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Amity University Mumbai Scholarship 2022

Amity University, in 2022 will also provide the scholarship to all the students, as they had been providing a  Scholarship to over 50,000 admirable students. Over the years, Amity University has awarded scholarships of over Rs. 50 crores to excellent students. Also, At Amity University, financial limitations cannot be allowed to restrict career dreams. Because of that, the Institution has also tied up with premier banks to offer easy Education Loans for the students who want to complete their dreams. 

Amity University Mumbai Scholarship and Funding for UG Courses 2022

There are two types of scholarships provided by Amity Mumbai. One on the basis of admission done by the entrance and the other on the basis of direct admission criteria.

Scholarship 1-On Admission Scholarships 2022:

100% scholarship – Criteria – Min. 93% in aggregate Class XII students of CBSE/ ISC/ State Boards (2021/2020/2019/2018) Physical Education/ Fine Arts / Performing Arts / Vocational / non written subjects excluded from the aggregate computation.

50% scholarship – Criteria – Min. 88% in aggregate Class XII students of CBSE/ ISC/ State Boards (2021/2020/2019/2018) Physical Education/ Fine Arts / Performing Arts / Vocational / non written subjects excluded from the aggregate computation.

25% Scholarship – Criteria – Min. 75% in aggregate Class XII students of CBSE/ ISC/ State Boards (2021/2020/2019/2018) Physical Education/ Fine Arts / Performing Arts / Vocational / non-written subjects excluded from the aggregate computation.

Scholarship 2 – Direct Admission Criteria 2022:

Min. 80% Aggregate – Candidates qualifying under Direct Admission criteria stand exempted from Entrance Test & Interview i.e. admission would be based on Class XII score only (CBSE/ ISC/ State Boards (2021/2020/2019/2018).

Amity University Mumbai Scholarship for PG NON-MBA Courses 2022

100% scholarship: 93% aggregate and above in class XII & 80% in graduation


50% scholarship: 88% aggregate and above in class XII & 75% in graduation


Note: The aggregate does not include Physical Education/ Fine Arts / Performing Arts / Vocational / non-written subjects and other vocational subjects in CBSE / ISC / State Boards of Class XII.

Amity University Mumbai Scholarship for PG MBA Courses 2022

100% scholarship: 90%ile in CAT/MAT or 650 in GMAT


50% scholarship: 85%ile in CAT/MAT or 600 in GMAT


25% scholarship: 75%ile in CAT/MAT or 450 in GMAT

Amity University Mumbai Sports Scholarship 2022

100% scholarship: International players.


50% Scholarship – National Medal winner.

( The players must win bronze, silver, or gold medals.)


25% Scholarship – National Participation in the following games:

Olympic Games by IOC

World championships under International Sports Federation (IOAand/or MYAS recognized/affiliated Games)

Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia

Asian Championship organized by International Federation of the  concerned Games/affiliated by MYAS and/or IOA)

Commonwealth Games, S.A.F. Games, and Afro Asian Games.

Paralympics Games (recognized/affiliated by IOC and/or MYAS)

Amity University Mumbai Amatian Advantage Scholarship 2022

University provides a 10% additional fee concession to the students who want to continue their higher education in the University itself without a year gap and have passed all the examinations in one try only. 

Amity University Mumbai Scholarship Terms & Conditions 2022

Amity University Mumbai Aim of Scholarship

Some of the students have their own family financial problems or as under the wrong guidance for their future so that by student drop plans for study. In India, many Brilliant Students are belonging to a poor background that there are applying due to circumstances to the low-grade colleges but, now, the Amity university has allowed the applicants through the scholarship program for their best higher study. of course, Every institute has different eligibility criteria for scholarships for their students.  especially, In India, Amity University is the largest college Nowadays for giving/ scholarship schemes. Those students have brilliant knowledge but cannot take admission in reputed colleges, this is the best chance for them. So This scheme helps students for their future study.


Also, many students have taken the benefit of this scholarship program and lived up to their dream. 

Direct Admission Scheme at Amity University for Session 2022

Apart from these students, those who already get admission through the Fast Track Admission Scheme, as well as this university, provide direct admission to the bright applicants. An applicant who has secured 80% in class XII(CBSE/ISC/State Boards of 2021/2020) and the student will get direct admission without attending the entrance test. This admission process through admission is based on the Amity University online Application form.

Fequently Asked Questions

1. Is the 100% scholarship in Amity University true?

Ans. Yes, the 100% scholarship at Amity University is absolutely a true thing. Amity University provides its students with several different types of scholarships. To begin with: Scholarships at the time of admission: This scholarship is provided to the students based on their marks in 12th. And students who have a percentage above 90 get to have a 100% scholarship in the FIRST SEMESTER of their degree. If they want to continue it, they'll have to continue performing well.

2. Can I get a scholarship to Amity University for 2021?

Ans. Amity believes in rewarding the hard work and excellence achieved by meritorious students in their academic endeavors. 50 crores worth of Scholarships will be awarded to students on need or merit basis.

3. Does amity 100 percent scholarship for the first year only?

Ans. The scholarship is granted on an annual basis and continuation in the second and further years of the program is subject to scholarship policy. To continue availing of 100% scholarship students must secure a position in the top 5% of the merit list for the program. For the continuation of the 50% scholarship, students will have to secure a position in the top 10% of the merit list for the program.

4. Can we get a scholarship in Amity from the 2nd semester? I’m not eligible for a scholarship from 1st semester.

Ans. You absolutely can! But it will all depend on whether you manage to score well in both the 1st and second semesters. Acceding to one of the scholarship plans at Amity Gwalior, a student who stands first or holds the first rank among all his/her class, provided with a scholarship of 30%. But the number of rank holders depends upon the number of students in the class. For, if there are 30–70moredents, only the 1st rank holder will b subjected to the scholarship. Doe, more than 70–120, 1st and 2nd will get it, And in case of more than 120, 3rd rank holder shall also get it.

5. How easy is it to continue getting a scholarship in Amity University, Noida for all four years in a B.Tech?

Ans. Many students in amity come with scholarships and pass out with scholarships when you get in touch with seniors of the respective department you would come to know a clear idea. The criteria would be that you need be in the top 5% of departments for the same batch. The process needs a lot of dedication as need to keep up your grades at any cost mostly you are advised to attend all the classes no matter whatever the reasons.

6. Does Amity University offer scholarships for free study?

Ans. Yes, they offer scholarships on a merit basis, so if you score 90 percentage or above in your 12th standard (best of four subjects) then they give 50% scholarship on your admission and if you score 95% or above then it's 100% scholarship on admission, that means you have to pay only half of the fee amount or only a security deposit in case of 100% scholarship for the first semester. Now you have to work hard and meet up the requirements of the GPA to continue this scholarship every semester, you have to maintain a certain GPA that's probably above 8 SGPA (it's an exact number, can't recall right now) to continue this scholarship award. If you go below a certain GPA that has been set in any semester, or your CGPA goes down, you'll lose the scholarship for the coming semester. One has to be consistent with grades in Amity to maintain the scholarship. This was about the Noida Campus, different campuses might have one or two percent difference maybe w.r.t 12th marks, not sure.

7. Can I get a scholarship to Amity University, Mumbai if I am from the state government?

Ans. You will get the scholarship or not will completely depend on your 12th board’s percentage, irrespective of the place they belong.

8. Should I join Amity Mumbai on scholarship basis for 2022?

Ans. Yes. As a student of Amity University Mumbai, I encourage you to take admission here. The university is top-notch in all senses. The infrastructure is amazing, so are the teachers and faculties. You get to study a wide variety of courses here. The campus life is top-notch. Moreover, you get assured placement assistance. Some many seminars and webinars help us to indulge with industry experts which are not available in most of the colleges. Moreover, you get a scholarship here up to 100%. In a nutshell, Amity Mumbai is a great college to build an amazing career.

9. Should I choose Amity University Mumbai for B.TECH Engineering computer Science with 65% in 12th boards & will I get admission with scholarship?

Ans. I always recommend people to choose Amity over other local colleges if they cannot get into one among the top colleges of the city. Since you secured 65% in boards, which is exactly the cut-off percentage below which they don’t accept anyone for BTech course, if you are comfortable communicating in English, then you just need a short revision of all your 12th topics of PCM to secure admission. Amity JEE is a very simple examination, scoring is not a big deal. In an interview, you shall be asked simple conceptual questions, just ensure that you can answer those questions. Getting admission here is not a tough task for as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

10. Does Amity University Mumbai accept KVPY scores for providing scholarships?

Ans. No, Amity University Mumbai doesn’t accept KVPY scores. If a person has scored in JEE mains, NATA , or any State level Engineering Entrance exam is acceptable. Moreover, Amity University Mumbai provides scholarships as well. For students who scored 93% and above get a 100% scholarship, for 88% and above they get a 50% scholarship, and for scoring 75% and above they get 25% of the scholarship.

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