BDS Salary in India 2022

BDS Salary in India 2022


Candidates who wish to pursue a profession in the medical area and become dentists may review the data about BDS salary in India 2022 on this page. BDS scope and salary in India are expanding daily. The value of BDS is growing as individuals are becoming more worried about their dental health. A dental hygienist is an individual who recommends how to keep your teeth clean and healthy. The need for dental hygienists has recently expanded significantly.

The Bachelor of Dental Science degree program offers excellent job opportunities in a variety of private and governmental hospitals, as well as dental institutions. Because dentistry and dental science are in great demand across the world, the course’s scope is in high demand, with acceptable wage packages for graduates. As a result, after completing a Bachelor of Dental Science program, the pay given is reasonable. The average BDS salary in India for graduates is roughly INR 3.05 LPA.

Some of the Best Employment for Fresh BDS Graduates Include:

  • Lecturer
  • Medical Writer
  • Oral Pathologist
  • Dentist

Some of the Top Bachelor of Dental Science Job Designations for Experienced Candidates are:

  • Oral Pathologist
  • Dentist
  • Dental Surgeon
  • Dental Health Consultant
  • Lecturer
  • Medical Writer

Bachelor of Dental Science Scope

Bachelor of Dental Science graduates is in high demand for positions in dental clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other settings. Bachelor of Dental Science jobs are broad and offer a great salary package to graduates. The following are some areas of recruiting for the course:

  • Dental Clinics
  • Dental Equipment
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research Institutes

Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) Salary-

A Dentist in India normally makes around 75,200 INR per month. Salaries vary from 36,900 INR (the lowest) to 117,000 INR (highest). BDS internship salary in India can be as low as 2 thousand to 10 thousand. BDS fresher salary in India is between 10 and 15 thousand rupees. With experience, both position and salary begin to rise. It is a well-established profession in Western nations; hence demand is more than in India. Going abroad might also lead to a career.

BDS Salary in India

The BDS salary in India in the public and private sectors of various reputed organizations is around INR 3.05 LPA. As a result, the BDS’s chances of landing an outstanding job with a competitive wage package are tremendous. However, a Bachelor of Dental Science salary in India might vary depending on unique abilities, talents, and job experience. Following completion of the study, some of the greatest Bachelor of Dental Science employment in India include:

Designation Salary
Dentist INR 3.5 LPA
Dental Hygienist INR 3 LPA
Oral Pathologist INR 4 LPA
Dental Surgeon INR 5 LPA

Salary ₹101k – ₹1m
Bonus ₹2k – ₹202k
Profit Sharing ₹10k – ₹405k
Commission ₹0 – ₹62k
Total Pay ₹102k – ₹2m

Salary of Government BDS Doctor Vs. Private BDS Doctor

Salary trends after earning a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) might vary depending on specialization and sector of work. Salary differences exist between dentists working in private and public hospitals.

Some private hospital wages are greater than those in government hospitals, but in general, government hospital dentists earn more than those in private hospitals. The table below displays wage trends by profession and field of employment:

Private Sector 31,000 INR
Public Sector +5% 32,700 INR

Job Role Minimum Salary Median Salary Maximum Salary
Dental Surgeon in Public 4 LPA 6.5 LPA 15 LPA
Dental Surgeon In Private 3.6 LPA 6 LPA 12 LPA
Dentist 2.4 LPA 5 LPA 9 LPA
Dental Assistant 2 LPA 4.5 LPA 8 LPA
Professor 3.5 LPA 6 LPA 11 LPA

BDS Salary on the Basis of Skills

Popularity Avg. Salary
Composite Fillings ₹253,158
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning ₹245,503
Oral Surgery ₹385,158
Prosthodontics ₹309,126
Generalist Duties ₹238,379

What Are the Highest-Paying Jobs in BDS?

With published salary, the top five best-paid occupations as a Dental Surgeon are:

  • Senior Dental Surgeon – ₹24.4lakhs per year
  • Consultant Dental Surgeon – ₹23.3lakhs per year
  • Dental Surgeon – ₹17.8lakhs per year
  • Assistant Dental Surgeon – ₹17.6lakhs per year

BDS Salary in India Annually-

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) graduates are well paid in both the public and private sectors. However, the salary amount is determined by a variety of elements such as experience, talents, the institution in which they work, and so on. The following are the annual salaries of BDS graduates:

Job Profile No. Of Years’ Experience Dentist Annual Salary Structure
Entry-Level Dentist Less Than 1 Year ₹ 2.5 LPA
Early Career Dentist 1-4 Years ₹ 2.9 LPA
Mid-Career Dentist 5-9 Years ₹ 4.5 LPA
Experienced Dentist 10-19 Years ₹ 7.5 LPA
Late Career Dentist 20 Years And Higher ₹ 16 LPA

BDS Salary Based on Location

The state-wise BDS Salary in India are as follows

City Average Salary Of Dentist
Agra 65K INR
Ahmadabad 80K INR
Bangalore 85K INR
Bhopal 79K INR
Chennai 85K INR
Coimbatore 76K INR
Delhi 89K INR
Ghaziabad 70K INR
Hyderabad 83K INR
Indore 78K INR
Jaipur 80K INR
Kerala 80K INR
Kolkata 80K INR
Lucknow 82K INR
Ludhiana 75K INR
Madurai 65K INR
Mumbai 88K INR
Nagpur 74K INR
Patna 68K INR
Pimpri-Chinchwad 72K INR
Pune 84K INR
Tamil Nādu 82K INR
Vadodara 73K INR
Visakhapatnam 76K INR

BDS Salary Abroad

Studying BDS overseas is a highly enticing option for anyone who can afford it. The pupils receive greater practical knowledge than domestic students. Following BDS, there are several work opportunities accessible, such as Dental Office Manager, Dental Lab Technician, Dentist, and so on. Candidates may expect to earn between INR 10 and 20 LPA on average.

The table below gives a list of BDS salaries for various nursing certifications in other countries:

Job Profile Average Salary
Dentist USD 141,635 
Dental Hygienist USD 61,873
Dental Assistant USD 35,769
Dental Office Manager USD 52,295
Dental Laboratory Technician USD 51,256
Oral Surgeon USD 248,833

Government Jobs For Bachelor of Dental Science Aspirants

The central and state governments have a few opportunities for dentists in various areas, with temporary rural postings and, depending on the department, permanent postings. Government employment is a stable position that comes with several benefits such as insurance and pension plans.

List of some government dental jobs:

  • Army Dental Corps 
  • Territorial Officer in the Indian Army 
  • In Railways 
  • Join the Indian Navy or Indian Airforce as a Dental Officer 
  • State Government Jobs, as Dental Surgeon, etc 

Top Government Companies Job Profiles Salary
ICMR Delhi Dental Scientist INR 8 LPA
OPSC Orissa Dental Surgeon INR 10 LPA
Damodar Valley Corporation General Duty Medical Officer INR 6 LPA

Private Jobs for Bachelor of Dental Science Aspirants-

Jobs for Bachelor of Dental Science in the private sector are as plentiful as those in the government sector. As a result, they are being opened in various private sectors of companies. The following are some BDS job openings in the private sector:

Top Private Companies Job Profiles Salary
Dentcare Dental Lab Dentist INR 5 LPA
Iskills Medical Coding Solutions Dental Hygienist INR 4 LPA
Trivandrum Dental Specialist Group Dental Assistant INR 4.5 LPA

Some other jobs for Bachelor of Dental Science jobs in India offered in the private sector are:

  • Medical receptionist
  • Medical biller
  • Dental assistant
  • Dental hygienist

Dentist Job Description:

A dental hygienist typically checks a patient’s mouth to determine the presence of disease. They also clean patients’ teeth. They clean the teeth of plaque and yellowish debris. Plaque removal prevents germs from spreading in the mouth.

They also do scaling, cleaning, and tooth whitening. They also educate patients and teach them how to properly care for their teeth and oral health. Most dentists are general practitioners who treat a wide range of dental issues. Other dentists specialize in one or more of the following areas:

  • Dental Anesthesiologists
  • Dental Public Health Specialists
  • Endodontists
  • Oral And Maxillofacial Radiologists
  • Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Oral Pathologists
  • Orthodontists
  • Pediatric Dentists
  • Periodontists

Educational Qualification For BDS Students:

Candidates must have completed their class 12th or equivalent test in PCB – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. For admission to dentistry programs, candidates must have also taken a national-level medical entrance test, such as the NEET-UG. Candidates applying for NEET UG should be between the ages of 17 and 25.

Courses after BDS-

After completing the course, BDS graduates can pursue a variety of programs. BDS graduates can pursue postgraduate studies, certificate courses, fellowship courses, and cosmetology courses after finishing the Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme. The following are the courses available after BDS:

  • MDS
  • MBA
  • MPH
  • Diploma Courses
  • Fellowship Courses
  • Cosmetology Courses

Employment Opportunities after BDS-

Listed below are the top picks:

  • Dental Departments
  • Nursing Homes
  • Dental Clinics
  • Health Departments
  • Dental Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Private Hospitals
  • Government Dental Departments
  • Dental Colleges
  • Public Sector Undertaking Dental Facilities


Career Options after BDS-

After completing the course, BDS graduates will have a plethora of job prospects. BDA jobs include a wide range of options, and graduates may expect to find work in the following fields:

  • Dental Practice in Clinics/Hospitals
  • Manufacture of Dental Equipment
  • Teaching at Educational Institutions
  • Dental Research
  • Medical Writing
  • Oral Pathology

Other Career Options after BDS-

  • MBA in Hospital Administration
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Masters in Public Health
  • Lecturer
  • Research

Academics and Research Scope in BDS-

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) graduates with a strong interest in teaching might pursue academic positions such as professors or lecturers at private or public universities. A teaching professor position in a state government college is another option. Candidates can also apply for research positions such as research associate and research assistant at ICMR, AIIMS, and the National Institute of Epidemiology, among others.

Top Recruiting Companies/Hospitals for Dentists:

Some of the leading super specialty hospitals that hire dentists are as follows:

Top International Companies for BDS Graduates-

Check out the top worldwide firms that recruit Bachelor of Dental Science students in the list below:

  • Straumann
  • Envista
  • Dentsply Sirona
  • ACE Surgical
  • MegaGen

Best Countries for BDS Graduates-

The following are some of the finest nations in the world for Bachelor of Dental Science graduates to work in:

  • Spain
  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Canada
  • Germany

People Also Ask-

Q1. How much does a BDS earn in India?

Ans. Dental Doctor Salary in BDS ranges from ₹ 3.2 Lakhs to ₹ 4.1 Lakhs.

Q2. What is the highest salary of BDS?

Ans. The highest-paying job at BDS is a Dental Surgeon with a salary of ₹4.5 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹6 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹20.2 lakhs per year.

Q3. Is BDS has scope in India?

Ans. In the private sector, they can work in hospitals, clinics, and pharma companies on different profiles. They can also work in government sectors as Dental Surgeon in hospitals, Army Dental Corps, Territorial Officer in Indian Army, Dentist in Railways, and Dental Officer in the Indian Navy and Indian Air force.

Q4. What is the salary of govt BDS Doctor in India?

Ans. Dental Officer salary in the Government Of India ranges from ₹ 9.5 Lakhs to ₹ 23 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of the Government of India.

Q5. Who earns more BDS or BAMS?

Ans. I would suggest BDS as it has more scope as compared to BAMS. After dentistry, you can get a salary of 15000 – 25000 initially and after some experience, you can get a handsome salary of 4 – 6 lakhs. It has 100% job placement compared to BAMS.

Q6. Is BDS easy than MBBS?

Ans. MBBS and BDS are equally difficult and equally easy. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Whereas BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental surgery. BDS deals with dental criteria, which means a graduate will be a Dentist doctor.

Q7. Which is best MBBS or BDS?

Ans. To become a doctor in India, aspirants have accepted that MBBS is the best route to go with. MBBS is the only certified course to become a modern medicine doctor. Admission to the MBBS course will be granted in the colleges recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Q8. Is MBA a good option after BDS?

Ans. Due to the need for better Healthcare Management, more BDS graduates prefer to do an MBA after BDS, in particular, an MBA in Hospital Management/Healthcare. It is considered one of the most searched options by dental graduates as it is easier and cheaper compared to an MDS after graduation.

Q9. Who earns more MBBS or BDS?

Ans. MBBS or BDS courses. It is very difficult to tell which is better among the MBBS and BDS courses. Both the courses are equally competitive, and both will fetch good earnings. The MBBS doctor is responsible for all the organs of the human body, while the BDS doctors are experts in dental treatments and surgery.

Q10. Which MBBS has the highest salary?

Ans. The top 5 highest paying jobs who know MBBS with reported salaries are:

  • consultant urologist – ₹33lakhs per year.
  • consultant – ₹30lakhs per year.
  • medical superintendent – ₹27lakhs per year.
  • associate consultant – ₹17lakhs per year.
  • junior consultant – ₹16lakhs per year.

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