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Priyadarshini College Of Engineering Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Nagpur, Maharastra
  • Private

Saurav Anand

Priyadarshini College of Engineering Facilities 

Priyadarshini College of Engineering (PCE) provides various facilities to cater to the needs of its students. Some of the many facilities offered by PCE

1. Library: PCE has a central library with a wide range of books, including specialized subjects and reference materials. The library also provides access to national and online journals, e-books, and photocopy facilities. 

2. Internet Connectivity: The college offers high-speed optic fiber internet connectivity with a 64 Mbps connection and campus-wide networking. 

3. Sports and Recreation: PCE has both indoor and outdoor sports facilities for students to engage in physical activities. The college has an Olympic-standard swimming pool, an ultra-modern gymnasium, and provisions for various indoor and outdoor games. 

4. Cafeteria: The college has tastefully designed cafeterias where students can enjoy meals and refreshments. The cafeteria provides both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. 

5. Hostel: PCE provides hostel facilities for students who require accommodation. The hostels are designed in such a way that it can be able to provide a comfortable living environment for the students. 

6. Transport: The college offers transportation facilities to students, ensuring convenient commuting to and from the campus.PCE also provides transportation facilities for students and staff with a fleet of 21 air-conditioned buses providing connectivity to all major roads in the city. The college also has a street parking facility. 

7. Banking: PCE has banking facilities available on the campus, including an ATM center, for the convenience of students. 

8. Training and Placement: PCE has a dedicated Training and Placement department that assists students in securing placements. The department conducts training sessions, and mock aptitude tests, and provides career guidance to enhance students' employability. 

9. Laboratories: The college is equipped with well-equipped laboratories that support practical learning and experimentation in various disciplines of engineering. 

10. Other Facilities: PCE also provides facilities such as a stationary outlet, beautiful landscapes with lush green lawns and fountains, and an extensive internal road network within the campus. 

Overall, Priyadarshini College of Engineering provides all necessary facilities to its students and staff in order to create a conducive learning environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Priyadarshini College of Engineering  

Q. Are there sports facilities and recreational activities available for students? 

Ans. Yes, Priyadarshini College of Engineering provides many sports facilities as the Campus has it’s own basketball court and swimming pool. The college has the scope of both indoor and outdoor sports. 

Q. What support services are provided for students with disabilities? 

Ans. Priyadarshini College of Engineering (PCE) has facilities and support services in place to accommodate the needs of disabled students. These facilities may include ramps and elevators for accessibility, specialized classrooms or equipment, assistive technologies, accessible restrooms, and dedicated support staff. 

Q. What is the Campus size of Priyadarshini College of Engineering (PCE)? 

Ans. The Priyadarshini College of Engineering (PCE) in Nagpur has a campus size of approximately 72 acres (29 hectares) [2]. The campus is situated near CRPF Campus on Hingna Road in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. 

Q. What are the various facilities provided by Priyadarshini College of Engineering (PCE)? 

Ans. Priyadarshini College of engineering features various facilities, including hostels for boys and girls, swimming pools, auditoriums, a computer center, sports facilities, bank branches, cafes, coffee shops, a cooperative store, and more. 

Q. What are the resources provided by the library of Priyadarshini College of Engineering to support the academic and research needs of students and faculty? 

Ans. The library at Priyadarshini College of Engineering (PCE) provides a range of resources to support the academic and research needs of students and faculty. Here are some of the resources available in the library: 

  • Collection: The library has a collection of over 26,273 books and 26,451 volumes. It includes various categories such as titles, project thesis, complementary CDs, multimedia CDs, and newspapers. 
  • Journals and Periodicals: The library subscribes to around 100 journals and periodicals. 
  • Online Databases: The library provides access to online databases like IEEE, K-Hub Engineering, DELNET, and ProQuest. 
  • E-books: The library offers a collection of 35,263 e-books. 
  • Special Reference Books: There are special reference books available in the library. 
  • Plagiarism Software: The library has Turnitin, a plagiarism detection software, to facilitate academic integrity. 
  • Services: The library provides various services including lending service, reference service, current awareness service (CAS), selective dissemination of information (SDI), inter-library lending, and scan and reprography service. 
  • Scan and Deliver: The library offers a document delivery service called Scan & Deliver, where users can request scanned copies of print material owned by the library. 
  • Library Staff: The library is staffed by professionals including a librarian, library assistants, and attendants.  

Q. Are there any transportation facilities for students commuting to the Priyadarshini College of Engineering? 

Ans. The college has an efficient transportation system with well-maintained buses that ply along the routes. These buses run for the entire route and provide transport facilities to and from the college. Passengers can choose to board and alight from any of the stops. Various pickup and dropping points have been identified for the convenience of the students and faculty. 

Apart from public transport facilities, the college also provides private means of transportation. Private vehicles are hired to transport faculty and students from and to the college. The routes and timings of these vehicles are set by the college. Students can book rides with the help of the transportation department of the college. 

Q. What are the medical and healthcare facilities available at Priyadarshini College of Engineering PCE? 

Ans. The college has collaborated with various reputed hospitals in the city so that the medical facilities can be availed by the students and faculty members around the clock. This arrangement works really well as it ensures that the people at the college always have easy and instant access to medical care in case of any emergency. Apart from hospitals, the college has also tied up with renowned medical practitioners in and around the city. This ensures that even those who do not have access to any hospital can receive medical advice or treatment, free of cost whenever required. Apart from this, the college also runs its own health care facility which provides regular medical checkups, vaccinations as well as both general and preventive health services to its students and faculty members. The college also organizes regular health camps where students and faculty members are offered various health services by experienced Medical professionals. 

Moreover, the college has also set up a mental health center, where students and faculty members can avail psychological therapies, counseling sessions and group therapies. This has emerged as a great support system for people in college, as they can get their mental issues addressed without having to go somewhere else. 

Therefore it can be safely said that with so many state-of-the-art facilities, Priyadarshini College of Engineering is definitely the right choice for anyone seeking a quality engineering education accompanied by top-notch medical and healthcare facilities. 

Q. Are there any provisions for extracurricular activities and clubs in Priyadarshini college of Engineering PCE? 

Ans. Priyadarshini College of Engineering (PCE), provides students with numerous extracurricular activities which have become an integral part of college life. It has a long list of clubs and societies for students, including Cultural Club, Sports Club, Debate Club, National Service Scheme (NSS) etc. All these clubs and societies are actively managed and maintained by the faculty as well as the student council. Debate and other literary activities are some of the other prominent activities at PCE. It helps to improve the communication and analytical skills of the students and provides them with an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. The college organizes several debates and discussion programmes on various topics throughout the year. The NSS unit in PCE is solely devoted to the development of students and their personalities. It helps students to become more aware of social issues and encourages them to work for the betterment of society. The college also organizes various camps, such as health camps, cleaning camps, educational camps etc. 

In conclusion, Priyadarshini College of Engineering provides its students with a wide range of extracurricular activities which provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talents and explore their interests. The college also keeps its students abreast with the latest technologies and provides them with a platform to develop their personality and form positive attitudes. 

Q. What is the most popular club in Priyadarshini College of Engineering? 

Ans. One of the most popular clubs in PCE is the Sports Club. The purpose of this club is to promote sports among students and to facilitate a healthy and active life. It also organizes various tournaments like football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, etc., which provide students with an opportunity to show their skills and defeat their opponents. The college also provides its own ground for sports activities. 

Q. What is the scope of Cultural activities in Priyadarshini College of Engineering? 

Ans. PCE also organizes various cultural activities throughout the year, such as talent hunt, singing competition, dance competition, fashion show, etc. These activities provide students with an opportunity to showcase their talents and explore the creative side of their personalities. 

Q. Are there any workshops and seminar facilities in the PCE? 

Ans. PCE believes in providing its students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. It organizes various workshops and seminars, which help students to explore the latest technologies and equip them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their professional lives.