Certificate,
Personality Development Program,
Campus Leadership Program,
Campus Recruitment Training Program,
National Institute of Securities Markets,
Certificate Program in EXIM, Trade,Procedure and Documentation,
HR Excellence, Training and Development Program.

4. How to Change my Photo from Admin Dashboard?

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5. How to Apply for Narayana Business School?

Ans. Candidate who wants to apply for admission to any of the programs offered at NBS can do so by following the steps below:
Visit the official website.
Click on “Apply Now”.
Fill in all the details.
Pay the registration fees of INR 1000 in the online mode.
Submit to finish the application process.

6. Should I go for a PGDM course from Narayana Business School, Ahmedabad? How is the college for its PGDM/MBA courses?

Ans. A strong placement network handles Narayan Business School placements.
A high-quality education is not the only part of Narayana Business School’s mission. Keeping our students out of the economic turmoil sweeping the world is made possible by our high-quality education.
There are programs offered by Narayana Business School that meet the current needs of companies to hire young talents and managers who have a fresh perspective, new ideas, and methods of working.
If you are seeking one of the top business schools in Ahmedabad, then you should definitely consider Narayana Business School. The Narayana Business School is like a second home because of its excellent infrastructure, exceptional faculty members, and placement department. The faculty members are the best coaches and mentors. One of the few schools where the dean knows the preferences and dislikes of all students. Every step is guided by a small group. The campus is beautiful and the teaching method is hands-on. Learning is fun here. Narayana Business School placements With 100% record and high ROI is what you’re looking for when choosing a B-School.
You can experience all of this at Narayana Business School with comfort and a relaxed atmosphere on campus. Students arrange a variety of events throughout the year, and all are arranged by themselves, making it the most effective way to study and learn. In conclusion, the teaching is excellent and the faculty are top-notch as is the infrastructure and the placements are well worth the effort.

7. Is there anyone who did an MBA from Narayana Business School in Ahmedabad?

Ans. Narayana business school Ahmedabad offers the PGDM program. The Narayana Business School Placements provided me with a great platform to start my career. Even internships with top companies such as Coco-Cola and Vivo will improve your career prospects
Even though the college is small, it has all the amenities students could possibly want. Through a variety of practical projects, simulation games, and real-life case studies, the teaching method is entirely hands-on.
I consider mentor-mentee programs to be the best part of college. I received personalized guidance on every matter, regardless of whether it related to my academics.
In order to upgrade your career graph, you must join Narayana Business School.
Which are the best colleges in Ahmedabad for an MBA with good placements?
Narayan Business School placement cell helps students gain professional and personal growth by placing them in reputable firms. NBS Ahmedabad placement cell organizes a number of activities to assist students. NBS Ahmedabad placement cell offers a variety of training programs. We organize group discussions, conduct aptitude assessments, create tailored CVs, conduct mock interviews, conduct peer placement workshops, and provide grooming classes at the NBS Ahmedabad placement cell. This class prepares for their last Narayana Business School, Ahmedabad placements. Several industries, such as Automobile, Banking, Capital Markets, Communications, Consumer Goods, Government, Health Care, Hospitality, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and many more, are invited to attend the Narayana Business School Ahmedabad placement drive.

8. How is Narayana Business School Ahmedabad?

Ans. Narayana Business School is ranked fourth among India’s top 50 schools.
In addition to the PGDM and MBA programs, Narayana Business School also offers an IMBA program which is great for students needing a management college as it only offers management courses.
We emphasize practical life skills at Narayana Business School. Its excellent faculty helps students develop good management skills. Additionally, the college offers a variety of courses that are useful for corporate and management environments.
In addition to this, the college offers a variety of fun activities through clubs and sports.

9. What do you think of the MBA course at Narayana Business School Ahmedabad?

Ans. The name of Narayana business school is well known. It has also incorporated cloud computing and other programs into its structure along with defining the education system as a whole. I’ve learned more than just academics here, I’ve also learned life lessons! Those who are truly interested in fitting into this corporate world show it in their practical sessions for the business model of education. The system of education we have is very good.
Narayana Business School’s placements are exceptional, and many brands from a wide range of industries recruit our students. A variety of key positions are recruited, including event managers, sales managers, risk analysts, etc. There is also a competitive compensation package. Narayana business school offers its highest placement package of 16 LPA to an average student. Some of the top recruiters included Berger, Vivo, Oyo, S&P Global, and Club Mahindra.