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JIMS Kalkaji Reviews 2024 on Placements, Faculty, and Facilities & Infrastructure, Campus

  • Kalkaji, New Delhi
  • Private

Aditi Chaurasia

JIMS Kalkaji Reviews

Priyanka Sen, PGDM

  • JIMS Kalkaji Campus: The existing infrastructure is quite good. The library has many books and journals available. Wi-Fi is excellent. The dining facilities are good. The college provides more athletic and recreational facilities. Medical facilities are available.

  • JIMS Kalkaji Course: Our faculty members are excellent and knowledgeable. They are subject matter experts. They are highly knowledgeable. They are extremely cooperative and helpful with the students. They conduct mentoring sessions to steer students in the correct direction. They are always available to answer questions from students.

  • JIMS Kalkaji Placement: Our college has excellent infrastructure. Our campus is visited by top recruiting companies such as Deloitte, Asian Paints, Cadbury, CBRE, E&Y, etc. The greatest compensation package offered is 17 LPA, while the average compensation package is 6 LPA.

Prachi Kumari, PGDM

  • JIMS Kalkaji Campus: The college's infrastructure is quite limited. The campus is equipped with Wi-Fi. The laboratories are fully-equipped. Classrooms have ample furniture and the library is excellent. The cuisine served in the cafeteria is nutritious and reasonably priced. The college provides industry exposure and practical knowledge. Every year, our college conducts sporting events.

  • JIMS Kalkaji Course: The faculty and instructors are extremely helpful. They aid us in every way. They resolve our questions effectively. The semester examinations are somewhat challenging.

  • JIMS Kalkaji Placement: 80 – 90% of pupils at our college were placed. The maximum compensation package offered ranges from 10 to 12 LPA and the lowest compensation package is 4 LPA. Almost 70% of students at our college obtained apprenticeships. The top staffing firms include Deloitte, Wipro, Khimji Ramdas, CBRE, etc.

Saksham Raj, PGDM

  • JIMS Kalkaji Campus: The campus is well-kept and well-ventilated. The classrooms are furnished with smart boards and air conditioning to provide students with comfort and foster an atmosphere conducive to learning. The infrastructure is maintained, and I have not encountered any issues with it. In addition to the cleanliness of the restrooms, a great deal of care is given to the condition of the furniture.

  • JIMS Kalkaji Course: Professors have been supportive and useful throughout my studies. They began with the fundamentals, and each concept and subject was given equal weight. The curriculum is aligned with industry standards. There are numerous projects, assignments, and presentations, which help students understand the application of the concepts.

  • JIMS Kalkaji Placement: Each student's well-being receives considerable consideration and effort. There are profiles for each pupil, and talent is highly valued. There are several reputable companies, such as Delloite, Wipro, and Loreal, that recruit college students on campus. I was impressed by the college's concern for individual students and its assistance in preparing them for interviews, group discussions, and aptitude tests.

Riya Gupta, PGDM(IB)

  • JIMS Kalkaji Campus: Wi-Fi and air conditioning are enabled in classrooms. There are numerous organizations at the university. Regular guest lectures are organized at regular intervals. National competitions that we organized include the marathon and E week.

  • JIMS Kalkaji Course: The course curriculum is beneficial for international business. Several of our faculty members are exceptional. The faculty members are very helpful at our university. The curriculum is well-designed to meet business needs.
  • JIMS Kalkaji Placement: The institution has a placement cell. Almost every student is assigned. The average container size is approximately 6 LPA. Companies like Dabur, CBRE, Deloitte, and ITC do come for placements. The institution additionally offers internships.

Saurav Rajput, PGDM(IB)

  • JIMS Kalkaji Campus: Numerous Clubs, which results in intense competition. All social media handles of all clubs are managed by students. All students have access to a book-lending library, and the cost is included in their tuition, so there is no additional cost.
  • JIMS Kalkaji Course: The course curriculum is comparable to that of any other college. Very little emphasis is placed on practical learning; out of a possible 100 points, 80 are assigned to your written theory paper. The student-to-teacher ratio is adequate. However, please be prepared to confront the poisonous political climate. There are many excellent faculty at JIMS. You will acquire extensive practical and real-world knowledge.
  • JIMS Kalkaji Placement: The placement is adequate; the majority of our senior class is posted in the 5 lakh range. The greatest number to date is 8,500,000. There are placements from CBRE, DELLOITE, Asian paints, and even some institutions.