FIIB Delhi Q&A on Cutoffs, Placements, Fees & Admission
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FIIB Delhi

FIIB Delhi Q&A on Cutoffs, Placements, Fees & Admission

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FIIB Delhi Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a scholarship program at the institute?

Ans. Yes, the institution offers two unique scholarships to qualified students. The first INR 170,000 scholarship is based on their academic credentials, which include (past academic results, competitive exam scores, relevant work experience). The second is concerned with the academic achievement of Fortune Institute of International Business students (FIIB Delhi). At the conclusion of the first year, the top ten students in the class are awarded a scholarship. The top three students each earn INR 1 lakh, while the balance of the students (in the top ten) each receive INR 50,000.

Q. Are there any additional costs associated with the worldwide tour?

Ans. Because international market research travels are an integral component of the Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB Delhi) PGDM program, they are included in the total travel expenditures fees (accommodation, lodging, travel tickets, industry visits). Each student is responsible for their own visa and insurance charges. Last year, this was calculated at INR 5000 per student.

Q. Is FIIB a good college?

Ans. It is a respectable institution with strong placements and a staff that is well-qualified. 0
Placements: Almost all of our students get placed after graduating from our institution. Almost all of the students in our graduating class received excellent internship opportunities via our institution. In general, the FIIB has a good track record of placement.

Q. Is FIIB Delhi good for MBA?

Ans. The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), and the Association of Indian Universities have all given their approval to FIIB Delhi (AIU). It also belongs to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) (AACSB). Times rated this institution 93 for MBA/PGDM in 2021.

Q. How is FIIB Delhi?

Ans. FIIB is a reputable Tier 2 institution that offers several chances for students’ overall growth. It provides students with both academic and practical knowledge. It is an outstanding institution for personal development and progress since it offers us real projects, social internships, business internships, and other international exposure chances. Apart from that, it aims to strike a balance between enjoyment and learning.

Q. Is it good to apply for an MBA to a FIIB in south Delhi?

Ans. The goal of FIIB has been to change the thinking of its college students by encouraging them to make a difference in whichever sector they choose. FIIB fosters the all-around growth of its college students into tomorrow’s managers via worldwide partnerships and certifications, global immersion programs, and frequent industry contact. Furthermore, the active student community provides students with several venues to demonstrate excellent leadership abilities, making the college experience complete and fulfilling.
The college’s initiatives have been recognized during its 20-year history. Its excellent recruiting ties, ranking among the finest B-schools in India, and honors from prominent business school academies attest to this.

Q. How are FIIB Delhi’s placements and reviews?

Ans. In such exceptional circumstances, FIIB has successfully placed many of its students from the 2019–21 class and provided chances to appear for interviews with companies such as Acuity Knowledge, Wipro, Blackstone, MRF Tyres, Airtel, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and many more.
FIIB provides chances for experiential learning and encourages you to move outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve higher heights that are destined for you. It provides you with several possibilities to engage with industry professionals, participate in value-added courses such as Six Sigma, AI, and ML, and improves your employability. Enter the premises; it has everything you need to be a well-dressed and highly employable professional.

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FIIB Delhi Q&A on Cutoffs, Placements, Fees & Admission
FIIB Delhi Q&A on Cutoffs, Placements, Fees & Admission
FIIB Delhi Q&A on Cutoffs, Placements, Fees & Admission
FIIB Delhi Q&A on Cutoffs, Placements, Fees & Admission