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BDS 3rd Year Syllabus, Course Duration, Admission process

BDS 3rd Year Syllabus, Course Duration, Admission Process

The duration of course of study is 4 years, with 240 teaching days in each academic year, plus one year rotating internship in a dental college. Every candidate will be required, after passing the final BDS Examination, to undergo one year rotating internship in a dental college as detailed given in the annexure-I.

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 Saurav Anand 02/06/2022
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BDS 3rd Year Syllabus

BDS Syllabus 1st year

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology + Biochemistry
  • Dental Anatomy + Dental Histology

BDS Syllabus 2nd year

  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology + Pathology
  • Dental material

Total 4 subjects. But 3 papers of 70 marks each.

BDS Syllabus 3rd year

  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Oral Pathology

BDS Syllabus Final year (4th year)

  • Oral Medicine and radiology
  • Oral and maxillofacial Surgery
  • Prosthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Public health and community dentistry
  • Conservative and endodontics
  • Pedodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Human Physiology
  • Materials used in Dentistry
  • Human Oral Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and Tooth Morphology
  • Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgeryis divided into 5 years.

Break up: 4 years of academics + 1 year of internship

BDS Course Duration 2022:- 

The duration of course of study is 4 years, with 240 teaching days in each academic year, plus one year rotating internship in a dental college. Every candidate will be required, after passing the final BDS Examination, to undergo one year rotating internship in a dental college as detailed given in the annexure-I. The internship shall be compulsory and BDS Degree shall be granted after completion of one year paid Internship. 

Admission Process To The Dental Course:

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the course of study for the first year of BDS Course provided:- 

(i) He/She has completed the age of 17 year on or before 31st December in the year of commencing the prescribed Academic Session of the said course. 

(ii) He/She has passed the qualifying examination under:- 

(a) The candidates should have passed the Senior Secondary board Examination under 10+2 system conducted by the C.B.S.E./council for the Indian School Certificate  Examination / Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (Except Patrachar vidyalaya and Open Schools) with required subjects i.e physics, chemistry, biology and English (Core). 

(b) The candidate should have studied both 11th and 12th standard from a recognized  school situated within the national council Territory of Delhi only, conducting regular  classes of 11th and 12th standard with required subjects of physics, chemistry, Biology  and English. 

(c) The candidate must have secured a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, chemistry and biology, however, in respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, the marks obtained in Physics, chemistry and Biology taken together in qualifying examination be 40% instead of 50% as above and 45% marks in the case of Other Backward Classes (OBC). 

(d) Any other examination which in scope and standard is found to be equivalent to 10+2 system Examination of an Indian university / Board / foreign university conducting regular classes with regular subjects recognised by the university of Delhi are eligible for admission for the 15% quote (DGHS). 

(iii) The candidates for admission to BDS course shall be selected on the basis of competitive entrance Examination and admission will be made on merit basis. 

(iv) The admission to BDS course shall close on 30th September of the year.

Scheme Of Examination Of BDS : 

The scheme of examination for B.D.S. Course shall be divided into 1st B.D.S. examination at the end of the first academic year, 2nd B.D.S. examination at the end of second year, 3rd year B.D.S. examination at the end of third, and Final B.D.S. at the the end of my 4th year. 240 days minimum teaching in each academic year is mandatory. 

The examination shall be open to a candidate who satisfies the requirements of attendance, progress and other rules laid down by the University. University shall organise admission timing and admission process in such a way that Teaching starts from the 1st day of August in each academic year. 

I B.D.S. Examination 

  1. General Anatomy including embryology and histology 
  2. General human physiology and biochemistry 
  3. Dental Anatomy, Embryology and Oral Histology 

Any student who does not clear the first BDS University Examination in all subjects within 3 years from the date of admission, shall be discharged from the course. 

II B.D.S. Examination 

A Candidate who has not successfully completed the 1st BDS Examination can not appear in 

the II nd year Examination. 

  1. General pathology and Microbiology 
  2. General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics 
  3. Dental Material 
  4. Preclinical Conservative Dentistry– Only 

Practical and Viva Voce 

  1. Pre clinical Prosthodontics – Only Practical and Viva Voce 

III B.D.S. Examination 

A candidate who has successfully completed the 2nd BDS examination can appear in III rd BDS Examination. 

  1. General Medicine 
  2. General Surgery 
  3. Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology

BDS Private College Fees :- 

BDS is the most valuable and most likely course in India. Candidates who want to get admission in BDS private colleges are required to obtain this full information. So please check this information below:- 


MDS Course Duration:- 

Master of Dental Surgery or MDS is a master degree course in Dentistry. Students who have graduated in Dental Science can do this course to get a deep understanding of dental issues. MDS course duration is three years. Those who have already completed a post graduate diploma recognised by DCI can do this course for two years. MDS degree as recognised by Dental Council of India (DCI) is offered in various specialisations including Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge, Periodontology, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Oral Medicine and Radiology.

In the MDS course, students learn specialisations for diseases related to tooth, jaw and other facial tissues, and other dental issues for maintaining good oral health. Colleges provide admission on the basis of marks in the entrance test. Candidates will have to score the minimum marks to get admission to MDS course. After finishing the course, students get employed easily by hospitals, medical colleges, and private nursing homes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is BDS a 3 year course?

Ans. BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) is a 5-years undergraduate program and the only approved professional dental course in India. It is a compulsory course for the students aspiring to work as dentists at government or private hospitals.

2. Is BDS a 5 year course?

Ans. BDS ( Bachelor of Dental Surgery) is a 5-year undergraduate program in India. It is the most popular course sought after MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

3. Is the BDS course easier than the MBBS?

Ans. Both courses have the same value. MBBS and BDS are equally difficult and equally easy. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Whereas, BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental surgery.

4. Is NEET necessary for BDS?

Ans. BDS is considered one of the most popular career choices among medical aspirants. The one gateway for BDS Admissions in India is through the NEET exam. Therefore, it is mandatory for the candidates to qualify for the same.

5. Is MBBS required for a dentist?

Ans. To become a dentist, students have to pursue a Bachelor of Dental Surgery ( BDS Degree) or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery courses ( MBBS Degree) in Dentistry. There has been a good demand for dentists not only in India but also abroad.

6. Can BDS do surgery?

Ans. To practice the profession after completing the professional course of B.D.S in general surgery, it becomes necessary for the students to register with the Dental Council of India. To take admission in BDS in General Surgery students must fulfil the eligibility criteria.


BDS is a 5 years dental program in which students gain full knowledge about the dental department. 


BDS is Bachelor of dental science. In which students get full knowledge about the dental department. It is a 4 years academic study program and the last 1 year for a medical internship which is mandatory for all.

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