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MBA Media Management

MBA Media Management MBA Media Management is a program that has grown in popularity in a very short period of time. So, if you believe you have the skills to handle business administration in a media organization, you should consider pursuing a career in this industry. This article will assist you regarding the specifics of […]

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 Saurav Anand 26/06/2023
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MBA Media Management

MBA Media Management is a program that has grown in popularity in a very short period of time. So, if you believe you have the skills to handle business administration in a media organization, you should consider pursuing a career in this industry.

This article will assist you regarding the specifics of MBA Media Management. Building a successful career in Media Management may be difficult. However, with the proper information and abilities, you may excel in this job.

Before choosing a subject one must completely gather information regarding that particular course. Get to know about what is MBA Media Management and its types, the eligibility criteria and admission process of getting into this course, also the top colleges in India for MBA Media Management. This article contains the syllabus that the student will have to study in this course.

All the job opportunities, scope, and career for MBA Media Management graduate that are available in India are listed in this article. How much will this course let you earn? Get to know about the salary that you’ll get after gaining MBA in Media Management.

What is MBA Media Management? MBA Media Management is a full-time two-year postgraduate degree with specializations in areas such as television and print media. An MBA in Media Management degree provides up a variety of job options.  There are several job profiles available, ranging from working as a Media Strategist and Marketing Analyst to beginning a career as a TV producer or audio-video editor.

Types of MBA Media Management

  • Full-time MBA: Programs for full-time MBAs in media management usually take two years to complete; however, certain accelerated MBA programs can be finished in 12 to 18 months. Many MBA programs offer extra services, such as networking opportunities, social or professional organizations, or career counseling, to help you begin your career after graduation in addition to a fulfilling academic experience.
  • Part-Time MBA: Although not all business schools in India offer part-time MBA programs, for individuals who prefer more flexibility, a part-time MBA Media Management program may be the ideal option for balancing other responsibilities such as working full-time or raising a family. These programs normally take two to five years to complete, depending on how quickly a student finishes their studies.
  • Online MBA: Similarly to part-time MBA programs, not all institutes in India offer an online MBA program; nonetheless, there are numerous online programs accessible for those interested in this option. An online MBA Media Management program, which combines recorded lectures or live classes, provides a flexible learning environment.

An MBA in Media Management will teach you the fundamentals of economics, accounting, taxation, and business law. Design, marketing, and media monetization will also be covered.

As a consequence, this degree qualifies MBA graduates for a wide range of responsibilities and positions. Overall, the future of MBA Media Management seems bright.

MBA Media Management Benefits

This course is beneficial in both academic and non-academic domains. Read below some of the benefits of MBA Media Management:

  • Every major firm makes investments in India, making the Indian media industry one of the biggest in the world. As a result, graduates of the course are in great demand almost everywhere. A Media Management MBA is therefore a good investment.
  • With an MBA in Media Management, many of the components of an MBA can be applied to the media industry. Depending on your focus, you could expect to study topics like business models, tools, and intellectual concepts from various industries.
  • There are several potential topics, including media finance, content production management, network economics, audience measurement, price of information goods, and intellectual asset management.
  • The field of Media Management is specifically focused on planning digital material for a variety of media outlets. Every firm now has to have a strong online presence, and every sector needs specialists that can efficiently handle various media channels.
  • Additionally, seminars, case studies, invited speakers and guest lecturers are all included in the course approach.
  • One of the benefits of this degree is the variety of job opportunities and industries in which you may work. This course can help students develop interpersonal skills, team spirit, and leadership traits, among other things.

Why choose MBA Media Management? One of the biggest and largest media and entertainment sectors is found in India. Every significant media company has made investments in India, which has a population of nearly 1.2 billion. Because it is one of the most fascinating and necessitates regular interaction with the audience, watchers, or listeners, this field will keep graduates on top of things. No matter their economic situation, the majority of homes in the nation have access to at least one kind of media, indicating the rapid growth and vast reach of the media sector.

Students who can improve the quality of the content, possess statistical analytic abilities, interpret necessary adjustments, and work toward it are needed in the media. Because of this, it is simple for MBA Media Management graduates to find employment after graduating from the university.

Several media options, such as television, advertising, print media, digital media, photography broadcasting, etc., are introduced to the students. The four key activities of persuasion, education, entertainment, and communication are taught to the students.

They are taught how to be creative so they can provide engaging and interactive content for the audience.

The course assists the students in developing into effective managers of media-related technologies and original media material, which can help the business generate significant revenue and favorable customer feedback.

This course’s job opportunities and available industries to work in are among its positive attributes. Through this course, the students can develop their interpersonal skills, sense of teamwork, leadership abilities, etc

MBA Media Management Important Highlights

CourseMBA Media Management
Full-FormMaster of business administration in media management.
Degree LevelPost Graduate
Duration2 years (4 Semesters)
Examination typeCAT, NMAT, GMAT, CMAT,XAT,SNAP
Eligibility50% marks in bachelor’s
Admission ProcessOnline and offline (Entrance Exam based)
Course Fee2 LPA – 15 LPA (depending on the institution)
Average Salary1 LPA – 13 LPA
Job PositionsSocial Media Manager, Media Executive, Associate Content ManagerPR Intern, Digital Advertising Analyst, Media Strategist, Marketing Analyst.
Recruiting IndustriesPrint Media, Music Industry, Gaming Platform, Advertisement Sector, Broadcast Media, Internet Media 
RecruitersInfosys, Wildcraft, jagranprakashan, Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services, NIIT, Croma, Amazon

MBA Media Management Admission Process

The MBA Media Management admissions procedure varies depending on the university. Colleges admit students after giving entrance exams.

The specifics of MBA Media Management admission eligibility and the admission procedure, are provided here, along with information on some of the top universities' entrance examinations.

Eligibility: -

  • A bachelor's degree from a recognized university is required.
  • To be eligible, a bachelor's degree with a minimum aggregate score of 50% is necessary. However, the % requirement may differ amongst universities.
  • Aside from these requirements, the candidate must take one of the state or national entrance exams, such as the CAT, CMAT, XAT, or SNAP.
  • If a student meets the cut-off marks, he or she will be invited to a personal interview to be considered for the course.

Admission Process: -

  • The admission process for the course is based on the results of the entrance examination and a personal interview for candidates who achieve the cut off marks in the entrance examination.
  • Candidates must visit the official website for the merit list on a regular basis. The selected students will be notified about the next steps in the admissions process and fee payment via their registered email address and phone number.
  • Candidates must take the examinations and attend the counselling session based on the results of the tests.

Entrance tests: -

The top-level entrance exams for admission in MBA Media Management are listed below:

Entrance ExamNo. of QuestionsTime durationOfficial Website
NMAT by GMAC108120

1.  CAT

The common aptitude test is computer-based and lasts 180 minutes. It assesses the candidate's Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation.

2.  XAT

The Xavier aptitude test is similar to other management studies' admission exams. It is likewise a computer-based test with a time limit of 3 hours, which is separated by the authorities for each component. The sectional time restriction for VALOR, DM, and QA is 165 minutes, whereas GK has a time limit of 15 minutes.

3.  CMAT

The Common Management entrance examination is likewise a computer-based exam that lasts 3 hours and consists of 100 questions divided into four sections.

Quick questions

What are the steps to getting into a good college? A few factors must be taken into consideration in order to get admitted to a good MBA Media Management College. Admission to a good or desirable institution does not solely depend on exam results. To ensure you get into a good institution, take into account the following suggestions.

  • Shortlist your course options carefully since you need to be sure of your choice. Your future job depends on the degree you select, so choose MBA in Media Management with certainty.
  • The best course of action is to start the online research in advance. To narrow down your choice of top institutions, you must also be aware of top university rankings. Therefore, getting started early offers you plenty of time to plan.
  • One of the most important steps in the application process is to visit campus if possible.
  • It’s easy to believe that you can learn about a school by looking at images and reading about it, but nothing beats experiencing it in person. You’ll acquire a feel for campus by walking about and getting a sense of its size, vibes, and culture.
  • If you want to get into a certain engineering college, look into the previous year’s marks necessary for admission, make a guess based on that, and then work hard to fit inside the range of marks required for that particular institution to acquire admission.

Taking entrance exams: How to prepare? If you’re looking for tips on how to be ready for the MBA Media Management entrance exam, keep in mind that every student has a unique method of studying for tests. Read some of the guidance below:

  • Know the Exam Pattern: Try to find out what pattern will be in Entrance exams, whether it will be offline or online. What will be the time duration and No. of questions in the exam.
  • Overview Syllabus: Before starting the preparation for the entrance test, first go through the syllabus you need to complete regarding the test. Arrange all the study material and Sample papers for studying. However, keep in mind that overloading yourself with study materials does more harm than good.
  • Time management: It is critical to practice time management in order to perfect it, and it is especially crucial for students preparing for an entrance exam. Test-taking is also necessary for time management since the length of the paper and the number of questions to be tried in a certain amount of time are critical.
  • Practice Tests: Exams are difficult and put you in high-pressure circumstances, even if you prepare well and diligently. Panic and anxiety are common reactions among students in the examination hall. However, if you wish to relieve this stress, it is important to practice delivering many examinations under comparable situations. It will help you overcome your phobia of taking actual exams.
  • Clear concepts leave no doubt unsolved: When studying for the MBA entrance test, it is critical to remember all of the fundamental concepts and theories for each course. Also, try to solve every single doubt you have in your mind.
  • Practice Sample Paper: Solving sample papers is crucial since it offers you a sense of the problems to expect and the time required to answer them. Try to solve engineering sample papers from reputable colleges from the previous year.
  • Make short notes: Making notes while covering each topic is vital for improved learning. These notes will come in handy when it comes time to revise. Yes, it will take a little harder work and effort, but it will be easier in the end.
  • Stay away from distractions: The necessity to prevent distractions is one of the most challenging obstacles that each student who works for an entrance test faces. In challenging exams, tension is a huge influence that motivates you to divert your attention away from the constant grinding. However, you must remain focused and consider how you will feel when you reach your goal.
  • Revision is a must: No matter how much you’ve studied or how well you can remember things, revision will always be helpful to you. Revision benefits in remembering topics of the subject you have studied. Students who revise the content are more confident while attempting any related questions.

MBA Media Management Syllabus

Media Management courses encourage organizational skills, the capacity to establish marketing plans, an awareness of media economics, and knowledge of various software tools used in media creation.

The curriculum is designed in such a way that the graduates will be equipped for a variety of managerial positions in the media industry or related fields.

Read below the subjects that you will study in this course. The Semester wise syllabus is provided below:

Semester 1Semester 2
Modern Business Organization and ManagementBusiness Research Methodology
Global Business Environment & EconomicsModern Marketing Management
Accounting & Financial ManagementInformation Technology for Business
HR & OBProduction, Operations & SCM
Business & Corporate LawBusiness Communication Skills
Semester 3Semester 4
Business Policies & Strategic ManagementBusiness Ethics & Corporate Governance
Entrepreneurship & Innovation ManagementCommunication and Media Technologies
Media CampaignMedia Management on Print and Radio
Media Law and RegulationsNew Age Media
Consumer BehaviorProject

MBA Media Management Top Colleges in India

There are various MBA in Media Management colleges in India, out of which the top 10 colleges for MBA in Media Management in India along with their Fee structure is mentioned below: -

Indian Institute of Management, IndoreRs. 9 LPA
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, ChennaiRs. 2.6 LPA
JamiaMilliaIslamia university, DelhiRs. 66 K
Amity University, NoidaRs. 4.5 LPA
SCMS Cochin School of Business, CochinRs. 7.9 LPA
Indian Institute of Management, UdaipurRs. 17.2 LPA
Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, MumbaiRs. 11.3 LPA
Eastern Institute for integrated learning in ManagementRs. 3.8 LPA
Eastern Institute for integrated learning in ManagementRs. 5.25 LPA

MBA Media Management Study abroad

If you want to pursue this course from a university abroad then you have so many good options of colleges in foreign countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Egypt etc.

There are various such institutions abroad that provide this course to the students. The list of such universities with their country location is given below in the table.

College/ UniversitiesCountry Location
School of Media Studies, New York CityUS
Maryville UniversityUS
Kent State UniversityUS
Lynn UniversityUS
Fanshawe CollegeCanada
Centennial CollegeCanada
Sheffield Hallam UniversityUK
Massey UniversityNew Zealand
The German University In CairoEgypt

MBA Media Management Scope

The Future Scope of MBA Media Management is continually rising as the media business increases internationally. The MBA program attempts to instill a refined set of skills.

  • This course offers students a broad understanding of the many components of media management in order to help them prepare for such a position. There are several benefits to earning an MBA in Media Management.
  • As the media industry grows, motivated young people will be needed to help it prosper. Because most houses have media, there is a high need for students who can improve content quality.
  • Furthermore, graduates who can comprehend and fight for essential changes are in demand in this business.
  • The course helps students in becoming effective managers of technology and creative media content, which may help the organization achieve high returns and positive audience feedback.
  • The media sector demands active young people who can contribute to the well-being of the media sector and the increase in corporate revenues by drawing a large audience to the information technology that the sector provides.

What after MBA in Media Management? The students after completing this course may look for jobs and employment. There are various job opportunities that await the graduates after completion of this course. So the graduates of MBA Media Management may find a good job and earn handsome money.

And students who want to further their studies can go for various higher studies. MBA Media Management's scope is bigger not only for job seekers but also for students who want to study more. MBA Media Management program graduates can always further their studies in the same sector. Students who successfully finish this course may pursue the following programs:

  • Ph.D. in Management
  • Ph.D. in Media Management
  • MPhil in Management
  • MPhil in Media Management

MBA Media Management Job

There are many job and career choices available after completing MBA Media Management courses. In this field, recent postgraduates can reasonably expect to earn between Rs. 1 – 13 LPA.

The remuneration offered is directly correlated with the candidate's level of competence. The many career opportunities following an MBA in Media Management are shown below:

  • Corporate Communication Head: The Corporate Communication Head must manage dialogues between teams as well as between teams and the client, and provide ideas for improvements to improve corporate communications.
  • Media Strategist: A media strategist helps in the development of marketing strategies aimed at capturing the attention of future consumers while preserving the loyalty of existing customers. A media strategist analyzes data from surveys, television ratings, and website traffic in depth.
  • Media Manager: They research, write, proofread, and edit media content, as well as develop and manage media campaigns and produce public relations and communications plans.
  • Editor: Editors can be found in both printed and digital media. The role of an editor is to check and enhance material before it is given to the public.

Some of the job opportunities with average salary packages are listed below: -

Job ProfileAnnual Salary (Approx.)
Digital Media ManagerRs. 8 LPA
Marketing Communication ExecutiveRs. 8.5 LPA
Management TraineeRs. 5.12 LPA
Media StrategistRs. 11 LPA
Account ManagerRs. 12 LPA
Marketing ExecutiveRs. 6 LPA
Social Media ManagerRs. 7.6 LPA
Online Media AnalystRs. 5 LPA
Assistant ManagerRs. 10.1 LPA
Media AnalystRs. 6.87 LPA

Frequently Asked Questions about MBA Media Management

Q. What is the average media manager salary in India?

Ans. The MBA Media Management salary in India ranges from Rs. 1 LPA to 13 LPA

Q. Can I pursue the MBA Media Management course as a part-time course?

Ans. Yes, the course can be pursued as part-time. But there are very few colleges that provide MBA Media Management Part-time courses.

Q. What is the scope of an MBA in Media Management?

Ans. MBA professionals can find work in a variety of fields, including publishing, public relations, Journalism, television, film etc.

Q. What are the job options available to a graduate of MBA Media Management?

Ans. MBA Media Management Jobs are : -

  • Social Media Manager
  • Media Executive
  • Associate Content Manager
  • PR Intern
  • Digital Advertising Analyst

Q. Can I do MBA in Media Management from abroad?

Ans. Yes, there are many opportunities available related to MBA in Media Management abroad colleges. Countries like the US, UK, Egypt, Germany, Canada, etc. Provide this course to students. Some of them are: -

  • School of Media Studies, New York City
  • Maryville University
  • Kent State University
  • Lynn University
  • Fanshawe College
  • Centennial College

Q. Is MBA in media management the right decision?

Ans. A graduate must choose a field of study based on his or her tastes, and MBA in Media Management is one of the greatest options, especially if the student plans to work in India's Media and Entertainment Industry.

Q. What differentiates a master's in media studies from an MBA in media management?

Ans. The MBA Media Management course teaches students how to use their management talents in a variety of media, including television, print media, digital media, photography, and event management.

Whereas, by examining the subject's history, beginnings, and changes across time, the Master’s in Media Studies prepares students to approach the material theoretically.

Q. What are the specializations available in this course?

Ans. This course offers specializations in

  • media management,
  • media analytics,
  • public relations,
  • marketing, and
  • brand communication.

Q. Government jobs after MBA in Media Management?

Ans. The government hiring companies are the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, the Central Institute of Educational Technology.

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