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Soil Institute of Management Facilities: Details, Reviews, Infrastructure

  • Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Private

Saurav Anand
  • Soil Institute of Management has cooperation in collaboration with Cedep, France, Politecnico DI Milano, Italy Royal Roads University, Canada, Shizenkan University, Japan, Johannesburg Business School, South Africa, and other institutions.
  • Soil Institute of Management enjoys a great reputation on the market.
  • Soil Institute of Management promises to provide the highest quality of education for its students.
  • Soil Institute of Management is a place with a strong bond with its alumni.
  • Soil Institute of Management enjoys an excellent connection and a strong relationship with US University.
  • Soil Institute of Management runs various programs related to academics and research to build the character of the students.

Soil Institute of management’s businesses and clubs aid students in developing their leadership abilities outside of the classroom.

Students at SOIL are able to find a group that can meet almost every desire. A club is an organization of students supervised by students. The school strives to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among its students by inviting them to start their own clubs, with trained team members.

As an active member of the organization, you can improve your leadership abilities, build personal and professional networks and meet new people and appreciate new perspectives, while making relationships with fellow students as well as faculty, recruiters along with business professionals.

The clubs of the Soil Institute of Management Facilities

Toastmaster Club

A Toastmasters club assists its members at the Soil Institute of Management to learn public speaking, communication, and leadership abilities in an environment that is not for profit. Every Friday and Sunday, we participate in the following event.

Outdoor Sports & Adventure

Our aim at the Soil Institute of Management’s Sports & Adventure Club is to offer students numerous opportunities to learn practical skills as well as develop practical skills and increase their fitness levels by engaging outdoors in activities.

Real Estate Club

In the Soil Institute for Management at the Soil Institute of Management, the Real Estate Club aims to offer MBA students who are interested in pursuing to pursue a career in real estate with education opportunities and networking opportunities, as well as recruitment contacts, as well as other career-related services.

Consumer Marketing Club

It is regarded as the Soil Institute of management’s top club. Students wanting to broaden their understanding of marketing can join the club for marketing. Apart from various activities and classes The club also conducts workshops and seminars throughout each year, to help keep members current with a broad range of activities, including marketing, advertising, research and sales.

Cricket Club

Fans and cricket fans are invited for a membership in this Soil Institute of Management Cricket Club. Alongside being part of the SOIL Premier League, the club also hosts other activities during the entire year. In addition cricket club television broadcasts live cricket matches at the college in the evenings.

Events – SOIL Premier League.

Quiz Club

The quiz club is for enthusiasts from SOIL. Soil Institute of Management with thirst for knowledge. This is among the most well-known clubs at SOIL. The club hosts a quiz every Wednesday with topics such as movies, politics and cricket, entertainment, management, and more.

Social Impact Club

Social Impact Club Social Impact Club was founded by students at the Soil Institute of Management to inform them on social concerns. Participants who are interested in taking part in club-related activities work closely with our partners from NGO partners.

Yoga Club

Staying fit and active through yoga can help find peace for students. Wellness and yoga classes are part of the Soil Institute of Management’s MBA experience. Every morning during morning circles, yoga club members perform special performances.

Cinema Club

The club is among the most fascinating on offer at SOIL for students fascinated by cinema, short films, film making and more. The activities range from filmmaking to editing video It is certainly one of the more exciting clubhouses at Soil Institute of Management.

Dramatics Club

On campus, students can participate in a drama group. Apart from producing plays, the club has also conducted interactive sessions for youngsters and conducted workshops on technical aspects of theatre. Theatre classes are provided for Soil Institute of Management students to help them learn about the importance of ethics and mindfulness.

Investors Club

Students who are interested in investing might want to consider joining the investor club. The club offers training programs, mentorship and career planning. Through this club students can have the chance to work closely with the finance faculty at Soil Institute of Management, participate in research and compete at case contests.

Wine Club

Students can be a part of students in the Wine Club at Soil Institute of Management for a learning environment to gain knowledge about both domestic and international spirits and wines. Additionally, we encourage students to develop a greater knowledge of different cultures and how drinks are utilized. Additionally, we provide students the opportunity to understand how wine is produced in the distillation process, then distributed. Dinners for business include wine; learn to order wine and the best way to match a specific wine with food.

Nature & Gardening Club

An exploration and gardening group for college students. Through different activities, such as plant trees and maintaining the lawns, the garden club improves the natural appearance on the campus.Soil institute of management gardens offer the opportunity to explore gardening, observe and the cultivation of plants in addition to organic agriculture and permaculture training.

Music Club

Our club is located at Soil Institute of Management offers music opportunities for IIM Calcutta students and the community. The music club performs each year during the Soil Institute of Management’s annual celebrations.