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BML Munjal Gurgaon Reviews on Placements, Facilities and Faculty

  • Gurgaon, Haryana
  • UGC
  • Private University

Saurav Anand

I am satisfied with this college. They provide good teaching and good placements for 2021.

BML placements: Around 92% of students are placed in our course. The highest salary package offered is 40 LPA, and the average salary package offered is 7 LPA. Top companies visit our college like Google, KPMG, Wipro, Deloitte, TCS, HCL, etc., to hire students. Almost 100% of students got internships in companies like Coding Blocks, Benciti Technology, Sabudh Foundation, etc. There are five specializations in the CS program i.e. data science and AI, cyber security, AI, robotics and automation, and automobile engineering.

BML infrastructure: All the facilities are good in this college. All things are available which students need like high-speed internet, library, and laboratory. The quality of the food is excellent. It is only vegetarian and the food is also good, so that students do not eat anything from outside. Students have a separate playground for each of the sports like, cricket, volleyball, football, tennis, basketball, etc.

BML faculty: Faculty members are excellent in teaching and very supportive. They are highly skilled as well. The teachers always guide students for their projects. They always motivate, and provide innovative ideas to the students, and insist students to participate in extra curriculum activities. Exams are not very difficult. The passing percentage is only 7 CGPA.

Mansuk Tripathi

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2023

The college is above average, with good placement records and hands-on training experience.

BML placements: The majority of the companies coming for placements are for CSE students. The highest salary package offered for the 2021 batch was 25 LPA, and the average salary package offered was 6.75 LPA. Faculty members of ECE work hard to ensure that almost all students get placed. Top companies that visit the campus for recruitment include Google, Samsung, Hero, KPMG, Deloitte and a lot more.

BML infrastructure:The infrastructure of the college is quite beautiful. Classrooms have great ventilation with an air-conditioning system. Labs are moderate enough. In the hostels, we have double and triple occupancies and also a single sharing room. Every hostel has a common area on every floor with entertainment and recreational activities. Wi-Fi facility is quite good, with around 42GB of data per week. 

BML faculty: The design of the course curriculum is very good in the sense that it provides a good learning experience. Faculty members of all schools, be it engineering or law, all are excellent. The industry plays a key role to design the curriculum, provide the faculty with resources and to make available the latest learning technology and methodology tools to enhance the learning.

Kunal Mishra

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

I am absolutely satisfied with the course curriculum.

BML placements: Placements are surely above average here. Specifically, in our course (B.Tech CS), salary packages are very good. As per the last year’s placement records, the highest salary package offered was up to 40 LPA, whereas the lowest salary package offered was 3.5 LPA. The average salary package offered was around 7 LPA-9.5 LPA for B.Tech CS students. Many reputed IT companies such as Deloitte, Accenture and TCS visit here during placements.

BML infrastructure: Wi-Fi facility is provided all over the campus. Classrooms are huge enough as around 40-50 students can be accommodated at a time. The library is simply spectacular. Mechanical engineering labs are very good and provide chances for students to do hands-on experience activities. The quality of the food served in the mess is good as everyone says.

BML faculty: The feature which distinguishes BML Munjal University (BMU) from other colleges is its experiential teaching methodology and more practical application of the subjects they teach. The student to faculty ratio is 15:1, which is just blissful. The course curriculum is well-designed and dedicated in order to understand the subject better and makes it more industry-focused.


B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

BML Munjal is the most valuable college.

BML placements: Around 75%-80% of the students got placed from B.Tech, which is the same rate in MBA also. The highest salary package offered was 25 LPA for the 2021 batch, and the average salary package offered was 6.85 LPA. Top companies which visit here for recruitment were Google, Hero, Samsung, SEW, KPMG, Deloitte and many more. Around 60% of the students got internships from B.Tech and MBA. The highest stipend offered was around Rs. 20,000 per month.

BML infrastructure: This college has a beautiful infrastructure overall. In the hostel, rooms include three, two and single sharing rooms. Hostels have common areas on every floor, along with entertainment and recreational facilities. There is a decent Wi-Fi facility with around 45 GB of data per week. Labs and research centres are also available here.

BML faculty: Faculty members of all 4 schools, i.e., engineering, law, management, economic and commerce, are well qualified. Nearly 75%-80% of faculty members in B.Tech are PhD holders. The course curriculum has integrated basic academic concepts with industry’s real needs and challenges faced by the world most.

Sneha sinha

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2024

Review of School of Management, BML Munjal University.

BML placements: Placements at BMU are decent. In the previous MBA 2019-2021, students got placed with an average salary package of 7.12 LPA. Some big companies in recruitment came to the campus for hiring students, such as KPMG, Wipro, Bagrrys and others. In the current batch, internships are offered to every student.

BML infrastructure: Campus life is very good, with great infrastructure. The college has amazing and well-equipped Wi-Fi-enabled classrooms with all modern facilities. The college mess is quite hygienic, and the food available here is very good. The campus is lush green in and around. Hostel facilities are amazing on the campus, and students have access to games on the campus, such as cricket, football and tennis.

BML faculty: Faculty members here are amazing, and they bring in a wealth of experience with them. The learning pedagogy at BMU is unique and different from the rest of the colleges. It believes in experiential learning, which helps students get hands-on learning about practical aspects of things. They inspire students to learn beyond classroom learning


MBA in Marketing – Batch of 2022

BMU always emphasises on learning by doing methodology.

BML placements: In the last batch (2019-20), about 86% of students got placed. The average package offered was 8.6 Lacs per annum, and the highest package was 23 Lacs per annum. Recruitment of 2020-21 batch is in progress. Top recruiting companies are KPMG, TVS, Axis Bank, Wipro, Hyundai, Hero etc.

BML infrastructure: The facilities and infrastructure available are good, and the quality of food available in mess and canteen is good. The hostel, medical facilities, sports, etc., are good. All the infrastructure is properly maintained and well furnished. Good security measures are taken for the safety of students.

BML faculty: The faculty at BML are very well qualified and are also doing their research in various fields, Most of the faculty resides in the campus itself making it easier to approach them, They are very helpful and always gives students right guidance. The curriculum is set so that a student can have more of practical based learning and is more confident on the real time issues

Alisha Sinha

MBA in Finance – Batch of 2022

Great faculty, learning environment, overall development and placements.

BML placements: Many students get recruited even before the placement week, thanks to the training and rigorous internships that they undergo. From the first year itself students get to experience industrial exposure through various industrial visits and they spend 32 to 34 weeks in practice school that also includes the graded internships. Deloitte, EY and TCS are some of the companies that have hired B.Tech students. From the current batch of engineering, already 77% of students have been placed.

BML infrastructure: The college has massive and very elaborated structure, in its lush green environment it provides well-equipped labs and classrooms, the whole campus if completely connected through Wi-Fi, library is stocked with all various textbooks and research papers, fiction and non-fiction texts also gives access to various online resources. Medical help center opens 24*7. Hostels are well maintained with wending machines, and other necessary items installed.

BML faculty: Faculty members in our college are qualified and trained. They hire the faculty only after verification of their qualifications. They are very friendly. They are ready to support us in any circumstances. They also stay at the university and would also be participating in various kinds of events and festivals. Their teaching quality is very good and in an interactive way.

Pawan Kumar Singh

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2023

Review of School of Engineering and Technology, BML Munjal University.

BML placements: Around 70-80% because this college belongs to the hero group, they get most companies to our campus. The highest salary offered was 34 Lacs and the lowest was 4 Lacs and when it comes to average package it is around 6 Lacs per annum. Top Recruiting companies of my course here is Delloite, Hero Motto corp, Axis bank etc. This year Infosys is also showing interest to pick students from here by conducting a test to some selected students.

BML infrastructure: There are no issues with facilities provided here you have a superspeed Wi-Fi connection, world class labs and classrooms, For the people who explore there is a vast library with lot of books to explore. Quality of food is good and the environment for eating the food are well sanitized and of good ambience.

BML faculty: The faculty members here are really helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. They are highly qualified and have degrees from respected institutions. They are very interested in teaching and clarifying the doubts of students. Their teaching quality is top-notch, both in the online and offline modes.

Himani Kushwaha

B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering – Batch of 2023

Absolutely satisfied because of course, good placements this year, facilities etc.

BML placements: Most of the companies coming for placements are for CSE students. Faculty members for ECE work hard to ensure that almost all students get placed. I got placed in August or September. Our management gives coding training for students if they wish to sit for CSE-based companies. Faculty members personally give training if students are interested in particular domains.

BML infrastructure: 24/7 Wi-Fi is available with full connectivity and every student is given 20 GB of data per week. Coming to the classrooms, they are well-equipped with projector boards and air conditioned. The best library ever where you can find all kinds of books and explore a lot. Timings and policies of library are good and flexible. Hostel facilities and food in the mess is good and far better compared to many colleges in India.

BML faculty: The teachers are helpful but the knowledge of few teachers are not upto the mark. The quality of teaching depends from teacher to teacher some of them are really great, some of them are average. Apart from that, we are giving lot of reading material and the library has lots of books in that subject where we can explore and learn by ourselves. The course curriculum is perfect for an engineering student in computer science and engineering branch.

Rinki Agarwal

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering – Batch of 2021

Review of School of Management, BML Munjal University.

BML placements: The Placements are yet going on, as of now 75 members were placed from a total of 180. The highest package was 25 LPA and the lowest was 3.5 LPA and the average was around 8-9 LPA. Companies that visited our campus for the recruitment process are Service now, Commvault, Smart Energy Water (SEW), Unthinkable, TEK systems, Online sales. Ai, HCL, Deloitte, Sokrati, Nagarro, and many are yet to come.

BML infrastructure: Our college is located in Gurugram and lush green. It is a very beautiful campus and spread over 50 acres of land. Our university has separate hostels for girls and boys, a well-equipped gym, football ground, a tennis court, cricket ground and many dining facilities. The campus is also disabled-friendly, and the academic infrastructure of the campus is marvellous.

BML faculty: Professors in our college are very helpful, highly qualified and knowledgeable. They are expert in their field and bring an important perspective to the course. They inspire students to go beyond classroom leanings. Their teaching methods are modern and up to date.

Prakash Bagewadi

MBA in Human Resources – Batch of 2021