Top 10 Advantages of PGDM Courses in India

Globalization has been attracting more and more people to seek a career in the corporate world. For a better career outlook and rapid progression in their careers, students opt for management courses.
Top 10 Advantages of PGDM Courses in India

Advantages of PGDM Courses

Globalization has been attracting more and more people to seek a career in the corporate world. For a better career outlook and rapid progression in their careers, students opt for management courses.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management, also called PGDM, is a diploma course of two years in management that provides ample employment opportunities. In a world that is constantly changing, the needs of the organization, institutions, companies, and public sector organizations also change. All over the world, a population boom has raised the demand for senior managers, functional heads, and specialists. The PGDM course caters to this demand admirably   Due to the high demand of PGDMs, industry experts recommend the course as an opportunity to have a rewarding career after completing the course.

PGDM courses allow students from different backgrounds to gain an edge over their competition on the corporate ladder. Rather than taking up traditional MBA programs, many students today prefer PGDM courses. PGDM degrees have several advantages that deserve your attention and we’ve put together a list that will tell you how choosing PGDM is always a smarter decision.

10 Reasons to Pursue PGDM Courses

1. Increase in Career Oppurtunities 

  It is generally known that the more education you have, the greater your potential for career advancement. Graduates of PGDM programs are extremely valuable assets for any organization. In today’s competitive environment, a Management degree may actually be required to even qualify for the interview. As part of the PGDM program, students learn different techniques and skills that can be useful for growing businesses. Companies will hire Management graduates and even sponsor their employees to pursue PGDM degrees. The degree is certainly an asset if a company pays its employees to get it. With a Management degree, you’ll have an easier time finding a lucrative job at a large, stable company.

As opposed to the PGDM, not all courses guarantee immediate entry into a corporate environment. Fresh PGDM students can climb the corporate ladder to multiple leadership positions after they graduate. Taking up courses in management after graduation might also improve their skills and knowledge in handling family businesses.

2. Industry Centric Course

A PGDM program is updated on average every year, unlike most MBA courses. The reason is that the PGDM institutes in India are generally autonomous bodies. Therefore, they do not have to wait for the universities to alter their MBA programs. AICTE Approved PGDM courses at the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management are reviewed and updated annually. An 11-member committee, comprising professors from renowned business schools, such as IIMs, and large industry executives suggest and implement the changes. The advantage of studying such updated courses is that the students gain an understanding of the current concepts and practices of entrepreneurship and business management

In comparison with the structure of MBA courses, PGDM programs are industry-specific, so you are taught only what you need to know to prepare for the specific course where you plan to build your career.

Curriculums for PGDM programs are regularly updated by the institutions that offer them. Students engage in many case studies, visits to companies, and capstone projects, so they can gain experience with real-world scenarios. This course boosts the students’ empirical knowledge and assists them in the growth of their careers. Practical application is a key component that makes this program a top choice

3. Interpersonal and Professional Growth 

If you have a PGDM degree, you will launch into a management career with endless opportunities for learning and development. Working with the best industry leaders and managers will enrich your career. You are intellectually and professionally challenged most of the time. Often, you will have to get a job done by a certain deadline or in a short amount of time. Other times a live or new project might challenge your managerial skills. You have to make decisions quickly in this demanding job environment. A PGDM can lead to a variety of career opportunities and also enable you to become the top executive in the organization.

 As a young mind, a PGDM course, such as one in General Management or in Marketing Management not only introduces you to the delicate art of managerial work but also gives you a boost in communication and interpersonal skills. Students learn to make better decisions through classroom lectures, role plays, guest lectures, industry visits, summer internships, and personality development programs.

There are many different types of people that one will encounter in a Management program. In addition to connecting with them, you will have to work with them as a team on projects and tasks. Your personality will be fine-tuned as a result of such exposure.

4. Placement Opportunities

 In general, MNCs prefer PGDMs to MBAs. Thus, many big firms are flocking to PGDM institutions like IIMS, S P Jain, and the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management. The Asia-Pacific Institute of Management prides itself on placing 100% of its students with quality companies for over two decades. Students at the college have greatly benefited from our long-standing association with the industry through internships and placements at the largest corporate firms across both public and private sectors without ever having to wait or struggle for such opportunities. Among the recruiters who regularly visit us with internships and placement offers are Accenture, EY, Flipkart, Oyo, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Aditya Sun Life, ITC, L’Oreal, Blue Star, and Naukri.

Companies have stepped up in recent years to help create specialized courses that assist them in gaining students who can start a career right away after graduation. Hot skills ensure better growth over time. The PGDM course is designed without reference to traditional books or textbooks. Thus, one practices and reads only what is relevant to his career goals. In addition, recruiters want candidates with a knack for strategizing challenges and grasping opportunities.

5. Choice of Specialization

Students can specialize in their areas of interest under the PGDM program. The program offers a minor and a major as well. One can, for example, major in Human Resource Management and minor in Marketing. Students are thus exposed to a broader range of employment opportunities. In addition, PGDM colleges provide dual specializations with equal weightings between both specializations, a benefit over MBA. As a result, students are prepared to work in two industries

Candidates are usually shortlisted based on their skills by recruiters, who look for expertise in specialized fields. As a student of a PGDM course, you can decide on a specialization that suits you. Choosing Finance, for instance, gives you the option of choosing Marketing/Project Management/IT as a minor specialization in the second year, broadening your scope and giving you greater versatility during placement.

Some specializations offered in PGDM courses are:

  • Specialization In Operations Management
  • Specialization In Business Analytics
  • Specialization In International Business
  • Specialization In Finance
  • Specialization In Marketing

6. Increases Salary Package

If you are studying Management, you can actually get a higher salary. An employer survey in 2007 showed that job candidates with a Management degree are willing to be paid much more. It is estimated that companies will pay an extra 84 percent as a result. A PGDM degree takes a great deal of dedication to obtain, and your salary should reflect that.

One may have a greater chance of getting a good job if you have a PGDM degree. Increasing employment opportunities lead to increased salaries. You will be able to negotiate your desired salary with your employer after completing the course. Your financial situation will be greatly improved with this. Having financial independence in life is the primary purpose of working.

7. Vast Networking Opportunities 

A PGDM degree offers networking opportunities, which is one of its most valuable features. Management is a course where you work with people from all walks of life, all of whom are striving toward the same objective. . Having the opportunity to interact with people who may one day lead corporations can be a major advantage. Your professional network holds a lot of value, in addition to your future endeavors. Your MBA class relationships will put you in touch with groups and organizations you will certainly benefit from in the future.

PGDM programs are more than just classroom courses. They are designed to help students build careers and excel in the workplace.

8. Exposure

A PGDM college gives its students way more exposure than a traditional MBA college. Through internships, guest lecturers, classroom sessions, and industry trips, you are going to be able to see and develop a better understanding of the type of learning you get and grasp out of all these opportunities. Additionally, the student gains firsthand knowledge of how modern business works and gets to meet industry leaders. The students are exposed to the real world of business in addition to intensive classroom sessions

9. Experienced Faculties

Another advantage of PGDM is that experienced industry personnel are frequently hired as faculty. Their high qualifications and business experience make them uniquely qualified to help students make the right career choices

A majority of PGDM colleges invite corporate chanakyas as guest lecturers, which ensures that you are entering a reputed PGDM college in the right hands. As you study in PGDM colleges, industry leaders guide you with your specializations in order to develop your knowledge about the field you specialize in

10. Senior Level Positions

The PGDM program offers rewarding career opportunities at every step, not to mention helping you climb the ladder. A postgraduate degree is among the most popular courses and offers many career opportunities. Therefore, you should pursue a degree that has value so you can compete in the world. 

The PGDM opens up the door to great opportunities in your career. In any company that you apply to, you have a chance to gain senior-level employment. Having worked as a management employee for some time, and gaining experience, you are in a prime position for promotion to a senior level.

In conclusion, PGDMs are widely recognized programs with high employability rates if they are pursued from a good business school. Picking the right business school for this program is very important in order to upgrade your career opportunities. A large number of premier organizations recruit skilled managers every year.

Presently, there is a large scope for PGDM graduates in the job market. Employing PGDM graduates for business administration ensures a high level of skill in all organizations of any size. Having a degree will give you a lot more credibility and recognition, allowing you to compete for management and leadership positions.

Students with such first-hand experience perform better when they step foot into the corporate world and have an edge over their peers in the long run. Through comprehensive research and hard work, PGDM holders can find many career opportunities based on their choice of institution and course

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