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Amity University Noida Reviews

  • Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Private
  • NIRF ranking is 1st in the category of Not-for-Profit University

Aditi Chaurasia

Amity University Noida Reviews

Abhishek Singh; BBA

Amity University Noida Campus: Wi-Fi is offered as part of the infrastructure. The labs have everything they need. The classrooms are comfortable with air conditioning. Our campus environment is quite relaxing. The library is of high quality. The canteen fare is of high quality. There is access to medical care. Sports are beneficial. On-campus competitions are plentiful.

Amity University Noida Faculty: Here, you'll find professionals who are competent, caring, and friendly. Excellent instruction is provided. The majority of questions in semester exams are based on practical aspects of the material. The material covered in class is important. It's a stepping stone to higher education.

Amity University Noida Placement: The maximum placement compensation is 55 LPA. Microsoft, Ultratech, and other major tech employers frequently visit our school to recruit students. The internship placement rate is close to 93%. Internships are a common first-year experience for many students. 7 LPA is the minimum offered salary range.

Neha Sinha; BA (Hons)

Amity University Noida Campus: Our university has excellent infrastructure. Air conditioning is available in all classrooms. Facilities including libraries, laboratories, and other academic resources are available on campus. The Wi-Fi connection is strong in a few areas. We have clean restrooms. They have first-rate medical facilities available. An ambulance is available on campus. There is a well-equipped and pleasant sports area. The mess serves tasty, reasonably priced meals. The hostel rooms are compact yet pleasant.

Amity University Noida Faculty: Our faculty members are experts in their fields and always willing to lend a hand. PDFs are used in class to aid in comprehension. The material covered in class is important. Extra workshops are held to prepare students for the workforce. Finals aren't a big deal every semester. If we put in the effort to study, we should be able to breeze through them. Over 35% of students passed.

Amity University Noida Placement: The placement rate at our university is between 60 and 70 percent. The highest possible compensation is 45.5 LPA. Typically, compensation packages range between 10 and 20 LPA. The bare minimum payment is 5 LPA. Clinical counselor, neuropsychologist, etc., are among the most sought-after positions. They're useful for making a professional resume.

Aditya Jha; B.Com (Hons)

Amity University Noida Campus: Our university has a really appealing physical layout. The facilities at our university have received a lot of praise. Many youth hostels welcome both males and females. There are both cooled and uncooled hostels to choose from. Our campus is home to a wide variety of dining options.

Amity University Noida Faculty: We have top-notch professors. They are really passionate about what they teach. They make every effort to ensure that pupils fully grasp difficult ideas. They sacrifice their free time by enrolling in extra classes meant for struggling pupils.

Amity University Noida Placement: Good placement opportunities are available through our university. There are roughly 60 pupils in our class. Google, HCl, Hindustan Times, Wipro, etc., are among the most prestigious employers in the world. Half or so of our pupils found internships thanks to our program. Positions of management and accounting are among the most common.

Ananya Kumari; BA (English Hons)

Amity University Noida Campus: The college had some very excellent and well-built infrastructure. There were plenty of clean public spaces, well-designed classrooms, a sizable library that benefited bibliophiles, parking for more than 500 automobiles, and mediocre dorms with excellent dining halls. There were plenty of fun things to do on campus, all the necessities were available on campus, and there were even huge food stalls just outside the university.

Amity University Noida Faculty: Despite the quality of the teachers in my department, we were not permitted to take exams due to attendance difficulties, no matter how valid they were. No accommodations were made for students with health problems.

Amity University Noida Placement: Although the process was simple and the staff was helpful, most students opted for off-campus jobs and the others continued their studies, thus the experience was only mediocre.

Smriti Sharma; M.Sc Virology

Amity University Noida Campus: The conditions have been fulfilled well. Still, science classrooms may benefit from upgraded lab facilities. There are plenty of places to eat, a sports pitch, pools, a shooting range, and many other amenities available. There are gyms and gaming/recreational areas on campus for your enjoyment. The campus of the College is massive. When I first arrived, I wandered aimlessly, but now I realize that the campus is always bustling with activity from both students and teachers. If you ever find yourself lost, it's best to seek the help of a wayward student. There are activities virtually every day, which makes campus life exciting. Domino's and Cafe Coffee Day are just two of the many restaurants in the area. Campus access is strictly controlled via biometric scanners. However, a severe attendance policy is in place (at least 75% of classes). If you plan on attending, please remember to be safe.

Amity University Noida Faculty: Now I am a graduate student studying viruses. Everybody in the department goes above and beyond to assist you, and they know their stuff. There are a few noteworthy exceptions, and they are tremendously useful. If you're interested in learning, this is a great place to visit. The curriculum is aligned with current research, and instructors make themselves available for students to ask questions and do literature reviews.

Amity University Noida Placement: The companies they boasted about sending us on placements never showed up. You shouldn't come here if you're hoping to find a job because your odds of doing so are exactly zero.