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IIT Kharagpur: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Facilities Details

  • Kharagpur, West Bengal
  • Government
  • NIRF Ranking 5

Eric James

We all know that all colleges and universities have some kind of special facility. IIT Kharagpur, like all colleges and institutions, provides multiple facilities for students to attract them to their colleges. In this article, we will learn about all of the facilities that are provided by IIT Kharagpur facilities to students.

The two-year BTech program at IIT Kharagpur, which is available through JoSAA counselling and JEE Advanced Score is what has made the institute famous. There are 818 seats available in 15 courses in the BTech program. The minimum cutoff for a position at IIT Kharagpur is around 200-500. IIT Kharagpur's best package for the 2023 placement drive was INR 2.6 CPA. The first year of the prestigious BTech degree program at IIT Kharagpur costs 2.24 lakh rupees.

IIT Kharagpur's student exchange program includes nearly ten of the world's premier universities. Foreign training programs, semester exchange programs, and cooperation PhD programs are all part of it. In addition, IIT KGP and the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom have signed a research and academic collaboration agreement. In addition, IIT Kanpur has various Memorandums of Understanding with industry leaders. Recently, HCLTech and IIT KGP agreed to collaborate in the domains of earth sciences and petroleum engineering.

IIT Kharagpur has concluded Phase 1 student assignment for the class of 2023. The students received 900 internship offers out of 1600 bids, 45 of which came from abroad sources. On the first day, students got approximately 760 offers, including pre-placement offers. On the first day of placement, the IIT Kharagpur Highest Package was valued at INR 2.6 CPA out of 16 approved overseas offers. Among the top employers were Apple, CapitalOne, EXL Services, Google, Microsoft, Airbus, and others.

During the IIT Kharagpur Summer Internship Placements for the class of 2023, thirty-four recruiters submitted over seventy profiles with eight hundred internship offers. Recruiters from Microsoft, EXL Services, Google, and Rubrik took part in the placement drive in 2023.

Male and female-only hostels, a library, a cafeteria, labs and classrooms, sports facilities, auditoriums, and other facilities are available at IIT Kharagpur. Students who enjoy sports can take advantage of the sports facilities at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Students can participate in sports such as athletics, football, hockey, and cricket, among others. In addition, the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur campus has a newly renovated swimming center for activities such as water polo and swimming. On the IIT Kharagpur campus, the "Tech Market," a one-stop shop, contains everything one needs for daily life. Should certain needs occur, there are easily accessible markets five kilometers from the IIT Kharagpur campus.

IIT Kharagpur recognizes the need to expose its students to modern approaches and global standards to better their learning. Even though it is presently in talks with many other foreign universities around the world, the institute has cooperated with other respectable organizations to boost the campus's ethnic and international variety.

As a result, the institute's cutting-edge facilities motivate students to actively pursue new ideas, design innovative solutions, promote sustainable practices, foster personal growth, improve the community, and alter the management industry. The buildings and curriculum at IIT Kharagpur have been carefully constructed to facilitate the general growth of the university as well as the development of future global business leaders.

The campus's peaceful surroundings are ideal for academics and personal development. One of IIT Kharagpur's distinguishing features is its emphasis on students. Several student organizations, groups, and committees arrange a variety of conferences, seminars, workshops, and other activities related to business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. These extracurricular activities are valued by the institute's student community since they allow students to demonstrate their ability at the IIT Kharagpur placement, develop their leadership capabilities, get significant practical experience, and encourage networking opportunities. Different worldviews, languages, and cultures coexist at IIT Kharagpur.

Students from all over India come together to create an environment that promotes communication and understanding among people from different cultural backgrounds. This difference promotes global awareness and enhances classroom discussions. The institute actively encourages innovation and entrepreneurship through a variety of activities, including its innovation center and the annual Entrepreneurship Summit. Students are given materials to help them develop their business concepts and launch their businesses. On the IIT Kharagpur campus, numerous management and cultural activities are held. The annual cultural festival brings together artists from all around the country. Students are typically involved in a range of community-beneficial charitable activities.

For students to meet this requirement and develop into well-rounded individuals, the institute must provide both top-tier academic facilities and relevant non-academic infrastructure. IIT Kharagpur's resources assist with students' overall growth. IIT Kharagpur provides well-planned dorms, health centers and emergency rooms, lecture halls with extensive seating, classrooms with projectors and other modern technology, and sports stadiums for student advancement. The IIT Kharagpur campus offers a café, computer labs, a library, and a variety of other services.

IIT Kharagpur facilities include:

  • Accommodation Facilities
  • Guest House
  • Library Facilities
  • Modern Classroom Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Mess and Cafeteria
  • IT Facilities
  • Sports Facilities
  • Computer Facilities
  • Transport facilities
  • Banking Facilities

The IIT Kharagpur facilities and services are designed to ensure academic performance that meets global standards and to improve the overall educational experience. A current facilities communications network, good student housing options, a modern, well-stocked library that encourages academic activity, and an effective IT infrastructure are just a few of these characteristics. IIT Kharagpur also has modern classrooms with wireless microphones and high-speed internet connectivity to promote a constructive learning environment. The institute's mission of teaching moral corporate leaders committed to long-term development is dependent on these first-rate facilities. By providing a wide range of facilities, the IIT Kharagpur ensures that its student body enjoys a full and well-rounded education.

Let’s check them one by one at IIT Kharagpur Facilities.

IIT Kharagpur Hostel Facilities

Accommodation is available at the IIT Kharagpur facilities. The hostel facilities of IIT Kharagpur are organized into different blocks. There are several IIT Kharagpur facilities in the dorm buildings, like as outdoor grounds and mess halls. All five hostel blocks have essential facilities such as a common room, a library, specific sports spaces, a mess, and a café. Students applying to IIT Kharagpur must fill out the hostel application form. Male and female students can live in different dorms at IIT Kharagpur. The rooms are available in single or double occupancy. The hostel fee for IIT Kharagpur Hostel is INR 24.8k for both boys and girls, which excludes INR 14000 for mess fees. Typically, first-year students share double rooms.

Below is the structure of the boy's and girl’s hostel fees.

Male IIT Kharagpur Hostel
Overhead at the hostel is Rs. 880.
Charges for Hall Establishment - Rs. 18300
Mess Fees: Rs. 14000
Admission to the hostel costs Rs.1000.
Caution Deposit for Hostel - Rs 4000

Female Hostel at IIT Kharagpur
Overhead at the hostel is Rs. 880.
Charges for Hall Establishment - Rs. 18300
Mess Fees: Rs. 14000
Admission to the hostel costs Rs.1000.
Caution Deposit for Hostel - Rs 4000
A guest house is one of the IIT Kharagpur facilities. Visitors and attendees of the institute's numerous workshops, meetings, conferences, and seminars are both welcome to stay. The guest house has seven rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi and cleaning services for guests visiting IIT Kharagpur. Visitors can concentrate on their work rather than the complex nature of their stay with these IIT Kharagpur facilities, which improves their overall experience. Teachers, students, and visitors can all conveniently stay at the IIT Kharagpur dorms and guest rooms.

The IIT Kharagpur campus has a variety of eating alternatives. The mess facilities at IIT Kharagpur include home-cooked meals. On campus, IIT Kharagpur students have access to a diverse range of eating options from a variety of cuisines. Students meet in campus dining halls to make jokes. These amenities provide a lively environment that encourages socializing and relaxation, allowing students to enjoy wonderful meals and meet new people. The campus cafeteria and mess serve a variety of meals and beverages. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options are provided to satisfy the diverse dietary demands and preferences of students from across the country. These venues at IIT Kharagpur not only serve wonderful meals, but they also foster a sense of friendliness, warmth, and inclusion among students.

IIT Kharagpur Library Facilities

The IIT Kharagpur Facilities for Library has a large collection of books, CDs, DVDs, Indian and foreign publications, magazines, and research reports covering a wide variety of management and connected subjects, as well as the most recent software programs. Almost all of the top management journals are available to those who use libraries. The Institute is committed to expanding the available knowledge resources continuously. It provides access to and subscribes to some scholarly internet databases.

The E-Library Portal allows users to access the academic e-collection of the IIT Kharagpur facilities for the Library from any networked computer on campus. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions are available at the library both in print and online. In addition to a physical collection of over 2272 print books, reports, dissertations, and theses that may be seen via the Online Public Access Catalog, the library provides digital services. To boost research and the academic experience, the library provides key services such as the Turnitin plagiarism detector, E-resources search for databases, journals, and reports, and remote access for users who are not on campus. Students can also access real-time financial data through the IIT Kharagpur Library's Bloomberg-powered finance lab.

This huge digital library contains over 90,000 electronic journals. Furthermore, the library provides over 8500 e-business journals and over a million e-books, including the well-known Oxford Handbooks Online, a collection of volumes covering a wide range of disciplines. Notably, the library has access to rare collections from prestigious academic and student institutions such as the World Bank and EXIM Bank, as well as literature such as the Harvard Business Review and the Emerald case collections.

The library actively participates in several partnerships, most notably the IIT connection, and is a member of resource-sharing networks such as DELNET and INFLIBNET as part of its commitment to resource sharing. These connections will provide you with access to a huge diversity of literature, including over 10,000 e-journals and over 50,000 dissertations and theses. RFID-enabled self-service kiosks at the IIT Kharagpur Library allow for automated lending, returns, and renewals. The Knowledge Center at IIT Kharagpur offers a cutting-edge learning environment, as well as a variety of resources and services to assist professors and staff members with their academic and research activities.

IIT Kharagpur Mess Facilities

As previously stated, IIT Kharagpur's facilities of mess are available around the clock to fulfill the nutritional needs of its members. The mess facilities at IIT Kharagpur serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. In the application pool, there are options for a wide range of gourmet inclinations. The IIT Kharagpur facilities meet the majority of candidates' needs.

The IIT Kharagpur campus buildings provide soft drinks, ice cream, and pastries. Members at IIT Kharagpur can purchase a variety of snacks from the self-managed PI store.

The participants improved the services provided by the IIT Kharagpur facilities by producing JAM. JAM provides drinks and fruit to participants. This is one of IIT Kharagpur's unique and inventive facilities.

There are also four canteens within a short walk of the hostel. Among them is a night canteen that provides food to customers from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

IIT Kharagpur Classroom Facilities

The educational environment at IIT Kharagpur facilities is designed to encourage multidisciplinary teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, and intellectual discourse. The college has made significant investments in cutting-edge equipment, teaching tools, and novel seating arrangements to encourage advanced study. The classroom environment fosters creativity, inquiry, and the development of intellectual independence. These IIT Kharagpur facilities classrooms at IIT Kharagpur create an environment that will eventually produce creative managers who will supervise a variety of international organizations.

In addition to regular lectures, the classrooms at IIT Kharagpur promote cooperation, the examination of innovative ideas, and the challenging of received wisdom. The institute's goal is to educate responsible, visionary business leaders who can succeed in a rapidly changing corporate environment, and its strategy fits that goal.

IIT Kharagpur Healthcare Facilities

The IIT Kharagpur Facilities for Medical offers a wide range of services. A crew of highly skilled specialists has been given access to the cutting-edge sports complex. These practitioners can help a candidate with heart-related workouts. This routine has several fitness and wellness benefits.

A guru has also been brought in to teach yoga at the IIT Kharagpur campus. These quarterly seminars are held on campus to help the medical facilities at IIT Kharagpur. These lively yoga classes promote proactive posture and self-esteem development.

The swimming program at IIT Kharagpur is well-known. Swimming is a total-body workout that stretches all of the muscles and improves breathing and endurance. Participation is encouraged at these medical colleges affiliated with IIT Kharagpur. The influence of these amenities at IIT Kharagpur on each member's individual growth and success is amazing.

The primary goal of the IIT Kharagpur facilities is to help participants grow. As a result, the medical IIT Kharagpur facilities are designed to meet the physical demands of participants.

IIT Kharagpur Transport Facilities

Students at IIT Kharagpur require a variety of transportation alternatives. Attendees can learn more about IIT Kharagpur in a variety of ways. To satisfy the needs of its members, the IIT Kharagpur facilities offer a variety of automobiles. Vehicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including automobiles, trucks, SUVs, two-wheelers, and four-wheelers. I actively participate in IIT Kharagpur Transportation Services and provide all vehicle photographs.

One may argue that IIT Kharagpur has enough space for a full-time residential program. The residential facility at IIT Kharagpur is designed to provide participants with a functional and comfortable living environment.

These IIT Kharagpur facilities of transportation services are available to disabled people and the disabled daily. All team members, especially the drivers, are always kind and eager to help.

Furthermore, an ambulance is always available in the event of an emergency. The vehicles accepted for recycling by IIT Kharagpur are listed below.

The vehicles in the IIT Kharagpur Transport facility are listed below.

A lone EECO ambulance
One ambulance unit
Single Force Traveler
Three Innova Toyotas
10-Scooter Electric
Five Plug-In Vehicles
One New XUV500 Toyota
Three tractors, a trolley, and a tanker
Two Staff Buses By Ashok Leyland
Maruti Eeco 3
4 Honda CIAZ
A single Tata Ace loading van
One Etios Toyota
Six Bus Shuttles

IIT Kharagpur Sports Facilities

Sports facilities are available at IIT Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur facilities of sports offers a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities to cater to the diverse interests and preferences of its student body. Outdoor athletic facilities at IIT Kharagpur include a cricket football pitch, basketball courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, and a hockey field. These locations are designated for certain purposes and provide opportunities for both solo and group activities. Indoor games include table tennis, chess, carrom, football, and pool tables. The sleek, modern gym provides everything teachers and students might want.

In addition to the existing sports facilities on campus, IIT Kharagpur intends to construct a cycle track to fulfill the needs of cycling enthusiasts. Riders may enjoy active, healthy lives while admiring the lovely campus surroundings thanks to this innovation. The sports facilities of IIT Kharagpur ensure the physical and emotional well-being of its students. Additional sports facilities are available in the hostel blocks. Whether students like the thrill of outdoor team sports or the focus of indoor activities, IIT Kharagpur’s sports facilities are designed to keep them interested, alert, and refreshed when they are outside.

IIT Kharagpur Banking Facilities

IIT Kharagpur facilities of banking services meet the demands of every member. Canara Bank is located on campus. IIT Kharagpur's banking services meet specific banking demands. Members can update their passbooks and make deposits at the IIT Kharagpur banking facility.

To meet financial needs, two 24-hour ATMs are positioned on the outside of campus. Students, faculty members, and staff who use the IIT Kharagpur facilities can open Canara bank accounts to make use of the institution's important banking rights.
Because the bank only serves IIT Kharagpur participants, it provides prompt service. IIT Kharagpur Facilities offers all financial and banking needs on campus.

IIT Kharagpur Faculty

Future business leaders would gain greatly from the knowledge of IIT Kharagpur's faculty, which is made up of professionals from a variety of industries. The academic community at IIT Kharagpur, which includes teachers, alumni, and students, actively improves management and research skills by utilizing a variety of tools. The group supports academic freedom in research and teaching. Mentors serve as teachers, leaders, and information sources for students, assisting them in academic success and gaining expertise in several professional fields. Faculty members of IIT Kharagpur are actively involved in the school's aim of generating committed business leaders.

Today's educators are thought leaders in their industries, continually refining, updating, and changing the way they teach knowledge. Every student will receive a fascinating and cutting-edge education as a result of their dedication to an innovative curriculum that will offer them the information and skills needed to become successful and forward-thinking leaders in their community.

Frequently Asked Questions About IIT Kharagpur Facilities

Q. Does IIT Kharagpur have AC rooms?

Ans. IIT Kharagpur's Hall Management Center manages 20 on-campus residential halls and two family accommodations for students with families. For our international student guests, the Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee or SAM Hall of Residence includes 47 climate-controlled rooms with adjoining baths.

Q. Which is the smallest IIT campus in India?

Ans. IIT-D currently has the most students of any IIT and operates from the smallest campus. "We have 300 acres here, around 250 of which are functional.

Q. Can boys visit girls hostel in IIT Kharagpur?

Ans. Boys are not permitted to visit the girls' hostel at any time at IIT Kharagpur. Girls are only permitted in the boy's hostel till the common room/library/music room if they need to practice together for an event.

Q. Can I get single room in IIT Kharagpur?

Ans. In the first year, you are usually assigned a 2/3 sharing room. From the second year on, your hall of residence (hostel) is altered to a single-seater and is assigned to you for the next three years. If you are unhappy with your hostel/room, you can request a change.

Q. Can parents stay at IIT hostel?

Ans. Yes, every hostel has a guest room. This can be reserved through the IITB gymkhana page and then by prior notice to the dormitory warden. You can also rent these guest rooms in the hostel of your choice, regardless of where you stay. However, you can only book these accommodations for seven days at a time.

Q. What food is served at IIT Kharagpur hostels?

Ans. On average, two days of all-veg are offered, with alternatives on the remaining days. 4 pm-6 pm: Panipuri, Dahivada, Momos, and Samosa are provided as weekday snacks. Dinner 7-8:45 p.m.: Dinner is served on a veg or non-veg basis, with chicken/paneer alternatives available twice a week.

Q. Do IIT hostels have AC?

Ans. Every floor includes running water and all the essential amenities, such as a kitchen and laundry rooms. Most hostels also have air-conditioned common areas such as TV rooms and visiting rooms, as well as a gym, basketball courts, shuttle courts, and other sports facilities.

Q. Do IIT dorms have AC?

Ans. IIT Gandhinagar recently built air conditioning in all of the hostels at a free cost. When asked, the Director stated that he considers his students to be his children and that he cannot sleep in his AC room while his children sleep in uncomfortable quarters.

Q. What is the dress code of IIT Kharagpur?

Ans. The bottom wear for males shall be white, fitting cotton churidars or pajamas, according to the guidelines. The uniform for girls should be a basic, solid white cotton saree with a plain, narrow golden zari border and a plain pallu, according to the guidelines. The saree is to be worn in "Parsi style, with pleated pallu," according to the description.

Q. Do IIT hostels have attached washroom?

Ans. Each hostel wing features a shared set of restrooms that are shared by around 8 rooms. These facilities include washing machines, urinals, and many toilet and bathing stalls.

Q. Do IIT hostels have free WiFi?

Ans. The hostel's common area has Wi-Fi access. WiFi or LAN access is available in the rooms. Each dormitory contains a recreation common area with a television, newspapers, and periodicals chosen by the student population. There are guest rooms available for Institute instructors, staff, and students.

Q. Do IIT hostels have gym?

Ans. Every hostel has its own gym, music room, library, TV room, and sports area. The majority of the gyms are well-equipped and well-maintained by the hostel's Maintenance Secy. Aside from that, the SAC (Student Activity Centre) has a common gym with an instructor and the most up-to-date gym equipment.