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Nirma University Facilities

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Private University

Saurav Anand

Nirma University is a private university, spread across an opulent green 125-acre campus in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, India. It is located on the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway in the lively city of Ahmedabad. The University campus features excellent connectivity, which allows easy access to all areas of the city. The location is accessible for travelers, as it is only 17 km away from Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, 11 km from the Sabarmati railway station, and just 6 km away from the Ranip bus terminal. These all ensure a hassle-free commute to the campus for the students as well as the faculty.  The university consists of several institutes, departments, and centers, including the Institute of Technology, Institute of Management, Institute of Pharmacy, Institute of Law, Institute of Architecture and Planning, Institute of Commerce, Institute of Design, Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Research, Center for Continuing Education, Center for Entrepreneurship. in this article you will get know all about the Nirma University Facilities. 

Nirma University’s Basic Details

TypePrivate University
Founding Year2003
Area Covered125 Acres
AddressSarkhej- Gandhinagar Highway, Post: Chandlodia, Via: Gota, AhmedabadCity- Ahmedabad, State- Gujarat, 382481

Nirma University emphasizes the overall development of its students. The university states that it aims to develop high-quality professionals who reflect and demonstrate the values that the University stands for, through innovation and continuous improvement in the facilitation of learning, research, and extension activities. The University offers a wide range of facilities, such as amphitheater classrooms equipped with multimedia and audio-visual equipment, seminar halls, and auditoriums with varying capacities. Besides, the campus features futuristic, advanced laboratories with the latest pieces of equipment. Regarding computing facilities, the campus presents modern computer laboratories with cutting-edge computer configurations and up-to-date software. It is connected via a gigabit network that reaches every corner of the university, supported by a dedicated 2.5 GBPS optic fiber leased line and Wi-Fi hotspots, ensuring continuous internet connectivity throughout the campus. The university includes a Health Care Centre and a Counselling Centre that remains open to all members of the campus, free of cost, during working hours. The doctor is also available for contact by phone in case of any emergencies. Additionally, the university provides round-the-clock ambulance services.

Nirma University offers a large variety of Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate (PG), doctoral and post-doctoral courses. All these courses are designed in such a way that they help shape the students' professional and personal lives, allowing them to progress brightly. 

Nirma University Courses Offered

UG CoursesPG Courses
B. Tech (Civil Engineering)MBA
B. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)MBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship)
B. Tech (Electrical Engineering)M.Com (Accounting & Taxation)
B. Tech (Chemical Engineering)M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
B. Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering)M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics)
B. Tech (Electronics and Instrumental Engineering)M. Pharm (Pharmacology)
B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering)M. Pharm (Regulatory Affairs)
B. ArchM. Sc (Biochemistry)
B. Com (Hons.)M. Sc (Biotechnology)
B. Des (Communication Design)M. Sc (Microbiology)
B. Des (Product and Interaction Design)M. Tech (CAD/CAM)
B. PharmaM. Tech (Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design)

Integrated Programs BA LLB (Hons) BBA-MBAB. Com LLB (Hons) B. Tech (CSE) - MBA

M. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
M. Tech (Construction Technology and Management)
M. Tech (Cyber Security)
M. Tech (Data Science)
M. Tech (Design Engineering)
M. Tech (Electric Vehicle Technology)
M. Tech (Embedded Systems)
M. Tech (VLSI Design)
LL.M (Criminal and Security Law)
LL.M (Constitutional and Administrative Law)

Nirma University Facilities Campus Infrastructure and Nirma University Facilities

Nirma University and its institutes have state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities that give students a great atmosphere to study and enjoy their campus life. The university’s Student Activity Centre is one of the most attractive places in the university as it has facilities for both indoor and outdoor games. 

GymnasiumStudent Activity Centre
Yoga CentreStudent Activity Centre
CricketSports Ground
VolleyballSports Ground
BasketballSports Ground
Lawn TennisSports Ground
BadmintonSports Ground
Running TrackSports Ground
Table TennisStudent Activity Centre
CaromStudent Activity Centre
Open Air TheatreNear A Block

Nirma University facilities include a vast campus offering a wide range of facilities for academic studies and extracurricular activities. The university’s extensive list of facilities attracts young minds who seek to build their professional career while enjoying the vibrant campus life. These facilities contribute to the overall development of students. Each institute at Nirma University has advanced facilities to facilitate the recruitment process, which takes place at the end of every academic period. Each institute has a dedicated Industry-Institute Interaction Cell and Corporate Relation Cell. These cells are equipped with facilities like, computer laboratories, interview rooms, and video conferencing facilities to facilitate group discussions and interviews.

Nirma University’s widespread campus offers a vast array of advanced facilities which fulfill the various needs of its students. Among these services are the well-equipped sports facilities, providing ample space for both indoor and outdoor games. The university acknowledges the importance of physical activities in developing a well-rounded personality, and thus, it encourages students to participate in sports and hobbies to promote discipline, teamwork, and overall well-being. University’s library is a valuable treasure, with an extensive collection of books, journals, and research papers across various spheres. The fully automated Library serves as an epicenter for academic and intellectual growth. 

In this digitalized era, computer laboratories play a vital role in supporting academic interests. Nirma University is ahead of its time, exhibiting contemporary computer labs that enable students to stay informed about technological advancements and prepare for the challenges of the modern world. Nirma University offers comfortable and secure hostel accommodations for both boys and girls. The dining areas and facilities on campus including the mess facility in each hostel, offer a wide variety of cuisines. The safety and security of the campus are given utmost priority with the implementation of CCTV monitoring systems. These surveillance measures enhance campus security, providing a safe and secure environment for everyone in the community.

Nirma University Sports Facilities

Nirma University facilities have a complete package of sports facilities that provide both indoor and outdoor activities. The Student Activity Centre at Nirma University serves as the epicenter of the University’s sports facilities, especially for indoor sports. It provides dedicated spaces for carom, chess, and table tennis. The well-equipped modern gymnasium in Student Activity Centre is designed to accommodate various exercise routines, serving both fitness enthusiasts and beginners. The university has also allocated a spacious Yoga Hall for the students, faculty, and staff to practice Yoga and meditation.

Nirma University’s modern infrastructure supports a wide range of sports and outdoor activities. The cricket ground is a well-maintained space for cricket lovers to practice and compete. The ground features 3 hard bowling pitches, providing players with an opportunity to polish their bowling skills and to refine batting and fielding techniques, practice nets are also available. A running track is available for students to enjoy jogging or sprinting. The campus also has 3 lawn tennis courts, 2 volleyball courts, and 2 basketball courts. The campus also has ample and dedicated space for football and kho-kho. These sports facilities act as an excellent medium for building partnerships while encouraging students to lead active and healthy lifestyles. The University's commitment to maintaining and enhancing these facilities reflects its dedication to nurturing versatile individuals who possess academic excellence and also help them in balancing physical and mental fitness.

Nirma University Facilities- Library Resource Centre (LRC)

Each institute at Nirma University has facility of libraries with advanced features. Separate reading rooms are also functioning along with the library. All libraries are digitally connected and have many shared resources and a remote log-in facility is provided to access electronic resources. Students can access a wide variety of management and business information sources including National and International Business periodicals. The library features a substantial collection of 31,005 books, including 617 E-books from Springer. It has an impressive array of Business Databases, Digitalized Corporate Annual Reports, CDs, and DVDs. 

Likewise, the library’s subscriptions include 15 databases and approximately 10,964 E-journals accessible through platforms such as EBSCOs, Business Source Complete, Academic Search Elite, JSTOR, Elsevier Science Direct: Business Management and Accounting Package, Emerald Management, 150, AND Oxford e-bundle. Among the databases subscribed to, the ISI Emerging Markets Database stands out as a valuable resource, providing trade-related information from across the globe. Financial and economic databases, such as ACE Equity, ACE Mutual Funds, Cogenesis, Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, Industry Outlook, Economic Outlook, and States of India Services, further improve the library's resources. The library also added, a socioeconomic database, to its subscriptions. 

Acknowledging the needs of modern users, the library is fully automated and accessible on the campus LAN, utilizing specialized library software, Alice for Windows. This user-friendly facility enables seamless book issuance and returns, using biometric identification for added security. Moreover, students and faculty can access the Web catalog online and reserve books effortlessly. 

Nirma University Facilities- Computing Facilities

Nirma University has a well-equipped innovative computer lab accessible to its students and faculty. An advanced gigabit network is provided which connects every corner of the campus. High-speed servers running on various platforms support the whole network and meet all kinds of requirements. A steadfast 2.5 Gbps optic fiber leased line, effective from 01/07/2023, guarantees uninterrupted and high-speed network access across the campus, which is complemented by Wi-Fi hotspots. The university has purchased the most recent software, including SPSS v23 and the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite.    

Nirma University Study Room Facilities

Apart from the study rooms and reading rooms in the library, there are study rooms available for the students in the constituent institutes of Nirma University. Students can utilize these rooms for self-study after their regular class hours. A separate room close to the Institute of Technology is provided to students where they can bring reference materials and study in their free time. Similarly, the Institute of Law incorporates a Competitive Exam Corner for those who wish to prepare for various competitive exams. These facilities motivate students to work attentively in the area of their competencies and make a successful career out of it.

Nirma University Theatre Facilities

Nirma University acknowledges the importance of performing arts, be it music, song, dance, drama, play, or speech. Students have the opportunity to perform and showcase their talents in the contemporary theatre which has all modern features. The theatre, located in the Institute of Management building, has a total seating capacity of 450 persons. The in-house sound system delivers clear and undistorted sound reproduction throughout the auditorium. The high-quality audio system enhances the overall experience of the performances and captivates the audience’s engagement with the artistic presentations. 

Nirma University Student Store Facilities

Nirma University facilities accommodate a student store on campus along with photocopying facilities. Books, notebooks, stationery, student materials, and lab instruments are available in the store. The university has entrusted the operation and management of the student store to an expert partner organization. The store acts as a one-stop solution for students, providing easy access to various items for their academic requirements and general use. Apart from the student store, there is a general store near the hostel mess area, which enables students to purchase day-to-day essentials without any difficulties. Those who stay in the hostel can utilize this facility to avoid going out from the campus for purchasing essentials.


Nirma University ensures a healthy variety of food options to its students by providing multiple canteen and food court facilities on the campus. The main canteen facility is located near K block, offering students, faculty, and office staff a wide range of food choices, including breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, and beverages. The canteen plays an important role in supporting college events as it provides food for these occasions. Additionally, the campus has two food courts located near the Institute of Law and the Institute of Sciences. These food courts are accessible to the students throughout the day, serving food and beverages. These spaces are meeting spots for students to engage in friendly conversations and social interactions after their long class hours.

Nirma University Hostel Facilities

Nirma University offers comfortable and secure hostel accommodation for its students. The University has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls, with 3 hostel buildings on the university campus. Among the three hostel buildings, two are designated for boys, while 1 is reserved for girls. Each building features spacious and well-furnished rooms. All the hostel buildings are provided with a TV room, a common room for interaction, Student Activity Centre, etc. These facilities ensure the homely comfort of each student. Uninterrupted internet connectivity is available in each hostel room 24*7. Mess facilities are available in the hostel, where students can enjoy tasty meals according to their choice. The fee range of rooms varies according to the facilities given such as AC rooms and non-AC rooms, single and shared rooms. Mess fees and laundry charges are to be paid separately by each student, based on their utilization of these facilities. 

Hostel fee details:

Category I: Hostel fee (for 10 months considering a two-month vacation/internship period)Fees
AC triple-sharing room with attached washroomINR 96,000.00
Non-AC triple sharing room with attached washroomINR 84,000.00
AC single occupancy with attached washroomsINR 2,59,000.00
Category II: Mess and Laundry Charges inclusive of all taxes (for 10 months)Fees
Mess FeeINR 52
LaundryINR 5

Nirma University Auditorium Facilities

The vast campus of Nirma University houses several auditoriums and conference halls for organizing seminars, student activities, and conferences. These auditoriums are the premium installation of Nirma University facilities, specifically designed to accommodate different capacities, serving the needs of the various institutes within the campus. The Institute of Architecture and Planning has a 350-seating capacity auditorium, making it the largest among the available facilities at the university. The Institute of Technology has two auditoriums, one with a capacity of 200 and the other can accommodate 100 persons effortlessly. Followed by that, the Institute of Law and the Institute of Pharmacy each have two auditoriums with a seating capacity of 200 persons.

Bank and ATM Facilities

Nirma University facilities include convenient banking facilities. For the convenience of students, faculty, staff, and visitors, a branch of Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank Limited (KCCBL) is located on the campus premises. The university community can utilize this banking facility from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. The bank has also installed two ATMs on the campus, with one situated in the K block and the other near the Institute of Law. 

Art Gallery

A well-maintained art gallery is situated on the premises of the Institute of Management. The art gallery showcases the paintings of the late Ms. Nima K Patel, who was both an artist and a student of Fine Arts. Her paintings meaningfully depict the journey of an artist, offering an alluring ambiance. Each painting beautifully portrays themes that every single person passing by can relate to, offering visitors to the art gallery with a serene experience.

Herbal Garden

A medicinal plant garden, ‘Nirma HERBAL Wealth’ is maintained by the University covering a total area of 3356.5 sq. meters. The herbal garden exhibits more than 153 varieties of species and 500 plants, most of which are medicinally important herbs, shrubs, and trees useful for the practical sessions of Pharmacognosy and Herbal Drug Technology. The well-developed garden serves as a strong foundation for research on medicinal plants, particularly for research-oriented courses, especially benefitting doctoral students. The students of the Institute of Pharmacy actively utilize the botanical garden facility, collecting useful herbs for their practical and research work.

Transport Facilities

Nirma University’s transport facilities include a large number of buses, which are available for students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, the university features twelve cars and seven sumos for the convenient transportation of the faculty and staff within the campus. It also provides an ambulance service as a part of the healthcare facilities available at the university. Besides, a tractor is also operating for the university, facilitating the movement of goods and waste materials from one place to another.

Upcoming Infrastructure Facilities

Nirma University is growing and upgrading itself at a fast pace. New infrastructural facilities are to be added in the upcoming years. The university is expanding its infrastructure by building 3 more new buildings. The first building block has a classroom cluster and a huge computer center, the second block comprises a convention center, and the third building has an institute, classroom clusters, Central Library, and space for multiple offices.

Life at Nirma University

Nirma University easily opens the door to the professional world for its students by providing premium facilities. In addition to that, the University equally supports students in both academic and non-academic aspects. Students have ample opportunities to enjoy their hobbies and engage in other extracurricular activities. There are also various clubs and committees which organize multiple college events and cultural activities. 

Student Support Services:

  • Students Welfare Board
  • NCC
  • NSS
  • Women Developing Cell (WDC)
  • Prevention of Ragging
  • Mechanism for Prevention, Prohibition, And Redressal of Sexual Harassment
  • Equal Opportunity Cell
  • Idea Lab

Nirma University Clubs and Committees:

  • Academic Club
  • Cultural Club
  • Sports Club
  • Community Services Clubs
  • Social Clubs

Nirma University Events:

  • Nirmaan
  • Nirma Rocks
  • Nrityanjali
  • Dramafest
  • Technotsav
  • CodeCrush
  • Hackathon
  • Robofest

Nirma University Grievance Redressal Cell

A professional Grievance Redressal Cell working as a part of the Nirma University facilities is available for the students. Students at Nirma University can access the grievance redressal cell at any time without hesitation. University assures the best treatment to its students in the most effective way possible. Students are advised to share their concerns with the cell as it promises to deal with every concern. They can also avail of the facility of online complaint registration, where the University takes action within 15 days of the complaint registration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nirma University Facilities

Q. How many hostel buildings are there at Nirma University?

Ans. There are a total of 3 hostel buildings, in which 2 buildings are reserved for boys and the remaining one for girls.

Q. What are the facilities provided by Nirma University hostels?

Ans. Nirma University buildings have uninterrupted internet connection 24*7. It has a Student Activity Centre for indoor sports facilities. Other facilities are Recreational facilities, Common Rooms, Tv rooms, and Mess facilities. 

Q. Does Nirma University have library facilities?

Ans. Yes, Nirma University offers an advanced Library Resource Centre (LCR) which is fully automated and provides a wide variety of books and journals.

Q. Is there any facility for sports enthusiasts at Nirma University?

Ans. Yes. Nirma University has facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports. There are well-maintained dedicated grounds and space for cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and kho-kho. A gymnasium is made available for fitness lovers.

Q. Does Nirma University provide internet connectivity on campus?

Ans. Yes. Nirma University facilities render continuous high-speed internet connectivity throughout the campus as well as in the hostel buildings.

Q. Are Nirma University facilities available for cultural and recreational events?

Ans. Yes. Nirma University has auditoriums, a theatre, and event spaces to host various cultural and recreational events.

Q. Do Nirma University facilities ensure the safety and security of the students?

Ans. Nirma University prioritizes the safety of its students, faculty, and staff. As a measure to ensure this, the university has installed CCTV cameras on the campus and the campus premises are under constant CCTV surveillance.