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What is SGPA & How is it Calculated? – upGrad Abroad

The SGPA is one of the many methods for calculating your success in schools and universities. It is the grade point average calculated at the conclusion of each session, such as a school year or a college semester.

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SGPA meaning

The SGPA is one of the many methods for calculating your success in schools and universities. It is the grade point average calculated at the conclusion of each session, such as a school year or a college semester.

In order to get an amazing score at the end of your course duration, you must maintain an appealing SGPA throughout. This not only helps you get a good grade, which is vital if you want to pursue higher education at a reputable institution, but it also helps you understand your progress and motivates you to work on areas that need improvement.

Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is a score given to students at the end of each academic session, such as a school term or a college year, depending on how well they did in their coursework. The weighted average of all marks achieved by a student in a semester across all topics is used to calculate SGPA.

Universities all across the world employ different scoring methods to measure students’ academic performance over time. While the percentage system is generally used in India, the Grade Point Average (GPA) and Semester Grade Point Average are widely used at educational institutions in the United States (SGPA). One of the most often asked questions by students seeking information about studying abroad is what is SGPA.

Different educational boards use a variety of ways to investigate, grade, and assess their students’ abilities and achievements over the course of an academic year.

As a result, numerous grading systems have been developed. The Percentage Scoring System and the Percentile Scoring System are two major scoring methods used in India, while the Grade Point Average System is utilized in the United States and Canada.

how to calculate GPA?

Calculating SGPA is a simple procedure. Here’s how to figure out your SGPA

  • Make a list of all the credit points you earned for each subject.
  • Next, multiply each topic’s credit point by the grade you received in that subject. Because each grade spans a range, you can use the median.
  • After that, divide the overall score you obtained by the sum of all the credit points.
  • The SGPA is the figure you get.

SGPA Calculation

Because different institutions and colleges use different methods of computation, it’s vital to comprehend the process through various examples and circumstances. The tables below demonstrate how to calculate SGPA in two semesters as well as the overall CGPA.

To calculate your SGPA, combine all of your grade points together and divide by the total credits. Let’s have a look at an example.

Semester 3: This table shows how to calculate SGPA for a student who has studied 7 subjects with varying credits. 

Course CodeTotal
[Credits Earned
*Grade Points]

In the above case, the SGPA of the student is calculated by: 

Total Grade Points/Credits= 179/23 = 7.78


Now that you know how to compute SGPA, you can use the following method to convert it to CGPA:

CGPA= (SGPAs of All semesters in an academic year)/Number of semesters

For example, if you have a 9 SGPA in 1st semester and 8 SGPA in 2nd semester, the CGPA for your first year will be:
CGPA= [SGPA of 1st Semester + SGPA of 2nd Semester] Divided by Number of Semesters
= (9+8)/2
= 8.5 CGPA

SGPA to Percentage

When submitting academic scores, you may be required to calculate the total percentage from your grades in addition to your CGPA. The formula for converting SGPA to percent is also straightforward.

[(SGPA * 10) – 7.5 = Percentage]

You may now convert SGPA to percentage using this technique, or you can calculate CGPA from your SGPA and then quickly calculate your percentage.

For example, if your SGPA is 7.5, you may convert it to a percentage by multiplying it by 10 and then subtracting 7.5, resulting in 7.5*10= 75-7.5= 68.5 percent.

CGPA Calculator

The Cumulative Grade Point Average [CGPA] can be calculated using the following procedure at the end of the two semesters

CGPA=Cumulative Points Scored/Cumulative Credits Earned

Therefore, in the above case,

Total Points in Semester 1179
Total Points in Semester 2143
Total Credits in Semester 123
Total Credits in Semester 219
Total Points [1+2]322
Total Credits [1+2]42

Key Points For The Calculation Of SGPA

Now that you know how to compute SGPA, here are some things to keep in mind as you go through the process

  • Always read the rules and regulations set by the university you have registered in to gain a thorough understanding of the scoring process, conversion methods used, and so on. Engineering departments or colleges, in general, have distinct grading scales than other departments or colleges.
  • Before you convert your SGPA, think twice. Whether it’s a percentage point system or a point system, practically all universities will take your marks as they are. Additionally, if this is not possible to prevent, contact the admissions office for more information.

During the admissions process, issues such as calculating SGPA and writing an SOP are typical. Taking expert advice goes a long way, without a doubt! Following the same philosophy, the specialists at forms adda can assist you with everything from filling out application forms to writing a compelling SOP.

BASIC Terminologies related to SGPA

Credit Point

These are essentially your study load measurements. Universities utilize it to evaluate your course progress and completion. Credits are allocated to each subject based on the number of institutional hours they contain. To be selected for the final examination, colleges and universities demand that you complete a set amount of credits.

Grade Point

Grades are used to indicate how well you have absorbed knowledge in class and whether or not you can reproduce that information when examined. Each subject you study as part of your course is normally assigned grade points, which are then used to calculate your Grade Point Average at the end of each term.


A semester is a period of time in the academic year during which a specific subject is taught. A semester is the most common division of an academic year.

Finally, while applying for higher education, the admissions committee at your potential colleges and universities will look at your grades as a major factor in deciding your merit. Although there are other factors to consider, such as letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, and extracurricular achievements, it is strongly recommended that you maintain high grades if you want to enter a prestigious institution.

How to calculate SGPA to percentage

To convert SGPA to %, simply multiply it by 10 and then subtract it from the result by 7.5, which gives us the percentage. Percentage = (SGPA 10) – 7.5 Your percentage will be (8.3 10) – 7.5 = 75.5 percent if your SGPA is 8.3.

Percentage to SGPA calculator VTU

Step 1: Determine the SGPA percentile.

Step 2: Reduce the SGPA value to 0.75.

Step 3: Multiply the result by ten.

Step 3: Using the formula (SGPA – 0.75) * 10 = Final Percentage Value

Step 4: As a result, you’ve converted your SGPA marks to a percentage value ( percent )

How to calculate SGPA from mark

  • Make a list of all the credit points you earned in each subject.
  • Next, multiply each topic’s credit point by the grade you received in that subject.
  • Add up all of the results.
  • After that, divide your overall score by the sum of all your credit points.
  • The SGPA is the figure you get.

SGPA calculator for Engineering

Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is an evaluation technique that highlights a student’s semester-by-semester performance. It’s easy to figure out by accumulating all of the credit points for the subjects and then dividing them by the total credits for that semester.

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