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Nirma University Placement: Highest & Average Salary, Trends, Top Companies

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Private University

Saurav Anand

Nirma University Placement

In the competitive world of higher education, Nirma University, located in Gujarat, India, stands tall for its excellence, providing exceptional placement support to its students and bringing up industry-ready graduates with a strong foundation in quality discipline, self-learning, and ethics. Nirma University has been established as a pioneer in preparing students for successful careers in technology, management, law, pharmacy, and life sciences as the university comprises many institutes such as the Institute of Technology, Institute of Management, and Institute of Pharmacy, etc. With an impressive network of corporate tie-ups and a record-breaking number of companies visiting the campus for placement in 2023, Nirma University has proven its dedicated brilliance in advancing connections between academics and the professional world. In 2023, The highest CTC offered for B Tech and MBA students stood at INR 50.15 LPA and INR 30 LPA respectively. Nirma University makes sure the students of its campus are industry compliant and carry skills that are asked in the job market by leading technology as well as management sector corporates. 

Nirma University’s placement cell is doing an excellent job as it attracts leading corporates to the campus as a part of a vigorous placement drive. University’s corporate linkage is beyond one’s imagination as it touches 300+ corporates effortlessly.  Apart from the placement cell, Nirma University takes pride in having the University Placement Advisory Committee UPAC, which reviews and assesses the placement activities of all the institutes of Nirma University. Through the involvement of these parties and their coordinated efforts, Nirma University has always maintained its corporate ties to a maximum level. Recruitment in all the institutes of the university is done decently with the help of each institute’s corporate relation cell. University and its institutes have state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate recruitment professionally. Taking this to the next level, a committed industry-institution interaction cell at the university provides an exclusive space for group discussion, interviews, and dining. 

In addition to placements, Nirma University always strives to guarantee the best training for its students in different organizations during summer and winter vacations. Project work for final-year students always comes as the top of the cherry as it always makes sure that students utilize the facilities and opportunities given to them such as continuous institute-industry interactions, seminars, conferences, and alumni activities. Through all these practices, graduates from Nirma University often stand out as reliable and diligent employees. Counseling the students on job opportunities and catalyzing the industrial visits to ensure they lead to a successful career afterward. 

Nirma University Placement Cell

Over the last decade, Nirma University’s placement cell competently focused and delivered what it has to, in a respectable manner. Nirma University's placement cell has developed strong ties with more than 300 corporates, making it a highly sought-after destination for leading corporations to recruit fresh talent. In the year 2023 alone, the university witnessed a remarkable milestone with more than 450 companies visiting the campus for placements, further solidifying its reputation in the corporate world. The close connection between Nirma University and top corporations has been mutually beneficial. Corporations see the university as a hub for skilled as well as qualified graduates, while the students gain access to exceptional job opportunities and career growth prospects. The university's continuous efforts in nurturing industry relationships have resulted in prestigious companies establishing a significant presence on the campus. In 2022, the highest salary offered during the placement season was an impressive 88.20 lakhs, and in 2023, 50 lakhs, reflecting the quality of talent the university produces. This remarkable achievement showcases the excellence of the students and the university's commitment to grooming them for successful careers.

Nirma University Placement Process  

The university's reputation for producing diligent and reliable employees has made it a preferred destination for recruiters. Companies often rush to the campus to hire fresh talent, eager to tap into the pool of skilled individuals who have undergone rigorous academic training and hands-on experiences during their time at Nirma. The placement model at Nirma University involves 4 stage process;

  • Preplacement activities
  • Career Guidance
  • Executing placement
  • Postplacement reviews

The placement process at Nirma University is meticulously planned and executed in four stages, starting with pre-placement activities. These activities are designed to prepare students for the recruitment process and involve the coordinated efforts of the placement cell, industry-institution interaction cell, and each institute's corporate relations cell. This collaborative approach ensures that students are well-equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to face interviews and assessments conducted by potential employers.

Then comes the second stage, an integral part of the placement drive, career guidance. The university extends its support to help students understand their strengths and explore various career aspects through counseling and assistance. This guidance empowers students to make informed decisions about the industries and roles they want to pursue, aligning their interests with the right opportunities. With its alumni distributed all over the various giant corporate sectors, Nirma University’s placement drives have triumphed in the academic sector. 

The third stage of the placement process involves the actual execution of placements. During this phase, companies from diverse sectors and domains conduct recruitment drives on campus. The placement cell facilitates the entire process, coordinating between students and recruiters to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for both parties. The success of the placement cell can be assessed from the fact that 1275 students secured placements in 2023. The significant number of offers, amounting to 1610, reflects the trust that companies place in Nirma University's graduates and their potential as future employees.

Postplacement reviews are conducted as part of the fourth and final stage of the placement process. These reviews help the placement cell and the university gather feedback from both students and recruiters.  The placement cell at Nirma University has succeeded in making the university a sought-after location for both recruiters and students. The institution has been successful in securing top-notch placements for its students through strategic partnerships with a broad range of corporations and meticulous cooperation with numerous stakeholders. The focus on pre-placement activities, career counseling, and post-placement reviews further demonstrates Nirma University's dedication to preparing its students for fulfilling careers. The institution nurtures excellent talent and potential, as evidenced by the large number of offers and the astonishingly highest wage provided in 2023, making it a shining example of excellence in higher education and placements.

Nirma University Placement Industry Institution Interaction Cell

A seamless and effective placement drive for Nirma University's students is made possible in large part by the Industry Institution Interaction Cell. This specialized cell builds bridges between academia and business, fostering meaningful interactions and providing chances for students' professional development. One of the key advantages of having an Industry Institution Interaction Cell is the provision of exclusive space for group discussions and interviews. This space is thoughtfully designed to serve the specific needs of recruiters and students during the placement process. The environment ensures a conducive atmosphere for meaningful interactions, allowing students to showcase their talents and skills effectively.

In addition, the cell works diligently to sustain strong ties with various companies and organizations. The Industry Institution Interaction Cell collaborates with industrial experts to organize workshops, seminars, and guest lectures conducted by distinguished speakers. These events expose students to real-world scenarios, and challenges, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of industry operations. Through consistent efforts and active engagement with companies, the Institute Industry Interaction Cell ensures that the university maintains a strong industry presence. This, in turn, attracts top-notch recruiters, leading to a diverse range of opportunities for the students. The cell's tireless dedication to promoting professional development and industry exposure contributes significantly to the successful placement record of Nirma University.

Nirma University Placement Corporate Relations Cell

Corporate Relations Cells in all the institutions within Nirma University in shaping the university's reputation as a top destination for industry-ready talent. These cells act as catalysts, nurturing healthy connections between the university and the corporate world, and they are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure flawless interactions and recruitment processes. One of the primary facilities provided by the Corporate Relation Cells is dedicated access to computer labs for conducting online tests. In today's digital age, many organizations utilize online assessments as part of their hiring process. By providing exclusive access to computer labs, the university ensures that students can take these tests comfortably and without any technical difficulties, ensuring a fair evaluation of their skills and abilities.

The conference and interview rooms that are available within the Corporate Relation Cells are a priceless resource. Recruiters can conduct interviews and communicate with potential candidates in these spaces because they are made up to the high standards of professional settings. Smooth communication is made possible by the well-equipped venues, which also help to create a favorable impression of the university and its students.  The Corporate Relation Cells offer Skype and video conferencing capabilities in addition to physical facilities. Particularly advantageous are enterprises based abroad or in remote areas. The convenience it provides recruiters during their visit to the university is another important benefit of having a guest home for business visitors. Having a warm and comfortable place to stay guarantees that visiting representatives can concentrate on the hiring process and engage with students without worrying about logistics. 

Nirma University Placement 2023

The Nirma University's 2023 campus placement was a resounding success, giving its students exceptional prospects in a variety of fields. The university's dedication to developing talent in the technology sector is demonstrated by the fact that the highest package awarded for B Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) students topped out at an amazing INR 50 LPA. B Tech students received offers from a variety of industries, including the automotive, information technology, ITES, banking, engineering, energy, education technology, financial technology, manufacturing, power, oil & gas, and services sectors. This shows the breadth of their skill sets and the high demand for their expertise across industries.

Students in Nirma University's MBA program secured jobs in prestigious businesses across a range of industries during a particularly successful placement season. The program's ability to generate business leaders in demand by top recruiters was once again demonstrated by the biggest package provided to an MBA student, which reached INR 30 LPA. MBA graduates were hired by well-known companies in fields like FMCG, Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Advertising, Construction, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Power, Petroleum, Law firms, and Consultancies, demonstrating the breadth of opportunities open to them.

The attainment of a record 100% placement rate for MBA students further enhanced the success of the 2023 placements. The fact that 87 prestigious companies participated in the placement drive shows how well-connected the university is to the market and how well-known it is as a source of top talent. A notable example of the caliber of talent fostered by the university is the highest CTC of INR 30 LPA given to 5 MBA students by Morgan Stanley. With an overall average CTC of INR 12.2 LPA, Nirma University keeps up with its commitment to give students a solid platform from which to enter the workforce. The dedication to developing talent, focus on morality and self-improvement, and involvement with the business community have all helped the university be successful in providing outstanding job possibilities for its graduates. As the university's reputation continues to soar, it remains a favored destination for hiring fresh and skilled talent from both B Tech and MBA programs, making it a beacon of academic excellence and professional success.

Nirma University B.Tech Placement 2023

Campus Placement is a highly anticipated and distinctive event in the academic journey of students at the Institute of Technology, Nirma University. University provides final-year students with a solid platform to embark on their professional careers. Over the years, students have received offers from diverse domains such as Automobile, Information Technology, ITES, Banking, Engineering, Energy, EdTech, FinTech, Manufacturing, Power, Oil & Gas, and Services sectors. The highest salary offered during the campus placements of 2023 for B Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was INR 50 LPA.

B.Tech ProgramsNirma University Placement offeredNirma University Placement offeredNirma University PlacementHighest SalaryIn LPANirma University Placement Average SalaryIn LPA
Chemical Engineering706813.526.01
Civil Engineering695713.525.49
Computer Science and Engineering28727750.159.49
Electrical Engineering13415013.656.15
Electronics and Communication Engineering12210622.988.70
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering514613.656.43
Mechanical Engineering12714013.655.31

Nirma University Top Recruiters for B.Tech

Atlassian BloombergDeloitte Google 
Amazon Bosch DCM Shriram Futures First 
ARM Cognizant Axxela Adani 
Coviam eInfochips Goldman Sachs Crest Data Systems 
Euler Gujarat State PetronetAir ProductsCEAT
Evosys Galaxy Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Infineon
InfocuspIntelJSWJubilant Life Sciences
HitachiLTLindeMAQ Software
MGMilacronNirma NXP
Silicon LabsTATA PowerTechnicolorTorrent Power
TATA MotorsTCSTexas InstrumentsVinculum
XH2OZeus LearningZydus

Nirma University MBA Placement

The Institute of Management, Nirma University, is dedicated to offering comprehensive training and placement assistance to its students for both Summer and Final placements. Over the last decade, the Institute has earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after campuses for recruiting fresh talent. Its focus lies in producing industry-ready professionals who possess not only technical expertise but also ethical values, empowerment, engagement, and entrepreneurial skills, in addition to discipline and self-learning.

In recent years, the Institute of Management, Nirma University IMNU has achieved remarkable success in ensuring the placement of its students in renowned MNCs, Private and Public sector organizations. More than 50 leading companies spanning diverse sectors such as IT, FMCG, Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Advertising, Construction, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Power, Petroleum, Law firms, and Consultancies have visited the campus.

During the MBA Placement of 2023, a remarkable 100% placement rate was achieved. The placement drive saw the active participation of 87 companies. Notably, 5 students were offered the highest CTC of INR 30 LPA by Morgan Stanley, while the overall average CTC stood at INR 12.2 LPA.

DetailsPlacement Statistics 
Placement Percentage100%
No. of Companies Visited87
Highest CTC Offered30 LPA
Average CTC Offered12.2 LPA
Median CTC Offered11 LPA
Major SectorMarketing, Finance, HR, and Operations

Nirma University Top Recruiters for MBA

Adverb TechnologiesCare RatingsAdverb TechnologiesMorgan Stanley
Bain & CompanySearchKantarMoody’s
Tres VistaBarclaysMGScheider
ArcesiumADPDell TechnologiesTATA
DeloitteICICI BankZydexAkxoNobel
EicherShadow FoxIndiamartBrillon
Mahindra FinanceeClerxAxis BankCognizant
JP Morgan Chase & CoHyundaiUjjivanBajaj Finserv
Smart CubeNovartisPublicis SapientSBI Life
Kotak Mahindra BankInfosysFederal BankReliance
TCSAO SmithAdani WilmarCeipal
Bank of AmericaAtulWiproJubilant Ingrevia

Nirma University  Top Recruiters

Alembic PharmaceuticalsGMDCInfosysTata Motors LimitedPhilips LimitedTata ELXSI Limited
AmulAshok LeylandPiramal HealthcareDaikenL&T FinanceTata Teleservices Limited
Axis BankHDFC Standard LifeBajaj AllianzReliance CommunicationLambda TherapeuticsTorrent Pharmaceuticals Limited
Bajaj AutoHiltiReliance Industries LimitedE & Y IndiaLG Electronics IndiaReliance Communication
Balmer Lawrie & Co.Hindustan Unilever LimitedReserve Bank of IndiaReliance CommunicationHitachi Home & Life Solutions (India) LimitedTrident
Berger Paints IndiaIBM IndiaSamsung ElectronicsICICI BankMahinda and Mahindra FinanceUnigraphics Software
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private LimitedFuture First Info Services Private LimitedTact IndiaFractal AnalyticsNational Innovation Foundation, GandhinagarWrangler Denim
Future GeneraliSynopsys (India) Private LimitedZeus IP, New DelhiFranklin TempletonNational Instruments Systems (India) Private LimitedZarir Bharucha & Associates, Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions about Nirma University Placement

Q. What was the highest salary offered during the 2023 campus placement at Nirma University and for which course?

Ans. The highest CTC offered in the 2023 campus placement at Nirma University is 50 LPA for B Tech CSE.

Q. How many companies visited Nirma University during the campus placement in 2023?

Ans. More than 300 companies 

Q. What are the major sectors offered placement for MBA students at Nirma University?

Ans. Major sectors which offered placement for MBA students are Marketing, Finance, HR, and Operations.

Q. What is the highest and average salary offered for MBA students during the 2023 campus placement?

Ans. The highest salary offered was 30 LPA and the average salary offered was 12.2 LPA for MBA

Q. What are the top recruiters for B Tech at Nirma University?

Ans. Some of the top recruiters who participated in the 2023 campus placement drive for B Tech are, TATA Motors, TCS, Oracle, Reliance, and JSW