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Executive MBA in India

Executive MBA, or “EMBA,” is typically a high-end, modular MBA equivalent programme provided to senior executives with 15+ years of experience who don’t want to leave their well-paying full-time employment in order to gain MBA credentials in the US, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

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What is a programme for executive MBAs?

In case if you are an experienced employee working full time then this article is for you, Formfees can help you as we have listed all the necessary details about the Executive MBA in India Including " Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India '' among many other details.

Some of the details in articles are: 

  1. Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India Offering Full Time Residential Executive MBA Programs
  2. Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India Offering Non Residential Executive MBA Programs

Let's start by understanding what an Executive MBA is.

Executive MBA which is also known as the "EMBA," is a very a high-end, modular MBA equivalent programme provided to senior executives with 15+ years of experience who don't want to leave their well-paying full-time employment in order to gain MBA credentials in the US, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. 

The curriculum is set up so that senior working executives can attend classes for 50–60 days on campus and finish the rest of the EMBA programme while still working.

Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India Offering Full Time Residential Executive MBA Programs

Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India for 1 Year Full Time Residential MBA

 Executive MBA in India for 1 Year Full Time Residential MBA is rather popular among the working individual with 5-10 years of work experience, the curriculum is kind this program are for those are willing to leave their job to pursue a rigorous MBA program at 

  • Indian Institutes of Management
  • Indian Institutes of Technology  
  • ISB or other good B-schools like MDI and XLRI. 

ISB Hyderabad launched its first  post-experience one-year with full-time residential MBA equivalent program called Post Graduate Program (PGP) in 2001, and in the similar course IIMs also started with the Executive MBA and figured among the best Executive MBA Colleges in India. 

Back in the year 2006  IIM-A which is also known as the IIM Ahmedabad launched its one-year, full-time, residential programs known as the Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPX). 

Then came the (IIM-C) IIM Calcutta that also launched - Post Graduate Programme for Executives also known as the PGPEX. 

Top Executive MBA Colleges in India: Full Time

Executive MBA CollegesExecutive MBA Program NameResidential Full-Time/ Non-ResidentialDurationFees
IIM AhmedabadPost Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (MBA-PGPX)Full Time12 MonthsRs 31.50 lakhs
IIM CalcuttaMBA for Executives Programme (MBA-Ex)Full Time12 MonthsRs 31.0 lakhs
ISB Hyderabad/MohaliPost Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)Full Time12 MonthsRs 38.97 lakhs
IIM BangaloreExecutive Post Graduate Programme in Management (MBA) (EPGP)Full Time12 MonthsRs 31.46 lakhs
Masters’ UnionPGP in Technology & Business Management (PGP TBM)Full Time16 MonthsRs 21.56 lakhs
IIM KozhikodePost Graduate Programme in Business Leadership (PGP-BL)Full Time12 MonthsRs 22.50 lakhs
XLRI JamshedpurPost Graduate Diploma in General Management (PGDM-GM)Full Time15 MonthsRs 23.15 lakhs
MDI GurgaonPost Graduate Diploma in Management - Business Management (PGDM-BM)Full Time18-monthRs 16.41 lakhs
SPJIMR MumbaiPost Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)Full Time18-monthRs 23.50 lakhs
IIM LucknowInternational Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX)Full Time12 MonthsRs 26 Lakhs
IIM IndoreExecutive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP)Full Time12 MonthsRs 22.12 Lakhs
Great Lakes, ChennaiPost Graduate Program in Management (PGPM)Full Time12 MonthsRs 21.25 lakhs
IIM UdaipurMBA in Global Supply Chain Management & MBA in Digital Enterprise ManagementFull Time12 monthsRs 22.60 lakhs
XIM BhubaneswarExecutive MBA in Business Management (EMBA-BM)Full Time12 MonthsRs 15.50 lakhs
IMI New DelhiPostgraduate Programme In Business Management (PGDM 18-Month (Full-time) Full Time18 MonthsRs 12.00 Lakhs
Great Lakes, GurgaonPost Graduate Program in Management (PGPM)Full Time12 MonthsRs 17.75 lakhs

Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India Offering Non Residential Executive MBA Programs

Now let's look at the Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India Offering Non Residential Executive MBA Programs

Many Top B-schools in India offers Executive MBA programs that are non-residential and these programs are for those who don't want to leave their prestigious job. This Executive MBA in India Offering Non Residential Executive MBA Programs is for you. 

A full-time MBA program where the classes are mainly taken on the weekends or or possibly it can be a combination of online+offline classes every 3/4 months. 

 Top Executive MBA Colleges in India: Non-Residential

Executive MBA CollegeExecutive MBA Program NameResidential Full-Time/ Non-ResidentialDurationFees
ISBPGPMAXNon-Residential15 MonthsRs 41.63 lakhs
IIM BangalorePost Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM)Non-Residential24 Months weekend programmeRs 20.11 lakhs
IIT DelhiExecutive MBANon-Residential36 MonthsRs 11.70 lakhs
FMSMBA ExecutiveNon-Residential24 MonthsRs 2.00 lakhs
MDI       PGPM – Business Administration (PGDM BA)Non-Residential24 MonthsRs 10.70 lakhs
Great LakesPGXPMNon-Residential20 MonthsRs 10.45 lakhs
PGXPM - FlexNon-Residential21 MonthsRs 10.32 lakhs
Mahindra UniversityExecutive MBA (EMBA) Non-Residential24 MonthsRs 24.00 lakhs

Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India includes Bschools like IIM Bangalore

ISB Hyderabad among many other, as we have covered both full-time residential and non-residential programs in this article:  

Here are some of the Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India:

Top Colleges for Executive MBA in IndiaFull-time Residential Executive MBA in India (12-18 months)Non-residential Executive MBA in India (24-36 months)
IIM BangaloreExecutive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP)Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM)
ISB HyderabadPost Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)PGP in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX)

Formfees have also covered all the possible options below that includes the Top Executive MBA Colleges in World


Top Colleges for Executive MBA in World

Now that we are over with the list of Top Colleges for Executive MBA in India let's have a look at the Top Colleges for Executive MBA in World 

The Financial Times London as per the year 2022 published its annual EMBA Rankings. 

Check FT global Top Colleges for Executive MBA in World 2022 below. 

Top Executive MBA Colleges in World including Top Executive MBA Colleges in India, by Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2022

Rank in 2022Rank in 2021B-School NameProgram NameProgram Location
12Kellogg/HKUST Business SchoolKellogg-HKUST EMBAHong Kong
22CeibsCeibs Global EMBAChina/Switzerland/Ghana
311Tsinghua University / InseadTsinghua-Insead EMBAChina/Singapore/France/UAE
41HEC ParisHEC Paris International EMBAFrance/Qatar
56ESCP Business SchoolEMBAFrance/ Germany/ Italy/ Lebanon/ Poland/ Spain/ UK
65Trium: HEC Paris / LSE / NYU: SternTrium Global EMBAFrance/US/UK/China
821University of Chicago: BoothEMBAUS/UK/Hong Kong
923Washington University: OlinWashington University-Fudan EMBAChina
107Iese Business SchoolGlobal EMBASpain/US
4468Indian School of BusinessPGP in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX)India
86-Indian Institute of Management BangalorePost Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM)India

Below you will find all the necessary details about the Top Colleges for Executive MBA 

Now that we know that the EMBA is not a full-time MBA programme we can say that it is a modular programme.

One Of the Best Colleges for Executive MBA  is the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA programme is specifically tailored for working professionals.

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, located in Hong Kong, jointly provide the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA programme.

The London School of Economics and Political Science, HEC Paris School of Management, and New York University Stern School of Business all jointly offer the TRIUM Global Executive MBA. 

According to the TRIUM website, the program's structure is as follows: "TRIUM offers an executive-friendly blended learning style (in-person classroom time and independent study between modules), which consists of 6 on-site modules at various worldwide locations over the course of 18 months. There will only be 10 weeks away from work.

Between its PGP programme, which is positioned as an Executive MBA Equivalent programme in India, and PGPMAX, which is positioned as a One Year MBA Equivalent programme, ISB establishes a clear contrast. "Campus experience is available through the Global EMBA equivalent programme. Participants in PGPMAX live on the ISB campus while attending classes, according to ISB. Approximately 62 working days will be spent off the job for the period of PGPMAX.

Indian Executive MBA (EMBA)

When it comes to India, there is an unjustified misunderstanding between the "Executive MBA," "One Year MBA," and PGDM Executive programmes. It helps to have some historical context to comprehend the situation.

Post Graduate Program, ISB Hyderabad's post-experience one-year full-time residential MBA equivalent programme, was introduced in 2001. (PGP). The one-year, full-time, residential "Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives," or PGPX, was introduced by IIM Ahmedabad in 2006. IIM Calcutta soon followed suit and began offering a "Post Graduate Programme for Executives," or "PGPEX." The "Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management," or "EPGP," was introduced by IIM Bangalore in 2009. Both the PGPEX and EPGP at IIMB were residential, full-time, one-year MBA equivalent programmes. Mahindra University Hyderabad just introduced its Executive MBA programme.

Indian Executive MBA

The top executive MBA colleges in India that offer these programmes are ISB and Great Lakes. Although there are many top executive MBA schools around the world, there aren't many that offer the programme in India. It is important to keep in mind that there is no executive MBA offered by IIMs, which is one of India's top executive MBA institutes. Therefore, executive MBA programmes from IIMs have not yet been introduced despite being institutions of great national importance. On the other hand, a full-time, one-year programme like the IIMB EPGP or IIMA PGPX is mistakenly thought of as an Executive MBA programme by the IIMs when it is not.

ISB's PGPMAX - Executive MBA

ISB, one of the best executive MBA colleges in India, is credited with founding the Executive MBA programme in that country. The executive MBA programme offered by ISB, PGPMAX, is regarded as the best EMBA programme in India. The 15-month, modular EMBA programme at ISB features a top-notch curriculum and an international immersion component.

One of the top-rated Executive MBA programmes in India is the PGXPM - Executive MBA by Great Lakes Post Graduate Executive Program in Management (PGPXM) at Great Lakes. The executive MBA should not be mistaken with the full-time 1-year MBA Program PGPM, offered by Great Lakes, as the EMBA program's duration is 20 months, which is longer than the executive MBA's 1-year duration. The PGPXM assists seasoned executives in gaining general management skills and equips them for a fast pathway to leadership positions.

Great Lakes PGXPM: Highlights of the Program

  • Curriculum that is dynamic and driven by industry requirements and is adapted for the global business environment
  • prominent academics from B-schools in the US, Europe, and Asia
  • 7 terms of flexible instruction stretched over two years
  • Peer education with students from a variety of backgrounds
  • Apprenticeships, residencies, and real-world initiatives all fit with professional goals
  • Individual year-long, intensive projects with a country or vertical focus, supervised by faculty
  • Simulation-based experiential education in technologically advanced online classrooms with global connectivity
  • Support for executive coaching includes leadership lectures from renowned thinkers and established business figures.
  • Quasi-Consulting for real-world issues or situations from the participant's place of employment
  • Mandarin Chinese is an available language.
  • travel abroad throughout the last term (optional)

Great Lakes PGXPM: Qualifications

The following eligibility requirements must be met by all applicants to the PGXPM programme at the Great Lakes Institute of Management:

  • must have finished a bachelor's degree and have studied for at least 10+2+3 years.
  • must have received at least a 50% overall grade point average.
  • should be employed right now or running a business
  • should have at least 8 years of work experience.
  • Valid scores from the CAT, XAT, EA by GMAC, or equivalent aptitude tests would be considered as additional criteria or qualifications for the PGXPM 2022, providing evidence of the levels of the particular aptitudes/skills they are designed to measure.
  • Such candidates would have to take the Great Lakes Aptitude test if they don't already have a valid aptitude test score. GREAT
  • It would be necessary to have an in-principle agreement with the employer for self-sponsored candidates.

Fee for the Great Lakes PGXPM Program

The whole programme cost for Great Lakes' Post-Graduate Executive Program in Management (PGPXM) is Rs. 9,95,000 + 18% GST. The aforementioned PGXPM programme pricing does not include the cost of the optional international immersion component, which is only included if the minimum number of participants is met. The cost of the international visitors will be determined by actuals that the class will estimate before the trip.

Executive MBA at Mahindra University of Hyderabad

For working executives with extensive expertise, Mahindra University's School of Management has created the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) programme. Due to the style, individuals can continue to work while completing an intensive, demanding, and rewarding programme. Participants can attend classes on campus from all over the world thanks to the format's customization.

Executive MBA at Mahindra University: Program Highlights

enables you to work a full-time job. The curriculum is rigorous like a full-time MBA and flexible enough to accommodate full-time employment.

  • EMBA programme lasting two years
  • The session starts in September.
  • The course offers an EMBA degree rather than a PGDBM.
  • encourages excellent peer learning throughout the curriculum.
  • Participants can sign up for the programme from any city thanks to the innovative programme structure.
  • Candidates must make the two-year journey to school for six terms of one-week residencies.
  • The curriculum will be supported by knowledgeable instructors from a variety of academic fields and regions.
  • Mahindra University has partnered internationally with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management for its EMBA programme, and as a result of this collaboration, the programme is created.
  • A two-week international immersion in Europe is a part of the EMBA curriculum.
  • An executive with five to fifteen years of experience would make the ideal candidate for this EMBA programme.
  • Candidates must have a strong drive to succeed, an unquenchable curiosity, a positive can-do attitude, and the ability to balance their personal and professional lives while completing this demanding programme.

Qualifications for the EMBA at Mahindra University

  • A skilled professional with five to fifteen years of experience working in the executive cadre
  • Should be willing to take on the demanding curriculum while juggling family and professional obligations, and possess a strong ambition to succeed, unquenchable curiosity, and a positive can-do attitude.

Mahindra University EMBA Fees

Mahindra University EMBA Programme fees are Rs.24 lakhs

Delhi NCR Executive MBA

Some of the best MBA schools in Delhi NCR, including FMS, IIFT, IIT-Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, and IMT Ghaziabad, among others, offer the executive MBA programme. Although there aren't many universities offering executive MBA programmes in Delhi NCR right now, those that do are in high demand because they help students improve their leadership capacities.

3-year MBA in Technology Management from IIT Delhi

Technology Management is the main subject of the Executive MBA programme at IIT Delhi. This curriculum is meant to provide working executives with management training. The classes are slated to begin at 6.15 p.m. on four or five working days (Monday to Friday).


The eligibility requirements for admission will be listed after the academic requirements.

  • Bachelor's degree with a first-class or equivalent in any discipline of engineering or technology; Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) Bachelor's degree; Statics, Operation Research, Computer Application, Economics, and Business; and CA/ICWAI Bachelor's degree
  • A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 6.00 on a scale of 1 to 10 or an equivalent minimum of 60% is required.
  • 2 years of work experience after receiving a degree
  • The executive MBA Program Fee at IIT Delhi is Rs. 10,805,000, payable in equal monthly instalments (6 Semesters)
  • Every year, the application process starts in February. The session starts in July or August.

MBA Executive and MBA Executive from FMS (Health Care Administration)

One of the top business schools in India that offers a low-cost Executive MBA option is FMS Delhi. The two-year evening MBA Executive and MBA Executive (Health Care Administration) programmes' modular structure has been broken down into four semesters throughout that time.


There are respectively 200 and 50 seats available in the MBA Executive and MBA Executive (Health Care Administration) programmes.

Executive FMS MBA fees

A Central University, University of Delhi, houses FMS. The cost of the programme is Rs. 1,92,000/.

Conditions for Executive MBA Admission at FMS

After twelve years of formal education, applicants must have completed at least a three-year Bachelor's degree programme. She/he should also have at least five years of experience working as an administrator or executive in a business or governmental setting.

IIM Kozhikode MBA for Working Executives (EPGP)

  • IIM Kozhikode currently offers MBA for Working Executives in place of its previous Diploma programme thanks to the IIM Act of 2017. The Executive MBA programmes are offered by IIM Kozhikode through an interactive learning platform known as the Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGP), where participants can attend the classes from the specified classroom centres nearby.
  • A two-year master's degree programme in management is available through the interactive Learning (IL) platform called the MBA (Master of Business Administration) program for working executives (EPGP).
  • Since 2011, the MBA Executive (EPGP) programme at IIM Kozhikode has been accredited by the AMBA (Association of MBAs), and its goal is to provide working executives with management education so they may develop the skills and tactics they need to advance their enterprises.

Highlights of the EPGP Program at IIM Kozhikode

  • Two years of an MBA
  • Not a diploma programme, but a 2-year Master's (MBA) programme
  • An interactive learning platform is used to provide the Executive MBA programme, and participants can attend classes from local classroom facilities.
  • The programme costs Rs. 13,12,000
  • gives the chance to participate in a "Masterclass Webinar Series" and get a certificate from the Stanford Center for Professional Development (a part of Stanford University)
  • Operations management, marketing management, financial management, strategy management, information technology management, and human resource management are available as specialisations.

Executive MBA Fee in India

Executive MBA is promoted as a top-tier MBA programme for senior executives all around the world. The cost of an executive MBA at ISB Hyderabad is Rs. 39.63 lakhs; by contrast, the cost at Great Lakes Institute of Management is Rs. 9.95 lakhs. There aren't any executive MBA colleges that charge minimal fees, strictly speaking. An excellent EMBA will cost a lot of money. Perhaps the lone exception is the Rs 1.92 lakh FMS Executive MBA cost.

Compare the costs of an executive MBA vs a traditional MBA. IIMA-PGPX charges a one-year MBA price of Rs. 30 lakhs, while IIMB-EPGP charges a fee of Rs. 29 lakhs. The ISB Executive MBA (PGP MAX) Fee, which is Rs. 39.63 lakhs, is substantially higher than this.

Placement for Executive MBA

The Executive MBA Placement is not a top priority for senior professionals in the middle of their careers because they enrol in Executive MBA programmes and are frequently funded by their employers. The one-year MBA programmes at the MBA colleges offer campus placement, but there are no colleges in India that offer placement for the Executive MBA programme.

On its website, ISB has stated clearly regarding the Executive MBA Placement that "no placement or career support is provided" because the programme is aimed at senior executives and business owners.

Executive MBA in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between an Executive MBA and a One Year MBA?

Ans. Executive MBA is a modular part-time MBA of 1-3 years duration while one year MBA is a full-time MBA with a maximum of 15 months duration.

Q2. Is the eligibility criteria for an Executive MBA different from one year MBA?

Ans. Yes, for Executive MBA the required work experience is 10+ years, while for one year MBA is it 2 to 7 years.

Q3. Which are the top Executive MBA colleges in India?

Ans. There are very few Executive MBA colleges in India. ISB PGPMAX, Great Lakes PGXPM, FMS Executive MBA, and IIT Delhi Executive MBA are considered as the top Executive MBA colleges in India. 

Q4. Is the Executive MBA a residential management program?

Ans. No, an Executive MBA is not a residential management program. However, the candidates are required to come to the Institute intermittently as per the prescribed schedule. 

Q5. What is Executive MBA eligibility?

Ans. Any candidate who has completed a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50 per cent aggregate or equivalent from a recognised university. In many institutes, there are no minimum cut-off marks for Executive MBA admission. The candidate must have at least two years of work experience at the managerial or executive level.

Q6. Is an MBA better than an Executive MBA?

Ans. Generally, EMBA and MBA programs result in the exact same degree. Some schools might differentiate between the two by adding “executive” to their EMBA degrees, but since the general content is consistent across programs, most top universities don't distinguish.

Q7. What is the scope of an MBA Executive?

Ans. The specializations offered by Executive MBA are business analytics, business management, human resource management, finance, accounting management, sales and marketing, and many more. Candidates can choose several Executive MBA.

Q8. Is doing an executive MBA worth it?

Ans. 2020 Executive MBA Council figures show students' salaries increased on average by 14.1% between starting and finishing their course, with graduates earning an average of $193,200 upon completing their EMBA. For the class of 2017, average salaries rose by 57% to $226,436 within three years of graduation.

Q9. What is the cost of an IIM Executive MBA?

Ans. The Programme Fee for the 2022-23 PGPX Batch is INR 30 lakhs for candidates opting for SSH (Single Accommodation) and 32 Lakhs for candidates opting for MSH (Married Student Housing) plus the cost of the International Immersion Programme (IIP) excluding the travel and stay related expenses.

Q10. Do I need to give an exam for an executive MBA?

Ans. Students need to clear Entrance exams such as GMAT, CAT, and XAT in order to get admission to Executive MBA. EMBA average annual fees from Top EMBA Colleges are from INR 4 to 15 LPA.

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