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IIT Varanasi: Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi Reviews on Facilities & Placements

  • Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Government
  • 13th by NIRF under Engineering Category

Aditi Chaurasia

IIT-BHU Varanasi Reviews

Aryan Deep; M.Tech in Materials Science and Technology 

IIT-BHU Campus: They don't have enough places to learn or play sports, but what they do have is good. Food and living conditions are not good, and many people rent apartments. As was already said, they have all kinds of tools when it comes to sports, and the library has every book possible.

IIT-BHU Faculty: M.Tech in Materials Science and Technology students work with the faculty. They won't tell kids what to do, but they will ask for their help. They do the same things every day, but their knowledge will help students learn. The lessons are very difficult, and the tests are hard but doable. This school is worth going to.

IIT-BHU Placements: Many of the best tech and mechanical companies, such as Optum and Tata, hire students in large numbers and pay them well. The highest salary package given is worth 52 LPA, while the lowest is worth 10 LPA. Many businesses gave 6-month jobs to students to help them get ready for the future. There are roles such as SDE and assistant SDE.

Piyush Singh; M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering 

IIT-BHU Campus: Even though the college site is old, it has good facilities for classes, sports, and dorms. WiFi and LAN connections are available on campus. Along with the classrooms for each school, there are two libraries and a few lecture halls. IIT (BHU) has the best food of all the IITs and other schools, according to a survey.

IIT-BHU Faculty: The members of the faculty are helpful and give full guidance in whatever information is needed. There are 15 students in my area, but there are only 8 teachers. The course content is always changed to meet the needs of the students. Both the board and the PPT are used by the teachers to teach. We kids like the board method better.

IIT-BHU Placements: M.Tech Biomedical Engineering placements are good, and each branch has every kind of company character. Almost all of the kids got jobs, but a few chose to go to college instead. The package costs anywhere from Rs. 6 Lacs to Rs. 12 Lakhs per year. Companies like EXL, Ola, and ZS came to campus to hire people.

Varun Kumar; B.Tech. in Civil Engineering 

IIT-BHU Campus: B.Tech Civil Engineering department has a lot of different facilities. Up to 170 kids can fit in the classrooms. Labs have all kinds of tools that can be used for experiments and study. The department also has its own library where similar books can be checked out and read. WIFI works well in the building where the department is. The hostel has all of the most important things. The food in the mess is both tasty and healthy. From time to time, input from the students is used to make the food better. Aside from that, the center offers free medical care and most games can be played there. Students can play football, cricket, hockey, badminton, squash, and other games with teachers and trainers that they hire on their own.

IIT-BHU Faculty: Every teacher at the school has a Ph.D. and has worked as a teacher before. They give good notes and good chances to talk about them. The course content fits very well with what the business world needs. So, it does a good job of getting kids ready to work in the real world. The exams at the end of each term are not very hard, and about 97% of all students pass them.

IIT-BHU Placements: About 93% of the students in the school are put in the right place. The most expensive deal was about INR 52 Lacs, while the least expensive was about INR 8 Lacs. The average price was INR 18 Lacs. For this branch, every company comes to the school. For core companies, like HUL, who come, and a lot of other companies from non-core branches. 95 percent of students get internships at companies like HUL, ONGC, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. that have nothing to do with their major. In the course, there are a lot of different jobs, such as on-site engineers and sides.

Shanaya Raj; B.Tech Electrical Engineering

IIT-BHU Campus: Most of the time, there are three festivals every year. First of all, IIT BHU's sports festival, Spardha, takes place in October. In January, IIT BHU's cultural festival, Kashiyatra, takes place. Technex, the tech festival, happens every year in March. From 8 am to 6 pm, you can get books from the library, and from 8 am to 11 pm, you can learn there.

IIT-BHU Faculty: The B.Tech Electrical Engineering branch and IIT BHU were both well-known branches and IITs. The branch is also thought to be a circuital branch, which means there are more opportunities during the placement season. Most of the faculty members have a lot of experience and training, and some are well-known researchers in their areas. Mid-sem is held at the end of the second month of each sem, while end-sem is held at the end of the fourth month. Different professors give different assignments. It's not too hard to pass these tests, but it's very, very hard to do well.

IIT-BHU Placement: The placement season starts in the 7th sem, and you can sit in on those. Decimal Point Analytics, Microsoft, Sprinklr, ServiceNow, Uber, Scifom, Trilogy Innovations (CodeNation), Mentor Graphics (Sicmens), Texas Instruments, Oracle, MyKaarma, Wells Fargo, American Express, INTUIT, UI Path, Standard Chartered BNY Mellon, Digit Insurance, VISA, Axxela, Publicis Sapient, and other companies. On the first day, there were a total of 474 bids. I might get an MBA after I graduate.

Shrishti Yadav; B.Tech Mining Engineering

IIT-BHU Campus: Life on campus is unique, with a green, free environment and mild weather. Students at IIT BHU are helpful and friendly with each other, and they are always willing to help. There are clubs for almost everything at the college, including photography, dance, film, theatre, sports, and fine arts. Kashiyatra, which is held every year in January, is the cultural feat, and Technex, which is held every year in March, is the technology feat. In the central library of IIT BHU, you can find books on almost any topic or subject. There is a green board and a screen in each classroom, but there is no air conditioning. IIT BHU has some of the best sports in the country. There are squash courts, tennis courts, a volleyball ground, a Kho-Kho field, and more. SCS is the name of the social group, and it is run by students alone. COPS is a website that was made entirely by IIT BHU students.

IIT-BHU Faculty: The course curriculum of B.Tech Mining Engineering is very light and not at all stressful, and the teachers are very helpful. I picked this course because it was the best IIT I could get at my rank. There are about 20 teachers for every 100 kids, so the ratio is 1:5. All of the professors are very qualified, and many of them have PhDs from colleges outside of the U.S. Term tests are easy, and a good student can pass them with flying colors even if they don't study as much.

IIT-BHU Placement: IIT-BHU is known for its placements. Students get jobs in the seventh semester, but they have to finish the eighth semester before they can start work. A lot of big companies like Uber, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Swiggy come to our site to hire people. About 1300 people were able to find jobs through college placements. The most that Uber gave to 5 students was 2.05 Crore, and the average amount was 19-20 LPA. SDE, Product Manager, Data Scientist, Consultant, and Analyst are all profiles that companies hire for. Every year, great jobs are found for 95% of students, and they get paid well. I want to get an MBA after I finish IIM Ahmedabad.

Akash Kumar; B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

IIT-BHU Campus: Kashiyatra is a cultural festival that takes place in January, Technex is a tech festival that takes place in March, Spardha is a sports festival that takes place in October, and FMC weekend is a digital arts festival that takes place in February. The main library at IIT BHU has all of the most important books, both formal and not. In our lecture rooms, there are projectors, microphones, speakers, fans, wall fans, windows, and space for more than 200 students. Our IIT has almost all kinds of sports. We have three large grounds, one gymkhana, one top class, and a student recreation center that is well-equipped. Some of the clubs run by and for students are SCS, E-Cell, Biz Club, Masquerades, and DFZ.

IIT-BHU Faculty: I was really interested in Computer Science and Engineering, so I looked at the course outline. I loved to learn new things about technology and code. Depending on the subject, a teacher in our area usually has 130–170 students. All of our teachers are highly qualified and got their PhDs from prestigious IITs or foreign universities. They all do a great job of teaching, with some using slides and others using a blackboard. In one semester, we have two tests: one in the middle of the term and one at the end. We have quizzes and homework all the time. The level of the tests is about average, and they are not hard to pass.

IIT-BHU Placement: Students can go on jobs starting in their fourth year. During part 1 of the IIT BHU placements 2022 batch, 1185 jobs were offered. The most are from UBER international, at 2.2 crores. Uber, Zeta, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Amazon, Sprinklr, Samsung, JPMorgan, Unacademy, Goldman Sachs, De Shaw, and others were among the top recruits. About 24 lakhs are the normal package. The company hires people for jobs in business, product, consulting, software, data science, and data science. More than 90% of our college students get jobs. After I get my degree, I'd like to work for a good multinational corporation and make the biggest difference I can.