MBA CAT Syllabus

Common Admission Test (CAT) is the compulsory selection test for MBA/PGP admission in 20 IIMs and other top B-schools like FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, MDI Gurugram and IITs DMS. This year, IIM Bangalore is leading CAT on November 27, 2022 out of three spaces of 2 hours term.
MBA CAT Syllabus

Common Admission Test (CAT) is the compulsory selection test for MBA/PGP admission in 20 IIMs and other top B-schools like FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, MDI Gurugram, and IITs DMS. This year, IIM Bangalore is leading CAT on November 27, 2022, out of three spaces of 2 hours term.

CAT 2022

CAT Syllabus  2022 is comprehensively partitioned into three areas: Quantitative Ability (QA); Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR); and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC). For better comprehension to plan with CAT MBA Syllabus 2022, each part can be isolated into subsections. This year MBA CAT schedule is changed according to the progressions in CAT 2022 test design which will have fewer inquiries.

This article ready by CAT specialists shares the total MBA CAT Syllabus in view of the most recent 5 years of CAT question papers with genuine CAT questions as showed up in the CAT test. To get it and plan for CAT schedule and example 2022, read beneath cautiously the outline and key changes in CAT Syllabus  2022, significant sectional subtleties, and weights of points in CAT schedule and example.

1. CAT Syllabus 2022: An Overview of CAT Syllabus and Pattern with Sectional Weightage

There are complete three segments in the CAT schedule that convey different loads in the CAT question paper. Albeit the CAT schedule is partitioned into 3 segments, the compelling number of segments is five as VARC and DILR areas are further sub-separated into 2 sub-segments.

Sectional Division of CAT SyllabusOverview of Topics in SyllabusOverall Weightage in CAT exam
Section-1: CAT VARC Syllabus Weightage & Topics (Sectional Division is given belowRC Based Questions, Parajumbles, Para summary, Out of Context Sentence 36%
Section-1.1: CAT Verbal Ability (VA) Syllabus- Key Topics & WeightageJumbled Paragraphs; Para-summary Picking the Out of context sentence from a jumbled paragraph10%
Section-1.2: CAT Reading Comprehension (RC) Syllabus- Key Topics & WeightageLong & Short RC Passages followed by questions based on vocabulary, statements, inferences, elaboration of ideas in the passage24%
Section-2: CAT DILR Syllabus Weightage & Topics (Sectional Division is given below Data Analysis Charts, Tables, Graphs, Direction sense, seating arrangements32%
Section-2.1: CAT Data Interpretation Syllabus Weightage & TopicsSet of 3-4 Questions based on Data Charts, Data Tables, Bar Graphs, Venn Diagrams16%
Section-2.2: CAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus Weightage & TopicsSet of 3-4 Questions based on Seating Arrangement, Team Formation, Clocks & Calendars, Direction Sense, Family Tree16%
Section-3: CAT Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus Weightage & Key TopicsIndividual Questions based on Arithmetic, Algebra, Modern Math, Geometry, Mensuration, Number system, Trigonometry34%

2. CAT 2022 Syllabus: Key Highlights

During the most recent 10 years, CAT has gone for noticeable changes with the progressions in CAT question design, time span, test structure, scoring plan, and other key parts. As of now, the Syllabus  depends on the most recent CAT test design which was presented by IIM Ahmedabad for CAT 2021 test

CAT 2022 Exam Syllabus: Key ComponentsCAT 2022 Pattern
Test duration   2 hrs (120 Minutes)
Test sessions/Slots   3 (Morning, Afternoon, and Evening)
Total Questions 66
Total score198
Number of Sections in CAT question paper    3 (VARC; DILR; QA)
Time Allotted for Each Section in CAT exam 40 Minutes
Total questions in VARC Section  24
Total Questions in the DILR section  20
Total Questions in the QA section  22

3. CAT 2022 Exam Syllabus: Key Pointers and How to Cover?

CAT Syllabus isn’t authoritatively characterized by IIMs. It depends on the most recent CAT test example of the past couple of years

The MBA CAT Syllabus is huge and summed up. It covers any subject connected with the pertinent segment

According to the CAT test patterns and most recent five years CAT question papers, the points shrouded in the CAT Syllabus  require two significant things – your lucidity of idea and fast inquiry tackling abilities of class X and XII

4. Modification and Changes in the CAT Syllabus 2022

CAT 2022 Exam Syllabus is modified with the progressions in CAT example and design. Given the standing of IIMs for getting changes CAT test consistently, a couple of changes are brought again in the CAT Syllabus  2022 as the test design for CAT is likewise different. This year with decreased number of inquiries in the test, the CAT schedule is changed once more.

4.1 CAT Syllabus 2022: Important Changes

CAT 2022 Syllabus is changed once more and has different examples and construction. Significant changes in CAT Syllabus  are

I) CAT will have 3 segments with a diminished number of inquiries

ii) The sectional weightage in CAT Syllabus  is as under:

  • Segment 1: VARC – 34% weightage
  • Segment 2: DILR – 32% weightage
  • Segment 3: Quant – 34% weightage

iii) Questions on points like Error amendment in sentences, Fill in the Blanks, and Sentence fruition are not generally positioned in the CAT test

iv) Number of segments is expanded to three from two and DILR is presently a solitary area. It conveys high weightage in IIMs’ shortlisting cycle and you really want to clear the shorts in this segment alongside the other two areas

v) CAT has acquainted 25% with 28% inquiries without Negative Marking in the CAT test. The subjects for Non-MCQ kind of inquiries are the same concerning MCQ type questions which convey negative stamping

5. CAT Sectional Syllabus

The following is a shared fast look at the most recent CAT Syllabus  for 2022 in light of the most recent long-term CAT papers, trailed by a nitty-gritty segment-wise schedule for CAT 2022

5.1 CAT 2022 Sectional Syllabus at a Glance

The expansive separation of points as given above for the Syllabus is as under. You might see a large portion of the inquiries in the CAT 2022 test in light of the following points

Quantitative Ability (QA)Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
Averages Ratio & Proportion LCM and HCF Percentages Profit and Loss Interest (Simple and Compound) Speed, Time and Distance Time and Work Number System Algebra Geometry/Mensuration Pure Math Venn diagrams Linear Equations Quadratic Equations Complex Numbers Logarithm Progressions Binomial Theorem Surds and Indices Inequalities Permutation and Combination Probability Functions Set Theory Mixtures and Alligations Co-ordinate Geometry Trigonometry      Data comparison from Table Graphs Bar charts – Simple, Stacked, Composite Bar charts Pie charts Caselets Data Analysis Direction sense Team formation Seating Arrangement Blood Relation Clocks Calendars Binary logic Logical Sequence Assumption Premise Conclusion Linear and matrix arrangement Input-Output Series Syllogism Cubes Rows Set Theory  Venn Diagrams Network Diagrams Quantitative Reasoning PuzzlesMain idea in the passage Assumption Inferences, Statements, Arguments Synonyms-antonyms Phrasal meaning & Usage Para Summary Jumbled paragraphs  Odd sentence out of Jumbled paragraph Error Corrections Sequence of sentences Vocabulary usage Fill in the blanks Completion of Paragraph Analogies Critical Reasoning Sentence Completion    

5.2 Detailed CAT Syllabus Section Wise

The test Syllabus segment-wise isn’t restricted to these three areas just, as they are further sub-partitioned. This sub-division makes MBA CAT schedule 2022 separated into 5 viable segments.

VARC TopicsNo. of questions in CAT exam
Inferences, Statements, Arguments Main idea in the RC Passage Author’s assumption Synonyms-antonyms Meaning of the phrase Para Summary Jumbled paragraphs Pick Out of Context Sentence Error Correction in Sentences Sequence of sentences Fill in the blanks Completion of Paragraph Analogies Critical Reasoning Sentence Completion Irrelevant Statements Vocabulary usage3-4 Questions 1-2 Questions 1-2 Questions 2-3 Questions 2-3 Questions 2-3 Questions 2-3 Questions 1-2 Questions 1-2 Questions 1-2 Questions 1-2 Questions 1-2 Questions 1-2 Questions 2-3 Questions 1-2 Questions 1-2 Questions 1-2 Questions

How to Study to Cover CAT Syllabus? Toppers  Tips

CAT Topper with 100 percentile, 99 percentile and others learning at IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Udaipur, MDI Gurgaon conceived the technique to cover the Syllabus which assisted them with breaking CAT test with high percentile in general and area wise. Peruse underneath the Toppers  arrangement to cover the schedule:

Rahul Gupta, CAT Topper with 100 percentile: IIM Ahmedabad

To finish the Syllabus, Rahul Gupta made the following strides:

At first, centered around getting the essentials right and addressing a few simple inquiries to become familiar with the subject then continuing on toward attempting more significant level issues

Begun giving ridicule when they began as opposed to holding up till the end.

Used to dissect the arrangements broadly to check what botches I made or the inquiries I missed during the test. It assisted me with concluding the subjects I expected to invest more amounts of energy in.

Shantanu Singh Yadav, CAT Topper with 99.73 percentile: IIM Ahmedabad Student

Shantanu wisely separated his opportunity to cover the total MBA Syllabus  and embraced the following system

I committed equivalent opportunity to every one of the three segments with some additional work towards DI and LR which is I accept is the most flighty area in the test. You could rehearse a damnation parcel of LR sets before the test however could in any case bother on D-Day.

LR sets are not clear like Quants or DI sets. Timing my total ridicules and sectional tests alongside completely investigating my off-base as well as right endeavors ended up being productive.

Since the CAT selection test Syllabus  is so wide and even has no limits characterized for VARC and DILR, last-moment hustle generally turns unprofitable and over-burdens you with the added pressure

TanujRuia, CAT Topper with 99.69 percentile: IIM Bangalore

Tanuj Ruia took a quicker mode to cover the test Syllabus with a blend of CAT readiness and offers “Subsequent to clearing my essentials and the fundamentals, I enlisted for the counterfeit series. It helped me in examining my ongoing degree of readiness, my shortcomings, and my position among a pool of serious aspirants”

Anushree Naik, CAT Topper with 98.20 percentile: IIM Ahmedabad

Anushree was exceptionally specific to finishing her CAT placement test Syllabus in time and used her movement time additionally in the arrangement. She has shared her system, “I read up for around 3 hours on weekdays by tackling QA sectional tests, rehearsing a great deal of information translation and consistent thinking (DILR) sets and used my movement time to work in understanding books, fabricating a jargon and settling math tests on my telephone. My ends of the week were devoted to going to classes, covering a significant piece of the part, addressing mock tests, and breaking down my assets and shortcomings through them.”

Nikita Agarwal, CAT Topper with 99.22 percentile: MDI Gurgaon Student

The predictable practice assisted Nikita with covering total the schedule. According to sharing her methodology,, “I used to reliably give practice every one of the three areas. I never skirted a specific segment, say VARC, in light of the fact that I needed to zero in on Quants. Figuring out how to find some kind of harmony between three areas is truly essential.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the subjects remembered for CAT Syllabus?

Ans. The Syllabus of the CAT 2022 test incorporates every one of the significant points from these four subjects: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability. The applicants need to zero in essentially on Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Tables, Graphs, Venn Diagram, Blood Relation, Number Series, Coding-Decoding, Reading Comprehension, Para jumbles, and Verbal Ability.

Q2. Does CAT Syllabus change consistently?

Ans. The CAT Syllabus continues as before each year. Truth be told, the Syllabus has continued as before starting from the commencement of the test. Nonetheless, the conveyance of inquiries inside each segment of the inquiry paper changes consistently. For instance, in the event that in one-year Algebra rules the QA segment, the following year, Arithmetic overwhelms it.

Q3. Who recommends CAT Syllabus?

Ans. The CAT Syllabus is endorsed by the test directing power, the Indian Institute of Management. The CAT question paper design, test construction, and checking plan are likewise settled by a similar power.

Q4. What is the marks schema for CAT 2022?

Ans. The all-out characteristics of the CAT 2022 test are supposed to be 198. For each right endeavor, three imprints are granted and for each off-base endeavor, one imprint is deducted. There is no allowance for imprints in the event of unanswered inquiries.

Q5. Is the Syllabus of CAT the same as other MBA placement tests?

Ans. The Syllabus of CAT is like other MBA selection tests. All the MBA selection tests have Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude as key subjects. However, the trouble level of CAT is higher than in different tests.

Q6. What is the span of the CAT test?

Ans. The span of the CAT test is 120 minutes (two hours). For each segment, 40 minutes have been apportioned. For PwD up-and-comers the absolute time dispensed is 180 minutes, with the sectional time-breaking point of 53 minutes.

Q7. Which is the best CAT training foundation?

Ans. There are various excellent training organizations for the CAT test in India. Competitors can choose the instructing organization as indicated by their review module and fees. To know regardless of whether self-study is superior to instructing, read this article: CAT arrangement 2022 – Coaching versus Self Study

Q8. Which part of the CAT test is the hardest?

Ans. Although the CAT test is intense generally, it has been seen throughout the long term that most test takers find VARC extreme, as the Reading Comprehension entries are long and interesting. Now and again, thinking questions likewise end up being extensive and tedious.

Q9. Which part of CAT 2022 will convey the most extreme marks?

Ans. In CAT 2022, VARC and Quantitative Aptitude segments convey 72 and 66 stamps separately, while DILR conveys 60 imprints. In this way, in general, there isn’t a lot of contrast in that frame of mind of CAT segments.

Q10. NCERT Mathematics books to the point of planning for Quant?

Ans. You can get ready for the Quantitative Aptitude segment of CAT with the assistance of NCERT books for Mathematics classes 9 and 10, for grasping the basics, yet you ought to allude to the books suggested solely for CAT readiness.

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