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MDI Murshidabad Facilities: Infrastructure & Campus Details

  • Murshidabad
  • Private

Saurav Anand
  • Hostel The two hostels on this campus, Eklavya as well as Bhagirathi offer the most up-to-date and modern facilities for students in order to help them enjoy their time and let them feel as if they’re in a home away from home. Rooms are equipped with a study table, a cot, and a chair along with a closet and a bookshelf. The hostel also comes with constant electricity as well as a water supply, which includes an ice maker along with Kent filters as well as a recreation room, gym, and indoor game equipment.
  • Hostel facilities are available Yes
  • Residential Campus Yes
  • Hostel Mandatory – Yes
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls Yes
  • The type of accommodation is single occupancy non AC
  • Over 300 students live in the modern and spacious hostel.
  • Separate balconies are attached to each room
  • Access to WiFi and TV
  • Pressing and washing facilities
  • Housekeepers provide services to their clients
  • Sickroom
  • Facilities are offered to international students at the campus
  • Library (CHAITANYA) Library (CHAITANYA) Library Central Library of MDIM is fully automated and house more than 13,000 volumes that pertain to management, as well as other related fields. An extensive collection of printed and electronic materials can be found in the Library which includes eBooks, journals and books audio-visual material, databases, as well as electronic journals, and much more. With its present collection of resources based on knowledge and modern information services. modern library and ingenuous information services The Library is a major player in the search for the knowledge of academics and students. The library that is located in MDI M uses cutting-edge technology and is always up-to-date. The RFID technology, as well as KOHA software, are used. Real-time database searches are accessible in all Library collections that are part of the system of the Institute. Users using their user interface can search through the catalog of libraries online and see the resources available. Our Library offers a comprehensive assortment of information services that are that have been carefully curated. The campus has a well-stocked library, which includes printed as well as digital resources like journals, books, electronic journals databases, audio-visual, and databases. The library is also equipped with Wi-Fi throughout the day. Lab The campus has state-of-the-art IT lab equipment which is equipped through a campus network. It also has Internet connectivity Computer Labs, Firewall Wi-Fi, and Video Conferencing facility, E-mail and Data Signage. Ac Classroom This campus has air conditioning, and includes modern classrooms that offer an environment conducive to learning for students. Classrooms are also outfitted with high-speed Internet access, high-definition video projectors as well as video conferencing to give students a more enjoyable classroom experience. Sports The facilities for sports are available on campus, such as the tennis court and fields for playing. The school also comes with a an exercise room and swimming Pool, Badminton Court and other. Cafeteria The campus is vast clean and well-maintained. There is a cafeteria, serving delicious food and breakfast and lunch dinner, snacks, and lunch during the mid-day hours. Medical Medical facilities are available that offer regular health checks for students along with emergency and first aid assistance for all students who attend the Arogaya Medical Center AROGYA. Wi-Fi The campus is equipped with Wi-Fi that is available all hours of the day in the classes, IT Lab, Library.
  • Murshidabad MDI Academic Clubs & Committees
  • MarKrone
  • The ability to communicate using an artistic flair, the ability to think strategically and a bubbly mind. Take all of this together with a keen sense of perspective and you’ll be an expert on market trends. MDI Murshidabad’s Marketing Club, MarKrone, provides the next generation of managers and masters of change with the most up-to-date marketing strategies they need to be successful in a competitive market. The MarKrone team strives to inform the public, entertain, and inspire marketing enthusiasts through social media and through events to collaborate and share information as well as to improve their creative and critical thinking abilities.
  • HR Udbhav
  • With the assistance with the help of HR Club MDI M offers an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of basic the latest trends and concepts in the field of human resource management. This is done by engaging students using numerous helpful tools, including the role model, HR summits, aswell in management games and guest lectures. A variety of ideas and hard work from students resulted in the creation in the HR club. The members are taught the necessary HR competencies not only for HR professionals, but for everyone working in the business.
  • Finartha The Finance Club
  • Within of the MDI M community, the Finance Club provides financial marketing and career opportunities. It caters to a broad range of financial-related interests, which include trading and selling for investment banks as well as private wealth management, as and corporate finance. As an organisation, the purpose is to inspire MDI students to take an interest in finance, and assist them in gaining an understanding of the field.
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship & Startup
  • The Entrepreneurship Cell at MDI M aids students to develop an entrepreneurial mindsets and work towards their goals with an organization called”the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Start-ups. Experts share their expertise about this subject and offer suggestions entrepreneurs should know about. Workshops are planned so that entrepreneurs of all ages can get their business ideas aided by experienced managers who have decades of experience in the field.
  • Ecominds The Economics Club
  • A tribe, a place and even an individual’s fate is determined by which way the local economy in the area is doing. The background of a nation is an interesting factor which explains the growth of the nation and the degree of its ties with other nations around the world. Ecominds Club at MDI is an excellent way for students to gain insight into the economics of the profit-making companies they are employed by and with a positive attitude. Additionally the course will aid students gain an understanding of the subject rather than a simple discussion exercise in calculus. Our diverse activities allow students to develop an understanding of the basics and concepts, such as their regular difficult games, as well as articles that provide essential information, as well as guest lectures, and much other things. They will be able to gain their footing by having fun and excitement. The company keeps track of the Indian economy as well as the global economy continuously.
  • Aakritians The Cultural Committee
  • “Aakritians,” MDI-M’s Cultural Committee is a place where the best of culture and talents so that each student feels being part of the same family. A majority Indian cultures are represented in the college. A student-led group was formed to bring together all students. In addition, Aakritians also play an important role within Campxotica (MDI-M’s intercollege party) as it is responsible for organizing activities for the duration that the event. Students are offered the chance to showcase their talents and the organization organizes various activities that boost the mood in the college. Through participation in artistic activities across the schools in India B schools in India have a strong presence. The aim is to encourage students to show their talent and expose them to the diverse styles and styles and techniques of India.
  • Syndekon PR Media Committee
  • Syndekon is an student-led association active in expanding and maintaining and building MDI’s Murshidabad image for its current students and future students, as well as those who work within corporate settings. They also host Conclaves as well as Guest Lectures Workshops as well as other activities that further the goals that is Academic as well as Corporate Connect. For our social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Quora we move the handles to Syndekon, as well as the website (
  • Annexes Alumni Relations Committee
  • Nothing is more rewarding as being an exiting student of the best school that is the most prestigious in the world. No matter how vast the number of students, each famous business school makes an enormous effort to ensure that it is in good condition and in good standing. Annexes Annexes MDIM Alumni Relations Committee was created in the year of 2018 to maintain contacts with passports and to work towards the development of a greater level of interaction. Alumni data is recorded Alumni events are held in conjunction with alumni. Alumni can be invited to participate in guest sessions. This creates a strong connection between the institution as well as its patrons.
  • Operations Club Opcellence Operations Club
  • The Operation club of the operation club at MDI Murshidabadprovides learners with an opportunity to enhance their potential in the field of operations management. The name is derived from the goal we want to achieve i.e. the highest level of efficiency in our operations. Opcellence is the place where innovative ideas are developed then nurtured and developed until they can be applied to. Brainstorming, Case discussions, Simulation games, publications, quizzes, etc. are only a few of the events that are held during the course of the year, to stimulate curiosity about the area of operations research and operations management.