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MRIIRS Faridabad Reviews on Infrastructure, Campus, Placement, Facilities & Faculty

  • Faridabad, Haryana
  • UGC
  • Type: Private
Based on 20 Reviews9/10

Aditi Chaurasia

Manish Dubey, BCA

Admission Process: A grade point average of at least 60% is required for entry into the 12th grade. You can find whatever you need on the Manav Rachna website. We cannot provide any discounts for reservations. If you have an SAT/ACT composite score of 80 or above, you will get full tuition assistance.

Course Overview: This course is the only way for me to get the IT training I need to pursue a job in the sector. We're talking about a student body that exceeds 10,000 and a faculty of over 200. All of the professors have advanced degrees in computer science. They've been in the classroom for much longer and can share their knowledge with others. Typically, the test comes around the middle of November. The curriculum is not too challenging, and you will be well-prepared for the test. The class size is 180 and the fee is about INR 126,000 each year.

Placement: Students in their final semester have the opportunity to participate in the placement drive, providing them with valuable placement experience. The average salary is $5,000,000 at companies like IBM and Infosys and Delloite and HCL and Byju's and Capgemini, while the maximum salary is $11,000,000. Almost 70% of our graduates find rewarding employment shortly after graduation.

Campus Life: There is a yearly festival and a tech festival where students may demonstrate their abilities and compete for prizes. Manav Rachna is home to two massive libraries stocked with a wide variety of books and other resources for students. Wi-Fi is also accessible within the library. In comparison to similar universities, our sports facilities are exceptional. There are more than 5 sports fields in Manav Rachna.

Abhinav, BTech CSE

Admission Process: The admissions procedure was really simple. I took the JEE for admission purposes. I received enough grades for admission. The application I submitted was from a college. I would want to see a more organized admissions procedure.

Course Overview: This subject was chosen due to my interest in computers. The instructor-to-student ratio of around 1 to 20 is highly favorable. The faculty's instructional quality is pretty high. They dispel uncertainties. Term examinations occur at regular intervals. The class size is 23 and the course fee is INR 210000 annually.

Campus Life: The annual Tech Fest is held in March. The yearly festival is held annually. There are textbooks for every subject. There are several sports on campus, including basketball, cricket, and football, among others. There are several clubs, such as forest rhinos and water sharks, etc.

Pooja Rawat, MBA in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Development

Admission Process: Minimum requirement for qualifying was 50% in graduation. The application form was freely accessible on campus. No, I have not taken advantage of any reservation perks. Indeed, they should need an entrance exam before granting admission.

Course Overview: I've always desired an MBA, therefore I'm doing a professional degree in MBA HR discipline. We have 15 faculty members for the whole MBA management department. the ratio of 15 to 100 The professor was really accommodating, supportive, and knowledgeable. Monthly tests were administered, with finals at the conclusion of the semester. The class size is 100 and the course fee is INR 600,000 annually.

Placement: At the completion of the third semester, students are eligible for campus placements. Accenture, Coforge, Byjus, and Axis Bank, among others, were recruited on campus. The highest available bundle was 9 LPA and the lowest was 3 LPA. Around 70% of students were placed by their institution.

Campus Life: The yearly festival is held annually and involves several extracurricular activities. The majority of the celebration was held in November. The library was rather large, with all required textbooks accessible, well-stocked, and roomy, with comfortable seating and a pleasant atmosphere. a variety of dining options, gorgeous halls, and architecture. Students enjoy sports including football, basketball, and cricket, among others. There are several extracurricular activities each week. Social organizations for tree preservation, recycling workshops, and social cleanliness clubs.

Kritika Kapila, BBA in Banking and Finance

Admission Process: We had the MRNAT exam throughout the application process, so before filling out the application form, I took the entrance exam, passed it, and then continued with the application procedure. Upon admittance, we must pay the first payment price in half. And a minimum score of 65% is necessary for admission. Upon admittance, we participated in an orientation program.

Course Overview: I was interested in commerce in school, and I want to start my own firm, so BBA is the greatest alternative, and a finance concentration enables me to manage my own financial accounts. The strength of the faculties is excellent, and all of the professors are very experienced and well-educated; they all have a Ph.D. The method of teaching is remarkable and streamlined. There are three tests every semester, of which two are internal and one is the final exam at the conclusion of the semester, and they are fairly tough to pass. The class size is 36 and course fees are INR 1,655,000 per year.

Placements: We were eligible for placements in the fifth semester. Jardo education and AU small finance bank are among the business development and sales businesses that visited the school. The highest package is 6.40 LPA and the lowest is 3.0 LPA. Up to 70% of students got placement.

Campus Life: During the winter months, the department of student welfare hosts an annual festival on campus. We have two large libraries on campus, one of which is a central library that has all the textbooks for each subject as well as student journals and newspapers. We offer a sports stadium and a shooting range for shooters; our sports facilities are of the highest quality. There are several clans and groups that hold occasional festivities.

Veenu Karakoti, BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

Admission Process: The admissions procedure was straightforward. Teachers were available for counseling. They briefed us about the course, curriculum, and other campus amenities when we met them. After receiving counseling, we completed the paperwork and requested additional processes. It was not difficult since there were signs everywhere directing parents to the appropriate department. We were finally given the opportunity based on available seats, and our information was submitted online.

Course Overview: I always see myself reporting from the field. This is the reason why I chose mass communication. The student-to-teacher ratio was satisfactory, and I do not think any pupil can complain about it. Instructors are competent, and they constantly assist us with course-related assignments. Each instructor has a doctorate. There are semester exams, and before to each semester, the college used to administer two sessional examinations. They are essential to comprehending our preparedness. The semester begins in May and ends in December. The examination papers were of middling quality. It is not too challenging to pass. The class size is 68 and the course fee is INR 135500 annually.

Placement: Placements occur during the last academic semester. The university solicits several firms for recruiting. The median package size is 3.75 LPA while the maximum is 23 LPA. It is impossible to determine the proportion of students who are placed, although the placement drive places a large number of kids.

Campus Life: Each year the college hosts an annual festival. Compared to Delhi universities and private institutions, it is inferior. The library is incredible. You'll adore it. It has all the volumes, comfy chairs, complete air conditioning, and competent personnel. There is air conditioning and enough seats in classrooms. There are indoor and outdoor facilities for practically all forms of sports. The school has its own gymnasium. There are numerous societies i.e. dancing societies, theatrical groups, fashion clubs, etc.

Snigdha, BBA.LLB

Admission Process: I took the CLAT after finishing 12th grade. When I attended Manav Rachna International University to conduct the test and interview, there was something really intriguing about the institution, the atmosphere, the facilities, and the faculty members. I had a decent rank and applied to several IP schools, even gaining admission. In addition, I wanted to study law, and the university offered a BBA.LLB integrated law program, which attracted my attention. First, there was a computerized test, which I passed. Then, there was a group discussion round in which I was selected because I answered many questions. Lastly, there was a personal interview round in which my communication skills pleased the professors. I even received a scholarship in my first year. My college organized the Fresher's celebration, in which I participated, and I'm incredibly fortunate to have been named Miss Fresher's 2019. The professors are extremely accommodating and understanding and they do a great job of explaining our topics.

Course Overview: I picked this integrated curriculum since it would provide me with BBA and LLB degrees in only 5 years. There are legal courses such as IPC, CPC, CrPC, and Evidence law. There are several parts and articles we must remember. I selected law as a profession because I like social work. I've occasionally visited ashrams and donated food, clothing, etc., and I like assisting the community. I'm also aware that strong attorneys are required to effect change in our society. What could be better than earning a living via social service? I am loving my legal classes as well as my practical classes, and the faculty members are extremely pleasant and helpful. There are several contests organized at our institution, giving us a variety of extracurricular activities. The class size is 20 and course fees is INR 170,000 per year.

Internship Possibilities: In the first year, because I had an excellent GPA, the institution wanted to give me with a very good internship opportunity. My faculty head gave me an internship at a very good legal company, but it was quite distant from my home, so I was unable to continue. After I was supplied with the list, the lockdown began. I was forced to do an online internship. I completed an internship with the legal company SunLegal, which provided me with invaluable experience, and fresh knowledge, and enhanced my case brief writing, article writing, etc. It was not a paid internship since my primary objective was to get more information and experience rather than a paid internship. Now, my colleges have reopened. Now, I'm hoping for a wonderful opportunity.

Campus Life: Every November, our institution has yearly festivals at which well-known celebrities such as Farhan Akhtar and others perform. Festivals, Rakhi celebrations, Durga pujas, Valentine's Day, etc., are accompanied by a variety of activities and contests. We participate and get awards as well. There are several groups and societies on campus, such as the arts, music, and dance clubs. I was a member of the fashion society; they used to send us to various campuses for contests, but I had to stop last year due to the overwhelming workload. I'll rejoin and participate in auditions. There are moot court contests and the classrooms are well-furnished, completely air-conditioned, and spotless. I include both schooling and extracurricular activities since they are equally vital.