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CAT Score Vs Percentile
CAT Score Vs Percentile

CAT Score Vs Percentile

The final week of November 2022 will see the online administration of the CAT 2022 exam (exact dates to be disclosed). In the second week of January 2023, the official announcement of the CAT 2022 results is anticipated.

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 Saurav Anand 01/09/2022
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The final week of November 2022 will see the online administration of the CAT 2022 exam (exact dates to be disclosed). In the second week of January 2023, the official announcement of the CAT 2022 results is anticipated. The expected CAT Score can be used to forecast the CAT Percentile with ease. Based on their estimated CAT Percentile, one can plan their preparation strategy by considering the IIMs calls they are expected to receive.

The idea of CAT score vs. percentile mapping is one of the typical questions CAT candidates have. Candidates can understand what CAT percentile vs. score is and why it's essential by reading this explanation of the idea in depth. Many MBA hopefuls sign up for the CAT each year because it is a requirement for admission to the IIMs and other top management institutes in India. The IIMs alternately administer the exam, and they use each candidate's CAT score in accordance with their own selection criteria.



Conducting Body - IIM Application Fee - 2400

CAT Score

A candidate's overall result on the CAT is simply referred to as their score. The candidates' sectional papers are added up and arranged according to respective marks in decreasing order. This makes the below-described percentile method easier.

CAT Percentile

The CAT percentile, according to a straightforward definition, represents the overall percentage of test participants who scored at or below a specific level. A person's 99 percentile, for instance, indicates that they outperformed 99 percent of the test-takers overall.

Scaling and Normalization

The CAT was held at various periods before to 2015. CAT is now offered in three slots. Since it is impossible to replicate the difficulty across all slots, the CAT's conducting authority uses a normalization technique to ensure that all test takers are treated equally and fairly.

The candidates are given a scaled score following the normalization of the scores using the equi-percentile approach. Depending on how well the other candidates performed, this scaled score can be higher or lower than the real CAT score.

Percentile vs CAT Score

The CAT Score and the CAT Percentile are two entirely different ideas that are fundamentally related. A higher CAT Percentile is almost always the outcome of a higher CAT score. Due to the constant change in the CAT Exam format based on the level of difficulty, the CAT Score vs Percentile becomes quite significant.

One must know how much to score in order to enter their dream college because the CAT Score vs Percentile comparison changes each year depending on the exam's complexity.

You can determine the type of score needed to be admitted to your dream college by looking at previous CAT patterns.

Percentile CAT 2020*Marks in CAT 2019Marks in CAT 2018Marks in CAT 2017Marks in CAT 2016Marks in 2015

*CAT 2020 had a new exam format with a shorter time limit and fewer questions—2 hours and 76, respectively. The overall scores needed to achieve the specified percentiles decreased as a result of this. According to the notice for CAT 2021, CAT 2021 will adhere to this pattern.

Composite Score Computation for the CAT 2022 Exam

Each student's composite score is determined by their scaled CAT score, class 12 and class 10 grades, graduation score, diversity in their work experience (more than 2 years), academic background, and gender.


The CAT Score vs Percentile Mapping should be known by all CAT aspirants so they may target the colleges appropriately. Although the CAT Score vs Percentile chart on this page is based on trends from the prior year, it is possible that the convening IIM will make significant changes to the CAT Exam's format or level of difficulty.

In conclusion, the CAT Percentile is important since colleges choose candidates for the second round based on the CAT Percentile and not the marks.

Frequently Asked Questions About CAT Score vs Percentile

Q. What score is needed to get 99.5+ percentile?

Ans. There is no particular score that may guarantee a 99+ percentile since it changes every year with the difficulty of the CAT exam. But based on previous years’ analysis, for getting a 99.5+ percentile in CAT 2022, it is important to attempt at least 45 questions out of 66 with 98% accuracy. Hence, a score of 100+ would be sufficient to get a 99+ percentile.

Q. When will CAT 2022 Result be declared?

Ans. CAT 2022 result will be declared by IIM likely on January 3, 2022, on the official website- The scorecard will be available for download using the login credentials of CAT.

Q. Will 99+ percentile be sufficient to get an interview call from all top IIMs?

Ans. Getting a 99+ percentile does not guarantee a call from top IIMs since a lot of other factors like past academics, gender, academic diversity, etc. also play an important role.

Q. How do I check my CAT 2022 result?

Ans. CAT 2022 results will be released on the official website in January 2023. Candidates who take CAT 2022 will be able to check their results by entering their user id and password on the website- him

Q. What is the difference between CAT raw score and CAT scaled score?

Ans. CAT raw score indicates the score obtained in the exam based on the marking scheme. The scaled score is calculated after normalizing the raw scores considering the difficulty level of all the exams conducted in two/ three slots. Hence, the scaled score may either be slightly more or less than the raw score.

Q. Why is normalization done in CAT?

Ans. CAT exam is conducted in 3 slots (morning, afternoon, and evening) and the difficulty level of the questions varies in the slots. To ensure that the results are fair and equity is maintained for candidates of all slots, the normalization process is carried out.

Q. Is the CAT percentile calculated according to raw scores or scaled scores?

Ans. CAT percentile is calculated on the basis of the scaled scores. CAT scaled scores are calculated after normalizing the raw scores for the difficulty level across all 3 slots of the CAT exam. 

Q. What score is 99 percentile in CAT 2021?

Ans. There were a total of 24 questions in this section in CAT 2021 out of which 16 questions were from RC passages and the remaining 8 questions were from VA. To get the 99th percentile in this section, you needed to get around 13 questions correct.

Q. Is 75 percentile CAT good?

Ans. CAT 2021 result was released on January 3, 2022, and your CAT score card contains a scaled score as well as a sectional and overall percentile. If you have scored 70 percentile and above, you can expect a good MBA college for admission in 2022.

Q. Can I get IIM with 80 percentile?

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad has announced a cut-off as low as 80 percentile in CAT but the actual cut-off percentile may go above 95. However, for candidates with exceptional profiles, IIM Ahmedabad can offer admission at the 80+ percentile also.

Q. Which IIM has the lowest cutoff?

Ans. Most of the new IIMs have their cut-off requirement set at 85 with IIM Shillong having a cut-off set at 70 in CAT.

Q. Which is the cheapest IIM?

Ans. The Indian Institute of Management-Ranchi, the youngest IIM in the country is also its cheapest. The Indian Institute of Management-Ranchi, the youngest IIM in the country is also its cheapest. Ahmedabad, the most expensive of the country's eight IIMs, charges.

Q. Is Cracking CAT Easy?

Ans.  Yes. It is not very easy but, cracking the CAT exam is not tough. It is an open test for all undergraduates either with engineering or non-engineering background.

Q. Is CAT tougher than CA?

Ans. CAT is easy compared to CA, but to get into IIM, you must have a good past academic record and relevant experience, Personal interviews, and a high score in CAT, this thing will make you get into IIM. When it comes to preparation CAT exam is easier for an average student.

Q. Which IIM has the highest package?

Ans. As per the previous year's final placement report of IIM Ahmedabad, the highest salary offered was Rs 55.88 lakh per annum, and the international salary was Rs 1.32 crore per annum.

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