Welingkar Bangalore

Welingkar Bangalore Scholarship

Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Type: Private | Approved By:AICTE

We School Bangalore Scholarships 2022/2021

  1. We School Bangalore Scholarships 2022/2021 for candidates belonging to reserved category/ economically backward section admitted through CAP Round:The concession (if any) in the tuition and development fees will be offered to Maharashtra state candidates belonging to reserved category/ economically backward section.
  2. Linnaeus-Palme We School Bangalore Scholarships 2022/2021: Teachers and students exchange ideas as part of the Linnaeus-Palme program. The program aims to foster long-term cooperation between higher education institutions in Sweden based on mutual benefit.

Welingkar Bangalore hostel fees:

1. Does Welingkar provide hostel?

Ans. Hostel Facilities :


The Welingkar organization does not have its own hostel, but they have contacts with other living facilities. The Welingkar Bangalore hostel fees are quite high, 1.5 lakhs per year, which is quite expensive and does not include food, which is very expensive.

2. What is the hostel fees in Bangalore? What is the approximate cost of living in hostels for men in Bangalore?

Type of hostelApproximate cost
Regular Hostels (Private Rooms)Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 13,000 per month
Regular Hostels (Shared Rooms)Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000 per month

3. Does welingkar Mumbai have hostel?

Ans. Hostel Facilities :

There are four hostels in Welingkar, two for boys and two for girls. Their location is between 2 and 5 kilometers from the campus in the Matunga area.

4. Does Welingkar have gym?

Ans. All the amenities are present, such as gym, sports, canteen, and cleanliness is maintained.

5. How is Welingkar Bangalore placements?

Ans. Welingkar Bangalore placements Batch 2019-2021

There was a good response from companies during the Welingkar Bangalore placements, not just in terms of the number of job profiles but also in terms of the diversity of roles and attractive packages. The campus was visited by 291 companies, of which 50 were new.

6. Is welingkar better than KJ Somaiya?

Ans. Both Welingkar and Welingkar are excellent institutes. Their rankings are almost the same. However, K.J. Somaiya’s ROI is higher. Since both of the institutes have their campuses in Mumbai, students in either college can get a lot of exposure to the industry.

7. How is the Welingkar Bangalore campus? And is the PGDM E-business course good?

Ans. There is a lot to like about Welingkar Bangalore, from the academics to the faculty, activities, overall development, various opportunities, as well as placements.


Being located in the IT hub of the country and especially in Electronic City, the PGDM E-Biz is the flagship course of the campus.


It is newer and smaller than Mumbai’s campus, but in every other respect, it is just as good.

Best course in Welingkar:

1. Which specialization is best at Welingkar PGDM, marketing, finance, or HR?

Ans. Welingkar is one of India’s top administration management schools. Multidisciplinary learning is emphasized in WeSchool’s PGDM flagship program, with specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations. In addition to providing students with exposure to real-life business scenarios, it aims to develop them as competent future managers with leadership skills and a positive, innovative mindset.


It is quite subjective to say which is the best specialization in Welingkar because it largely depends on the student’s profile. Welingkar is usually preferred for marketing because a lot of good companies are placed there for the marketing branch. Finance companies also exist in the city, but they have a lot of criteria for shortlisting students during placements, such as past academic records. For major profiles, CFA certification is also looked for. Because of this, it is better to recommend Welingkar for marketing.

2. Which is better, a PGDM or MMS from Welingkar Mumbai?

Ans. The similarities between MMS as well as PGDM (2-year Full-time) :


  1. The curriculum and learning experience are the same. Both of them will help prepare you for the things you’ll need to achieve in the end.
  2. Placements for both programs are the same, and recruiters are more concerned with branding and the candidate’s capability than the specific program you’ve worked with.


However, there are some variations in the programs. Let’s take a take a look at the distinctions:


  1. MMS is, at its core is a degree from a university and is more reputable in this regard. The PGDM PGDM is provided by a particular institute, and requires be cautious and enroll in only those institutes that are established and are recognized by the industry. If there’s the option of choosing in between MMS and PG from a less prestigious institute, it would make more sense to choose the MMS program.
  2. PGDM courses provide greater structure, more course content, and flexibility when compared with the MMS program. Welingkar has more subject areas within their PGDM course structure. This is not the case for MMS which has to be in line with the structure of the university course as well as core subjects and electives. A popular opinion shared by many students enrolled in MMS MMS course is the fact that institution does not update the syllabus regularly to keep pace with current developments.
  3. PGDM batch is generally more diverse than MMS batch because of the differences in the admissions process. Because the PGDM process begins with screening based on the written test/profile, Group/Case Discussion as well as Personal Interview rounds The students who are accepted are believed to be more diverse and better. But it is not possible to generalize this. The MMS admissions to the program are dependent on Centralized Admission Process (CAP) that is based solely on the aptitude/written test scores, which could be or may not be the most effective screening instrument.

Both of them are of equal importance. MMS can provide you with an insight into the industry. MMS is grounded in industry-specific knowledge, while PGDM is more theoretical. The distinction in PGDM and mms is that MMS is a part of Mumbai university, whereas PGDM is the program that is run by Welingkar.

3. Is Welingkar good for marketing?

Ans. Welingkar is often preferred for marketing since it has many reputable companies looking for placements in the marketing field. There are also good companies in finance, but these companies have many criteria for shortlisting students during placements, like past academic records.

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