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IIM Shillong Placements 2022: Average Package, Highest Package, Top Companies

IIM Shillong Placement 2022: Average Salary Up by 20% at Rs.23.10 LPA, Highest Salary Up at Rs.55.22 LPA; 73 Recruiters make offers to 250 Students

With normal compensation increasing by 20.5% at Rs.23.10 LPA in Placement 2022, IIM Shillong has joined the first class club of top IIMs with 20+ LPA Average compensation. Most significant pay in IIM Shillong Placements 2022 has shot up to Rs.55.22 LPA from Rs.32 LPA last year.

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 30/05/2022
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IIM Shillong Placement 

IIM Shillong Placement 2022: Average Salary Up by 20% at Rs.23.10 LPA, Highest Salary Up at Rs.55.22 LPA; 73 Recruiters make offers to 250 Students

With normal compensation increasing by 20.5% at Rs.23.10 LPA in Placement 2022, IIM Shillong has joined the first class club of top IIMs with 20+ LPA Average compensation. Most significant pay in IIM Shillong Placements 2022 has shot up to Rs.55.22 LPA from Rs.32 LPA last year. IIM Shillong has again accomplished again 100 percent situation for the huge PGP 2020-22 cluster of 250 students who got offers from 73 marquee organizations across different spaces.

The average stipend for two months was INR 1.38 Lakh, an increase of 5% over the previous year. The average stipend received by the top 20% and top 50% of the year was 2.38 lakhs and 2.11 lakhs, respectively.

Seventy recruiters from a variety of industries, including Consulting & Strategy, Finance, General Management, Human Resources, IT & Analytics, Operations, and Sales & Marketing, participated in the summer placement season at IIM Shillong. With 40% of all offers given to participants, Sales & Marketing was still the most popular domain this year, closely followed by Consulting & Strategy.

IIM Shillong Placement 2022

Joining the club 20+ LPA normal compensation B-schools in Placement 2022, IIM Shillong has yet enrolled a sharp ascent of 20.5% in its normal compensation bundle for the PGP 2020-22 clump. The typical bundle in IIM Shillong Placement 2022 has gone up at Rs. 23.10 LPA from Rs.19.17 LPA last year. The most noteworthy bundle in IIM Shillong situation 2022 has shot up by 72.56% and enlisted the by and large most significant pay of Rs.55.22 LPA from Rs.32 LPA last year. Demonstrating its strength and opposing all the Covid pandemic circumstance and the financial lull, IIM Shillong has effectively finished up the last positions for the cluster of 2020-22, holding together its tradition of 100 percent arrangement record throughout the long term.

In a situation when most B-schools are confronting unfriendly effect of Corona Virus worldwide, IIM Shillong has closed its last position 2022 accomplishing numerous firsts. IIM Shillong has begun giving MBA degree rather than certificate after execution of IIM Act 2017 which enabled the IIMs to grant MBA degree or PGDM according to their decision.

IIM Shillong Placement 2022: Highlights

  • 100 percent positions for the huge bunch of 250 students
  • Joins Elite Club of Top IIMs and B-Schools with Rs.20+ LPA Average Salary
  • Normal Salary in Placement 2022 increases by 20.5% at Rs.23.10 LPA from Rs.19.17 LPA in 2021
  • Most significant pay in Placement 2022 leaps by 72.56% at Rs.55.22 LPA from Rs.32 LPA last year
  • 73 Recruiters Made Placement Offers in 2022 to the clump of 250 students
  • Middle Salary has gone up at Rs.22.28 LPA in Placement 2022 from Rs. 17.50 LPA in 2021
  • Top 20% of the clump got normal bundle of Rs.31.31 LPA in Placement 2022 as against Rs.26.67 LPA last year
  • Top half of the clump got normal bundle of Rs. 26.95 LPA as against Rs. 23.22 LPA last year
  • 48 PPOs/PPI presented by unmistakable enrollment specialists

43 New Recruiters partook in IIM Shillong Placements 2022

Top Recruiters incorporate Bain and Co., Deloitte, EY, PwC, D.E. Shaw, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Co., Nomura, AB InBev, Aditya Birla Capital, JSW, Mahindra GMC, Bosch, HSBC Bank, Titan, Capgemini, Microsoft, Amazon, Cipla, ITC among others

Top Recruiting Domains: Consulting and Strategy with 29.67% Offers

Position season 2022 at IIM Shillong was set apart with expanded compensation offers by scouts from every one of the areas and making offers with assorted jobs and profiles. Notwithstanding expansion in number of students in the PGP 2020-22 cluster, IIM Shillong has strengthened its position again as a chief B-school.

The leader Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) at IIM Shillong saw the finish of definite position. The enlistment drive saw cooperations from 73 enrollment specialists in different areas, for example, Consulting and Strategy, Finance, General Management, IT and Analytics, Operations and HR and Sales and Marketing.

The situation examination of most recent five years at IIM Shillong uncovers that in spite of expanding number of students in the group, position bundles are reliably rising:

Placement YearHighest Placement ( Lakhs)Average Placement (Rs. in Lakhs)
Placement 202255.2223.1
Placement 20213219.17
Placement 202048.518.76
Placement 20192816.79
Placement 20182615.5

Top Recruiters

The position season saw support from a sum of 73 scouts spreading over across different spaces like Consulting and Strategy, Finance, General Management, Human Resources, IT and Analytics, Operations, Sales and Marketing among others.

Among the top enrollment specialists across the areas and spaces at IIM Shillong are probably the greatest names in the business, including Bain and Co., Deloitte USI, EY, PwC, D.E. Shaw, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Co., Nomura Investment Bank, AB InBev, Aditya Birla Capital, JSW, Mahindra GMC, State Street Corporation, Bosch, HSBC Bank, Mahindra Logistics, Paytm, Titan, Amagi, Baker Hughes, Capgemini, Hashedin by Deloitte, Microsoft, Amazon, Cipla, ITC, Mahindra and Mahindra, Pidilite Industries, Titan and numerous others.

First Time Recruiters

In the last situations 2022, IIM Shillong effortlessly facilitated 43 first-time enrollment specialists including AB InBev, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. Hub Bank, Baker Hughes, Bosch, Cipla, CRISIL, Dalmia Bharat Group, HDFC Bank, IBM, JSW, Mahindra Group, Microsoft, PharmEasy, Piramal Group, PwC, Reliance Industries Limited, Schindler India, Standard Chartered Bank, State Street Corporation, Tata AIG General Insurance, Tiger Analytics, Udaan, WNS Global and some more.

48 PPOs/PPIs at IIM Shillong

The PGP 2020-22 bunch likewise sacked 48 PPI/PPO open doors from top Companies including Aditya Birla Group, Bain and Company, D.E. Shaw, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Bank, Pidilite Industries, Titan among others.

Top Recruiting Domains

Space wise portion of offers with top enrollment specialists are as beneath in IIM Shillong Placement 2022

Counseling and Strategy: 29.67% Offers

Counseling and Strategy arose as the most sought after area, representing 29.67% of the absolute offers got.

Jobs offered included Advisory, Business Development, Corporate Strategy, and Strategy and Operations. Top Recruiters in this space included Bain and Co., Deloitte USI, EY, PwC which proceeded with their relationship with the foundation as well as offered sought after profiles to students.

Deals and Marketing: 18.70% Offers

Deals and Marketing represented almost 19% of the complete offers got. Enrollment specialists like Amazon, Cipla, ITC, Mahindra and Mahindra, Pidilite Industries, Titan kept on giving their confidence in the keenness of the members and selected en masse.

Finance: 18.29% Offers

IIM Shillong has forever been a favored grounds for scouts offering jobs in the Finance space. 18.29% of the members got offers in jobs, for example, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Financial Operations, Investment Banking among others. D.E. Shaw, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Co., Nomura Investment Bank selected en masse.

General Management: 12.60% Offers

The General Management area noticed expanded support from standard and new selection representatives from different areas like BFSI, Consulting, IT and Analytics, Manufacturing and Retail and Technology, Media and Telecommunication. A portion of the top scouts in this space included AB InBev, Aditya Birla Capital, JSW, Mahindra GMC, State Street Corporation.

Human Resource and Operations: 10.98% Offers

HR and Operations space saw investment from recognized organizations like Bosch, D.E. Shaw, HSBC Bank, Mahindra Logistics, Paytm, Titan that fortified their coalition with the establishment and offered conspicuous jobs traversing across different areas.

IT and Analytics: 9.76% Offers

IT and Analytics space saw investment from a large group of scouts including Amagi, Baker Hughes, Capgemini, Hashedin by Deloitte, Microsoft offering different jobs, for example, Business Consulting, Business Intelligence, Product Management, Product Specialist and Program Manager.

The summer placement data for the year of 2020–2022:

The average stipend of the top 50% of the year increased by 27%, and more than 56% of the year secured six-figure salaries. The number of offers in the general management and HR & operations domains also increased significantly, by 71% and 90%, respectively.

AB InBev, Amazon, Bain Capability Network, BPCL, Cipla, Cognizant, D.E. Shaw, Deloitte USI, Emami Group, Goldman Sachs, Google, HSBC Bank, IBM, ICICI Bank, ITC, JSW, Nomura Investment Bank, Pidilite Industries, PepsiCo, TATA Steel, Titan, Xiaomi, and Yes Bank were among the notable recruiters that participated in the season.

Numerous first-time employers visited the institute, such as Aditya Birla Capital NSE -0.47%, Amagi Media Labs, EY, GamaSec. The students were provided with a variety of job opportunities in the fields of advisory, analytics, change management, consulting, corporate strategy, equity research, global investment research, global management, international business, investment banking, market research, product management, supply chain management, and talent acquisition.

Additionally, there were more proposals made during this season in the following fields: product management, category management, cybersecurity consulting, demand generation, and digital transformation.

The Indian Institute of Management Shillong, often known as IIM Shillong, is renowned for both its high ROI and its remarkable placement history. The cost of its flagship MBA (PGP) programme is around INR 10 LPA, while the average package that students receive from it is beyond INR 15 LPA.

With over 73 recruiters in attendance, the institute has completed final placements for the 2020–22 year and has achieved a 100% placement record for the largest batch since its foundation. While the average CTC climbed by 20.50% to INR 23.10 LPA, the highest CTC increased by 72.56% to INR 55.22 LPA. Additionally, the top 50% batch's average CTC increased by 16.08% to INR 26.95 LPA.

The Post Graduate Programme for Executives (MBAEE), where 15 students participated in the placement drive, has also seen the release of its placement report by the institute. The maximum CTC was offered at INR 32.2 LPA, while the average CTC was INR 21.71 LPA.

The 14th batch of students at IIM Shillong has recently issued its summer internship placement report, in which 240 students received internship offers from 66 participating recruiters. With a 26.02% year-over-year rise in the average stipend, which was INR 1.73 Lakhs, students received the highest stipend of INR 3.5 Lakhs.

The largest year of students since IIM Shillong’s founding was the year of 2022. The placement drive for 2022 had 73 students in all, including 43 first-time recruiters. Pre-placement offers totaled about 48.

The highest CTC, average CTC, and average ctc for the top 50% of students increased by 72.56%, 20.50%, and 16.08%, respectively, in the 2022 placement drive and were INR 55.22 LPA, INR 23.10 LPA, and INR 26.95 LPA.

A total of 64 recruiters participated in the placement drive in 2021, and the average CTC that was offered increased by 2.18%.

In the 2021 placement drive, the maximum CTC was INR 32 LPA, the average CTC was INR 19.17 LPA, and the median CTC was INR 15 LPA.

 PGP Summer Placements 2023 in IIM Shillong

ParticularsStatistics (2021-23 batch)
Students participated240
No. of recruiters66
No. of offers240
Highest stipendINR 3.50 lakh
Average stipendINR 1.73 lakh
Top 50% average stipendINR 2.51 lakh
Top 20% average stipendINR 2.99 lakh
Top 10% average stipendINR 3.20 lakh

IIM Shillong PGP Summer Placements 2023: Sector-wise

SectorsNo. of Offers (in %)
Manufacturing & Retail26%
IT & Analytics12%
Technology, Media & Telecommunication13%

IIM Shillong Batch Profile

The PGP 2020-22 Batch was the assorted one in numerous ways. The Batch profile is shared beneath

PGP 2020-22 Batch Profile Components and Number/Percentage

Number of Students- 250

  • Female Students- 25%
  • Male Students- 75%
  • Students with Engineering Degree- 53%
  • Students with graduation in Finance and Commerce- 20%
  • Students with graduation in Science- 12%
  • Students with graduation in Arts and different streams- 15%
  • Students with Work Experience of 12 to 36+ Months- 62%
  • Freshers- 38%

Laid out in 2007, IIM Shillong (Meghalaya) is the seventh in the group of 20 IIMs and is the main IIM working and taking special care of 7 sister provinces of North East in India. During the limited capacity to focus time, IIM Shillong has procured the unmistakable spot in the Indian Management training. The rising position 2022 is a declaration to the developing prevalence of IIM Shillong.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When do IIM Shillong's final placements start?

Ans. At IIM Shillong, the hiring process typically kicks up in October of each year.

Q. What was the average package offered during the most recent IIM Shillong placements 2022?

Ans. The recent batch received an average pay of INR 23.10 LPA during postings in 2022.

Q. What was the highest package offered at IIM Shillong during recent placements?

Ans. In the last round of placements for the 2022 session, IIM Shillong offered the highest CTC of INR 55.22 LPA.

Q. Which hiring sector, according to IIM Shillong placements 2022, was the most popular?

Ans. The IT and Analytics sector received the most placement offers.

Q. IIM Shillong hosted how many first-time recruiters during the placements 2022?

Ans. The IIM Shillong placements 2022 had participation from 43 new recruiters in total.

Q. Which top employers visited IIM Shillong during the most recent placement session?

Ans. Among the top employers who came to IIM Shillong were Accenture, Amazon, Infosys, ICICI Bank, RBL Bank, Deloitte, and Cognizant, to name a few.

Q. Which hiring sector dominated the IIM Shillong summer placements?

Ans. At IIM Shillong placements 2022, sales and marketing received a staggering 40% of all recruitment offers, making it the largest recruiting domain.

Q. How many hiring managers attended the IIM Shillong placements in 2022?

Ans. For IIM Shillong placements 2022, 73 recruiters in total visited and hired 120 participant.

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