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SAGE University Indore Facilities 2024

  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Private University
  • ASSOCHAM, I-Guage, TOI

Aditi Chaurasia

Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Facilities

  1. Sunstone- Sage University Indore provides a unique blend of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to focus on the growth of every student by enriching their knowledge and motivating them to get insights. SAGE Indore powered by Sunstone provides high-quality education in management and engineering courses at the lush green hilltop campus. Here are some of the facilities that are available at SAGE Indore.
  2. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Campus Infrastructure: SAGE University Indore is equipped with modern infrastructure, including well-designed buildings, classrooms, and laboratories. The campus is designed to provide a comfortable and technologically advanced learning environment. On purpose, CCTV cameras have been deployed all across the Sunstone University Indore campus. Every day of the week, all day long. There is a security guard at each point of entry and exit. On and off campus, only enrolled students, faculty, and staff are permitted, and only after successfully passing biometric security checks. Appointments must be made, and the relevant office's consent must be acquired.
  3. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Library: The staff and students at Sunstone Indore rely heavily on the library for intellectual pursuits. The computerized library serves as a virtual information warehouse, holding theses, dissertations, national and international periodicals and journals, sample text, reference volumes, etc. In addition to offering access to e-journals, CDs, project reports, government publications, reports, newsletters, and back volumes on management, information technology, mass communication, hospitality management, fashion, and science, among other subjects, the library maintains a distinctive collection of required textbooks, current research papers, and print reference materials.
  4. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Labs: SAGE University Indore may have computer labs equipped with the latest hardware and software, providing students with access to technology and practical learning opportunities. Departmental Laboratories are also available at the campus.
  5. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Seminar Halls: Sunstone - Sage Indore seminar rooms are well-appointed, spacious, air-conditioned lecture halls with sufficient seating capacity and the most modern teaching aides, such as overhead projectors and flat-panel displays. These cutting-edge teaching aids ensure that students and teachers have access to the most current content. This differs from traditional textbook education in that students are engaged in a more interactive classroom experience.
  6. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Sports and Recreation: The university may offer sports facilities such as indoor and outdoor sports grounds, a gymnasium, and other recreational facilities. These amenities are provided to promote physical fitness and overall well-being.
  7. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Hostel Accommodation: SAGE University Indore may have hostels or residential facilities for students who require on-campus accommodation. These hostels typically provide a safe and comfortable living environment. SAGE University Indore Hostel fees for boys and girls are INR 6,000 per month.
  8. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Cafeteria and Dining: The cafeteria provides a lively atmosphere and nutritious food, but it also pioneered a new model of knowledge exchange. It is a creative and informal approach to learning in which participants actively enhance their interpersonal skills by fighting, debating, and deliberating over a cup of coffee. It serves a variety of nutritious and hygienic foods and beverages to accommodate the varied preferences of students, faculty, and visitors. These facilities often offer a variety of cuisines to cater to different tastes.
  9. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Medical Facilities: The university may have a medical centre or tie-ups with nearby hospitals to cater to the healthcare needs of students. Doctors offer free first aid and therapy to students. In the area of the school, there are partnerships with some of the most renowned speciality hospitals for students who need medical attention for illnesses.
  10. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Transportation: SAGE University Indore might provide transportation facilities for students and staff, either through university-owned buses or through tie-ups with local transport services.
  11. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Wi-Fi: The entire Sunstone Indore campus is equipped with Wi-Fi and a sufficient amount of Internet bandwidth. Individual Logins are provided to registered students so that they may access campus internet services from any registered device. Helps to facilitate research, online learning, and communication.
  12. Sunstone SAGE University Indore Events: Many events and festivals are organized at the campus. Social events for awareness and charity also happen. Games, dances, sports, and other activities are organized throughout the year. Alumni Meet and Annual Function are the two prominent events of SAGE Indore.
  13. Sunstone SAGE University Indore's other facilities: Auditorium, Design & Drawing Studio, and Co-curricular Clubs like:
    • Cultural Club – Foster intercultural understanding with cultural events.
    • Cyber Club – Learn about data privacy, cybersecurity & ethical hacking.
    • Editorial Club – Learn to write & edit through newsletters, magazines, etc.
    • Finance Club – Learn to invest & manage money through events & activities.
    • Robotics Club – Organise events & activities to develop skills for building robots.
    • Marketing Club – Develop marketing skills through projects, competitions & events.
    • Human Resource Club – Learn to recruit, train & develop relations with events & activities.
    • Entrepreneurship Club – Learn business planning, research, management & networking.
    • Marketing Club – Learn marketing conclaves, live projects, guest lectures, marketers’ symposiums, product contests, workshops, corporate networking, content creation, and more.
    • Theatre Club – Learn storytelling events, stage plays, videography contests, and more to explore their interest in the acting domain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sunstone – SAGE University Indore Facilities

Q. Is there a library on campus?

Ans. Yes, SAGE University Indore is likely to have a library where students can access a variety of resources for their academic studies.

Q. Are there computer labs available for student use?

Ans. Yes, the university may provide computer labs equipped with the necessary hardware and software for students to work on assignments and projects.

Q. Are there sports facilities on campus?

Ans. SAGE University Indore may have sports facilities, including indoor and outdoor sports grounds, where students can engage in recreational activities and sports.

Q. Are there hostels available for students who require accommodation?

Ans. Yes, the university may offer hostels or residential facilities for students who need on-campus accommodation. These hostels typically provide a safe and comfortable living environment.

Q. Is there a cafeteria or food court on campus?

Ans. Yes, there may be a cafeteria or multiple food outlets on campus where students can have meals and refreshments.

Q. What medical facilities are available on campus?

Ans. SAGE University Indore may have a medical centre or tie-ups with nearby hospitals to cater to the healthcare needs of students. Basic medical services and first aid may be available on campus.

Q. Is there transportation available for commuting to and from the campus?

Ans. The university may provide transportation facilities such as buses or have tie-ups with local transport services to assist students with commuting.

Q. Is there Wi-Fi available on campus?

Ans. Yes, the campus is likely to have Wi-Fi and internet connectivity to facilitate research, online learning, and communication.