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ISBR Bangalore Reviews

  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Private

Saurav Anand

How Is ISBR Bangalore?

Faculty members treats us like family.

ISBR placements:The placements of our batch were held in an effective manner, and our seniors were placed in good companies like Byju’s, HSBC, etc. The college provides a spectrum of specialisations. The internship procedures are good. Students went to reputed companies. There is a placement cell which is responsible for students’ career and their growth.

ISBR infrastructure: The infrastructure of the college is worthwhile. Classrooms, auditorium, amphitheatre and canteen are more than sufficient for students. The library has a wide number of books and magazines with new issues coming in regularly. If a student is in need of a book, the college steps in to help the student.

ISBR faculty: Faculty members of our college are highly educated and experienced. They teach us how management is required not just in the workplace but also in our day to day life. They make sure to indulge each and every student in all the activities. Industrial visits are a norm here.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2020

It is a great learning experience at this college.

ISBR placements:Companies are visiting our college since October. Some of the top recruiters handpick students from ISBR to be a part of their team. The college also provides good internship opportunities for students across all the fields. The average salary package offered ranges from 4 LPA to 6 LPA. The college has performed outstandingly regarding placements.

ISBR infrastructure: The infrastructure of the college is good, and there are separate rooms for different activities. There are many other facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, AC, well-maintained classrooms, separate placement cell, amphitheatre, auditorium and an updated library. A doctor is available from Monday to Friday.

ISBR faculty: All the faculty members are well-educated, experienced and have one-to-one contact with every student. They will be ready to give their best and assist you at any point of time, but they need effort from students’ side as well. I feel that the biggest strength of ISBR is its faculty members, they are unbiased and treat every student equally.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2019

A review on ISBR Business School, Bangalore.

ISBR placements:ISBR business school has arranged Skill capital Programme to set our path towards placements according to our skill. This idea is going very well. More than 85% of the students have got PPO during the internship. The stipend is also offered to the students. Our seniors are also well-placed. Companies like India bull, Star Bazaar, Hypercity, Goldman’s sack, Share Khan, IBIS, Microland, Decathlon, etc. come to our college for campusing.

ISBR infrastructure: ISBR campus is a dense building constructed with granite bricks, and the campus has a lot of trees. The college has a beautiful garden with an amphitheatre. The college has a huge library. The college also has a good and well-designed auditorium. The college also has a computer lab and an entrepreneurship lab.

ISBR faculty: The faculty members of the college are awesome. The programme designed for each semester is very systematic. The college has many clubs, and each club will organise an event. The college provides certification along with the specialisation. The college also invites good guest faculty members. The college organises a corporate guest faculty session every Saturday.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Batch of 2019

A college with energetic and enthusiastic culture.

ISBR placements:Many companies offer the jobs through on-campus as well as off-campus drives for the students of finance, marketing and HR domain. The students also get placed in the renowned startups. Since the placement cell organised an internship fair named Skill Capital, several renowned startups, as well as organisations like TUV, Myntra, IBM, E&Y, Indiabulls, IDBI federal, Microland, DHL, Future Group, offered the internship opportunities.

ISBR infrastructure: The college has a state-of-art infrastructure with all the requirements. The library has all the sufficient and updated editions of books. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled, and the college also has a visiting doctor in case of an emergency. It has a hostel with good capacity. The canteen is quite big to accommodate the students. The amphitheatre is also one of the attractions of the college.

ISBR faculty: Faculty members in the college are very good and friendly. According to me, the best faculty members are professor VV Rao, professor Shiv Prakash, and professor Preja Sreedhar. Faculty members also act as mentors for students. The course curriculum is well-organised and covers the whole area of business dynamics. The college also organises different industrial visits to expose students to the industry trends.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2019

I’m satisfied with the faculty members and placements provided by the college.

ISBR placements:The college offers internships. A lot of corporate companies in different sectors like marketing, finance, HR, etc. visit the college for placements. Placements for students in our senior batch were good, and they got placed in good companies like Adecco etc. with nice packages.

ISBR infrastructure: We have Wi-fi facility with digitized classrooms. The library is accessible anytime. The competitive environment provides give and take of knowledge. The hostel facility is good with games like badminton and table tennis. Cultural and technical events are held

ISBR faculty: There are faculty members from the corporate sector who groom us constantly. They are experienced, and elite personalities are available to mentor you. Students are made aware of the corporate culture and professionalism as they get acquainted.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2019

The college provides a great platform for learning.

ISBR placements:The college has good industry contacts. A number of companies come for placements every year. Ultimately, the placements depend on your performance. The college organises Skill Capital and Talent Connect for internships and placements which helps you find your skills, what you are good at and then connects you with the right industry as per your skills.

ISBR infrastructure: ISBR has very good infrastructure with all facilities like library, canteen, auditorium, Wi-Fi and A/C classrooms. The canteen is spacious, and quality of food is good. Classrooms are well-equipped with projectors, mics, speakers, A/Cs etc. The library has a wide collection of books.

ISBR faculty: Faculty members in our college are very helpful and understanding. They are also highly qualified and experienced. The course curriculum is designed in a way to provide industry exposure. There are many opportunities to interact with corporates. By following the trimester system, we got a chance to unlearn and relearn by studying more subjects and obtaining more knowledge.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2020

Satisfied with college infrastructure

ISBR placements:The salary package offered for our seniors was 8 LPA. There is a placement committee to look after the placement activities. Many companies related to marketing, finance and HR sectors visit the campus for recruitment. Most of our seniors were placed in reputed companies like Byjus, Zaro Education, etc., with high salary packages.

ISBR infrastructure: We had an infrastructure with facilities like auditorium, amphitheatre, cafeteria and also entrepreneurship cell, library. Spacious classrooms with projectors and AC facilities. We also have many programs that were conducted outside the classroom in amphitheatre.

ISBR faculty: We have best faculty, experienced in Tier own particular domains and also have a expertise from the corporate too. We also have visiting faculty who are very proactive and indulge us in all the activities and give us maximum knowledge that can help us.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2020

College is good with an average placements facilities.

ISBR placements:Placements in the college are going on in full swing. The college provides good training for students to face the challenging questions posed by the interviewers. There are many workshops conducted to improve the managerial skills of students which mean a lot in the career ahead. Also, live-internships are offered to students wherein students take up live projects and contribute their analysis.

ISBR infrastructure: The infrastructure of our college is really good. Classrooms are equipped with smart projector screens which help the faculty members to deliver quality lessons with virtual examples. Classrooms are kept neat and clean throughout the day, and they are also equipped with air-conditioners. The college has an amphitheatre where a few sessions and events are conducted. There is also an auditorium which can easily accommodate 250 people.

ISBR faculty: ISBR comprises of both internal and external faculty members. They regularly push students to be the best version of themselves by challenging students with case studies, paper presentations and mentorship challenges. We undergo daily presentations and activities that intrigue our critical thinking. Overall, the faculty members here are great.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2020

ISBR defines unity in diversity.

ISBR placements:Placement opportunities at ISBR are great. The college invites major leading companies to the campus. The college provides students with regular industry exposure since the beginning of the sessions which gives them insights about the industry. At the end, good placement opportunities still depend upon the skills and knowledge of an individual.

ISBR infrastructure: The infrastructure of the college is decent. The campus comprises of facilities like an amphitheatre, a library consisting of a plethora of business books and novels, canteen, a huge auditorium, well-conditioned classrooms and provisions of proper medical facilities whenever required.

ISBR faculty: Faculty members are very helpful in nature. They will help you in every situations. They will groom you and will help you in building your confidence and personality. They will also help you for getting prepared for future challenges. And also give you good advices for life.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2018

I am satisfied with this college.

ISBR placements:Till now, approximately 50-60% of the students are already placed from course. The course will end in June 2020. The highest salary package offered is 10.2 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is 3.5 LPA. The average salary package offered is around 5.5 LPA. I am in the finance department and PWC, Deloitte, Factset, Federal Bank, Odessa Technologies, etc., are the top recruiting companies in our department. The role offered are like executive accounting, back office, business analytics, etc. Almost 100% of the students are offered an internship at our college.

ISBR infrastructure: Wonderful! Every class has an AC and a projector. There’s a lawn. An amphitheatre. And an auditorium. Over all, a beautiful campus! There’s a lot of greenery. And the washrooms are super clean. The library is huge and has many books that help us with our subjects.

ISBR faculty: The faculty is wonderful! Every professor teaching us has a minimum of 2 degrees. They are so knowledgeable. And it’s always a treat to listen to them! The course curriculum is wonderfully designed! We get to learn so much every single day. And the way things are taught makes us remember even the hardest of the topics.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Batch of 2020

ISBR is a one of the top colleges in Bangalore. If you want practical knowledge this college is good for you. You can improve skills here. Faculties are professional and they will motivate you to improve yourself.

Surbhi Mishra

ISBR is one of the best BSchool in Bangalore. They have a good academic reputation and also industry oriented. One can improve their skills as it gives a very practical way of learning. All the professors are really interactive and helpful.


ISBR Business School is the most popular in B Schools of India . It has got all the qualities required for a good institution. ISBR not only focuses on academics. This is the place where you feel the world which is far away from the books. Besides, academics it also excels in ECA or co-curricular activities. You will find people of different cultures and states here. You’ll never get bored at this place.

Mayank Bhardwaj

I choose ISBR for it’s excellent pedagogy, dynamic peer group and prominent faculty. It’s one of the best B school. It is a place of civility, friendship, and good cheer. Students can freely meet and talk with faculty and staff. I am really lucky and actually blessed to be a part of this institution.

Tanisha Bora

ISBR is a good college. I am pursuing my PGDM course from there and what I’ve   learnt about the college so far is that it provides you a good blend of practical and theoretical knowledge and the faculty members are super interactive.

the course started with a 3 week orientation program where we got to interact with our batchmates and there were lots of learnings and fun activities that we performed. I have learnt a lot of new things from the orientation sessions and I am still learning with each passing day from my mentors and professors.
ISBR also has a placement committee which is operated by the students itself and this way they get to learn about how the real world works. I am also a part of the placement committee in ISBR, we work for the students of ISBR so that they get placed in their desired company.

we also have certification courses like swayam and edex which will really help you in the future.

So, if you want practical learning, you should definitely try ISBR.

Riya Majumdar

ISBR Business School, one of the top business schools in India takes pride in creating an atmosphere wherein both students and faculty can pursue boundless knowledge; a single roof where theory and practice go hand in hand and lead to a better understanding of oneself and the world. Education at ISBR prepares you to think boldly and act confidently in any business environment. At ISBR the focus goes beyond education. ISBR aims to prepare students for life – transforming them into Leaders.

The success of ISBR as an acknowledged institution for quality learning is an outcome of the various facets that give ISBR its characteristic value – the faculty, enterprising students, infrastructure facilities and industry partnerships.

Shivam Pandey

ISBR Business School, one of India’s leading business schools, takes pride in cultivating an environment in which both students and professors can pursue limitless knowledge under one roof; a single roof where theory and practise coexist and lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. ISBR’s education equips you to think openly and perform confidently in every business setting. ISBR focuses on more than just education. ISBR aspires to convert students into leaders by preparing them for life.

The different features that give ISBR its distinctive worth contribute to its success as a recognised institution for high-quality learning.

Krishan Kotian

Programs offered:

  • Business Administration Master’s Degree — Affiliated to Bangalore University.

The institute offers a two-year full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The course has been approved by the AIU, UGC, and the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India.

  • PGDM – General, Dual Specialisation, Healthcare, Business Analytics and Data Science, One Semester Abroad, Global (Tri-country)

The AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India, has approved the Post Graduate Diploma in Management. This course is taught at the ISBR Bangalore Campus (autonomous), and it also has an accreditation of NBA.

  • Facilities:

1) Infrastructure (physical)

Seminar halls, board rooms, discussion rooms, classrooms, and exclusive facilities for instructional workshops are all available at the institute.

2) Library & Learning

Books, periodicals, journals, and magazines are available through the institute. The library also has a number of online databases, such as Thomson Learning. Computer laboratories with internet and multimedia capabilities are available on ISBR campuses.

3) Hostels

Men and women have separate boarding and lodging accommodations at the institute. Wi-Fi is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the hostels.

4) Faculty

The faculty at ISBR includes thinkers, consultants and advisors. The faculty members have a professional approach and collaborate with other leaders in the same domain to work towards research and knowledge generation.