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Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore Scholarships: Eligibility & Amount Details

  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Private

Saurav Anand

According to the jaipuria institute of management Indore, education not only allows for personal improvement but also helps the betterment of society. jaipuria institute of management Indore provides a number of Jaipuria Indore Scholarships to deserving students. As a result, jaipuria institute of management Indore is able to hire great people from a range of backgrounds, thereby increasing our diversity.

Scholarship Criteria

Jaipuria Indore Scholarships For Two Years

01 – MAT: 70% & above, ATMA: 95% & above             


02 – CAT: 60% & above, MAT: 75% & above, CMAT: 70% & above, XAT: 70% & above 


03 – CAT: 65% & above, MAT: 85% & above, CMAT: 80% & above


04 – CAT: 70% & above


Jaipuria institute of management Indore Jaipuria Indore Scholarships worth Rs. 50,000 is also available for siblings at all Jaipuria campuses.

Jaipuria Institute of management Indore Jaipuria Indore Scholarships will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis to a limited number of recipients, subject to receipt of the first payment of fees. Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore maintains the right to amend the price structure and Jaipuria Indore Scholarships information at any time and without notice. A security deposit of Rs. 10,000 will be required upon admission and will be reimbursed after the first payment of tuition is made. The same sort of Jaipuria Indore Scholarships will be awarded to all students. Jaipuria Indore Scholarships are split into two equal halves, one for each academic year. Jaipuria Indore Scholarships will only be awarded to students who have a cumulative grade point average of 6.5 or above at the conclusion of their first year.