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Parul University Vadodara Reviews

  • Vadodra, Gujarat
  • Type: Private

Aditi Chaurasia

Pranav Pal (B. Tech Computer Science Engineering)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: I choose this course since I was very interested in computer science. 200 faculty members for every 1,000 approx students. Our college's faculty members are well-educated, supportive of the students in every situation, and kind. If students pay attention in class, where teachers clearly explain everything, passing exams is quite simple.

Admission: The admissions process was a little stressful because we had to travel to the college for all the necessary formalities and to reserve our seats, which could have been done online. Application forms are available in the student area of the administration cell main building, and information on fees and deadlines is available there as well.

Financial Assistance Provisions: Every department has a different pricing structure, but as an engineering student, my year fees were about $100,000, making the entire cost of my education $400,000. I received a scholarship of $20,000 in my first year since I achieved an HSC score of more than 60%. Currently, I am using campus placement to hunt for a job, but the placement cell is also quite useful.

Campus Life: Our college frequently hosts a variety of events. Dhoom is one of the major cultural festivals, and projections are Gujarat's biggest tech festival. When we talk about the library, we virtually always find every book there, and anyone can use it. Modern technologies and interactive technology are present in well-maintained classrooms. Our college gives particular attention to sports because it boasts a large basketball court, a football field, and other sports facilities for both students and professors. Club social awareness club and a few more clubs are being retracted by clubs.

Hostel Amenities: Hostels are well-built and developed, with easy access to all amenities. The meals are very tasty, and the weekly menu changes, which is intriguing because it lets us know what will be made today. The registration process is relatively simple because you can choose hostels right once after being enrolled in the college.

Opportunities for Internships: Many organizations, including TCS, l&t, and regional businesses, provide internship opportunities. I had a wonderful time doing my internship, and I gained a lot of useful experience. I'm confident that this will be useful for obtaining references for jobs.

Placement Experience: The placement percentage is above 95%—roughly 100%. 3 LPA is the average package in 2022, and 7 LPA is the maximum. Many firms, including Apollo, TCS, L & T, and others, come here to do job placements. I've made an application for a science master's.

Karthik Kumar Singh (B.Sc. Chemistry)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: I chose this course because I love chemistry. The ratio is roughly 1:50. All of the faculty members have Ph.D. or higher. And they use effective teaching techniques. Term exams are administered four months after the semester has ended. How well you prepare will determine whether you pass the exam. A 60-person class and course cost INR 72,000 per year.

Admission: The required percentage in 10+2 was 60%. Go to D block of the administration building of Parul University to discover the application form, application fees, and application deadlines. Nothing needs to be improved.

Financial Assistance Provisions: Fees are increased by 10% annually. Additionally, the cost of the course is somewhat exorbitant. At Parul University, finding employment is not that difficult. To land a well-paying job, one needs to be proficient in soft skills like speaking.

Campus Life: Every year in February, Parul University hosts the Dhoom Fest festival. Additionally, the tech fest is held twice a year. Yes, there are a lot of reference books and textbooks in Parul University's library. Every classroom has a projector, well-kept student benches, and a tiny stage where students can perform. On campus, a variety of sports are played, and there are specific playgrounds for each sport. There are social club members and a link to Parul University's website.

Hostel Amenities: They offer various amenities, including a single bed, a personal closet, bed sheet, pillow, bucket, personal bathroom, personal balcony, fan, air conditioning, charging outlets, tube lights, mirrors, a personal study table, and chairs. Food quality is adequate. The annual hostel fee is INR 95,000.

Opportunities for Internships: Parul University provides students with a range of internship opportunities, each of which comes with a salary of roughly $6–$12,000. They provide kids with worthwhile projects to work on before giving them a task to complete.

Placement Experience: Students are eligible for campus placement from the final to second semesters at L&T, Dabur, Asian Paints, Wipro, TCS, Hindustan Liver, Sun Pharma, A-One Chemicals, and other companies. The maximum compensation offered on campus was 12 lacs annually. My goal is to get a master's degree in my field.

Insha Nayyar (BA LLB)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: I chose this course because I want to become a judge, a highly regarded profession. This college's faculty members are really helpful and cooperative. If you are new, they will assist you in every way, including the submission of necessary documents. Members of the faculty are PhD-qualified. The teaching approach is excellent; they provide you with a completely logical and legal understanding based on current events. 10 semesters are included in the BA LLB course. College courses began in late July, and the first-semester exam was held in January. At the end of the semester, there are additional tests and mid sem exams. The first-term exams are fairly simple because they are based on straightforward ideas. The class size is of 90 and the course cost is INR 127,000 per year.

Admission: The 12th-grade test score determines eligibility for admission to the BA/LLB program. People can access the application form on Parul University's official website, The application form costs 1000 rs. You must pay 700 upon registration and 300 as a campus fee while on a college campus. Early in June, the admission primarily began, and it has continued since. Admission is not a problem. A college intern student will be available to assist you during the entire admissions process. It is a decent rating for upkeep. Additionally, there are benefits for students who are economically disadvantaged. Based on the 12th-grade result, there is a 40% scholarship. Admission is a very easy and seamless process. You didn't have to wait long to receive admission because it was completed in an hour. You will be given an intern to help you with every step of the admissions process; other than paying the money, you won't need to do anything.

Financial Assistance Provisions: The annual cost of the BA/LLB program is £127,000. Your scholarship will be awarded based on your 12th-grade exam results. As a result of my 86% board score, I received a 40% scholarship. In comparison to other colleges, this one has a moderate fee structure.

Campus Life: The university has a variety of cultures because students come from different states and nations. Every month, a variety of celebrations take place. Garba was a 10-day festivity that took place during Navratri. Various events, including Dhoom, the New Year's celebration, and Freshers Fest. The biggest event at this college lasts for three days and is called Dhoom. Additionally, a reading room and a nice library are available. Each department has a library of its own. All legal books and journals can be found in my library. There are other rulings from the Supreme Court. Colleges offer sports including kabaddi, football, table tennis, cricket, badminton, chess, and more in addition to academics.

Hostel Amenities: There are a variety of hostels at different price points. I once stayed at the Teresa D. hostel. The room has four beds. There are four individual bedrooms, an adjoining bathroom, and constant access to water, and power. Although the hostel food is of good quality, outsiders have trouble digesting it. Everyday meals include dhokla, khaman, pasta with milk, and tea obligatory. The cost of the hotel is INR 98000, and it is paid when applying for admittance. The university is close to various PGs, including the Tanza and Ananya Girl Hostel. The annual hostel fee is INR 68000.

Opportunities for Internships: Universities have done excellent jobs with internships. They mostly encourage first-year students to participate. A number of competitions, including draughty, moot court, and legal writing, are also held one after another. There are numerous seminars that are held that invite illustrious primary guests. such as a Supreme Court attorney, Gujarat High Court justices, and district court judges.

Placement Experience: Students must be in their fifth year to be eligible for campus placement. Internship opportunities start in the first year of college. Additionally, an intern at the Supreme Court of India and the District Court of Vadodara. Many college students visited for internships.

Ayushi (B.Sc. Nursing)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: This is a professional course, and all of the facilities are PhD-level. The instructor was excellent and very helpful to all of the students. The BSc master's degree examination format is also effective. The size of the class is 74 and the course cost is INR 150000 annually.

Financial Assistance Provisions: Although tuition is relatively pricey, the college also offers numerous scholarships that are available on campus as well as placement services. And many hospitals offer jobs, including for bankers and other professions.

Campus Life: There are numerous social programs, motivational speakers, and celebrities who visit colleges to support students, and the campus sports scene is excellent. The campus life is excellent and very appealing to students.

Opportunities for Internships: The internship is offered in our university hospital itself and is the finest place to study. The staff is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about hospitality, so it was a great experience.

Placement Experience: In my line of work, there are Amin hospitals, banks, hospitals, and many different types of hospitals that offer employment. The maximum package is up to 3-6 lakh, and the lowest is 1-5 lakh.

Karan Mange (LLB)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: A dynamic course is LL.B. I decided to pursue an LL.B. since it is a great career and one of the best ones one can enter. Parul University has a respectable LL.B. program. A new curriculum has been added. The faculties are excellent and beneficial. Blackboard instruction, PowerPoint presentations, open debates in class, interactive expert sessions, group activities, assignments, webinars, and seminars are all examples of teaching techniques. There is one teacher for every 60 students in the class. separate disciplines taught by separate teachers. There are a total of 6 subjects each semester. Every semester there are exams. Friday tests each week. Internal exams carry 40 points, and exams taken in the final semester carry 60 points. Exams are not challenging to pass. If one attends class, one can easily earn good grades. It is a 60-person class and the course cost is INR 39650 annually.

Financial Assistance Provisions: Although fees are relatively high, they are appropriate. The amenities, infrastructure, etc. are all fairly good. The cost of an LL.B. is about $40,000. The annual price for integrated courses is around 75,000. Every semester, fees must be paid. The college itself does not award the scholarship. However, all government programs offer scholarships that may be used, along with paid internships and positions on campus. Because living expenses are lower, the cost of the study is little. Additionally, there are canteen and mess facilities on campus. Hostel costs begin at 90,000 per year.

Campus Life: The campus is excellent. It featured a cafeteria, gardens, and numerous canteens. There are also festivals. Every festival is observed. Fresher's Fest lasts for two days, while Dhoom, an annual celebration, lasts for three. Convocation was held with a lot of energy. In addition to these food courts, elaborate celebrations for Halloween, Navratri, Durga Puja, etc. are held. The campus was equipped with a volleyball court, kabaddi mat, basketball court, nets, and other sports facilities. Additionally, the library is well-stocked with books, periodicals, and daily newspapers. Whiteboards and projectors are available in classrooms, along with cozy benches. Inside the college, a number of committees and cells are in operation.

Opportunities for Internships: The college typically offers internships with the district-level legal services authority. The majority of them are unpaid internships, and the pay is considerably less. Under the 75 attendance requirements, colleges cannot demonstrate practical experience. The college does not value internships that are long-term or full-time in character. The college places more emphasis on theoretical understanding and passing courses. Due to college attendance requirements, opportunities for paid internships in prestigious legal firms cannot be taken advantage of. You are unable to complete any additional side jobs or internships in the legal field due to the scheduling of schooling.

Placement Experience: Placements are provided by the college. Students in LL.B. programs typically pursue the practice, further coursework, or tests like the judiciary. Additionally, college placements are offered. For this, the college has a placement cell. Only final-year students are qualified to substitute for placements. Students are typically placed in law offices, with practicing attorneys, and occasionally with businesses with legal departments. Up to 4 lakhs per year are the maximum placement that one can receive on average. Nearly all of the students are receiving help with their job searches, and several of them have already found jobs. I haven't started the placement yet because I'm considering getting an LL.M.

Remarks: Being a private university, admission is fairly straightforward. Seats have no bars. The only documents needed for admission are passing certificates and mark sheets. The application can be submitted both online and offline. There are regional offices for the university where one can go for admissions and other inquiries. There is no application fee. There are entrance fees to be paid. The application deadlines are also negotiable. The passing scores on previous exams serve as eligibility (graduation or High school). Tests for competitions or entrance exams are optional. According to government regulations, advantages are offered for reservations.

Manish Patidar (BA in Journalism and Mass Communication)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: I enrolled in this course to improve my media literacy and because I'm interested in journalism and the media. Every year, the course material is revised to reflect the most recent fashion. You will discover that every faculty member has a master's degree at the very least and has worked in the media industry for at least seven years prior to joining the university as a professor. Students may always receive support from seasoned faculty members when they need it. Exams are given on a regular basis, beginning with midterms and ending with term/semester exams. Passing the exam will be simple if you pay attention to what is being discussed in class and engage in an independent study. The size of the class is 35 and the course cost is INR 55,000 per year.

Financial Assistance Provisions: The cost of the course is around 60,000, and each year's price structure determines how much it will increase or decrease. Based on the results of the 12th grade, one can choose a scholarship with ease. One might also apply for the EMI option at university if they are in a tight financial situation.

Campus Life: There is a lot of natural beauty and a terrific atmosphere on campus. Students can unwind at the campus's gardens, Tea Spots, and several canteens. Every year, a festival known as DHOOM is held, which is full of pleasure and delight thanks to the numerous cultural events that take place over the course of 4-5 days. Along with the youngsters, well-known celebrities attend this event to interact with them and brighten the students' lives. At the university level, Technical Events are regularly held with a separate organization called the Technical Events Cell. Every college has a library where practically every book related to the course is available; if you cannot find the book you are looking for there, you can go to the CENTRAL Library and locate it more quickly there; if not, you can suggest that they add it to the shelf. Modern amenities in the classroom include a Smartboard and Black Board, and there is also a lot of natural light flowing in through the large windows on one side.

Hostel Amenities: Pure, vegetarian food is available in the hostel, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included in the price. The cuisine is of a very high caliber and is both delicious and hygienic. Room amenities consist of Each student having a dedicated study table and storage cabinet for their belongings. With so many various food options available during the month, the Mess menu is quite extensive. The registration procedure is fairly easy to complete and won't take more than ten to fifteen minutes at the time of entrance.

Opportunities for Internships: The college offers students on-campus internships and also refers them to outside media companies. Students who complete the internship will get a monthly stipend of between 3500 and 10,000 Rupees.

Placement Experience: Given the number of businesses that visit colleges to recruit students for their workforce, placement records are strong if we look at previous years. Students in their last year may apply for placement on campus. Many businesses conduct campus hiring drives at the college, including Zee News Network, News 24, Divya Bharti, and Aaj Tak, among others. Following graduation, I want to pursue a BA master's degree combined with a brief internship to gain additional real-world experience before considering jobs and other opportunities.

Remarks: There are no such eligibility requirements for the BA program, but a minimum grade point average of 55+% in class 12 from a recognized educational board (such as the CBSE, a state board, or another) is required. You can be from any stream, such as science, the arts, business, etc., as of class 12. The application fee is 1000 rupees, and the application deadline varies depending on the number of available seats. One can easily apply online at the university website. By including additional people in the admission process or by trying to take out specific steps, the lengthy admission process can be shortened.

Vrunda Jageshkumar Shah (B.Sc. Forensic Science)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: I'm interested in this course because this field covers a wide range of topics, including teaching us how to solve crimes. Our professors and teachers have excellent subject knowledge. Our faculty all hold PhDs. The class size is 80 and the course cost is INR 82,000 per year.

Campus Life: There are regular events like Dhoom Conclave, EDM, and Fresher Fest, and sports clubs are supported by students. The library is well-equipped and modernized and is actively run by them.

Hostel Amenities: There are alternatives for three or four people sharing with or without an attached bathroom and with or without air conditioning. The administrative cell is where registration is handled, and the monthly menu changes for the mess. The annual hostel fee is INR 90,000.

Interview Experience: The subject of "communication skills" involves having candidates participate in a debate or roundtable discussion. Admission is available both through the Gujarat ACPC and directly through the college.

Opportunities for Internships: As it was a training internship, the internship I received at DFS Gandhinagar gave me the chance to work for a month and get experience in the field of forensics.

Placement Experience: Engineering students become eligible for placements in their eighth semester, while BSc students become eligible in their sixth semester. Of the class, 70% are placed with pay packages ranging from two to five lakhs per year. I intend to pursue a master's degree Loan/Scholarship Provisions: The tuition is set up such that there is only a little increase in costs each year, and there are scholarship options available for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and classes that are academically behind the curve.

Kinjal Thakkar (BA Psychology)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: The decision to enroll in a course is up to the individual student. I chose to enroll in the course because I wanted to pursue a career in psychology. Here, the ratio of faculty to students is balanced. There are a minimum of two faculties for each discipline. Additionally, all of the faculty members have advanced degrees in psychology solely. Every three months during the course of a six-month semester, term exams are held. The class size is 40 and the course cost is INR 150000 annually.

Financial Assistance Provisions: My course has a 1.5 lakh annual cost. Numerous scholarships are available to you based on your caste, prior standard marks, etc. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, the institution will assist you in making EMI payments for your tuition.

Campus Life: There are numerous festivals happening on campus. There is a yearly festival that is hosted on very large grounds and has a tonne of activities including food vendors, concerts, and games. Additionally, there are regular tech-related events conducted here. The Library has a large selection of books in every subject area. A lot of sports activities are offered here as well. On campus, there is a distinct field available for every sport. Additionally, several social groups associated with events and campaigns are offered here only by senior students.

Opportunities for Internships: By commencing our sessions, businesses from other nations provide us the chance to test our psychology expertise in a range of contexts. To qualify for greater internship possibilities, we must only successfully complete projects that are relevant to the field with good grades.

Placement Experience: Only third-semester students are eligible for these internships. The typical internship stipend offered here is between 5,000 and 7,000 dollars, however, it can be up to 12,000 dollars depending on the student's ability. In my field, the highest salary is offered at 10 lakhs per annum, and the average salary is 5 lakhs per annum. The placement rate at our university is 100 percent.

Remarks: To be eligible for the course, you must have received more than 45% on your particular board. The application form, fees, and pertinent dates are all available on the Parul University website. You will benefit from having the reservation fees subtracted from the tuition costs if you reserve your seat.

Chauhan Meet Haresh (B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: I chose aeronautical engineering since I was more interested in drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. The professors here are very approachable and offer a lot of useful information both on and off the field. All of the professionals here have completed their master's degrees in this field, and several have also completed their PhDs in particular fields. When compared to the gate exam, these exams are much simpler. The class size is 90 and the course cost is INR 115,000 per year.

Financial Assistance Provisions: Yes, I pay a yearly tuition of one million fifteen thousand dollars for this course, and I am personally unaware of any scholarships offered by the college. The college offers numerous paid internship opportunities for students right on campus.

Campus Life: Because of the campus' size and the 35,000 students who attend, college life in this city is incredibly fascinating. Dhoom is a cultural celebration that takes place in campus with a lot of fun because DJ night is also present. Additionally, here are projections that are of a technical nature.

Placement Experience: For placement, fields like CSE, IT, BBA, and MBA get good offers because the average placement package for these professions is 6-7 lacs, whereas the average annual package for other fields is 3-4 lacs. Personally, I intend to pursue a master's degree abroad because there are more opportunities.

Remarks: There isn't much room for improvement in the admissions process because there are so many intern students working in the area and they also show you around the sizable college campus. They only need a passing certificate from the 12th board; entrance exam scores are not necessary. Additionally, the only place to find application forms is through Parul University's official website.

Mahmedhusen Hala (B.Tech Civil Engineering)

Overview of the Course Curriculum: I chose this course because I was interested in the subject matter, and the ratio of faculty to students is excellent. The professors are also highly qualified and have much teaching experience. Additionally, tests are regularly administered. The size of the class is 70 and the course cost is INR 115,000 a year.

Financial Assistance Provisions: The fees are reasonable and affordable here, and scholarships are also offered to students. My annual salary is one lakh rupees here. I can confirm that the cost of living is average here, and the college also offers internships to interested students.

Campus Life: It's great on campus. I must admit that there are always activities happening here, one after the other, different types of events are planned, and every festival is observed here, whether it be Holi, Navratri, or the New Year.

Placement Experience: Our university has a dedicated Placement Cell that works tirelessly to assist us with Placements. For students who are interested, they also provide internship opportunities. The biggest package offered in core professions is 15 lakhs, however, placement rates are lower than in IT and CSE.