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Northern Arizona University 2021-2022
Northern Arizona University 2021-2022

Northern Arizona University 2023-2024

A public university located across the state of Arizona, Northern Arizona University (NAU) focuses on interdisciplinary research. The institution was established in 1899 with just 23 students, but did not become a university until 1966 and instead offered a basic education to students primarily from the state.

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Northern Arizona University 2023-2024

A public university located across the state of Arizona, Northern Arizona University (NAU) focuses on interdisciplinary research. The institution was established in 1899 with just 23 students, but did not become a university until 1966 and instead offered basic education to students primarily from the state.

, Northern Arizona University offers 95 undergraduate degree programs and 76 graduate degree programs. Northern Arizona University has nationally and internationally recognized Programs including forestry, education, hotel and restaurant management, applied linguistics, environmental sustainability, engineering, and physical therapy.

 There are more than 20 campuses throughout the state as well as online degrees offered by Northern Arizona universities. Providing a rigorous, learner-centered education, Northern Arizona University offers nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate programs Students have the opportunity to: 

Develop leadership skills on campus and in the community

  • conduct research in high-quality labs and facilities
  • gain practical experience in your career field
  • work closely with faculty mentors

Among the 165,000 graduates of Northern Arizona University are Vice Admiral Robin Braun, former Arizona governor Raul Hector Castro and best-selling author Diana Gabaldon.

Northern Arizona University Rankings

Northern Arizona University has been ranked as follows:

OrganizationCategoryNorthern Arizona University Ranking
QS Top UniversitiesQS World University Rankings1001+
U.S. News and World Report 2021National Universities#284
Niche 2021 Best CollegesBest Liberal Colleges of Arizona#4
Times Higher Education 2021World University Rankings, 2021501-600th
U.S. College Rankings, 2021501-600th

Northern Arizona University Highlights

OrganizationCategoryNorthern Arizona University Ranking
QS Top UniversitiesQS World University Rankings1001+
U.S. News and World Report 2021National Universities#284
Niche 2021 Best CollegesBest Liberal Colleges of Arizona#4
Times Higher Education 2021World University Rankings, 2021501-600th
U.S. College Rankings, 2021501-600th
Campus SettingUrban
Year of establishment1899
Programs OfferedUndergraduate and Graduate
Total Enrollment30,736
Endowment192.6 Million USD
Acceptance Rate78%
Student/Faculty Ratio19:1
Freshman Retention Rate75%
Graduation Rate51%
AccreditationHigher Learning Commission
Admission Helpdesk928-523-9011
Official WebsiteNorth Arizona University

Northern Arizona University Campus

  • Northern Arizona University has its main campus in Flagstaff, Arizona, and more than 20 statewide campuses across the United States.
  • Flagstaff Mountain Campus stands on 683 acres of beautiful land at Northern Arizona University. Students can explore the natural landscape, city life, and nearby attractions within a few miles of the college, located near natural wonders and metropolitan areas.
  • On the university campus are facilities such as libraries, computer centers, dining halls, recreation areas, and sports facilities.
  • Classrooms on campus are equipped with facilities such as free Wi-Fi, computer systems, and comfortable seating, which makes them ideal for learning.
  • The university runs a number of societies and clubs that organize events and activities. A few of the popular clubs include:
  • Alpha Phi
  • Bad Jacks Dance Club
  • Energy Club
  • Educators Rising
  • In order to promote health awareness and the overall development of the students, the university organizes outdoor adventure activities and recreational opportunities for them.

Northern Arizona University Residence

  • Students from abroad can live in residence halls at Northern Arizona University.
  • The university has one or more residential halls for each of its academic colleges and schools.
  • There are many residential halls on campus, including Honours College, Reily Hall, Cowden Hall, Allen Hall, McConnell Hall, Wilson Hall, and many more.
  • Students who live on campus have access to 24/7 computer labs, proximity to classes, and academic support.
  • Students living in the housing have access to all the basic amenities they need including lounges on each floor, kitchens, laundry rooms, a front desk, common areas, TVs, internet, and housekeeping.
  • Room amenities include liftable twin beds, dressers, wardrobes, desks and chairs, Wi-Fi connections, vanity mirrors, and more.
  • There are specific conditions that students can check online in order to choose their rooms.

Northern Arizona University Courses 2023-2024

  • At Northern Arizona University, you can earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree as well as postgraduate certificates and postmaster’s degrees.
  • Specifically, the university offers 95 undergraduate programs, 47 undergraduate certificates, 76 graduate degree programs, and 30 graduate certificates.
  • Nine colleges and schools offer a wide range of academic programs at the university, including:
  • W.A. Franke College of Business
  • College of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • College of Health and Human Services
  • College of the Environment, Forestry and Natural Sciences
  • College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences
  • College of Education
  • College of Arts and Letters
  • Graduate College
  • Honours College
  • Students can also pursue online degree programs, of which the top three are Master of Social Work, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science in Nursing.
  • The university offers undergraduate programs in Business, Management, Marketing, Education, Health Professions, Social Sciences, etc.
  • The College of Education offers Arizona’s only nationally accredited teacher education program.
  • Over the past 14 years, the College of Business has offered a top program in sales education.
  • Northern Arizona Nursing: Northern Arizona University School of Nursing provides one of the best nursing programs in the country. The nursing program at Northern Arizona University has a range of learning environments that reflect the standards of professional healthcare. Northern Arizona Nursing degrees provide students with the skills they need to succeed in their practice and graduate school.

Northern Arizona University Application Process 2023-2024

  • How to apply for Northern Arizona University? Online applications for North Arizona University admissions can be submitted through the Northern Arizona University login to the official website.
  • North Arizona University Application Fees:
  • 50 USD (Undergraduate Applicants)
  • 65 USD (Graduate Applicants)
  • North Arizona University Application Deadline: Application deadlines for undergraduate applicants are:
  • Fall Season – March 1 (Starts in August)
  • Spring Season – September 15 (Starts in January)
  • Summer Season – March 1 (Starts in June)
  • Required Documents: Following documents are required for the application process of North Arizona University
  • A completed application
  • Official transcripts or high school records, diplomas, and certificates.
  • Standardized Test Scores (SAT/ACT or GMAT/GRE)
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • A valid passport
  • Financial Documents

English Language Proficiency Requirements

To prove their proficiency in English, applicants with a native language other than English should submit scores from the TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum accepted scores are listed below:

TestMinimum Scores Required for Undergraduate CoursesMinimum Scores Required for Graduate Courses

Northern Arizona University Admission Deadlines

Given below are the deadlines for international undergraduate admissions:

FallMarch 1
SpringSeptember 1
SummerMarch 1

To apply for admission to study in the United States, applicants must calculate the cost of their studies. Below you will find a table indicating the estimated cost of attendance at North Arizona University for a year:

ExpenseAnnual Cost for Undergraduate StudentAnnual Cost for Graduate Student
Northern Arizona University Tuition Fee26,208 USD25,129 USD
Student Fee1,346 USD1,283 USD
Housing/Board6,275 USD6,275 USD
Meals4,413 USD4,413 USD
Books and Supplies1,000 USD800 USD
Mandatory health insurance2,675 USD2,675 USD
Total41,737 USD40,665 USD

Northern Arizona University Scholarship 2021=2022 (Financial Aids)

  • International Students are offered many merit-based scholarships at the universes scholarships cover the cost of tuition and textbooks. applies. Some of the scholarships available for international students are:
  • International Excellence Award (Award amount – 10,000 USD per year)
  • Khursheed Fatima Scholarship (Award amount – 11,000 USD for two semesters)
  • Merit-based scholarships do not require an external application. Scholarship applicants are considered automatically after acceptance.
  • Students at the university are also offered part-time jobs in addition to scholarships and grants.
  • The United States offers a variety of external scholarships for international students.
  • Northern Arizona University Placements 2021-2022 Given below are the average salaries of graduates from Northern Arizona University according to the Emolument:
DegreeAverage Salary (in USD)
Bachelor of Science52,000

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is it like to attend Northern Arizona University?

Ans. With like-minded people, it is like sneaking away into a forest on top of a mountain. Academic passions are discovered and a generally happy faculty supports you. Every day you are on the move and awed by the beautiful campus. There is nothing like gentle snowfalls or summer monsoons.
You're the only choice if you enjoy nature and academics and are calm and cerebral.

2. What is Northern Arizona University known for?

Ans. Biology, especially microbiology. Paul Keim was one of the foremost researchers of anthrax and weaponized microbes. He was an adviser to the Bush 2 administration. In the early 2000s, he was a student at the university.
The university also offers excellent undergraduate engineering programs, as well as Forestry and Hotel & Restaurant Management programs.
Recently, they have built a lot of research facilities on the north campus that I, unfortunately, do not know much about.

3. What are some pros and cons of attending Northern Arizona University?

Ans. PROS:

  • The Weather. Being in Flagstaff and experiencing all four seasons is nice. There are no Phoenix heatwaves here, and it’s beautiful to see the peaks of Mount Humphreys covered in snow in the winter.
  • On-campus Transportation. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the North to the South campus and vice versa if you’re in a hurry. Nevertheless, the school offers free bike rentals, as well as busses that run throughout the entire day to make commuting even easier.
  • The Media Innovation Center. MIC will become your best friend if you’re interested in writing, photography, film, or communication. In this class, you can write for the student newspaper, host a radio show on the student-run KJACK radio station, and put together the NAZ Today TV show.


  • Bias. Universities should be unbiased when it comes to their educational programs, which was not the case with Northern Arizona because of its political bias
  • The Price of Living. For a broke college student, Flagstaff is not a cheap city to live in the average apartment complex, rent is typically between $700 and 750 per month.
  • The HLC Recreation Center. The student gym is awful. The gym is always busy, and it’s impossible to work out without waiting half an hour for equipment.

4. Is Northern Arizona University good for computer science?

Ans. Northern Arizona University is one of the best choices when it comes to computer science
Ranked 6th Computer School in Arizona
Ranked 93rd Computer School in The West
Ranked 435th Computer School in the USA

5. What is the most popular major at Northern Arizona University? Why?

Ans. Northern Arizona University has built a strong reputation in a number of majors and niche degree programs.
More popular programs:

  • Business: Offer Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance & CIS.
  • Health Sciences: Includes a very reputable nursing program as well as programs for pre-med and sports science/physical therapy.
  • Education: Well known in the country for its Primary, Secondary, and Special Education programs.
  • Forestry: One of the few colleges in the US that offer a 4 Year Forestry program.
  • Hotel & Restaurant Management: Consistently one of the top 5 schools in the country for this degree program
  • Other notable programs: Civil Engineering, Sciences, and Construction Management.

6. What are the strongest majors in terms of job prospects and what are the weakest majors at Northern Arizona University?

Ans. NAU’s education program is outstanding, and qualified educators are always in high demand. However, the financial aspects of this career path are problematic. I wouldn’t recommend this degree if you’re looking to make money! NAU has one of the nation’s best Forestry programs.

7. What are the best student organizations to join at Northern Arizona University? Why should students join them?

Ans. The service organizations that give back to the NAU community, such as Cardinal Key and Blue Key, are good.
Also, any clubs related to your area of interest or major would be good

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