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Type: Private | Approved By: AICTE, AIU

IMI Delhi Scholarships:

Students from all over the country study at the International Management Institute, Delhi, one of the premier institutes for management education. The students who take admission in this college are offered a variety of financial assistance. Those who are admitted under the merit list are eligible for scholarships.

Some of the popular financial aid provided is the FMP stipend:

An Indian national is eligible to apply for this scholarship. In the first two years of the course, the program provides about 25,000 rupees per month and almost 30,000 rupees per month in the last two years.

One can only take advantage of it for up to four years and the amount is payable only at the end of each semester. A good amount of the course fee is covered by this scholarship program, so it is the most popular choice of students.

Contingency grants:

FPM students at IMI, Delhi receive this grant as a liberal grant. It is a grant which is provided for books, hardware, or software for projects and other things to the students. Students in their third or fourth year are eligible for the program, and a supervisor’s letter outlining the student’s needs is also required.

Conference support:

This is a financial support program for students who conduct or attend conferences. Students who have cleared the comprehensive exams can apply. The student must keep in mind that this support is limited to national conferences that the student attends or conducts.

These are some of the scholarship programs that provide students with financial support throughout their studies. Having financial security throughout the course can allow students to focus on their education.

Take your pick from the programs offered by International Management Institute, Delhi.

The Program fee structure and the waivers and scholarships available for different scholar categories are as follows.

Cost Heads1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th yearTotalSubsequent year(s)
Tuition fees150,000100,000100,000100,000100,000550,00075,000
Learning Resources (e-resources,softwares etc.)30,00030,00030,00030,00030,000150,00020,000
Alumni fees12,000nilnilnilnil12,000nil
Security deposit(refundable)25,000nilnilnilnil25,000nil
Total( Five years)267,000130,000130,000130,000130,000787,000
NOTE: the data is taken from the IMI Delhi official website

Fee Waivers & Other Financial Support:

FPM Full-time students: The participants are awarded the following waivers and financial support

FPM Part-time students (academicians): The participants are awarded the following waivers in fee

FPM Part-time students (corporate executives): The participants must pay the fee as per the above schedule.

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