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Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Type: Private | Approved By:UGC, AIU

Galgotias University Overview


Galgotias, Galgotia University (GU) is counted in one of the best universities in Noida. Galgotia University greater Noida is also known as GU University. Galgotias University Noida can be accessed through GU website. Galgotiya University (Galgotiya) is a university in noida providing various courses in several feilds of education hence it is one of the best greater noida India colleges and universities. GU uni is a college in greater noida majorly known for the courses and industry relevant academic features. Galgotias University logo can be viewed on the official GU Website, (Galgotiasuniversities edu in). Galgotia University noida is one of the best colleges in greater noida. Their are many universities in Noida and greater Noida but Galgotias college (Galgotia greater Noida) is one of the prominent universities in greater Noida. Galgotia engineering college is also a famous college in Noida, it is often counted in the top universities in Noida. Galgotia Institute is a private University in Noida. Galgotia University admission for engineering is based upon the eligibility criteria designed by Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology, greater Noida. Galgotia college Noida (Galgotia college Delhi) is also known as Galgotia University greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Galgotia student login for the Galgotia University admission can be accomplished by following the Galgotia University reviews. Galgotia college greater Noida is a heritage of Galgotia educational institutions. Galgotia University fees is also less as compared to the other colleges Noida. Galgotia University is what will pop out if you live near Galgotia University delhi and will search for UG colleges near me. 

Galgotias University Admission 2022-24

Galgotias University situated in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and is always ranked among India’s top private institutes. It was ascertained in 2011 and it is a self-financed college. Galgotias University offers Galgotias University admission 2022-24 to extensively 12 specializations under Engineering, Law, Architecture, Business, Nursing, Hospitality, Tour and Travel, Education, Applied Science, Agriculture, Finance, and Commerce, Medical and Allied Science.

Galgotias University admission 2022-24:- Highlights

Name of InstitutionGalgotias University
Type of InstitutionPrivate institute
Application ModeOnline/Offline both modes accessible
Application FeeINR 1100/-

INR 650/- for GULAT
Admission ModeB.Tech: GEEE/JEE/UPSE

B. Arch -NATA


Ph.D./LL.M: Entrance Examination


Galgotias University admission 2022-24:- Courses and Eligibility

How to apply for Galgotias University Admission?

To apply for Galgotias University Admission, follow the steps mentioned below:-

Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019

Galgotias University operated its placement drive, wherein 1000+ invitations for Galgotias University Placements 2022-24 within three months from the beginning of the Galgotias University Placements 2022-24 procedure. Over 35 corporations requested packages of INR. 10 Lakh Per Annum or more to the students of the batch while the average package stroked INR. 8.75 Lakh Per Annum.

Few of the prime recruiters who contributed to the Galgotias University Placements 2022-24 drive were Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Wipro, Cognizant, and Infosys.

Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019:- Course-wise

The following table exemplifies the course-wise income statistics examined during the Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019 drive-

CoursesHighest PackageAverage Package
B.Tech.INR. 11.18 LPAINR. 3.86 LPA
MBAINR. 12.40 LPAINR. 3.75 LPA

The highest salary package during the Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019 proposed to the learners was INR. 12.40 lakh per annum. Nonetheless, for the 2021 Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019 drive, The University is regulated to discern the recent highest package of INR. 35 lakh per annum demanded by US-based Multinational Amazon to numerous learners of Galgotias.

Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019:- Year Wise

The following table exemplifies the year-wise Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019 tendencies examined during the prior year’s Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019 drive:

YearHighest PackageAverage Package
2021INR. 35 LPAINR. 8.75 LPA
2020INR. 12.40 LPAINR. 3.86 LPA
2019INR. 30.24 LPAINR. 4.28 LPA

During the 2020 Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019 drive, over 109 recruiters contributed, in 2019, approximately 155 corporations contributed to the Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019 drive.

Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019:- Top Recruiters

The following table illustrates the prime recruiters and the amount of Galgotias University Placements 2022/2021/2020/2019 requests furnished by them:

RecruitersNo. of Placement Offers
Wipro Technologies64

Galgotias University Courses and Fee 2022-24:- Fees details and Course Duration

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech]4 year(s)6,25,400
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Technology [M.Tech]5 year(s)7,45,000
Diploma2 year(s)1,20,000
Master of Technology [M.Tech]2 year(s)1,54,000
Ph.D3 year(s)1,80,000
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]3 year(s)2,71,200
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Master of Business Administration [MBA]5 year(s)3,85,000
Master of Business Administration [MBA]2 year(s)2,91,059
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}3 year(s)3,09,000
Master of Commerce [M.Com]2 year(s)1,54,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]3 year(s)2,08,875
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] {Hons.}3 year(s)1,50,000
Master of Science [M.Sc]2 year(s)1,20,947
Bachelor of Arts [BA]3 year(s)2,31,000
Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.}3 year(s)1,47,600
Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc]1 year(s)32,000
Master of Arts [MA]2 year(s)1,02,000
Master of Library and Information Science [M.Lib.I.Sc]1 year(s)32,000
Bachelor of Design [B.Des]4 year(s)5,60,000
Bachelor of Physiotherapy [BPT]4 year(s) 6 month(s)2,00,000
Master of Physiotherapy [MPT]2 year(s)1,30,000
Masters in Optometry2 year(s)1,20,000
Bachelor of Optometry [B.Optom]3 year(s)1,50,000
Master of Public Health [MPH]2 year(s)2,30,000
Bachelor in Tourism Administration3 year(s)2,10,000
Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM]4 year(s)2,88,000
Certificate Course8 month(s)25,000
Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch]5 year(s)8,75,000
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [BA LLB] {Hons.}5 year(s)5,00,000
Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBA LLB] {Hons.}5 year(s)5,00,000
Bachelor of Laws [LLB] {Hons.}3 year(s)1,80,000
Master of Laws [LLM]1 year(s)65,000
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA]3 year(s)2,67,000
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] + Master of Computer Application [MCA]5 year(s)3,85,000
Master of Computer Application [MCA]2 year(s)2,76,000
Bachelor of Education [B.Ed]2 year(s)1,00,000
Master of Education [M.Ed]2 year(s)1,00,000
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm]3 year(s)3,98,000
Diploma in Pharmacy [D.Pharm]2 year(s)2,00,000
Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm]2 year(s)1,30,000

Galgotias University Scholarships 2022-24

The University proposes Galgotias University Scholarships 2022-24 to the excellent competitors on the basis of her/his educational accomplishments in examinations specified by the college, 10+2 or Graduation, Rank/Score in All India/State Level Entrance/ Aptitude Test and competitors maintaining outstanding abilities in athletics, performing arts, or educational abilities.


Galgotias University Scholarships 2022-24:- Grant of Admission Merit-Scholarship

The Galgotias University Scholarships 2022-24 to be granted will be declared openly through Admission Notifications that are handed out to the community numerous times during the year.


Galgotias University Scholarships 2022-24:- Amount of Scholarship

Galgotias University Scholarships 2022-24:- Galgotias University Entrance Exam (GUEE) Scholarships

Galgotias University Scholarships 2022-24 to excellent competitors on the basis of achievement in the GUEE.

GUEE Rank 1 to 1075% Tuition fee waiver
GUEE Rank 11 to 2050% Tuition fee waiver
GUEE Rank 21 to 3025% Tuition fee waiver

Galgotias University Infrastructure and facilities 2022-24

To furnish learners and staff members with an outstanding modern understanding and study atmosphere, Galgotias University is perpetrated to an enterprising ongoing interest in facilities and installations, the outcomes of which are noticeable today that is Galgotias University Infrastructure and facilities 2022-24.

Galgotias University campus is set in 52 acres of swiveling grasslands at a primary locale on the Yamuna Expressway. The Galgotias University campus is near to a few of the excellent infrastructure being assembled in the NCR. The modern and well-developed campus has been constructed by distinguished designers working in academic architecture. The laboratories, classrooms, library, hostels and cafeterias, and other areas are identified to be the world’s nicest in existing as the outstanding Galgotias University Infrastructure and facilities 2022-24.

The campus furnishes an atmosphere faultlessly facilitative to education, understanding, and study. Its vicinity to the academic hub of Greater Noida gives rise to it as an outstanding academic end.

Galgotias University Infrastructure and facilities 2022-24:- Some Other Facilities

Galgotias University Infrastructure and facilities 2022-24:- Lab Facilities

Galgotias University Infrastructure and facilities 2022-24:- Sports Facilities

Galgotias News and Events 2022-24

Galgotia University News and Events 2022-24 is a great way to know the current affairs of the college. Galgotia University News and Events 2022-24 lets the students know about the events and occasions going on in the college. The Galgotia University News and Events 2022-24 enables students to know much more about the college in a better way. Galgotia University News and Events 2022-24 is a way to interact with the audience socially and achieve more standards.

Galgotias News and Events 2022-24:- School of Business organized a training session on Mutual Funds for MBA students

Date:- 9/12/2021

School of Business governed a training trial on Mutual Funds for MBA course Semester 1 learner. Mr. Shiv Kakkar, Head Business (Asia Pacific) Mapping Abilities, warned the learners of the significance of mutual funds. He inquired the learners that what they know about the mutual funds and learners partook with entire excitement in the trial. It was a tremendous understanding for the learners. A total of 294 learners contributed to the trial.

Galgotias News and Events 2022-24:- Department of mass communication organized a Research methodology workshop for the new faculty members and Ph.D. scholars

Date:- 9/12/2021

Department of mass communication governed a Research methodology workshop for the modern faculty partners and Ph.D. academics. Mr. Risabh Malviya was the keynote lecturer at that incident. He examines the significance of the study for intellectuals as well as for private development.

Research is a factual and standardized procedure of discovering the explanation to your problem. Mr. Malviya communicates the procedure of administering research in which he communicates:-

After the compilation and estimation of that data, the following and extremely significant portion is who to write an announcement to. Research is a relatively fascinating area if you can ask problems. If you have a question then you have to begin discovering the Explanation. Mr. Malviya also examines and exaggerates the procedure of documenting a document.

Galgotias University reviews 2022-24

Remarks- I just opted for this university as it fitted my intentions. The justification for choosing the university was as it got to into my budget, the area extent relatively quite ok. The admission standards were modest, just to go with all the documents like Aadhar Card, mark sheets, photographs, etc

Course Curriculum Overview- I selected this course as I was relatively enthusiastic about it and had several career-making alternatives. The faculty partners are huge in number to educate every topic. The faculties are well permitted with Ph.D. s in their areas. The examinations are allocated into three fractions per semester.

Internships Opportunities- The university moreover furnishes alternatives for internships to the learners. The learners achieving above 60% are given rise to being eligible for the internship. Nearly every learner earns an internship existing free or paid. Most learners have to reimburse for the internship programs.

Placement Experience- The learners of the Previous year is given rise to being eligible for the campus placements. The highest package given in the placement was approximately Rs.500000, the average package was Rs.150000 and the lowest package was Rs.300000. The learners who achieve above 80% are capable and an estimated 40% of learners get placement.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions- The fees are inquired by the university before the beginning of each year amounting to Rs. 45000. The scholarship standards are that it is furnished to the learners achieving above 90%. The university moreover furnishes economic aid to the learners having serious justifications heeding not fulfilling fees.

Campus Life- There is furthermore an annual fest in the university in the month of October-November. The Library encompasses numerous editions, publications, journals, etc. There are numerous clubs and extracurricular training in the school like Horse Riding, Shooting, Basketball, etc.

Vivek Bharti

Polytechnic, Computer Science And Engineering (Enrolled 2019)

Remarks- The admission method in Galgotia's University is relatively simple the supervision inquires you for your intermediate mark sheet in which you must have scored at least 60% in all Physics, Chemistry, Maths individually. If you cleared the merit list of 60% then you can easily avail admission here. Excluding the management, everything is good here.

Course Curriculum Overview- I put up with admission in B.Tech here because I like the lifestyle of the workers working in the IT segment, and from the day I have visualized the lifestyle of my cousins with a similar career from the information I intended to come to become an IT engineer. There are about 70 learners in my sections and there are 15 categories for the exact course in Galgotia's University. The faculty here is friendly they provide their 100% accomplishment. Quality teaching is fulfilled here. There are systematic monthly examinations named CAT examinations for the training of learners.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions- The fee configuration here is significant for money. There are numerous scholarship strategies for finance less than 2 lakhs/year and numerous allotments like athletics, song, Olympiad, etc. So if you're intending to put up with admission here you are appreciating your wealth because you can get the exact course in some other institute or college for a high fee configuration.

Campus Life- There are yearly occasions each year that is commemorated on a taller level with tremendous excitement and each occasion is enjoyed with enormous pleasure for every belief. Getting to the library our college's library is so large you can simply get any edition of a book here with well-educated staff members. There are several athletics occasions in our college ultimately. reaching to organizations there are several organizations for various activities for music, sports, education, coding, etc.

Hostel Facilities- The hostel compartments are decent but coming to room installations there are relatively bad facilities, there are no joint bathrooms for each compartment there are common bathrooms for each floor i.e 2 washrooms for 1 floor comprising 100 rooms per room carrying 2 learners. coming to food integrity, the quality of the diet which is fulfilled is WORST. you can get decent food from parkway camps. The monthly price for a hostel is 11k for non-Ac rooms and 14k for Ac-rooms.

Sarthak Rathore

B. Tech, Computer Science and Engineering (Enrolled 2021)

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