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Clark University: MS in Information Technology in USA 2022

If a candidate is passionate about the subject and wishes to build a career in this field, pursuing a Master of Science in Information Technology (MS) in the US is a good idea.

 Saurav Anand 04/02/2022

Key Benefits of the program:

  • The cost of the course is less than a regular degree in the USA
  • After graduation, you will be eligible to apply for OPT visas and work  
  • The average salary in the USA is INR 70 Lakh after completion of the course

With an MS degree in Information Technology, you will study online for the first eight months with IIIT Bangalore. Fees for the first year of the course are approximately INR 2.50 lakh (taxes included). The tuition at Clark University, US is approximately 16,800 USD. You will study on-campus at Clark University, the US within the next 12 months. As proof of funding for living expenses and food, you will also need to deposit 15,000-17,000 USD in a US bank account.

IIT Bangalore

As an independent institution and deemed university, IIIT Bangalore is known for its practice-oriented learning and entrepreneurial support. IIIT Bangalore has created 20 startups and published more than 1000 publications as a result of its outstanding faculty, curriculum, and pedagogy. Its graduate programs are ranked among the best in the country. Some of their students have been placed with some of the leading companies in the IT industry after graduating.

University Highlight:

Course nameAdvanced Certificate Programme in Data Science
Eligibility1. A minimum of 65% marks is required for applicants with a four-year bachelor's degree. The maximum backlog (ATKT) accepted will be six.

2. A minimum of 58% marks is required for applicants with a three-year bachelor's degree. The maximum number of backlogs (ATKTs) accepted will be four.
Tuition FeesINR. 250,000
Mode of TeachingOnline
Duration8 months

Clark University

 As the hub of international higher education, the USA is home to most of the world’s prestigious universities. It is the USA’s academic excellence, distinguished higher education programs, professionalism, welcoming culture, numerous career opportunities, top-notch infrastructure, advanced technology, and groundbreaking research capabilities that make it a desirable destination for higher education. With exceptional study abroad programs, generous scholarship schemes, and an excellent curriculum in all disciplines, US universities have consistently maintained their status as popular study abroad destinations for international students.

 In 1887, Clark University became the first all-graduate school in the United States of America (USA). Various programs are offered at this co-educational university including bachelor’s, master’s, certificate, and doctoral degrees. Students should be prepared to solve complex problems in a rapidly changing society and share their knowledge to help bring about change. Clark University offers exceptional support to its students by offering excellent academic facilities under the mentorship of experienced faculty to more than 3,000 international students from 80+ countries. It also has a 40,000+ strong alumni network.

Achievements at a glance:

1- Clark University is accredited by three organizations: the New England Commission of Higher Education, the American Psychological Association, and the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB).

2- The university has over 200 full-time instructional faculty members.

3- The QS World Rankings 2022 place Clark University between 601-650.

4- Clark University is ranked 401-500 in the Times Higher Education University Rankings for 2021.

5- The university ranked 103rd in the US News & World Report National University Rankings in 2021.

6- A total of 130 clubs and organizations are available to students. A few of the clubs include singing, theatre troupes, photography clubs, entrepreneurship clubs, and pre-health societies.

7- Clark University publishes a student newspaper called The Scarlet, as well as online radio, ROCU (Radio of Clark University).

8- The university is home to six libraries and seven research centers.

9- The faculty members conduct research around the world using funding from the US Department of Agriculture, NASA, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, etc.

10 – Clark University is ranked 36 by US News based on its impressive ROI (Return on Investment).

11- Number 21 out of the world’s small universities according to Times Higher Education Rankings.

University Highlights:

Course nameMS in Information Technology
Eligibility● It is preferred to have a 4-year undergraduate degree. The University where the learner has been awarded a degree must have achieved an A or A+ NAAC ranking (in the year 2019/2020/2021) and preferably be from a science background, e.g. BCA/B.Sc/BIT. The applicant must have substantial work experience in the relevant area if they are from any other stream (Business, Humanities, etc.).
● A CGPA of 3 or higher is required for the Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science from IIIT, Bangalore
● A score of 6.5 for IELTS (or 85 for TOEFL, 110 for Duolingo, and 56 for PTE) is required.
Tuition FeesUSD. 16,800
Mode of TeachingOn-campus
Duration1 year

Other Programme benefits:

  • Dual certification from IIITB as well as Clark University
  • upGrad will offer a built-in IELTS preparation program
  • UpGrad offers end-to-end support for applications and visas
  • A devoted mentor for student success
  • Developing essential soft skills for the workplace
  • GRE Waiver for IIITB learners
  • Up to 3 years of OPT in STEM programs
    • Faculty members & industry experts of the highest caliber
    • One-on-One with Industry Mentors

Career Opportunities:

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Lead Architect, Q&RUSD 84000 Annually
Senior Business Intelligence Solutions EngineerUSD 84000 Annually
Community Relations SpecialistUSD 53388 Annually
Principal Global Program ManagerUSD 100000 Annually

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Reasons to study MS in information technology in the USA

There are a number of reasons why studying MS in information technology is beneficial to your career:

  • Numerous universities in the United States offer courses in this subject, including some internationally acclaimed ones. When you learn from the best, alongside the brightest minds, you will naturally appreciate it.
  • You can expect great opportunities for research in the US, as well as for internships, projects, and other initiatives.
  • With a booming IT sector and leading technology companies, the USA is the world’s largest technological hub.
  • There are plenty of activities available on campus.

Question And Answer

1. What are the eligibility criteria for MS in the USA?

Ans. Students interested in studying for an MS degree in the US must have completed at least 3 to 4 years of undergraduate study in the relevant field. They must also have an average GPA of 3.0 or 65 – 70%. A certificate of your proficiency in English, such as IELTS. A score of at least 290 on the GRE.

2. Is a master's degree worth it?

Ans. Many students find that a master’s degree in information technology is worthwhile. In the next ten years, computer and information technology jobs will grow at 11%, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3 . Can we do a master's in information technology?

Ans. As a Master of Information Technology student, you will not only broaden your knowledge of the field but also be able to apply it in a real-life setting. With this degree, you can specialize in designing, managing, and implementing new information technology services.

4. Can I study MS in the USA for free?

Ans. Free Master’s Degree in the USA.
A Master’s degree can be studied in the United States for free in addition to a Bachelor’s degree. Graduate degrees are covered by New York University through its scholarship programs, one of which is the Dean’s Scholarship.

5. Is only IELTS enough for MS in the USA?

Ans. In the United States, most universities accept an IELTS score of 5.5. If your score is below 5.5, you must take the IELTS Test again. In order to get into a US university, the candidates’ IELTS scores must be at least 6.5 or higher.

6. Is a 7 CGPA good for MS in the USA?

Ans. The number of engineering students and graduates from India applying to MS programs in the US increases each year. To be accepted at the top MS programs in science and technology, it is always recommended that you have a CGPA of 7.5 – 8.0 and a GRE score of 315 – 320.

7. How long does it take to get a master’s degree in information technology?

Ans. Between one and two years
Despite the fact that many careers in IT do not require a master’s degree, high-level positions generally prefer qualified applicants with this designation. The typical time it takes to complete a master’s in Information Technology is one to two years.

8. Which is better MS or MBA in the USA?

Ans. US: Generally, individuals with less than 2-3 years of experience opt for MS programs, while those with more experience and a higher budget opt for MBA programs. Compared with an MBA program, an MS program in the US offers a more comprehensive curriculum and greater career prospects.

9. What is the highest degree in information technology?

Ans. Doctoral Degree
Doctoral degrees are the highest in computer and information technology. Computer and technology terminal degrees are designed for students who aspire to take on the highest leadership positions in the field, as well as those who wish to teach and research as their primary responsibilities.

10. Which university is best for MS in information technology?

Ans. Best Online Master’s in Information Technology Programs

  • Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)
  • The University of Southern California.
  • Virginia Tech.
  • Florida State University.
  • Marquette University.
  • The University of Arizona.
  • Boston University.

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MS in Information Technology in the USA

Information Technology (IT) is a rapidly expanding area whose primary goals are to solve technical issues in a variety of systems and to assist in the communication of those answers to the rest of the world. Students pursuing a Master of Information Technology in the United States expand on their bachelor’s degree expertise by learning more about Information Technology, Information Security, Business Intelligence, Health Information Management, Computational Finance, Project Management, and Leadership.

Even after graduation, universities and academic institutions in the United States provide valuable career search assistance to students. Master of Information Technology programs are available in the United States on a full-time, part-time, online, or distance learning basis. A Master of Information Technology may take one to two years to complete, depending on the study plan.

Best IT courses in the USA

  • Top Tech Skill #1: Artificial Intelligence.
  • Top Tech Skill #2: Machine Learning.
  • Top Tech Skill #3: Data Science & Analytics.
  • Top Tech Skill #4: Data Engineering.
  • Top Tech Skill #5: Data Visualization.
  • Top Tech Skill #6: Network and Information Security (Cybersecurity)
  • Top Tech Skill #7: Cloud Computing/AWS.

Best courses in the USA after 12

Here are some of the courses in the USA after 12th science.

  • Bachelor of Biology from California Institute of Technology.
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics at Stanford University.
  • S. in Biological Chemistry from the University of Chicago.
  • BSc in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University.
  • BS in Applied Physics from Columbia University.

What are the requirements to study in the USA ?

Requirements for Studying in the United States

  • Application form filled out completely evidence of completion of secondary school (usually 12 years of schooling)
  • English language proficiency certification (usually a score from the Test of English as a Foreign Language [TOEFL])
  • Proof of financial assistance (required for the I-20 form -)

Certificate courses in the USA for international students

Show 10255060100 entriesSearch:

Program TitleApplication
Est. Total CostEst. DurationTOEFL/
Architecture & Interior Design
Interior Design$250$18,0006 quarters83/6.5/4.5Noall
Business, Management & Legal
Accounting$200$9,2503 quarters87/6.5/4.5Yesall
Business Fundamentals$200$9,0353 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
Finance$200$9,0003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Yesall
General Business Studies$200$8,4003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
General Business Studies with a Concentration in
$200$8,4003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
General Business Studies with a Concentration in
$200$8,4003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
General Business Studies with a Concentration in
Human Resources Management
$200$8,4003 quarters100/7.0/>5.0Noall
General Business Studies with a Concentration in
International Trade and Commerce
$200$8,4003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
General Business Studies with a Concentration in
$200$9,1003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
General Business Studies with a Concentration in
$200$8,4003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
General Business Studies with a Concentration in
Real Estate
$200$8,4003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
Human Resources Management$200$8,3003 quarters100/7.0/>5.0Yesall
International Trade and Commerce$200$8,3003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Yesall
International Trade and Commerce with a Concentration in Financial Management$200$8,3003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Yesall
International Trade and Commerce with a Concentration in Global Business Management$200$8,3003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Yesall
International Trade and Commerce with a Concentration in
Import/Export Operations
$200$8,3003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Yesall
Marketing$200$5,4002 quarters87/6.5/4.5Yesall
Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing$200$7,0003 quarters87/6.5/4.5Yesall
Paralegal Studies$0$9,2504 quarters90/6.5/4.5Yesall
Personal Financial Planning$200$8,3753 quarters87/6.5/4.5Noall
Computer & Information Systems
Applications Programming$150$8,5503 quarters83/6.5/4.5Noall
Systems Analysis$150$8,5503 quarters83/6.5/4.5Noall
Design Communication Arts
Design Communication Arts$250$15,2506 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Construction Management$150$10,6503 quarters83/6.5/4.5Noall
Entertainment Studies
Acting$200$9,1504 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Cinematography$200$11,5504 quarters83/6.5/4.5YesFall, Spring
Film & TV Development$200$9,1504 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Directing$200$9,5505 quarters83/6.5/4.5YesFall, Spring
Entertainment Studies$200$9,1504 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Film Scoring$200$15,5004 quarters83/6.5/4.5YesSummer, Winter
Independent Music Production$200$6,9503 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Producing$200$9,1504 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Business and Management of Entertainment$200$6,9503 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Music Business$200$7,7504 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Screenwriting Film and TV Comprehensive$300$10,3974 quarters100/7.0/>5.0Yesall
Humanities, Media & Social Sciences
Journalism$165$5,5003 quarters100/7.0/>5.0NoFall
Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classics$95$11,4953 quarters100/7.0/>5.0NoFall
Landscape Architecture, Horticulture & Gardening
Landscape Architecture$300$32,10012 quarters100/7.0/>5.0NoSummer, Fall
Science & Mathematics
Pre-Medical and General Science Studies$95$16,5004 quarters83/6.5/4.5Noall
Sustainability & Public Policy
Sustainability$250$4,0502 quarters83/6.5/4.5Yesall
Technical Management
Project Management$150$7,5752 quarters83/6.5/4.5Noall
Writers’ Program
Screenwriting Film and TV Comprehensive$300$10,3974 quarters100/7.0/>5.0Yesall
Lifestyle & Recreation
Fitness Instruction$100$7,7053 quarters91/6.5/5.0NoFall

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University of South Florida Master’s in Information Technology 

USF CSE is ranked 34th among public university computer science departments in the United States. This rating is based on Academic Analytics’ most recent Scholarly Research Index data, which uses default weights for grants, papers, conferences, awards, and citations. Requirements for Studying in the United States.

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