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MBA in USA for Indian Student
MBA in USA for Indian Student

MBA in USA for Indian Students

There are around 553 MBA colleges in the USA. Out of these around 288 colleges are openly financed while 265 are exclusive colleges. MBA in USA is one of the most pursued courses among global students. As per the US Department of Education, the USA is the biggest MBA market on the planet with in excess of 1,25,000 students seeking after their MBA yearly.

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 Saurav Anand 24/09/2022
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MBA in the USA for Indian Students

There are around 553 MBA colleges in the USA. Out of these around 288 colleges are openly financed while 265 are exclusive colleges. MBA in the USA is one of the most pursued courses among global students. As per the US Department of Education, the USA is the biggest MBA market on the planet with in excess of 1,25,000 students seeking their MBA yearly. The large number shouldn’t deter you as the size of the US economy retains the quantity of MBA graduates searching for better open doors.

MBA in USA highlights

Total no. of MBA colleges in the USA550 approx
MBA cost in the USALiving expenses: Rs 27 L (Approx. for one year)
Tuition fees: Rs 8 L (Approx. for one year)
Top SpecializationsMBA in Finance, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Operations Management, MBA in Consulting, MBA in
Information Systems/Information Technology
Exams requiredGMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL

MBA in the USA is one of the most sought-after objections for worldwide students is a platitude! Everybody realizes that the USA is the highest decision for students hoping to seek after MBA abroad. With home to the largest number of top business colleges on the planet, the US is an easy decision for those hoping to make huge in their expert process. You can take a gander at any noticeable positioning distributer, QS, THE, or FT (Financial Times), USA houses the most extreme number of top MBA programs around the world.

Sorts of MBA in the USA

At the point when we say regarding the sorts of MBA then individuals will generally relate it to full-time MBA. In any case, there are other MBA degrees also like part-time MBA and online E-MBA degrees. A portion of the various sorts of MBA programs is referenced underneath.

Full-time MBA

A full-time MBA program is proposed for students seeking a degree nearby. A significant number of the two-year MBA programs are perceived under STEM degrees

Parttime MBA

Experts who are chasing after the MBA program while going on with their positions/work lean toward these.

Executive MBA

This is a well-known MBA degree for experienced experts who needs to push forward in their vocation and needs to acquire a high-level degree. Some EMBA degrees are perceived as STEM degrees.

Online MBA

This form of MBA degree is very famous among experts these days as they can concentrate on it from their home while making their timetable.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in the USA as per QS Rankings

Here is a rundown of the top full-time MBA programs in the USA by QS.

Stanford Graduate School of Business1
Harvard Business School2
Penn (Wharton)2
MIT (Sloan)4
Columbia Business School5
UC Berkeley (Haas)6
Chicago (Booth)7
UCLA (Anderson)8
Northwestern (Kellogg)9
Yale School of Management10

Top MBA programs as per US News

Here is a rundown of well-known business colleges in the USA as positioned by US News (2022).

Stanford University1
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)2
University of Chicago (Booth)3
Northwestern University (Kellogg)4
Harvard University5
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)5
Columbia University7
University of California--Berkeley (Haas)7
Yale University9
Dartmouth College (Tuck)10

10 Most Affordable MBA Colleges in the US

  • MBA in General Management
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Consulting
  • MBA in Technology Management
  • MBA in Operations Management
  • MBA in Management Information Systems

MBA cost/fees in USA

Normal Tuition Fees for MBA in USA is Rs 27.14 L each year

Cost for most everyday items in the USA Rs 8.14 L yearly

Understudy Visa cost for the US

There are three kinds of US concentrate on visas: F1 Visa, J1 Visa, and M1 Visa are three unique sorts of US understudy visas. The application fee for a review visa for the US is $160.

MBA Colleges in the USA: Eligibility Criteria

The qualification standards for MBA courses might change starting with one school and then onto the next. Nonetheless, the fundamental admission rules for MBA programs are as per the following:

  • A four-year certification in any discipline or comparable from a perceived college
  • A base score of 75% in single man’s or comparable CGPA
  • GMAT score north of 600
  • The majority of the colleges require/suggest at least two-three years’ work insight

Work grant after MBA in the USA

Up-and-comers need an F1-Visa to concentrate on MBA in the USA. This visa permits them to remain for 60 days in the USA after their graduation date. MBA graduates need to apply for the right visa to remain and work in the USA after their examinations. F1 visa holders can apply for OPT (Optional Practical Training) in the wake of finishing their examinations. Discretionary Practical Training (OPT) is a one-year work and remain back grant given to global students on fulfillment of a degree program in the US. Working after MBA in the USA is perhaps of the main variable that students decide to seek after an MBA abroad. Students ought to have a deep understanding of the post-concentrate on a work visa in the USA prior to applying for the program.

MBA Scholarships for the USA

Concentrating on MBA in the USA can be an expensive issue for some, notwithstanding, there are different famous grants accessible that one can apply to. Most of the colleges in the USA don’t offer educational expense waivers for an expert degree like MBA, in this way, students can search for grants to seek after MBA in the USA.

MBA occupations and pay rates for the USA

Whether there is a downturn or development on the lookout, there will be an enormous interest in MBA occupations in the USA. MBA pay for well-known MBA work jobs is very high and with time one can make progress in his/her vocation. MBA graduates can be able to work for probably the most presumed associations on the planet. Top business colleges in the USA offer phenomenal chances to work with Fortune 500 organizations. Top tech associations like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and eBay and well-known counseling firms like McKinsey and Company, Boston Consulting Group Inc. (BCG),

Bain and Company, and Deloitte like to employability from famous MBA programs in the USA. Students ought to be familiar with the kinds of positions they can attempt subsequent to finishing their MBA degree.

List of top publicly funded MBA universities in the USA

Here is a list of the top publicly funded MBA universities in the USA.

UniversityCourse Fee (in Rs)
Arizona State University59.8 Lakhs
Texas A & M University63.1 Lakhs
The University of Texas at Dallas44.0 Lakhs
The University of Illinois at Chicago37.9 Lakhs
University of New Haven27.7 Lakhs

Return for capital invested in top MBA colleges in the USA

Return on capital invested (Return on Investment) is one of the main elements for students while finishing the everyday schedule for concentrating on MBA abroad. It surveys the arrival of the sum contributed by the understudy while considering the return he/she will earn subsequent to finishing the college education.

UniversityAverage Salary
StanfordMaster of Business Administration: USD 140553
MBA in Entrepreneurship: USD 140553
University of PennsylvaniaMaster of Business Administration: USD 130000
MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation: USD 130000
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaster of Business Analytics (STEM): INR 114000
MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation Track: USD 125000

Top MBA Recruiters

With home to most Fortune 500 organizations, MBA graduates have a lot of chances to work in the USA. Beneath gave is the rundown of a few top organizations in the USA that enlist MBA graduates.

UniversityTop Recruiters
Harvard UniversityA T Kearney | IBM | Accenture | Credit Suisse | Google | Amazon | Adobe | American Express | Amadeus
Stanford UniversityAccenture | McKinsey | Google | VISA | Bank of America | | Apple | Facebook | Orange
The University of ChicagoABN Amro Bank | 3M | aol | Barclays Capital | ACCENTURE | Goldman Sachs | Adobe | JP Morgan Chase | Arcelor Mittal
University of PennsylvaniaIBM | Microsoft | Google | UBS | Oracle | Bank of America | Local Oye | Yahoo |
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMcKinsey | Adidas | Amgen | Dell | Bose | | Tesla | Boeing | Microsoft

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What test is expected for MBA in the USA?

Ans. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the main components for people who wish to seek an MBA in the USA. The wannabes need a great GMAT score to get admission to the MBA program in the USA.

Q2. What amount does MBA cost in the USA?

Ans. The typical first-year cost of concentrating on an MBA in the USA is Rs 35.26 Lac including normal educational expenses of Rs 27.14 Lac and normal everyday costs of Rs 8.13 Lac.

Q3. Is MBA hard in the USA?

Ans. MBA can be essential as fulfilling or hard as you make it. In the corporate world, one necessity to remain on its own feet, and an MBA program plan students for the impending difficulties. MBA programs are intended to make graduates into able business specialists.

Q4. GMAT versus CAT, which one is harder?

Ans. CAT is more troublesome than GMATGMAT has an obvious schedule that makes it somewhat simpler to get ready for it. Though the CAT test doesn’t have an obvious prospectus, thus, up-and-comers find it somewhat harder as well as it requires a great deal of investment to get ready in contrast with GMAT.

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