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Best Top 10 Commerce Colleges in India

Best Top 10 Commerce Colleges in India

The students of Commerce may become confused about which colleges to attend after +2 Commerce. It is important to select Commerce colleges according to their entry cut-off percentages. The first thing that comes to mind when we think about Indian Commerce colleges is Delhi University. There

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 Saurav Anand 10/04/2022
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Top 10 Commerce Colleges in India

The students of Commerce may become confused about which colleges to attend after +2 Commerce. It is important to select Commerce colleges according to their entry cut-off percentages. The first thing that comes to mind when we think about Indian Commerce colleges is Delhi University. There are other options in India besides DU. Besides Christ College- Bangalore and Presidency College- Kolkata, Symbiosis- Pune is also a good option.

Among other factors, the teaching faculty, the preparation available for placement, the infrastructure, and many more contribute to the ranking of top colleges in India. The college one should attend after they’ve completed their +2s should be carefully selected by the students. Additionally, students who took science in Classes 11 and 12 can pick commerce.

1. Shri Ram College of Commerce University of Delhi

  • Establishment: 1926
  • Placement: In the year 2020 e inter-college has 100 percent placement in the final year with the highest salary package of 31 LPA and 15 different sectors came to the college for collaboration.
  • Infrastructure: There are 740000 books and 80 national and international journals in its library, as well as a hostel for boys and girls, an athletic complex, basketball court, cricket pitch, football field, swimming pool, tennis court, hockey pitch, volleyball court, wrestling, and Judo. As well as lab facilities, a computer lab can be found here. Besides cafeterias, gyms, Wi-Fi campuses, auditoriums, AC classrooms, seminar rooms, stationery shops, parking and banks, our campus also offers cafeterias, gyms, hospitals, and a bank.

2. Hindu College University of Delhi

  • Establishment: 1899
  • Infrastructure: The university provides a library with 16968 books and a subscription of 18 newspapers and 50 journals and magazines library, the college has a hostel for Facilities for boys only, a sports complex Tennis Court, a basketball court, a cricket ground, a football ground, volleyball ground, chess, tennis table, lab facilities available at computer Lab, material science lab, molecular immunology lab, cafeteria, Hospital, Wi-Fi campus, auditorium, seminar hall, girls common room, Bank, stationery shop.

3. Lady Shri Ram College Of Women University of Delhi

  • Establishment: 1956
  • Infrastructure: the college library provides 111155 books 6000 journals. The hostel facilities have 292 two beds in the girl hostel. Computer lab and statistic lab are also present. A cafeteria, sports Complex, gym, Hospital, Wi-Fi campus, shuttle service, Auditorium room, book store, ATM and bank is also available here.

4. Hansraj College University of Delhi

  • Establishment: 1948
  • Infrastructure: college has a full flash library with a huge collection of around 135000 titles and about 98 periodicals published in India. Cafeteria hostel for boys on campus. Sports Complex available like badminton courts, and indoor shooting ranges are also available. lab facilities are also available like a chemistry lab, computer lab, electronic lab, physics lab, botany lab, and Zoology Lab. Other facilities like a gym, Hospital, Wi-Fi campus, Auditorium, seminar room, common room, yoga room, ATM and Bank facilities.

5. Loyola College

  • Establishment: 1925
  • Placement: The campus placements are provided to almost every student who clears their fifth semester and have no standard arrears the big four audit farm visit and provides 88 offers to Eligible Candidate The highest package offered was rupees 800011 he was 3 lakh almost 75% of student got placed in the year of 2020.

6. Christ University, Bangalore

  • Establishment: 1969
  • Placement: Graduates and postgraduates can take advantage of the placement office’s initiative to explore new career avenues by touring new companies and sectors. Recruiting takes place every year on campus. A firm or organization usually starts the process with a pre-placement talk in which they give students an overview of the company profile, job description, career path, CTC, etc.
  • This talk is followed by the selection process, which includes written tests, group discussions, interviews, etc. Campus recruitment at the University is made easier by the university’s state-of-the-art facilities. Student placement representatives from each class are also present to provide assistance throughout the selection process. A representative from each class that is selected to represent each class is also present during the selection process to assist the students.with the highest salary offered of rupees 13.12 lakh per annum and the average of rupees 6 lakh per annum poster.
  • Infrastructure: The university provides 285595 books and 147000 755 titles in their library. hostel facilities are also available there for boys and girls. Sports complex facilities like badminton court, basketball court, and playground. Lab facilities like computer lab, electronic lab, mechanical lab, physics lab, Data Structure lab, network lab, internet programming lab, database management system lab, Corporation system lab, machine learning lab, network Academy lab, Signal Processing lab, Festo lab, metal testing lab, available here. Moot court law, cafeteria, Gym, Hospital, Wi-Fi campus, Auditorium, music room, dance room, seminar hall, assembly hall, multipurpose hall, South Indian Bank, ATM are also available here.

7. Ramjas College University of Delhi

  • Establishment: 1917
  • Placement- Students attend seminars and workshops organized by the college’s placement cell. The organization helps students find jobs as well. There are several companies that recruit candidates, including Deloitte, Excel Pack Limited, Wipro, Genpact, NDTV, and ZS Associates.
  • Infrastructure: The College has hostel facilities for boys and girls, Sports Complex has a basketball ground, lab facilities have a computer lab, library, cafeteria, gym, Hospital, Wi-Fi campus, Auditorium, seminar room, Conference Hall, and student activity Centre, is also available here.

8. MCC Madras Christian College, Tamil Nadu

  • Establishment: 1837
  • Placement: Madras Christian College has offered internship opportunities to the student to enable them to get practical experience in the year of 2020. 90% of the batch got placed and the highest salary package of rupees 600000 per annum and average salary of 3 lakh per annum provided.
  • Infrastructure: The library has achieved its vision of creation and Mission of knowledge through ICT for stock. Hostel for boys and girls available. Sports Complex has facilities like a basketball court, Cricket Ground, football ground, athletic track, and hockey ground. Lab facilities are also available: chemistry lab, physics lab, botany lab, Zoology Lab, biological lab, cafeteria, gym, Hospital, Wi-Fi campus, music room, dance room, and convenience store are also available.

9. Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

  • Establishment: 1964
  • Placement: In the year 2021 about 80% of students who appeared for placement were placed. The highest package offered was around 10 to 12 LPA and the average package was 5lp a full stop. There were four big and many other large-scale companies. Every student got an internship in some of the other fields.
  • Infrastructure: The college provides facilities like a boy's hostel, computer lab, library, sports complex, gym, Hospital, Wi-Fi campus, Auditorium, AC classrooms to the students.

10. Mithibai College of Arts Chauhan Institute of Science & Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

  • Establishment: 1961
  • Placement: Mithibai College has an excellent placement cell. They provide the best placements and training to their stores and the best companies, and the companies do select students who possess good ranks. Salary packages are offered by reputed companies up to 5 LPA as a maximum.
  • Infrastructure: facilities provided by the college are a hostel for girls and boys. Sports Complex is also available here facilities like badminton court, swimming pool, table tennis, chess, lawn tennis, is also available library, cafeteria, gym, Hospital, Wi-Fi campus, Auditorium, A/C classroom, Labs are also provided


Studying commerce isn’t just about learning theoretical knowledge but it’s also about numbers, finance, accounting, and business. Students mostly prefer to have commerce in higher secondary just to avoid theories in ARTS & SCIENCE. Without knowing the basic pillars of commerce which is a major drawback. 

Studying commerce will open up variation in the study filled as well as in the career to seek out respective job facilities too.

Students who have an affinity for numbers can opt for commerce. After graduating from a Commerce job opportunities like banking chartered accountant investment accountant finance manager auditing auditor options widen graduates.

Courses in Commerce

After completing the twelfth the wide range of opportunities one can opt for graduation are

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor in law
  • Cost and management accountant
  • Chartered accountant
  • Bachelor in Business and Management
  • Company Secretary
  • Certified financial planner
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Journalism and Mass Communication

These fields are the fields that get opened up to an individual after opting for commerce in their higher secondary.


Students who want to continue with commerce as a subject in their graduation must have completed their higher secondary with commerce in school with economics, accountancy, mathematics, and business studies, as the basic subject should be available in their course.

Career Scope

People who graduate with commerce study subjects which are accountancy, economics, mathematics, business studies, income tax, Business, Finance, cost accounting, auditing, and marketing, these are the subjects they read through. 

This hour is a very crucial subject that one who has dealt with can get job opportunities very much. Bank, business consultancy, auditor, investment, banking investment, multinational companies, foreign trade, public accountant farm.

These are the best colleges and universities in Commerce in the country. Typically, cut-offs are determined by the performance in the best four subjects which consist of one language, two electives or academic subjects, and one subject deemed relevant to admission. Every year, colleges change the cut-off criteria for their admissions.

Best Commerce Colleges in India with cut-off - 

If you are studying to get into the best commerce colleges in India then you have clicked on the right link as we have compiled the List of best commerce colleges in India with cut off as you may have to go through the procedure and must know about the Cutoff details about commerce colleges in India.

Since it is mandatory to go through the pain of matching your scores with the minimum cutoff percentage set by colleges, here’s the list of best commerce colleges in India with cut off and their cutoff, and students must be aware that every year the cutoff changes so if you really want to get into the best commerce colleges in India you should know the cutoff.

Name of collegeHighest cutoff%Lowest cutoff%
Sri Ram College of Commerce(SRCC) , Delhi9897
Department of Commerce - Christ University, Bangalore9793
Lady Shriram College for Women (LSR), Delhi9897
Hansraj College, Delhi9797
Loyola College, Chennai9075
St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore9889
Hindu College, Delhi9999
Ramjas College, Delhi9996
Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore9882
Madras Christian College (MCC), Chennai9990
J D Birla Institute, Kolkata9072
Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration, Kolkata9989

Students who choose to pursue the commerce stream are expected to possess a keen interest in subjects such as accountancy, economics, business mathematics, bookkeeping, and finance. Opting for the commerce stream following the completion of secondary education is a prudent decision, as this field presents pupils with a broad spectrum of professional opportunities, such as chartered accountancy, MBA, cost accountancy, and so forth. This academic program is suitable for students who wish to establish a business or pursue a career in the financial sector of an enterprise.

Commerce is the term used to describe the exchange of goods and services between economic agents. The exchange of goods, services, or other valuable items between businesses or other entities is referred to as commerce in general. The field of commerce offers students a wide range of career options to investigate and master. 

Undergraduate, graduate, integrated, and doctorate degrees are all options for those interested in a career in business. There are numerous options for students interested in a career in commerce at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and dual/integrated degree levels. Students can enroll in commerce institutions in India to study BCom, BBA, CA, CS, BBA LLB, BBM, BSc, MCom, MBA, MPhil, and MSc in a variety of commerce branches and specializations, including:

There are over 10,500 Commerce colleges in India that offer full-time, part-time, distance-learning and online study options. These institutions offer degree programs. 

Scope in Commerce:

Both the governmental and commercial sectors hire BCom graduates. They can locate entry-level positions in a variety of industries such as finance, accounting, and so on, as well as study for competitive tests for government employment. One should pursue post-graduate studies or professional certifications after receiving a BCom in order to get well-paying jobs in the chosen area or business. Following are some of the courses available to BCom graduates:

  • Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)
  • Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB) 
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Commerce (MCom)
  • US Certified Public Accounting (CPA)

Students who want to pursue a career in commerce can enroll in MCom, MBA, MA (Hons) in Economics, MBA in Banking & Finance, and MCom in Accounting & Finance programs.

Students who complete a Commerce degree program may pursue postgraduate study in fields such as Commerce, Accounting, and Finance. Students may also pursue a Ph.D. and undertake research in their topic of interest. 

They are eligible to apply for:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DCom)
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration (DBA)
  • Program for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Following completion of their studies at the UG and PG levels in Commerce, people may pursue the following typical career roles:

Undergraduate Level: At the junior level, candidates can find jobs in Accounting, Commerce, Banking, and Finance, as well as other related fields such as:

  • Accountant, Junior
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Executive in Business
  • Accounts Manager
  • Manager of Operations
  • Analyst of Data
  • Manager of Research and Development
  • Manager of Information Systems
  • Manager of Projects

PG Level: Candidates might work in the BFSI industry, teach or lecture, or do research. Holders of a postgraduate diploma in commerce have several job prospects in the commercial, public, and government sectors. Nationalized banks, railroads, income tax, and other government ministries are ideal options for anyone looking for a secure and lucrative profession. Candidates for the following roles may be hired:

  • Accountant Senior
  • Cashier/Teller
  • Bank Supervisor
  • Manager of Marketing
  • Banker of Investments
  • Manager of Wealth

Placements for Commerce Students:

  • SBI
  • KPMG
  • RBS
  • Microsoft 
  • Punjab National Bank

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