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SAGE University Indore Reviews

  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Private University
  • ASSOCHAM, I-Guage, TOI

Aditi Chaurasia

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Reviews

Tanmay Singh, B.Tech CSE

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Campus: The university's infrastructure is very beautiful. The university has an incredible infrastructure, which makes students feel proud. We have WiFi available 24 hours a day for unrestricted browsing, and we have a thorough student monitoring system that reports to parents on student performance every month.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Placement: Starting in the second year and continuing for one to one and a half years until they land a job, students receive training in aptitude, reasoning, free government exam preparation, soft skills and language training, and interviewing techniques.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Course: BTech in CSE from SAGE, in all categories, including academics, placements, rankings, facilities, faculty, etc. is excellent. Faculty members are knowledgeable and helpful in their specialties. Every course at this college is applied, which aids students in becoming marketable. Because semester exams are not difficult, having a high pass rate can help students' cumulative grade point average (CGPA) rise.

Nisha Sinha, MBA

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Campus: Students from so many nations study and live together on campus at SAGE University, which exemplifies the university's commitment to diversity. The events also highlight the combined abilities of Indian and non-Indian students. Students learn so much from each other's cultures. Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and high-quality furniture are available as facilities in the college. The college has ample laboratories, classrooms, a playground, and indoor game facilities, among other amenities. Everyone enjoys the hostel's excellent amenities, such as the delicious cuisine. Additionally, the college features medical facilities.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Course: The instructors are extremely helpful. They are highly empathetic and qualified with extensive knowledge. The faculty-designed curriculum also prepares students for industry-level examinations.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Placement: About 80 percent of the students were assigned to my class. The highest offered package is approximately INR 3 LPA- INR 4 LPA. Byju's, Flipkart, etc., were among the top recruiting companies. Front-end and back-end developers, evaluators, operating system developers, etc., were among the most sought-after positions available.

Vishal Kumar, BBA

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Campus: Numerous facilities are accessible to students on the campus of SAGE University. On-campus amenities are provided to ensure that students can study and reside comfortably. The SAGE University infrastructure includes a full-service banking facility, food courts, canteens, book and stationery stores, pharmacies, ATMs, recreational centres, hostels for both boys and girls and other amenities. Whatever you require as a student or as an individual is available here.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Course: SAGE University is a place where students not only obtain a degree but also gain valuable life teachings. Nevertheless, the university allows you to pursue both academics and extracurricular activities, based on your preferences. I am honoured to be a graduate of SAGE University, and I am pleased with what I have learned about academics and other aspects of life through participation in conferences, campaigns, and other activities.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Placement: At SAGE University, placements are typically guaranteed 100 percent. To ensure that all of its students are employed, the institute assists in establishing connections between its students and top market leaders. At the beginning of placements, SAGE University considers the preferences of the recruiters so that they can plan their preferences accordingly.

Mukul Jaiswal, BCA

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Campus: Numerous annual celebrations on campus, such as concerts and seminars by major industrialists, comprise campus life. You can find any form of book in the Library. In addition, the classroom is equipped with a fan, air conditioning, a projector, computer laboratories, and an excellent seating arrangement.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Course: Faculty members are competent and productive. Methods of instruction are very simple and explained Exams are timed, and it was very simple to pass due to the teachers' excellent explanations. The class size is 90 students. The annual BCA fee is INR 1,00,000.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Placement: Many companies, including Amazon, Google, and others, offer apprenticeships. These companies offer apprenticeships that are sometimes paid and sometimes certificate-based. The assignment is general and occasionally provides a large project to a group.

Aamir, MBA Marketing Management

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Campus: The cuisine served at this establishment is of exceptional quality. Our college features the finest dining hall and medical facilities. All sporting and recreational facilities are available.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Course: The course curriculum is well-structured. At Sage University, I have received support from faculty members who assist with every issue. They are highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced. The teaching calibre of instructors is exceptional. The finest university is Sage.

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Placement: Between 60 and 80 percent of students were assigned. The highest package offered was 10 LPA. The average package was 3 LPA. Amazon, Dell, Wipro, Quicker, Reliance, and Essar Bank of Baroda are among the leading recruiters for our course. About sixty percent of our students obtained internships through our Amazon course.