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Internship Programs Offered by Government Agencies

Internship Programs Offered by Government Agencies

Student involvement in the formulation of government schemes has always been a central government goal. The internship program provides interested candidates with the opportunity to participate.

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 09/04/2022
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Student involvement in the formulation of government schemes has always been a central government goal. The internship program provides interested candidates with the opportunity to participate. Additionally, government internships provide an insight into the workings of government, which in turn adds value to CVs.

1. NITI Aayog Internship Program:

 The Indian Government instituted an internship program in 2015, under the NITI Aayog. In its updated internship program, NITI Aayog offers more opportunities for interns. Under NITI Aayog's intern program, students studying undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate programs or research scholars at recognized Indian or foreign universities will get exposure to various Verticals, Departments, and Units within the organization, contributing to the process of analysis that takes place within the organization.

Eligibility: Any candidate pursuing any UG, PG, or research courses will be eligible to apply for this scheme

Duration: It is a 6-week program.

Stipend: This is an unpaid internship, the participants receive a certificate after completion of the internship. 

How to apply: 

Applicants can apply online for the first 10 days of every month. Applicants must apply to the NITI Aayog internship program via the authorized website NITI Aayog internship program within the specified time period.

2. Ministry of External Affairs Internship Program

 The Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for the maintenance of India's diplomatic relations with other nations.

 Interested researchers can take advantage of the internship programme to familiarize themselves with how Indian foreign policy is developed and implemented. It may start anytime during the year and is for a period of one to six months.

  Eligibility: Students seeking a place in graduation-related programs must be onsite applicants. For those applicants who wish to take part in post-graduation projects, they must be off-site candidates.

 Duration: The duration of this program varies from 1 month to 6 months.

Stipend: This is an unpaid program.

 How to apply:  Any applicant can apply at any time. For better chances of selection, you should submit the application one month before the selection begins.

Students must get approval from their colleges or universities. The students will also need 3 legal ID documents, the Aadhar card details, the NOC, and a recommendation letter from the HOD. There are two authorized sites for this department: and

As per the internship drafts, the Ministry of External Affairs will only accept 30 applications.

3. Reserve Bank of India Internship program

 The Reserve Bank of India guides monetary policy. They are the top financial authority in the country. Research internships at the RBI are often offered to Ph.D. students in Economics, Banking, Finance, and related fields. Nonetheless, they have a Strategic Research Unit (SRU) which is accepting B.Tech or BE graduates with quantitative-oriented degree programs in Mathematics, Economics, or Finance with expertise in Computer or Data Analytics.

  Eligibility: Candidates pursuing any research or Ph.D. degree in Economics, Finance, Banking, and associated subjects only can apply for this internship

 Duration:  It is a 6 months’ program

   Stipend: Selected candidates will get Rs. 35,000 per month for the progr

How to apply:  The program is conducted in two separate sessions, one starts around January, and the other starts around July. Interested candidates are advised to upload their resume at least 5 months ago to secure the position as an intern in the program. Interested candidates may visit the link, and upload their resume or application form.

 4.Finance Ministry Internship Program

 The Finance Ministry is responsible for the handling of all financial matters such as taxation, state finances, and union budgets as well as banks and financial institutions. It deals with all monetary matters, from the preparation of the budget to introducing new taxes. The department is organized into four sub-departments: Expenditure, Economic Affairs, Revenue, and Financial Services and Disinvestment.

  Eligibility: Candidates pursuing special 5-year courses in management, finance, and economics and are studying in their 4th or 5th year are only eligible for the program     

   Duration: the duration of the internship may vary from 2 to 6 months.

Stipend: Participants will be getting Rs.10,000 per month

   How to apply: It is advised that the applicants send in their application letter around one month in advance. Interested candidates are required to send in their application letter, along with their CV and other necessary documents via postal service to the Ministry of Finances.

 5.Corporate Affairs Internship Program

India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs monitors and supervises the activities of Indian companies. It has the authority to enforce company-related laws and acts as a regulator for corporations. Company law reform is implemented in the Companies Act 2013, Companies Act of 1956, Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1969, and other company-related statutes.

    Eligibility:  The candidates who are pursuing post-graduation and research-oriented courses in Information Technology, Management, economics, commerce, law, finance, or students who are in the final year of their Computer Science course will only be able to apply.

     Duration: It is a 2-month Internship.

      Stipend: Candidates will be awarded Rs.10,000 per month.

    How to apply: Each year, the candidates are allowed to submit their application documents till the 31st of January. All application forms must be uploaded on the site, within the specified date.

6. Women and Child Development Ministry Internship program

 Human Resources Department was previously responsible for managing programs related to women and children. Eventually, the central government realized it needed to put more emphasis on female and child development. Initiated in this department are internship programs that focus on training and developing women or children-related programs.

     Eligibility: Candidates pursuing their graduation, Post-graduation, or research course in any subject are eligible to apply for the program.

    Duration: Applicants will be assigned projects according to their qualifications. Internships for undergrads will be offered for one month. A post-graduate applicant is eligible to participate in a scheme that lasts between one and three months. Candidates who have received their PG degree final results are eligible to take part in one of the six-month internship programs.

 Stipend: This is an unpaid program

 How to apply:   The department organizes four different internship sessions over the year.

     For any information or to apply, candidates need to log on to the official site.

7. Ministry of Culture Internship programs

 Museums are more than collections of artifacts and documents. They store documents and objects that make up the identity of a country. Museums such as these belong to the Ministry of Culture. A separate wing was created for the maintenance of these special places since these require special attention.

      Eligibility: Candidates who have a degree in anthropology, art history, history, sciences, archaeology, museology, languages, sculpture library sciences, and fine arts, will be given preference during the selection process.

  Duration: The internship program varies from 6 to 12 months.

  Stipend: This is an unpaid program

  How to apply: Summer internship applications must be submitted by 10th March if a candidate is interested. For participants in the winter internship program, applications need to be submitted by the 10th of December. All interested candidates can learn about eligibility, application time and process, and required documents by clicking the link It is mandatory to upload all the documents listed in the list.

 8. Competition Commission Internship program

 The Competition Commission department offers internship programs for candidates interested in working with consumer law and a competitive environment in the consumer market. In addition to removing illegal practices, the department also deals with ethical matters.

     Eligibility: candidates with a good understanding and academic knowledge about subjects like law, finance, economics, and management will be eligible to apply for the program.

    Duration: It’s a one-month internship

   Stipend: participants will be rewarded with Rs. 10,000 cash.

 How to apply: summary of the topic must be sent to the respective department, by uploading them to All applicants must make sure that they submit the application at least one month in advance.

 9. Directorate General of Foreign Trade Internship program

 Trade and commerce have created a scenario in recent times that requires nations to cooperate in the field of business and export. There are certain trade rules that both parties should follow. In both cases, these rules safeguard the interests of the parties. Formulating such laws is the responsibility of the Department of Foreign Trade

    Eligibility: The internship program is only available for law students, studying in the final year and candidates who have acquired graduation degrees in law management, finance, and economics.

     Duration: it is a 2-month internship program.

       Stipend: All selected interns will receive a grant of Rs.10,000      

 How to apply: The applicant letter, CV of the candidate and necessary papers must be uploaded on All applicants, interested in being a part of summer as well as the winter sessions must successfully finish the registration by 31st April and 31st October respectively.

 10. Law and Justice Ministry Internship program

 An effective legislative system is very important for any nation's growth and operational efficiency. Implementation of laws is the department's responsibility. Students who participate in an internship with this department will gain greater insight into legislative drafting.

    Eligibility: Final-year law students from a reputed and registered institute will be able to apply to this program.

    Duration: It is a 4-month program that might extend under special circumstances.

      Stipend: It is an unpaid program, the participants will only receive a certificate.

  How to apply: Only 5 out of the 100 applications they receive, are selected. The application document must be uploaded to All applicants must upload their resume, along with the recommendation letter and NOC from the college head

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