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IIM Kashipur: Indian Institute of Management Kashipur Scholarships Details

  • Kashipur, Uttarakhand
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 23

Saurav Anand

The cost of MBA programs at the nation's top B-schools and IIMs is high given the high standard of instruction provided there. All IIMs and top management institutions provide various forms of financial aid to students, acknowledging the difficulties that those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds may face. 

Excellent academic performers who come from families with low annual earnings frequently receive financial aid for their studies at these prestigious institutions. Additionally, these institutions support a number of scholarship programs that both the state and federal governments grant to deserving applicants who meet the eligibility requirements. For MBA students from backgrounds with little financial resources, the IIM Kashipur Scholarships runs a need-based financial assistance program. The institution chooses the number of students to take into account for financial aid based on their gross yearly family income, creditworthiness, student assets, and general suitability. 

After the IIM Kashipur admissions process is complete, students will be informed of the facts regarding IIM Kashipur scholarships and financial aid. The institute offers an admission range of 264–320 for the MBA program and 80–160 for the MBA (Analytics) program. The total cost of the program is INR 17,30,000. IIM Kashipur scholarships can help MBA students who have strong academic records but tight budgets, and the institution also provides need-based financial assistance to qualified students. The institute supports students in obtaining educational loans from banks during admission in addition to IIM Kashipur scholarships and other financial aid provided by the federal or state government.  

The types of IIM Kashipur scholarships include

  • IIM Kashipur scholarships by Sponsored.
  • IIM Kashipur Scholarships are offered by the Government of India.

Below is detailed information on IIM Kashipur scholarships;

Name of IIM Kashipur ScholarshipsAmount of IIM Kashipur Scholarships
Central Sector Education Scholarship Scheme for SC StudentsN.A.
National Fellowship and Scholarship for ST Students Pursuing Higher EducationINR 31,000 
Minority Communities have a merit-based scholarship programINR 20,000
Need cum Merit-Based Financial AssistanceTuition Fee Exemption
Fellowships for Ph.D. studentsINR 30,000 - INR 35,000 + INR 1,25,000 (Contingency grant)+ INR 3,00,000 (Conference grant)
IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur

Approvals & Accreditation - AACSB, EQUIS Location - Kashipur, Uttarakhand



17.3 Lakhs

IIM Kashipur Scholarships by Sponsored 

IIM Kashipur Scholarships provide Need-Based Merit-Based Financial Assistance students to deserving students in their first and second years of study pursuing degree programs such as MBA. 

Aside from the IIM Kashipur Scholarships of Need and Merit-Based financial support, IIM Kashipur also offers Need and Merit-Based Scholarships for MBA Analytics students.

1. Need cum Merit-Based Financial Assistance by IIM Kashipur Scholarship

The most popular IIM Kashipur scholarship among MBA students is the need cum based Financial Assistance scheme. This financial help is frequently given to deserving students from low-income families. Students will be asked to submit details to check their eligibility for this scheme at the time of admission, and help will be granted only to the selected students after confirming their eligibility. 

  • IIM Kashipur scholarships include a Need Cum Based Financial Assistance Scheme to assist MBA students from low-income families. 
  • Students with a strong academic record but low financial resources are eligible for need-based financial aid. 
  • The number of seats available for this financial support is restricted, and it is determined by the number of students from low-income families. 
  • The support is granted based on gross annual family income, creditworthiness, student assets, and general eligibility.

In addition, the organization administers a number of scholarship programs sponsored by the federal and provincial governments.

Selection BasisNo. of Candidates Selected 
On the basis of Merit3
On the basis of Need10
On the basis of Need cum Merit10

The following steps detail the general division of 23 students from each year and the reason for giving IIM Kashipur scholarships.

 1.  Tuition expenses are waived in full for up to 23 students from the first-year batch and 23 students from the second-year batch at IIM Kashipur. As a result, up to 46 first and second-year students can receive a full tuition waiver in an academic year.

As a result, up to 46 students in their first and second years can receive a full tuition waiver in an academic year.

2. Students with a gross family income of less than INR 5,00,000 are eligible for need and merit-based scholarships at IIM Kashipur.

2. Fellowships for Ph.D. students by IIM Kashipur Scholarship

Ph.D. students are eligible for special fellowship payments ranging from INR 30,000/- to INR 35,000/- per month. Students are also awarded a contingency payment of INR 1.25 lacs and a conference grant of INR 3 lacs.

Type of AllowanceAmount (in INR)
Conference Grant3,00,000
Contingency Grant1,25,000
Fellowship30,000 - 35,000

IIM Kashipur Scholarships offered by the Government of India 

Aside from the Need Cum Merit-Based Financial Assistance Scheme granted through IIM Kashipur scholarships, the institute actively facilitates many scholarships offered by the Government of India for students who fall under reserved categories (Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / People with Disabilities).

IIM Kashipur Scholarships from the government of India are available in three categories. Each IIM Kashipur scholarship has its own set of qualifying requirements that applicants must complete in order to be considered. 

  • National Fellowship & Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students Pursuing Higher Education (Central Sector Scheme, CSS).
  • Scholarships for College and University Students are provided by the Central Sector. 
  • Merit Cum Means Professional and Technical Course Scholarship.

Examine each of the mentioned IIM Kashipur scholarships granted by the Government of India in depth. 

1. National Fellowship & Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students Pursuing Higher Education (Central Sector Scheme, CSS)

  • The IIM Kashipur scholarships, formally known as the Top Class Education for Scheduled Tribe Students, provide financial aid to ST students.
  • National Fellowship Scholarships are available to students pursuing higher degree courses such as MPhil, Ph. D, or integrated M.Phil + Ph. D. 
  • To be eligible for National Fellowship Scholarships, students must have a minimum of 55% at the PG level from a recognized university. Students will be chosen on the basis of their merit. 
  • There are no specified income requirements for students to be eligible for National Fellowship Programs. 
  • The maximum age for National Fellowship Scholarships should be 36 years old as of the first day of July of the relevant year of the scholarship award.
  • Students must have completed their Master's Degree exams to be eligible for the National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of Scheduled Tribe Students (Central Sector Scheme).
  • Students will be chosen depending on their merit. Eligible students can apply for the scholarships online at 
  • The National Fellowship and Scholarship programs have a total of 750 places available. 
  • If the number of candidates for the fellowship program exceeds the number of available seats, post-graduation marks will be considered for final selection.

National Fellowship and Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students' Higher Education (Central Sector Scheme): Eligibility and Duration of the IIM Kashipur Scholarship for M.Phil. and Ph.D.

CourseEligibility Duration
Ph.D.Qualification: Minimum 55% marks at the final examination at the post-graduate level from a recognized university.
Income Criteria: There are no income criteria for the eligible students under the National Fellowship and Scholarship. Age Limit: The maximum age limit for eligibility is 36 years, as of the first day of July in the year when the scholarship is awarded.
5 years or the date of submission of the dissertation, whichever is earlier.
M.Phil.2 years or the date of submission of the dissertation, whichever is earlier.
M.Phil. + Ph.D.A total of 5 years or the date of submission of the dissertation, whichever is earlier.

The National Fellowship and Scholarship program reimburses program fees and other expenses. The compensation amount for each course and stream is listed below;

Amount of Reimbursement in National Fellowship & Scholarship:

CourseStreamContingency AnnuallyScholarship
Ph. DHumanities and Social Sciences INR 20,500 INR 31,000 for the first two years and INR 35000 for the remaining 3 years
Science / Engineering TechnologyINR 25,000 
M.Phil.Humanities and Social Sciences INR 10,000 INR 31000 
Science / Engineering TechnologyINR 12,000 
Escort Allowance for Divyangjan (monthly): INR 2000 (at par with UGC rates)
HRA for all the courses (monthly): Equal to UGC rates (8%/16%/24% based on the city)

What documents are necessary for the IIM Kashipur scholarship application process? The following documents are required for the application:

  • The most recent passport-size photos. 
  • ST/PVTG certification is required.
  • Certificate of completion or equivalent (in support of date of birth).
  • Certificate from Divyangjan.
  • Post-graduation grade report.
  • Admission/joining certificate from the University for M.Phil./Ph.D. / Integrated M.Phil.+ Ph.D.
  • Admission offers have been made to candidates who have been admitted into IITs, AIIMS, IIMs, and IISERs. 

2. Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for College and University Students 

  • The Central Sector Scholarship Scheme gives financial assistance to deserving students from Scheduled Castes who wish to pursue degree programs. 
  • CSS Scholarships are available to students whose annual family income does not exceed INR 4.5 lakh per year.
  • The Scholarship Amount covers key expenses such as tuition, non-refundable charges, accommodation and boarding, books and stationery, and the cost of IT equipment for the first year.
  • Every year, a total of 82,000 seats are offered as new scholarships for graduate or postgraduate studies at colleges and universities, as well as professional courses.
  • When the scholarships are launched, eligible students can apply through the NSP Portal, 

The IIM Kashipur Scholarship Amount Under the Central Sector Scheme:

Qualification LevelScholarship Amount
Post Graduation level INR 20,000 per year
Graduation level- for the first 3 years INR 12,000 per year
Integrated courses (in 4th and 5th years)INR 20,000 per year

3. Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses 

The Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses only gives assistance to deserving students from minority populations who have modest annual family incomes. The award has been carefully designed to support students pursuing professional and technical degrees. 

  • The Merit-cum means-based Scholarships provide financial assistance to low-income students from ethnic backgrounds.
  • Students with good academic records who want to pursue professional and technical courses can apply IIM Kashipur Scholarship for the Merit-cum-means Scholarship.
  • Students must have an overall grade point average of more than 50% (or an equivalent grade in the preceding final test). 
  • The total annual income of a student's parents/guardians should not exceed INR 2.50 lakhs.
  • Minority students are entitled to apply for IIM Kashipur Scholarships under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992, which includes Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain, and Zoroastrians (Parsis).
  • There are a total of 60,000 scholarship seats available as new scholarships and renewal scholarships.

The amount available under the Merit Cum Means Scholarship 

Particulars IIM Kashipur Scholarship Amount
Maintenance Allowance INR 1,000 monthly for students residing in hostels and INR 500 monthly for day scholars (for 10 months). 
Course FeeINR 20,000 per year subject to actuals whichever is less, (for both Hosteller & Day-Scholar).

IIM Kashipur Education Loan

There are two types of education loans: secured and unsecured loans. Taking out an education loan without collateral falls under the category of unsecured loans, in which the borrower is not obliged to pledge anything. While collateral is required for certain amounts of loans, such as those over INR 10 lakh, other banks base their collateral requirements on the borrower's income. While this is correct, institutions like the State Bank of India offer collateral-free education loans. This is for students who have been accepted to elite business schools. Students are finding it difficult to apply to their dream college following a 5% hike in IIM fees. However, with education loans, particularly those without collateral, funding management courses at IIM becomes accessible. 

Benefits and Characteristics of an IIM Education Loan

IIM students can apply for and receive education loans of up to INR 30 lakhs. IIM loans are also collateral-free, while parents of students are urged to act as co-borrowers. Aside from these obvious advantages, students may also profit from the following. 

  • Students can benefit from student loan tax education under section 80E, which allows them to deduct the interest paid on their school loan. 
  • Furthermore, students can easily repay the loan within 15 years. 
  • Students who are admitted to a famous university such as IIM can also benefit from low-interest loan rates when compared to other sorts of universities. 
  • Women can receive a 0.5% interest rate discount on education loans from institutions such as SBI and Bank of Baroda. 
  • Education loans for IIM can assist in covering expenses such as travel, lodging, equipment, books, and stationery.

Top IIM Education Loans from Indian Banks 

Now that we understand the characteristics of an IIM education loan, what are the banks and their interest rates, as well as other factors? Examine the table below. 

Name of Bank/LoanMaximum Amount Rate of Interest Security Repayment Period 
Baroda Scholars Scheme INR 80 lakh8.885%Co-borrowers (parents or guardians) 10 to 15 years
SBI’s Scholar LoanINR 40 lakhUp to 10.2%Co-borrowers (parents or guardians) 15 years
Super Premier Educational Loan Scheme (UCO Bank)INR 30 lakh 8.40%      -15 years
Special Education Loan Scheme(Union Bank) INR 30 lakh 8.10%Co-borrowers (parents or guardians) 15 years
OBC Customized Education Loan Scheme IIMsINR 15 lakh Up to 10.5%Co-borrowers (parents or guardians) 10 years for Up to INR 7.5 lakh 15 years for a sum above INR 7.5 lakh 

Education Loan Without Collateral from SBI 

As previously said, SBI is one of the top banks that offers education loans for IIM without collateral to students who have been admitted to IIM. An education debt of less than INR 40 lakh (the maximum amount) is not required for category AA universities. Aside from that, for type A and type B universities, a co-borrower is required for loans above INR 20 lakh. The maximum loan amount for type C universities is INR 30 lakh, although an education loan without collateral is available for amounts less than INR 7.5 lakh.

SBI education loan for IIM without collateral has several notable characteristics, including no processing costs!

Eligibility Criteria for Different Banks 

The eligibility conditions vary for each bank, however the minimal minimum requirements are listed here. 

  • For the SBI Scholar Scheme, the student must have been admitted to IIM in a recognized degree program. 
  • For the Baroda Scholars Scheme, the student must be an Indian citizen who has been accepted into IIM and is enrolled in a recognized course program. 
  • For a Union Bank of India education loan, the student must be accepted at IIM. 

Things to Think About Before Getting an IIM Education Loan

Finally, if you decide to take out an education loan for IIM, examine the following procedures first. 

  • Examine and compare the interest rates of several banks that offer education loans.
  • Examine the loan's terms and conditions carefully. 
  • Before selecting an education loan, carefully analyze the repayment and moratorium terms. 
  • Before choosing an education loan, make sure to use the loan calculators available on the websites of several institutions (such as SBI, Bank of Baroda, and Union Bank of India). 
  • Additionally, learn about the margin amounts in various banks' education loans.  

IIM Kashipur Placement 

A job can provide you with a feeling of purpose by providing you with daily goals to strive for and a source of cash to support you financially. Even if you change occupations later, it can help you gain information and experience that will aid you in the future. Working has various advantages. Some people appreciate their work because they are able to help others with their valuable skills or expertise. A consistent income may also allow you to take time off from work to vacation, visit friends, or attend events.

IIM Kashipur Placement Highlights

The placement report for 2023 is now available on the official IIM Kashipur website. The placement record includes information about the students who were placed in 2023, as well as the placement package for IIM Kashipur in 2023. 

In 2022, the highest pay offered by IIM Kashipur was Rs 28.02 LPA. The average package, on the other hand, was Rs 15.21 LPA. In 2022, more than 150 companies offered 365 seats at the IIM Kashipur placements.

The IIM Kashipur placement statistics for 2023 and 2022 are shown in the table below:

ParticularsPlacements Statistics (2020-22)Placements Statistics (2021-2023)
Medium package INR 14.82 LPAINR 17.2 LPA
Average package INR 15.21 LPAINR 18.1 LPA
Highest packageINR 28.82 LPAINR 37 LPA(domestic)USD 39, 240 per annum(international)
Top recruiters Byjus, KPMG, RBL Bank, Morgan Stanley, Adani Wilmar, Deloitte USI, Cognizant, Amazon, Axis Bank, Capgemini, ICICI Bank, Gartner, E&Y, ICICI Bank
Total Students 322324
No. of offers made365340(319 accepted)
No. of Students placedNA319(5 students didn’t participate)
No. of companies visited 150+187
Placement rateNA100%

IIM Kashipur Fees

In 2011, the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, a brand-new IIM, opened its doors. MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD programs are available at IIM Kashipur. Admission to IIM Kashipur is INR 17.30 Lakhs for classes 2023 to 25, with the class of 2023 earning an average salary of INR 18.1 LPA.

IIM Kashipur Fees tables are given:

ParticularsFee Structure
Boys Hostel 1,56,000 per year
Girls Hostel1,56,000 per year
Mediclaim - Non-Refundable 2,000 per year
Mediclaim - Refundable 4,000 in 1st-year
Ph.D.              -
MBA17.30 Lakhs Accommodation: 52,000 per Term
MBA(Analytics)18 Lakhs
EMBA12 Lakhs
EMBA(Analytics)12.20 Lakhs

IIM Kashipur Cut-off 

IIM Kashipur has reduced its entrance requirements for 2023. Only candidates with a positive (greater than zero) raw score on each of the CAT-2022 parts, as well as scores over the minimal cutoffs in sectional percentile rankings and total percentile rank, are considered for shortlisting.

For the General category, the IIM Kashipur cut-off percentile for MBA admission for the 2022-25 batch is expected to be 92 percent. A 54 percentile for Scheduled Caste applicants and a 74 percentile for OBC candidates is expected. The expected percentile for students in the DAP category and Scheduled Tribes is 40. The EWS cutoff at IIM Kashipur is expected to be about 70%. For the benefit of prospective applicants, the CAT cut-off for each category is listed below.  

Students should understand the IIM Kashipur cut-off as only an estimate provided by IIM Kashipur in their official MBA guidebook. The figures may change after the CAT 2022 results are released in January 2022. 

The following IIM Kashipur cut-offs are necessary to be eligible for the PI round to IIM Kashipur Admission for the MBA program:

CategoryIIM Kashipur cut-off for DILRIIM Kashipur cut-off for VARCIIM Kashipur cut-off for QAIIM Kashipur cut-off - OverallCAT Percentile 

IIM Kashipur cut-off for 2023

For admission, IIM Kashipur accepts both sectional and total cutoffs. The expected cutoff for general category students at IIM Kashipur in 2023 is 94 to 95 percentile. The table below shows the minimal prescribed cutoffs for preparing the IIM Kashipur shortlist:

CategoryIIM Kashipur cut-off for DILRIIM Kashipur cut-off for VARCIIM Kashipur cut-off for QAIIM Kashipur cut-off - OverallCAT Percentile 

IIM Kashipur Hostel Fees

ParticularsFee Structure
Boys Hostel INR 1,56,000 per year
Girls HostelINR 1,56,000 per year
Mediclaim - Non-Refundable INR 2,000 per year
Mediclaim - Refundable INR 4,000 in 1st-year

IIM Kashipur Portal

If candidates want to know more about IIM Kashipur admission fees course for anything they can go to their official portrait which is given below:

Official Website-

IIM Kashipur Salary

During the IIM Kashipur MBA placements 2023, the placement rate was 100%. Furthermore, during IIM Kashipur MBA placements 2023, the highest foreign and domestic package offered was USD 39,240 per year and INR 37 LPA, respectively. Furthermore, the average package offered during the IIM Kashipur MBA placements 2023 was INR 18.1 LPA.

During the IIM Kashipur MBA summer placements for the 2022-24 batch, 92 companies visited the campus and 299 offers were accepted. Furthermore, during the IIM Kashipur MBA summer placements for the batch of 2022-24, the top recruiters included EY, L&T, and Accenture. Previously, the maximum and average stipends granted during IIM Kashipur MBA summer placements for the 2021-23 batch were INR 3,50,000 and INR 80,764, respectively. Furthermore, 433 offers were made during the IIM Kashipur MBA summer placements for the 2021-23 batch.

ParticularsPlacements Statistics (2020-22)Placements Statistics (2021-2023)
Medium package INR 14.82 LPAINR 17.2 LPA
Average package INR 15.21 LPAINR 18.1 LPA
Highest packageINR 28.82 LPAINR 37 LPA(domestic)USD 39, 240 per annum(international)
Top recruiters Byjus, KPMG, RBL Bank, Morgan Stanley, Adani Wilmar, Deloitte USI, Cognizant, Amazon, Axis Bank, Capgemini, ICICI Bank, Gartner, E&Y, ICICI Bank
Total Students 322324
No. of offers made365340(319 accepted)
No. of Students placedNA319(5 students didn’t participate)
No. of companies visited 150+187
Placement rateNA100%

Frequently Asked Questions About IIM Kashipur Scholarship

Q. Is there any scholarship for IIM students?

Ans. Yes, scholarships for the MBA in Risk Management program at IIM Bangalore are awarded depending on a student's financial need and academic performance. Scholarships are available, including the Aditya Birla Scholarship, the OP Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarships, and others.

Q. How can I get 100% scholarship in IIM?

Ans. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Scholarship: This is for deserving SC students and will cover their entire study fees at IIM B.

The Aditya Birla Scholarship is another merit-based prize given to the top 25% of IIM students from the same batch.

Q. What is the stipend in IIM Kashipur?

Ans. 100% Summer Placement At IIM Kashipur, Rs 3.3 Lakh Highest Stipend Offered-NDTV Education Press Release

  • Students' Zone.
  • Activity and event.

Q. Do cat toppers get scholarship?

Ans. CAT percentile of 90 or higher: INR 50,000 in scholarships per semester. INR 40,000 per semester scholarship for CAT percentiles between 80 and 80.99.

Q. Is IIM free for CAT students?

Ans. Every year, between 1.5 and 2 lakh students take the CAT. IIM costs range from INR 13 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs, which appears to be a bit pricy for most individuals but is justified by the information, exposure, and placement opportunities provided by the institutes.

Q. Can I get IIM with 50% in graduation?

Ans. Not in every IIM, but in Calcutta, Bangalore, and all the minor IIMs that accept students with a graduation grade point average of 50 to 60%. These students were admitted to these top B-schools based on their CAT scores and interviews.

Q. Can I get IIM with 97%?

Ans. To get into any IIM or top MBA schools in India, the minimum CAT cut off is 90%. Every year, IIMs such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Kozhikode have higher CAT cut-offs (99+ percentile).

Q. Why IIM fees is so high?

Ans. Although IIMs are government institutions, the majority of IIMs are self-sufficient and do not rely on government financing. As a result, in order to attract quality teachers, they must charge a greater fee. Furthermore, no student has ever dropped out of an IIM due to financial constraints.

Q. Is it worth to join IIM Kashipur?

Ans. It is one of the greatest MBA programs, and it has been ranked fourth in management by Nirf since 2016. If I talk about internships, IIM Kashipur has a very good internship program. Every year, many firms come to our campus for internships.

Q. What is IIM Kashipur famous for?

Ans. IIM Kashipur has developed three Centers of Excellence, which are intended to serve as a crossroads for scholarship, education, training, research, and consulting, bringing cutting-edge multidisciplinary approaches to the service of students, government, and commercial enterprises.

Q. What is the lowest package in IIM Kashipur?

Ans. Final Placements at IIM Kashipur in 2023: The highest salary is 37 lakhs, and the lowest is 10 lakhs. In 2023, the top pay at IIM Kashipur would be INR 37 lakhs, an increase of more than 28% over last year.

Q. What is the highest package in IIM Kashipur?

Ans. INR 37 LPA 

100% of candidates were placed during the 2023 IIM Kashipur Placements. 187 Recruiters made a total of 340 offers. IIM Kashipur's highest package climbed by 28% to INR 37 LPA, while the average package increased by 19% to INR 18.11 LPA.

Q. What is the salary of CAT students?

Ans. If you can get into any of the IIMs, your beginning salary will be more than 15 lacs per year! However, if you do it from a B-level college such as BIMTECH, LBS, etc., it would cost you between 8 and 10 lacs per year. So your income is determined by your college of choice, not only the CAT.

Q. Which graduation is best for CAT?

Ans. It is a good opportunity for a candidate in their final year of graduation to prepare for the CAT alongside their final year. Students in BTech, BSc, and BCom can prepare better because certain of their course courses, such as Math, enable them to prepare easily for Quantitative Ability.

Q. Is it easy to get 100% in CAT?

Ans. To achieve this goal, you must work effectively, tactically, and persistently. As most CAT toppers have stated, self-preparation remains the most important aspect. A thorough preparation is more than enough to pass the CAT.

Q. What are the fees of the hostel in IIM Kashipur?

Ans. IIM Kashipur Hostels are noted for its beautiful setting in Uttarakhand and offer a variety of amenities such as sports, a gymnasium, a mess, a cafeteria, and a library. IIM Kashipur Hostel Fees are INR 52,000 per term, or INR 1,56,000 per year for MBA programs (boys and girls).