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UPES Dehradun Courses & Fees 2023
UPES Dehradun Courses & Fees 2023

UPES Dehradun Courses & Fees 2023

Upes Dehradun was founded in the year 2003. According to NIRF 2022, the university is placed 65 among the top 100 universities.

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 Saurav Anand 23/11/2022
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Upes Dehradun was founded in the year 2003. According to NIRF 2022, the university is placed 65 among the top 100 universities. Admission to UPES Dehradun is presently open for the academic years 2022–2023.

UPES Dehradun is the abbreviation for University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. The UPES Act of 2003 allowed for the establishment of the institution. UPES is a member of the Association of Indian Universities and has received approval from the University Grants Commission (UGC) (AIU). The university has a "A" rating from NAAC in its accreditation. In Dehradun, UPES has two campuses that are each 44 acres in size: UPES Bidholi and UPES Kandoli. According to the NIRF 2022 rankings, UPES is placed 65 for the University and 97 overall.

There are various entrance exams that are used to determine admission in UPES Dehradun course.

  • ULSAT and 

UPES Dehradun Highlights

University TypePrivate University
Approved byBCI, UGC, AIU
Accredited byNAAC with ‘A' Grade
Constituent Institutes7
Courses OfferedUG, PG & Ph.D
Application Mode | FeesOnline | INR 1,350
Top RecruitersAccenture, AIS, Xebia, Exxon Mobil, Hilti, Honeywell, Dell R&D, Nestle, L&T Infotech, Maruti, Philips Carbon Black, Reliance Industries, Tata Technologies
Official Website
Admission Helpdesk(+91) 8171979021, 22, 23,
LocationP.O. Kandoli Via-Prem Nagar,

The University of Petroleum and Engineering Studies (UPES) Dehradun provides a wide number of courses to their students:

  • BTech
  • MTech
  • BBA
  • MBA
  • BCom (Hons)
  • MA
  • BA
  • BTech, LLB (Hons)
  • LLM
  • BA, LLB (Hons) etc.

In this article we will look at the fees structure of UPES this will give all the students an overall idea and multiple breakdown of academic, and other applicable fees which will be levied on them at the time of admission or after that. The fee structure of UPES 2022 includes various fees including:

  • Personality Development
  • Convocation
  • Training 
  • Certificate
  • Refundable and other small cap fees etc.

Courses Offered by UPES

1.School of Study: UPES School of Engineering (SOE)

Undergraduate Degree: BTech, BSc (Hons), Bachelor of Planning

Postgraduate Degree: MTech

UPES 2022 Fee Structure - Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)

Name of SemesterTuition Fee (in Rs)Academic Service Fee (in Rs)Total Fee (in Rs)
Semester 16600044000110000
Semester 26600044000110000
Semester 37260048400121000
Semester 47260048400121000
Semester 57980053200133000
Semester 67980053200133000
Semester 78775058500146250
Semester 88775058500146250

2.School of Study: UPES School of Computer Science (SOCS)

Undergraduate Degree: BTech

Postgraduate Degree: MTech

B.Tech (Stream-I)* B.Tech Applied Petroleum Engineering with specialization In Upstream, B.Tech CSE (All Specializations), B.Tech Applied Petroleum

Engineering with specialization In Gas Stream, B.Tech Chemical Engineering with specialization In Refining & Petrochemicals

Name of SemesterTuition Fee (in Rs)Academic Service Fee (in Rs)Total Fee (in Rs)
Semester 112300082000205000
Semester 212300082000205000
Semester 33200088000220000
Semester 413200088000220000
Semester 514200095000237000
Semester 614200095000237000
Semester 7152000102000254000
Semester 8152000102000254000

UPES 2022 Fee Structure for MTech

There are few more PG programmes which is offered by UPES School of Engineering: 

  • M.Tech Robotics Engineering
  • M.Tech Embedded Systems with Specialization In Wearable Technology
  • M.Tech Machine Design
  • M.Tech Thermal Engineering
  • M. Plan (Master of Planning) with specialization in Urban & Regional Planning/ Environmental Planning/ Transportation Planning

UPES School of Computer Science (SOCS)

The qualification of is awarded with the collaboration with Xebia and IBM. The UG degree is divided into four category based on the fees structure:

  • BTech in Computer Science and Engineering - Other IBM Associations
  • BTech in Computer Science and Engineering
  • BTech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Informatics in academic association with IBM
  • BCA

There programmes are offered for four years while the BCA programmes are offered for three years.

In academic collaboration with Xebia

  • Devops
  • Big Data

In academic collaboration with IBM

  • E-Commerce
  • IT InfraStructure
  • Graphics and Gaming
  • Mainframe Technology
  • Oil & Gas Informatics
  • Open Source & Open Standards
  • Internet of Things and Smart Cities
  • Mobile Application Development

UPES Fee Structure 2022 for BTech in CSE programs

Name of SemesterTuition Fee (in Rs)Academic Service Fee (in Rs)Total Fee (in Rs)
Semester 110700071500178500
Semester 210700071500178500
Semester 311550077000192500
Semester 411550077000192500
Semester 512450083000207500
Semester 612450083000207500
Semester 713425089500223750
Semester 813425089500223750

UPES 2022 Fee Structure for BTech in Computer Science and Engineering (Informatics)

Name of SemesterTuition Fee (in Rs)Academic Service Fee (in Rs)Total Fee (in Rs)
Semester 19925066250165500
Semester 29925066250165500
Semester 310700071500178500
Semester 410700071500178500
Semester 511550077000192500
Semester 611550077000192500
Semester 712450083000207500
Semester 812450083000207500

3.School of Study: School of Business (SOB)

Undergraduate Degree: BBA, BCOM (Hons) and BA.

Postgraduate Degree: MBA and MA.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and BA

UPES offers 12 different BBA programmes through the School of Business those are:

  • Aviation Operations
  • Oil & Gas Marketing
  • Foreign Trade
  • Auto Marketing
  • Accounting and Information Systems
  • Retail Management
  • BA Public Policy & Administration with embedded Civil Services Coaching and Test Preparation
  • Logistics Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Financial Analysis & Services
  • Human Resources Management/Marketing Management/ Operations Management
  • E-Business
  • Media Management

Fee Structure of UPES 2022 for BBA & BA

Name of SemesterTuition Fee (in Rs)Academic Service Fee (in Rs)Total Fee (in Rs)
Semester 19750032250129750
Semester 29750032250129750
Semester 310525034750140000
Semester 410525034750140000
Semester 511350037500151000
Semester 611350037500151000

Postgraduate Programmes offered by UPES SOB

The MBA programmes are offered in different domains of study for the duration of two years and here the details of the courses in various domains:

  • Business Analytics in academic collaboration with IBM
  • Human Resources / Marketing / Financial & Accounting / Operations Management
  • Urban InfraStructure & Smart Cities
  • Port & Shipping Management
  • International Business
  • Power Management
  • Aviation Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Oil & Gas Management
  • MBA Energy Trading

Fee Structure of UPES 2022 for MBA

Name of SemesterTuition Fee (in Rs)Academic Service Fee (in Rs)Total Fee (in Rs)
Semester 124075080000320750
Semester 224075080000320750
Semester 326000086250346250
Semester 426000086250346250

4.School of Study: School of Design (SOD)

Undergraduate Degree: -

Postgraduate Degree: M.Des.

There are more than 12 courses offered by the School of design to their students:

  • Name of the course: B.Des. in Animation and VFX

Duration: 4 Years.

Fees: INR 11.62 Lakhs

Median Salary: INR 4.5 LPA

  • Name of the course: B.Des. in Graphics and Communication Design Duration: 4 Years.

Fees: INR 11.62 Lakhs

Median Salary: INR 4.5 LPA

  • Name of the course: B.Des. in User Experience and Interaction Design

Duration: 4 Years.

Fees: INR 11.62 Lakhs

Median Salary: INR 4.5 LPA

  • Name of the course: Integrated B.Des. + M.Des. in Product Design

Duration: 5 Years.

Fees: INR 17.62 Lakhs

Median Salary: INR 3.6 LPA

  • Name of the course: B.Des. in Product Design

Duration: 4 Years.

Fees: INR 11.62 Lakhs

Median Salary: INR 4.5 LPA

  • Name of the course: B.Des. in Game Design

Duration: 4 Years.

Fees: INR 11.62 Lakhs

Median Salary: INR 4.5 LPA

  1. School of Study: UPES School of Law (SOL)

Undergraduate Degree: BTech, LLB (Hons) , BA LLB (Hons) BBA, LLB (Hons) BSc, LLB (Hons)

Postgraduate Degree: LLM

  • Name of the course: BA LL.B. (Hons.)

Duration: 5 Years.

Fees: INR 11.86 Lakhs

Median Salary: INR 3.6 LPA

  • Name of the course: B.Com. LL.B (Hons.)

Duration: 5 Years.

Fees: INR 11.24 Lakhs

Median Salary: INR 3.6 LPA

UPES 2022 Fee Structure for School of Engineering (SOE)

UPES offers a range of specializations in both traditional and interdisciplinary branches of engineering to their students in the school of engineering for UG and PG programmes.

UPES Fee Structure 2022 for Undergraduate Programmes

Some of the undergraduate course which is offered by UPES’s School of Engineering are:

  • Btech
  • BSc and 
  • Bachelor of planning.

UPES is offered in more than 20 different streams and the classification of those streams are given below:

  • BTech Electronics Engineering with specialization in Instrumentation
  • Bachelor of Planning
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) - three year
  • BTech in Traditional and Interdisciplinary Engineering Branches
  • BTech in Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering Branches and specializations
  • BTech in Power Systems Engineering and Mining Engineering

BTech in Traditional and Interdisciplinary Engineering

The UPES fee structure 2022 for UPES School of Engineering traditional and interdisciplinary courses consists of the various branches of engineering studies:

  • Geo Science Engineering
  • Geoinformatics Engineering
  • Civil Engineering with specialization in Infra Structure Development
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

UPES 2022 Fee Structure for the above mentioned B.Tech programmes

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Avionics Engineering
  • Applied Petroleum Engineering with specialization in Ga
  • Applied Petroleum Engineering with specialization in Upstream
  • Chemical Engineering with specialization in Refining & Petrochemicals
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Design Engineering
  • Fire & Safety Engineering

Through it seven school UPES provides more than 20 industry-aligned and specialized UG and PG programmes. 

  • The School of Engineering
  • School of Computer Science
  • School of Design
  • School of Law
  • School of Business
  • School of Health Sciences, and
  • School of Modern Media

The main programme, with 20 specializations, is UPES B.Tech. JEE Main or UPESEAT exams administered by the university are used to select students for the B.Tech programme. The programme costs INR 15.21 lakhs in total. The MBA programme at the university.

CAT/XAT/MAT/UPESMET scores are used to determine admission to the UPES MBA programme. The cost of the UPES MBA programme is INR 14.20 lakhs. Additionally, through CCE-UPES Distance Learning Education, UPES Dehradun also provides online courses.

For the class of 2022, the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun, popularly known as UPES Dehradun, is holding a placement drive. A B.Tech CSE student who was specialising in Oil & Gas Informatics was paid INR 50 LPA by Microsoft. More than 3800 students were placed during the placement campaign for 2022. Over 20 distinct sectors made offers. The highest pay was 50.09 INR LPA. The average pay for students was INR 8.37 LPA. Among the top employers were Boing, Deloitte, USI, KPMG, etc.

The institute's recruitment effort for the year 2021 is now over. The B.Tech programmes earned a placement rate of 100%.

Six students from the school of business were placed abroad in 2021 during the placement drive, earning INR 27 LPA.

Average Package of UPES Dehradun 2022

UPES Dehradun Placements 2022:

Name of the SchoolAverage Package
School of LawINR 4.18 LPA
School of DesignINR 6.53 LPA
School of BusinessINR 6.48 LPA
School of EngineeringINR 5.4 LPA
School of Health Sciences & TechnologyINR 3.25 LPA
School of Computer ScienceINR 8.37 LPA

Highest Package offered in UPES Dehradun in the year 2022

The highest CTC was offered to the student of School of Computer Science which was INR 50.09 LPA whereas the highest package offered to the students of School of Design which was INR 15.17 LPA. In the table given below is the list of few packages offered to the students of IIM Indore who were doing various courses:

Name of the SchoolHighest Package
School of LawINR 13 LPA
School of DesignINR 15.17 LPA
School of BusinessINR 30 LPA
School of EngineeringINR 21.17 LPA
School of Health Sciences & TechnologyINR 4.76 LPA
School of Computer ScienceINR 50.09 LPA

UPES Placement Statistics (2022)

As compare to the year 2021, the placements have been increased by more than 800 during UPES Dehradun Placements the details are given below:

ParticularsUPES Placement Statistics (2022)
Highest packageINR 50.09 LPA  (BTech CSE)
Average package  INR 8.37 LPA (BTech CSE)
Total no. of placements3,800+
No. of unique offers2,480+
Top recruitersDeloitte USI, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC 
Highest stipend offeredINR 1.5 lakh per month
Recruiting sectors20+
Placement percentage100%

Three years placements statistics of UPES Dehradun

ParticularsStatistics (2022)Statistics (2021)Statistics (2020)
No. of offers3800+3000+2844
No. of recruitersNA800+560+
Average SalaryINR 8.37 LPAINR 5.35 LPAINR 6.30 LPA
Highest Salary
INR 50.09 LPA

Total no. of placements3800+3000+2318
Placement percentage100%100%94%

UPES Average Package And Placements 

YearPlacement %Average Package(In INR)Highest Total No. of RecruitersStudents Placed
201691%3.87 LPA15.00 LPA310+1258
201792%4.20 LPA29.76 LPA325+1467
201894%4.12 LPA17.81 LPA445+1807
201994%4.35 LPA23 LPA500+2223
202094%5.25 LPA45 LPA560+2318
202196.07%5.70 LPA50 LPA690+2570

UPES 2022 Hostel Fee

Boys: Rs. 1,46,000


  • Rs. 1,46,000
  • Rs. 1,62,750 (with attached washroom)
  • Rs. 1,83,250 (with attached washroom and air conditioning)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Question: Which department bagged the highest salary package at UPES Dehradun?

Answer: The department of CSE bagged the highest CTC worth INR. 45 LPA, which was offered by a leading gaming company in Netherlands.

Question: Who was the top recruiters at UPES Dehradun?

Answer: Some of the top recruiters were- 

• Reliance

• Accenture

• Decathlon

• Dell

• Jindal


• Schlumburger

• Hyundai Group

• Accenture

Question: What was the average CTC offered under the school of business?

Answer:  The average salary package offered under the School of Business stood at INR. 5.02 LPA.

Question: What were the placement statistics of the 2020 placement drive at UPES?

Answer: During the 2019-2020 placement drive, the institute witnessed an overall placement record of 94% as 2318 students got placed under 560+ companies.

Question:  Can I get a bank loan to pursue my education at UPES Dehradun? Is UPES has any tie-up with nationalized/ private banks?

Answer:  For the convenience and benefit of the prospective students of UPES, a formal tie-up is in place with India's leading nationalized bank, State Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce. The student can cover all her/ his expenses like Course fees, Hostel fees, etc while applying for the loan.

Question:  Where is the campus of UPES Dehradun? Any campus area apart from Dehradun?

Answer:  UPES is situated in Dehradun (Uttarakhand). It has only 2 campuses in Dehradun. UPES Bidholi campus, known as Energy Acres, has programs offered under the School of Engineering, School of Computer Science, and School of Design. UPES Kandoli campus, known as Knowledge Acres, offers programs under the School of Law and Business.

Question: What are the things required in the Portfolio Presentation round for B.Des and M.Des in UPES Dehradun?

Answer: The Portfolio requirements during the interview are given below:

  • Bring your hand-drawn sketches/ rendering using simple pencils, color markers or any other media such as charcoal, or natural dyes. These could be of any everyday object, natural, symbolic or experimental ones.
  • Photography: You can showcase your photography skills and present images clicked by you or in case you have done any experimentation on Digital media – Drawing, sketching, and rendering using digital media, tools, and techniques.
  • Bring any Physical Model/ Prototype i.e. something made out of Clay, Plastic, Wood, Cardboard, etc.
  • You can also bring in anything on which you had done some experiments to express your creative skills.
  • Certificates of Competitions or any special mention – for example, class competitions, etc. (if any)
  • The Portfolio requirements for M.Des during the interview are given below:
  • Drawing, Sketching and Rendering by using a variety of techniques and media.
  • A creative expression both 2D and 3D
  • Ability to appreciate ‘Details’
  • Understanding of material – material behavior, characteristics
  • Portfolio review followed by an Interview

Question:  How are the candidates who get shortlisted for the Law test and Interview at UPES Dehradun?

Answer:  UPES conducts UPES Law Studies Aptitude Test (ULSAT) followed by Group Discussion and Personal Interview. One can also apply on the basis of CLAT Score/ LSAT Percentile or Board Merit.

Question:  How many centers are there for UPESEAT?

Answer: UPES conducts exams in 100 exam centers all over India. Candidates can apply as per their choice of city or whichever is convenient.

UPES Dehradun 2022 admissions will be based on the following exams:

  • Integrated LLB-ULSAT, Common Law Admission Test and LSAT-India

UPES School of Business of UPES University is inviting applications for the MBA program 2022-23.

Question: Why should I join UPES University?

Answer  UPES University has more than 18 years of amazing experience nurturing and providing students the best quality education. In addition to this, the university offers unsurpassed global exposure for better learning opportunities in the form of joint research programs, international internships and training.  Lastly, University has a stellar record of 96.07% placement and 690+ recruiters have visited the college campus to recruit students during the 2021-22 session

Question: Which career opportunities will be available after pursuing M. Tech and MBA course from UPES University?

Answer: After pursuing the M.Tech program from UPES University, students can work in research and development organizations, manufacturing firms, and IT companies as Software Engineer, Software Developer, Web Developer/Designer, Data Scientist, Product Managers, Mechanical Professionals, Blockchain developers and Management Consultant, Lecturer etc. While after getting an MBA degree, a professional can work as a Product Manager, Media Planner, Market Research Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Risk analyst, and Treasurer, Investment banker, Retail Manager, Supply Chain Analyst etc.

Question: How is the faculty of UPES University?

Answer:  UPES University's faculty are highly educated and have great academic experience. And all of them inculcate the highest quality technical and ethical education in students as students’ social and academic growth is their ultimate goal. 12 Faculty of the university are PhD degree holders. 

Question:  Are there any kind of committee/clubs in UPES to conduct extra-curricular activities for students?

Answer:  Yes, the college has the following committee to organize co-curricular activities and events like cultural fest, indoor and outdoor games, and NSS/CSR activities to enhance students' skills.

  • Cultural Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Student Discipline Committee
  • Gender Champions
  • SEE Ambassadors

Question: How many exam centres does UPES University have?

Answer:  UPES University has 100 exam canters to conduct exams for granting admission in various courses. And students have the full freedom to choose any canter as per their convenience.

Question: What is the fee structure of UPES Dehradun for BTech?

Answer: UPES Dehradun BTech Highlights 2022

Particulars  UPES Dehradun BTech Highlights 2022
Duration 4 years
Selection criteria UPESEAT/ JEE/ SAT + Centralised Counselling  
Total fees INR 9.14 lakh to INR 26.14 lakh
No. of specialisations   More than 13

Question: Does UPES have hostel facilities?

Answer: Hostel facilities are provided to students at UPES Dehradun on a first-come-first-serve basis. Separate facilities have been provided for girls and boys in terms of Hostel facilities at the University.

Question: Is UPES Dehradun expensive?

Answer: UPES B. Tech fees is INR 18,32,000. The UPES fees for various courses may vary based on different criteria. The total tuition fee for the course is INR 10,98,000 in total.

Question: What is the highest package of UPES?

Answer: Unparalleled Placements in 2022

Year Total No. of Recruiters Highest Package LPA: Lakhs Per Annum
2018  445+ 17.81 LPA
2019  500+23 LPA
2020   560+45 LPA
2021 690+   50 LPA

Question: Can I get direct admission in UPES?

Answer: UPES Dehradun conducts the direct UPES Dehradun admission process strictly based on merit or performance in various entrance exams. Candidates need to thoroughly check and meet the respective eligibility criteria to apply for admission to any of the UG, PG, or Doctoral programs.

Question: Is UPES worth it for BTech CSE?

Answer: Yes, B. Tech Computer Science Engineering branch in UPES Dehradun is good. The placement record is almost 95+. Deloitte, etc.

Question: Is UPES better than SRM?

Answer: Both are good colleges, however UPES is good for petroleum engineering and Computer Science Engineering so i would recommend you to go for SRM as it is one of the best engineering colleges in India with good placement in all the branches.

Question: Is uniform necessary in UPES?

Answer: Social and cultural life is zero. You have to wear uniform except one day a week.

Question: Is UPES a good choice?

Answer: Conclusion: Is UPES CCE Good or Bad? So, if you have read all the factors and carefully evaluated the university with us, it can be concluded that UPES CCE is a good choice for pursuing distance (blended) courses in the domain of management, information technology, energy and petroleum studies.

Question: Which is better UPES or Chandigarh University?

Answer. Chandigarh University is good state university.

Question: Is UPES or Vit better?

Answer: They cannot be compared. They bat at different positions and both have achieved the highest level for the position they bat. Similarly, UPES is an energy specific domain college while VIT is more of a conventional B. Tech college.

Question: Which college has highest placement in Dehradun?

Answer: The Top Private Engineering Colleges in Dehradun with High placement rate are:

  • University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun.
  • Graphic Era University, Dehradun.
  • Dehradun Institute of Technology (DIT) University, Dehradun.
  • Uttaranchal Institute of Technology (UIT), Dehradun.
  • JB Institute of Technology, Dehradun.

Question: What is UPES famous for?

Answer: Established in 2003, the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) is a multidisciplinary institution renowned for its industry-aligned curriculum and leading-edge specialisations. It is recognised by India's University Grants Commission and is NIRF-ranked by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

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