Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Freshers, Traditional Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Brand and Communication Managers, Sales Professionals
Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Table of Contents

Upgrad digital marketing

Key Highlights-

The Most Important Skills You’ll Learn-

SEO, SEM, Social Media, and Content Marketing, Branding, and Marketing Analytics

For Whom Is This Program Intended?

Freshers, Traditional Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Brand and Communication Managers, Sales Professionals

Minimum Eligibility for upgrad digital marketing

Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree

Job Opportunities Available

Digital Marketing Manager, SEM Manager, SEO Specialist, Social Media and Content Manager, Associate Consultant Business Analyst (Sr.) Associate – Digital Marketing

Advanced Certificate from MICA and upGrad

If you successfully complete all of the modules, you will obtain an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication as well as Alumni Status. Become a member of a thriving digital marketing community and one of India’s best marketing institutions.

Upgrad digital marketing Syllabus

4 Weeks in the Digital Marketing Landscape

a single assignment

  1. Marketing Fundamentals: The Transition from Traditional to Digital Marketing
  2. Metrics and Channels for Digital Marketing
  3. Customer-centeredness
  4. Case Studies: One case study focusing on a major global food firm. Create a digital branding plan to aid the brand’s entry into the market as a new product.

Deep Dive into Digital Channels - I 8 Weeks

There are four assignments.

Creating a Digital Presence

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing (SEO)

Deep Dive into Digital Channels - II 8 Weeks

3 different assignments

5 case studies spanning tracks on top companies in healthcare, clothing, finance, e-commerce, banking, and transportation. 

Marketing analytics and a well-thought-out strategy

Three weeks


Capstone Project and e-Commerce Bootcamp

  • 3 Weeks
  • Assignment
  • e-Commerce Bootcamp
  • Capstone Project

Specialisation in Branding and Communications

Specialisation in Marketing Analytics

Specialisation in Marketing Communications (Focus on PR)

Specialisation in Marketing Communications (Focus on PR)


Depending on your interests, you can pick one or more specialisations.

Branding & Comm.


Swiggy Project

It Creates an integrated marketing strategy that takes into account Swiggy’s diverse target demographic and use cases.

Marketing Analytics

Social Media & Content Marketing

Marketing Communications - PR

Customized Tracks for Better Results

Executive Track

Understand DM Basics and setup and run campaigns on 5+ tools. (10-12hrs/week)

Manager Track

Build, run, analyse and optimise Search and Social Media Campaigns (8-10hrs/week)

Leadership Track

Strategize, optimize and analyze digital marketing campaigns – SEO, SEM, Social media, etc. 

Case Studies and Industry Projects

Real-world industry initiatives sponsored by prominent firms in a variety of areas provide opportunities to learn.

Implement real-time marketing strategies

During interviews, use Proof-of-Work to your advantage.

Experts in the field will mentor you

The upGrad Advantage

To assist you in mastering Digital Marketing, we provide strong hand-holding and committed assistance.

Mentors from the industry

Mentors, teaching assistants, and graders from the business will provide you with unrivalled advice.

Receive personalised feedback on your entries and suggestions for improvement

Student Assistance

Student assistance is provided seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

You can contact us at, or utilise the “Talk to Us” option on the learn platform if you have an urgent question.

Getting rid of doubts

Forum for Q&A

Industry professionals and peers resolve doubts in a timely manner.

To ensure high-quality learning, all replies are expert-verified.

Expert Advice on Assignments and Projects Personalized expert advice on assignments and projects

Experts will hold live sessions on a regular basis to answer questions on concepts.


upGrad BaseCamp 

Workshops that are fun, interesting, and career-building, including sessions led by industry leaders and professors.

Participate in group activities with your classmates and alumni.

Networking within the industry

Experts present live lectures on a variety of industrial issues.

Meetings with industry mentors for one-on-one conversation and feedback

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1.How many specialisations do I have to pick from?

Ans. You have the option of selecting up to four specialities. Choosing a specialisation is required and is included in the base programme experience, which costs $105,045. (Incl. Taxes).

Q2.What distinguishes this digital marketing certification from others?

Ans. It consists of a 26-week core curriculum in Digital Marketing, as well as a choice of four specialisations. This entails extensive training in all facets of digital marketing as well as any speciality you select. MICA, one of Asia's finest marketing institutions, has an Advanced Certificate and alumni status. One-on-one professional or business mentorship to assist you in achieving your specific goal for enrolling in this programme. 15+ case studies and projects based on real marketing initiatives, presented online by professionals from top companies like Star India, Zivame, and others. Hands-on projects that allow you to get your hands dirty while receiving one-on-one feedback.

Q3.What type of certificate will I receive once I've completed this course?

Ans. MICA & upGrad will award you an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication upon completion of this programme. This certificate will detail your completion of the Digital Marketing course as well as the specialities you choose. In addition, you will receive a full report on your digital marketing abilities and competencies based on all of your tasks. This will serve as a far more illustrative proof of your talents to an employer than a typical programme completion certificate. You'll also receive a unique certificate from Facebook recognising your proficiency in digital marketing utilising both organic and paid Facebook methods. How much time do I need to spend to do well in this course? T1: Executive - 10-12 hours/week T2: Manager - 8-10 hours/week T3: Leadership - 7-9 hours/week

Q4.Is it possible for me to learn Digital Marketing with this certification programme in my own city?

Ans. This Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication programme has taught professionals from Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, and other places. The method of delivery is over the internet. Every three months, however, networking sessions and student meet-ups are held in major cities.

Q5. How do I know that the curriculum for this programme is the best?

Ans. This course not only teaches you how to go deep into numerous marketing channels, but it also teaches you how to: Create digital marketing efforts that are well-thought-out. Create brands that your customers can relate to in the digital realm. Determine which digital channels are appropriate for your needs and make a plan to leverage them. Allocating financial and human resources across channels is budgeted and allocated.

Q6.What value does all of the industry relationships provide to this course?

Ans. We consulted renowned industry specialists at every level of the programme creation, as part of our commitment to produce exceptionally industry-relevant online programmes for working professionals. These professionals have decades of expertise leading marketing at the agency head / CMO level and driving ROI on a global scale. Our industry connections have aided us in developing and delivering the majority of industry-relevant information and case studies.

Q7.What type of career assistance can I anticipate from this course?

Ans. Our industry partners will receive a thorough profile of our students as well as programme performance data. They will evaluate the best prospects based on this information and offer job chances to the top achievers. This programme was created in response to the employment issues and skill gaps that exist in India's digital marketing industry. This, as well as the applicant screening procedure prior to the commencement of the programmes, are two of the primary reasons why a lot of major firms are interested in providing intriguing chances.

Q8. What if I'm not able to find work through PAP?

Ans. The PAP will be valid for 6 months once the programme is completed: If a candidate meets all of the terms and conditions and is still unable to obtain a job offer under the above-mentioned "Qualifying Positions" after 6 months of completion of the Program, the candidate will be eligible for a refund of Rs. 30,000/-, which will be paid by upGrad within 30 working days of the candidate's request being accepted by upGrad. This reimbursement is not valid if applicants accept an offer outside of upGrad's opportunities or if the student has been removed from the Placement Assurance Program (PAP)

Q9.How much is this course going to cost me?

Ans. The overall cost of the course begins at $1,05,045. (Incl. Taxes). A 0% EMI option is available with a monthly payments of 10,005/- and a down payment of 15000 to secure your seat.

Q10.What exactly is the 0% EMI offer?

Ans. With the 0% EMI option, you may pay for the course in nine equal payments at no additional cost. We have a financial partner that can provide you with a 9-month EMI of $10,005/-. The admissions counsellor will contact you when you have completed the course application form and will assist you with the course specifics. The counsellor will also walk you through the many EMI alternatives accessible to you.

Q11.How much does it cost to reserve my spot once I've been selected for the programme?

Ans. Once you've been selected for the programme, you'll need to pay $15,000 to reserve your spot.

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