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MBA in Canada without GMAT
MBA in Canada without GMAT

MBA in Canada without GMAT

Every year, Canadian business schools get a flood of applications from overseas students seeking MBA programmes. GMAT scores, IELTS/TOEFL scores, job experience, letters of reference, statements of purpose, CVs, and other factors are all important for their admittance.

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Universities for MBA in Canada without GMAT

UniversityMBA Fees (USD/year)
Schulich Business School40,087
DeGroote Business School32,625
Thompson Rivers University22,928
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)30,000
Lakehead University27,000
Wilfrid Laurier University11,000 to 33,000

Apart from these schools, you may apply to an expedited or executive MBA programme in Canada to pursue your business administration degree without having to take the GMAT.

The following are some of the universities in Canada that offer various MBA degrees without requiring GMAT scores as a condition of admission

  • Executive MBA at McGill University
  • Accelerated and Executive MBA at Ivey Business School
  • Executive MBA at Concordia University
  • Executive and part-time MBA at the University of Toronto
  • Executive MBA at HEC Montreal.

MBA Colleges in Canada without GMAT

There are a variety of MBA institutions in Canada that do not require the GMAT and base their admissions on other factors such as GRE scores, job experience, academic records, and so on. The following are MBA colleges in Canada that do not require the GMAT

1. Accredited MBA for Business Graduates at Queen’s University

2. Executive MBA at York University

3. MBA by Lakehead University [Additional Business Development Program]

4. MBA programs at New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver Campus

5. Master’s in Finance at Wilfrid Laurier University

6. Accelerated & Part-time Executive MBA at Ivey Business School, Toronto

7. 1-year MBA at Thompson Rivers University

8. Part-time & Executive MBA at the University of Toronto

9. Executive MBA at Concordia University

10. Executive MBA at HEC Montreal

11. Executive MBA at McGill University

Intakes in Canada

Intakes in CanadaCourseDuration
Fall (September)All ProgrammesSeptember–December/early January
Winter (January) 2021Selective ProgrammesJanuary–May
Summer 2021Short Term ProgrammesMay-August

How to Get into MBA in Canada without GMAT

Each university has its own set of prerequisites that overseas candidates must meet in order to be admitted to an MBA programme without GMAT results. The following are some of the most typical prerequisites for GMAT exemptions to study in Canada

  • Good Bachelor’s GPA: Having a GPA that is greater than the university’s minimal criterion always works in favour of students who have poor GMAT scores or who do not have GMAT scores.
  • Work Experience: Students with more than 3 years of work experience (typically about 5 years) have a better chance of getting into an MBA programme in Canada without GMAT scores. It also assists students who have finished a three-year bachelor’s degree rather than the four-year degree necessary for admission to an MBA programme.
  • A fantastic CV outlining your paid internships throughout your bachelor’s degree, your post-degree bachelor’s employment, and showcasing your talents will help you get into an MBA programme in Canada.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Getting solid letters of recommendation (at least 2-3) from former recruiters can assist pupils to get into Canada’s leading colleges.

Average Fees

Average MBA feesCA$ 36,000 (20, 68,120.971 INR approx.)
Living ExpensesCAD 7,000 and CAD 35,000 a year. (INR 3,50,000 to 19,00,000 a year)

MBA in Canada without Work Experience

In Canada, students can apply for an MBA without work experience. Here are some colleges that accept students to study management

  • Thompson Rivers University
  • New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver
  • Cape Breton University
  • Brock University
  • Dalhousie University
  • Vancouver Island University
  • University of Windsor
  • University of Alberta
  • Queen’s University
  • Saint Mary’s University

Masters/MSc in Management in Canada without GMAT

If you want to complete a master’s degree in management in Canada but don’t have GMAT scores, you might look into numerous Canadian institutions and universities. The following are the best institutions and schools in Canada for a Master in Management without a GMAT

  • Masters in Management Sciences (MMS) at the University of Waterloo
  • MSc in Business Administration at the University of Montreal
  • MSc in Business Administration at the University of Northern British Columbia
  • Master in Finance at Sobey School of Business
  • Master of Global Management at Royal Roads University

Apart from studying at these institutions, you may also enrol in executive MBA programmes offered by Canadian colleges. EMBA in Canada without GMAT is accessible to professionals at renowned colleges such as the University of Toronto, UBC, McGill, and others.

You will need experience, strong academic scores, or letters of recommendation (LORs) to get accepted into an MBA programme in Canada without taking the GMAT. If you have finished your study in Canada, you may be eligible for GMAT exemptions from top business schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is GMAT mandatory for MBA in Canada?

Ans. No, yet most Canadian business schools require applicants to have a GMAT score when submitting an application. The range of scores is 550-650. However, there are several institutions in Canada where the GMAT is not an obligatory prerequisite.

Q. Can I pursue an MBA in Canada without work experience?

Ans. Yes, MBA programmes at several Canadian business institutions allow students with no prior experience. NYIT, University of Windsor, Brock University, and others are among them.

Q. What are the top colleges to pursue MBA in Canada without GMAT?

Ans. NYIT, Schulich School of Business, DeGroote School of Business, Lakehead University, Thompson Rivers University, Wilfrid Laurentian University, and others are among the best institutions in Canada offering MBA without GMAT.

Q. Are GMAT waivers offered to international students for studying MBA in Canada?

Ans. Ans. No, GMAT exemptions for MBA in Canada are normally only offered to Canadian students. International students having a bachelor’s degree from Canada may be eligible for GMAT exemptions at specific colleges.

Q. How much does an MBA in Canada cost for Indian students?

Ans. Indian students may expect to pay between 24 and 67 lakhs for an MBA from one of Canada’s top business schools. For international students, this cost mostly represents tuition costs, but it also includes a variety of other expenses. In INR, the total cost of an MBA in Canada might reach 90 lacs.

Q. What are the exams required for MBA in Canada?

Ans. Applicants from outside the United States must submit test scores from tests such as the GMAT (550-650), IELTS (7.0), and TOEFL (96-100). International students from non-native English-speaking nations are more likely to be needed to take IELTS or TOEFL.

Q. Is GMAT required for MBA in Canada?

Ans. GMAT scores are required by most colleges in Canada and throughout the world to assess candidates’ knowledge and efficiency. A few colleges in Canada, however, do not require the GMAT for admission to MBA programmes.

Q. Can I do MBA without GMAT?

Ans. If you have the requisite experience and academic qualifications that a certain university requires, you can certainly pursue an MBA without taking the GMAT. To learn more about such colleges, contact the professionals at Leverage Edu.

Q. Can I do MBA in Canada without work experience?

Ans. Yes, if the university you’re applying to allows it, you can get an MBA without any job experience. Read our special blog about MBA without job experience in Canada to learn more about such institutions.

Q. What are some of the courses offered in MBA from Canada?

Ans. Following are the courses offered :
1. MBA in Finance
2. MBA in Operations Management
3. MBA in Social Sector Management
4. MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies
5. MBA in Human Resources
6. MBA in Engineering Management
7. MBA in Global Mining Management
8. MBA in Real Estate and Infrastructure
9. MBA in Organizational Management

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