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IIM Jammu: Indian Institute of Management Jammu Frequently Asked Questions

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  • NIRF Ranking for Management 36

Saurav Anand

Q. Is IIM Jammu good for MBA?

Ans. The college provides extra MBA courses in addition to its IPM degrees. The campus of IIM Jammu is now situated at Jagati, Jammu. The college is ranked 41st in the Management category in the NIRF 2023 rankings.

Q. What is the CAT score for IIM Jammu?

Ans.  While NC-OBC applicants must have earned at least 80%, General category candidates must have received at least 90% on the CAT. IIM Indore would admit candidates from the SC and ST categories if they scored at least in the 60 and 50 percentiles, respectively.

Q. What is the highest package of IIM Jammu?

Ans. The highest annual CTC from IIM Jammu's final placement procedure in 2023 was INR 64 lakh, while the lowest annual CTC was INR 16.43 lakh. The industry with the most offers was BFSI. View the 2023 IIM Jammu placements here.

Q. Is IIM Jammu safe for girls?

Ans. Yes, IIM Jammu students are secure.

Q. What is the fees of IIM Jammu?

Ans. MBA Fee Structure (2023-2025)

First Year
-Team ITerm IITerm IIITotal
Total Expenses and Fees259880257780257780775440
Second Year
-Term IVTerm VTerm VITotal
Total Expenses and Fees265130257780257780780690
The total cost of the program1556130---

Q. What is IIM Jammu known for?

Ans. IIM Jammu has consistently set the bar high for excellent, value-based, high-quality education, research, consultancy, executive education, and strong business and global connections.

Q. Which is better IIM Jammu or Bodhgaya?

Ans. 68 actual, confirmed students have rated the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at IIM Jammu 4.0 out of 5 stars, while 88 students have rated the same program at IIM Bodh Gaya 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Q. How can I get admission in IIM Jammu for MBA?

Ans.  Here are the processes for the IIM Jammu admissions process:

Step 1: Interested parties can apply for their desired program by visiting the IIM Jammu official website,, and providing the necessary documentation. For an MBA, applicants need only register for the CAT's official website,

Step 2: Pass the entrance exam needed to apply to the desired program. Applicants must fulfill the program's cutoff, as announced by IIM Jammu.

Step 3: Applicants who made the shortlist based on their entrance exam performance are required to attend a round of personal interviews.

Step 4: Following the completion of all selection processes, IIM Jammu creates a final Merit list for admission offers, accounting for a number of factors like gender, work experience, academic standing, entrance exam results, and more.

Step 5: The last step is to pay the acceptance fee within the allotted period after receiving the admission offer in order to confirm admission.

Q. What CAT percentile is required for IIM Jammu?

Ans. The total CAT cutoff is the 74th percentile.

Q. Do I need to pay an acceptance fee to accept the MBA admission offer?

Ans.  Yes, if an applicant chooses to accept an offer of admission, they will need to pay an acceptance fee of INR 50,000. 

Q. What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the IIM Jammu EMBA program?

Ans. The prerequisites for admission to IIM Jammu's EMBA program are as follows:

A minimum of 50% overall in the bachelor's degree (47% for NC-OBC and 45% for SC/ST/DAP). Three years of work experience is a minimum requirement.

Q. Is IIM Jammu govt or private?

Ans. Located in Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India, IIM Jammu (Indian Institute of Management Jammu) is a public, independent business school. Established in 2016, this is the newest Indian Institute of Management.

Q. Who is eligible for IIM?

Ans. The minimal cumulative graduation percentage of 50% is the same for both the CAT and the IIM entrance exams. Students who pass the CAT are eligible to apply to the IIMs.

Q. Is there an age limit to apply for the IIM Jammu PhD program?

Ans. Indeed, applicants for the PhD program at IIM Jammu must be under 40 years old

Q. Do IIM students get government job?

Ans. Banks: Graduates of IIMs are eligible to apply for specialized roles in a number of government banks, as well as RBI-Grade 'B' examinations. PSUs: Public sector enterprises (PSUs) like ONGC, BEL, and NTPC occasionally hire people for specialized jobs.

Q. When should I register for SAP for admission into IIM Jammu?

Ans. Usually, SAP registration opens the first week of February. As soon as the CAT results are released, applicants have to keep checking the institute's website. 

Q. Is IIM Jammu worth joining?

Ans. If you're interested in succeeding in the management field, we suggest that you enroll here. Placements: Nearly all students are chosen for summer internships or final placements at IIM Jammu, where placement rates are very good. The maximum compensation package that was offered in this case was 24 LPA.

Q. What is the highest placement in IIM Jammu?

Ans. The CTC was 15.25 LPA at the median, 16.50 LPA on average, and 64 LPA at its highest point.

Q.  What is the average salary of IIM Jammu?

Ans. IIM Jammu's average pay in the 2023 placement campaign was INR 16.50 LPA. 

Q. What is the average salary of freshers in IIM Jammu?

Ans. In 2023, IIM Jammu placements for freshers will pay an average of INR 15.50 LPA.

Q. What is the average experience of IIM Jammu students and what was their average package?

Ans. Students at IIM Jammu have an average experience of 19 months and a typical package of INR 20 LPA. 

Q. How many recruiters visited IIM Jammu during the placement drive?

Ans.  In all, 126 recruiters visited IIM Jammu as part of the 2023 placement drive.

Q. Is there 100 placement in IIM Jammu?

Ans. Placements at IIM Jammu 2023: INR 16.5 LPA is the highest package, while INR 64 LPA is the lowest. At IIM Jammu 2023, all students were placed; 100% of applicants were accepted. 126 recruiters participated in the placement, and 59 of them were new recruiters. 246 offers were made to the 233 students that participated.

Q. Which is better IIM Ranchi or IIM Jammu?

Ans. The IIM Ranchi Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) course has received a rating of 4.0 out of 5 from six actual, verified students, while the IIM Jammu course has received a rating of 4.0 out of 5 from 68 students.

Q. Which IIM has 100 percent placement?

Ans.  The 58th batch of the IIM Calcutta (king of placements) IIM placement 2023 achieved 100% placement with 573 offers from 190 businesses.

Q. What is the cut off for IIM Jammu Hospital Management CAT Cutoff?

Ans. The curriculum requires a bachelor's degree in addition to current CAT or GMAT results. The IIM Jammu MBA HA & HM CAT Cutoff is 85 percentile (overall) and 65 percentile (sectional), with a GMAT score of 650 or higher required.

Q. Does IIM Jammu consider 12th marks?

Ans. Sure, IIM Jammu takes grades up to 12.

Grade 12: Three points. Four points for graduation.

Q. Is IIM Jammu worth it?

Ans. If you want to pursue a career in the management sector, we strongly suggest that you enroll here. Placements: Nearly all students are chosen for summer internships or final placements at IIM Jammu, where placement rates are very good. The maximum compensation package that was offered in this case was 24 LPA.

Q. Is it difficult to get in IIM Jammu?

Ans. The 90th percentile will be the CAT cutoff this year for general category MBA admission to IIM Jammu. Find out more about the IIM Jammu MBA admission requirements for the 2023 class by applying for the IIM CAP shortlisting.

Q. What is the cutoff for IIM Jammu 2023?

Ans. The IIM Jammu Final Cutoff 2023 for the general category could fall between the 94th and 95th percentile. Aspirants can also review the table below for the IIM Jammu cutoff in 2023:

GeneralMales 90656565
EWSMales 68404040
NC-OBCMales 72454545
SCMales 52333333
STMales 37253030
PwDMales 37253030

Q. How much CAT score is required for IIM Jammu?

Ans. The IIM Jammu CAT cutoff scores for the general category in 2023 are 87 for female applicants and 90 for male applicants. The qualifying overall IIM Jammu CAT 2023 cut off is 70, 50, and 34 for female candidates, and 72, 52, and 37 for male candidates in the NC-OBC, SC, and ST categories.

Q. What is the intake of seats in IIM Jammu?

Ans. Enrollment increased to 240 students.

IIM Jammu currently has 240 MBA 2022–24 batch seats available. In its first year of operation, the 2016–18 class at IIM Jammu has a mere 47 students enrolled. After then, the quantity increased with each batch.

Q. Why to choose IIM Jammu?

Ans. At IIM Jammu, contemporary research on local, national, and worldwide subjects is encouraged. IIM Jammu offers a wide range of programs, such as postgraduate courses, faculty development, executive education, and doctorates. IIM Jammu is housed on the Old University Campus, which is accessible via Canal Road in Jammu.

Q. What are the facilities of IIM Jammu hostels?

Ans. IIM Jammu Hostels offer a wide range of amenities, including a cafeteria, a library, sports facilities, medical care, and 24-hour internet access.

Q. Is IIM Jammu good for placement?

Ans. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Jammu, released the final placement reports for the sixth batch of the post-graduate management program (MBA 2020–22) for the academic year 2021–2023. The institute reportedly boasts a placement rate of 100%.

Q. Does IIM Jammu have gym?

Ans. Within the sports stadium are courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and a gymnasium. There are roughly fifteen clubs and organizations on campus. All student needs and activities are overseen by the Student Council, an organization that is governed by students.

Q. Does IIM rooms have AC?

Ans. Conventional hostels are not air-conditioned. Married students' hostels (MSH) do. However, they will spend more money using the air conditioner.

Q. How safe is IIM Jammu?

Ans. It is true that students at IIM Jammu might feel at ease. IIM Jammu is a secure learning environment for several reasons: Location: IIM Jammu is located on Canal Road Nawabad, Cantonment in Jammu and Kashmir.

Q. Does IIM have uniform?

Ans. While there isn't a mandatory dress code, students are encouraged to seem professional.

Q. Is laptop allowed in IIM?

Ans. All that is needed for students attending IIM Ahmedabad is a laptop with Microsoft Office and multitasking capability. It is recommended to use a laptop with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and at least 8GB of RAM.

Q. Are there suitable medical facilities for students in IIM Jammu Hostels? 

Ans. Yes, there are sufficient medical and health services available to students living in the dormitories at IIM Jammu in case of an emergency. 

Q. Do IIM Jammu Hostels have a gym and sports facilities? 

Ans. Yes, IIM Jammu Hostels accommodates the needs of both athletes and fitness lovers by providing on-site gyms and sports facilities. 

Q. Are there separate hostels for boys and girls at IIM Jammu Hostels?

Ans. Yes, there are hostels with identical facilities, including Wi-Fi, but tailored especially for ladies and boys. 

Q. Is there scholarship in IIM Jammu?

Ans. Yes, IIM Jammu offers qualified students financial aid. Students can apply for the following scholarships through the following programs: Means versus Merit (MCM) and Free Mess (for every student who qualifies).

Q. What is the basis of selection of students for IIM Jammu Scholarships?

Ans. The selection criteria vary depending on the kind of scholarship. Scholarships, on the other hand, are awarded to students who meet the family financial requirements (if any) and have the best prior academic records.

Q. Can I get 100% scholarship for MBA in IIM?

Ans. As required by MHRD, every IIM offers some kind of need-based financial aid program. As part of this, the institute waives tuition fees up to 100% of the time, based on the applicant's need and financial situation. This aid is only provided based on financial need, not on merit or any other factor.

Q. Why IIM fees is so high?

Ans. When IIM is first founded, government funding is provided. After the necessary resources are available, IIMs operate independently and are not supported. They therefore impose fees. And it has to invest in databases, top-notch faculty, and guest speakers in order to keep up its status as a renowned institute.

Q. Which IIM has lowest fees?

Ans. For second-generation IIMs, like as IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Kashipur, and IIM Udaipur, among others, the tuition costs between INR 15 lakhs and INR 20 lakhs. Last but not least, IIM MBA tuition for the younger IIMs, such as IIMs Bodh Gaya, Nagpur, Shillong, etc., begins at INR 13 LPA and can reach INR 20 LPA.

Q. Is there any scholarship offered by IIM Jammu to PhD students? 

Ans. Indeed, IIM Jammu offers research scholars and students unique fellowship allowances. 

Q. Is studying in IIM costly?

Ans. All of the IIMs have different MBA tuition costs, ranging from INR 16 lakh to INR 27 lakh. The top three universities have the highest IIM MBA tuition, which ranges from INR 24 to INR 27 lakhs. For recently opened institutes, the fees vary from INR 16 to INR 19 lakhs.

Q. How can I fund my IIM fees?

Ans. The majority of banks provide zero-margin premier loans, which lowers the cost of living expenses in addition to tuition. In light of this, if you're considering giving up on your goal of attending one of the IIMs, keep in mind that loans are easily obtained for IIM students.

Q. How much scholarship will I get at IIM?

Ans. A student may receive a scholarship worth between Rs. 3 and 4 lakhs annually. 2.4. Central Sector Scheme for Top Class Education (merit-cum-means)} Scholarships for SC/ST: given to deserving SC/ST students whose families make no more than Rs.

Q. Who is eligible for IIM scholarship?

Ans. Scholarship candidates at IIM Jammu must have a stellar academic record and a household income of no more than INR 8,00,000 annually.