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DBS Doon Business School Dehradun MBA Fees Structure 2023
DBS Doon Business School Dehradun MBA Fees Structure 2023

DBS Doon Business School Dehradun MBA Fees Structure 2023

Doon business school is a renowned institution in North India that provides a great atmosphere for students who want to be next generation, Business owner.

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 17/11/2022
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Doon business school is a renowned institution in North India that provides a great atmosphere for students who want to be next generation, Business owner. They provide multiple specializations for students in marketing, finance, agriculture, international business, and human resources management. This is a Govt affiliate university which is one of the best parts of this college. Many students from the whole of India want to join this college for MBA. This college is situated in Deharadun this palace's scenic beauty is beautiful and mesmerized which is an attraction to join this college. This college location gives an extra advantage for students some big industries like Samsung, Woodland, Videocon, and some pharma industry develop their business in this location. This College provides foreign trips for those students who match these eligible criteria. They also provide some certification courses which added extra advantages to students' careers. Those certificates are ACE ( choice of 1 certificate per semester), and ACE Star (choice of 2nd certificate per sem). Some optional additional certificates are SAP Navigation Module and the SAP consultant module.

Doon Business School MBA Fees structure:

Tuition Fees, Carrer Development cell, Soft skills, Clubs Membership1st Sem:1,06,0002nd Sem:1,06,0003rd Sem:1,12,5004th Sem:1,12,500
Security( Refundable)10k
University Examination Fees1st Sem:65002nd Sem:35003rd Sem:45004th Sem:3500
Total Fees5 lakhs
Certification FeesACE( Choice of 1 certificate per sem)ACE Star ( Choice of 2 certificates per sem)
15000( 1st and 3rd Sem) 27500(1st and 3rd sem)
Optional Certificate fees:SAP Navigation ModuleSAP Consultant Module
15000(2nd sem)15000(3rd sem)
1 Week Forign Tour(Mandatory for MBA -IB Students and Optional for MBA ACE Star)
65000(2nd sem)
Domestic Tour Mumbai( optional)30000(3rd Sem)
Alumni Registration5000(4th Sem)
Book Bank Facility 4500
Charges for Uniform8800

Doon Business School PGDM Fees Structure:

Purpose Fees
Admission Fees50k( Not refundable)
Tuition Fees, Carrer Development cell, Soft skills, Clubs Membership1st Sem:1,10,000( Without admission fees)2nd Sem:1,10,0003rd sem:1,10,000(with out Security money)4th Sem:1,18,2505th Sem:1,18,2506th Sem:1,18,250
Security Money10k(Refundable)
Total Fees7.45 lakhs
Scholarship For Female Candidate(Uttarakhand domilicili)1st Sem:1,49,000(with admission fees)2nd Sem:99,0003rd Sem:1,09,000(with security Money)4th Sem:1,06,4255th Sem:1,06,4256th Sem:1,06,425
1 week Forgein Tour65k
Alumini Association5k
Book Bank4.5k
Uniform Charges8.8k

Doon Business School MBA-IB( MBA in International Business) Fees Structure:

Admission Fees 35k (Non Refundable)
Tuition Fees, Carrer Development cell, Soft skills, Clubs Membership1st Sem:1,06,0002nd Sem:1,06,0003rd Sem:1,12,5004th Sem:1,12,500
Total4.4 lakhs
1 week Forgein Tour(Madnatory)65k
Domestic Tour(Mumbai)Optional30k
Alumini Registration+ 1st year enrollmentDBS Alumni association5k
Book Bank4.5k

Doon Business School PGDM-IB(PGDM in International Business)Global Fees Structure:

Admission Fees50k(Non-Refundable)
Composite Cost of educational training, added certificate, Employability training, Foreign tour, Industry Visit, 1-week residential IIM course1st Sem:1,29,500(without admission fees)2nd Sem:1,29,5003rd Sem:1,29,5004th Sem:1,39,5005th Sem:1,39,5006th Sem:1,39,500
Securiry 10k(Refundable)
Total8.8 lakhs
Scholarship For Female Candidate(Uttarakhand domilicili)1st Sem:166500(with admission fees)2nd Sem:1165503rd Sem:1265504th SEm:1255505th Sem:1255506th Sem:122550
Alumini association5k
Book Bank4.5k

Doon Business School BBA+MBA(Integrated) Fees Structure:

Admission Fees35k( Non-Refundable)
Estimated Consolidated Cost(Development charges, Local Industry visit, Student welfare,Accidental Insurance, Activities etc)1st Sem:75k2nd Sem:75k3rd Sem:80k4th Sem:80k5th Sem:85k6th Sem:85k7th Sem:90k8th Sem:90k9th Sem:95k10th Sem:95k
CDC Membership 5th Sem:7.5k8th Sem:7.5k9th Sem:7.5k
Total9.8 lakhs
Examination Fees5k ( per sem)
Outstation Tour15k
Alumni Registration5k
Book BankFor 8 Semester:4.5kEET library:2.5k
Uniform charges8.8k

Certificate Under ACE:

Sem 1- Building Ecommerce Business

Sem 2- Mutual Funds by NISM

Sem 3- Data Analysis using advance Excel 

Sem 4- Derivative by NISM/ Recruiters Certificat/ Digital Marketing( for Finance, HR, Marketing)

Certificate Under ACE STAR:

Sem 1- French Language, Building E commerce Business

Sem 2- Tally 9.0, Mutual fund by NISM 

Sem 3- Tableau & Rapidminer, Data Analysis using advanced Excel

Sem 4- HR analytics, Derivatives By NISM, Digital Marketing( Finance, Marketing, HR)

Doon Business School Placement:

This college is one of the top colleges in Northern India. It gives a good placement every year. They give 100% internship opportunities and approx 90 to 95 percent placement every year. For BCA students they offer 3 to 3.5 lakhs LPA and for MBA and PGDM students, they offer an average of 6 to 7 LPA, which is great according to this current market trend. Placement is the main focus area of this college, that's why they provide lots of certification courses for better opportunities. They give placement opportunities to every student, they help students to make a good corporate relationships. Almost 70+ companies come there campuses for hiring students. 

Companies like TCS, Infosys, EY, Deloitte, S & P Global, DBS bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Genpact, Johnson, and Jhonson, ANZ Australia, Grant Thornton, Kantra, Amazon, Byjus, ICICI Bank, Bandhan Bank, Paytm, Colgate Palmolive, Vishal, Standard Chartered Bank, Vodafone, HSBC.

There is a unique policy called the multiple placement policy. The student committee of this college help to get students into multiple jobs. Every opportunity come by category based this depends on company credentials, Job description, and requirements. Every student sits for many interviews when this student get one offer letter after the college provides two more option to upgrade them.

Doon Business School Campus Life:

One of the most important parts of student life is extracurricular activities which help to refresh the mind and gives extra energy to study. This college organized awesome freshers welcome for newly joined students. On this college campus, they celebrate all programs and many students came from different backgrounds, those programs encourage students. This college provides one more exciting tour which is the International immersion and student exchange program, They organized Dubai Tour and Singapore Tour. And some national tour is the Goa tour, the Manali tour Mussoorie Tour. For all students, they organized an industrial visit in Havells India, Danik Jagran, HCL plant, Liberty shoe factory, Bisleri plant, and Tupperware. This college has lots of clubs that increase students' energy, those clubs are the Rotract club of Doon Business School, DBS wellness club, Social Welfare Club, DBS movie club, The Backpackers, DBS drama club, DBS dance club, DBS music club, DBS 8 ball pool club, DBS basketball club, DBS bat Minton Club, Public speaking activities club and DBS bull and bear club.

People Ask Questions:

1. Is Doon Business School good for MBA?

Ans: Yes doon school is good for mba finance and marketing . this college has state of the art infrastructure and well equipped labs to fulfill all mba requirement. This college offers best placement for mba , and the curriculum is also updated time to time . this college is good for mba finance and marketing.

2.Which MBA has highest package?

Ans: According to the BLS, some of the highest-paying management occupations related to MBA concentrations include computer and information systems management, financial management, marketing management, and human resources management.

3.Is cat required for MBA in Doon Business School?

Ans: Admission to Doon Business School is based on both merit and entrance exam scores. For some UG and PG courses, admission is merit-based. The institute also accepts valid scores of entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, GMAT, and CUET, which are also mandatory.

4.Which MBA college has highest fees?

Ans: While talking about MBA colleges in India, it is impossible to not talk about the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), the premier MBA institutes of India. There are 20 IIM campuses in India and MBA fees at IIMs range from INR 11 lakh to INR 23 lakh.

5.Which is best course in MBA?

Ans: 7 MBA Specializations to Enhance Your Professional Career

  • MBA in Accounting. An MBA in Accounting prepares graduates to measure, analyze, interpret, and communicate economic data. ...
  • MBA in Analytics Intelligence. ...
  • MBA in Healthcare Management. ...
  • MBA in Human Resources Management. ...
  • MBA in Finance. ...
  • MBA in Management. ...
  • MBA in Marketing

6. Can I get direct admission in Doon Business School?

Ans: Candidates looking to take admission for UG/PG courses can apply through both online & offline modes. Candidates who have passed in 10+2 Exam with minimum aggregate marks are eligible to take UG Courses admission. The selection of the Candidates will be based on Merit.

7. Who Is Highest Paid MBA in India?

Ans: Investment banking is the one of the highest MBA salary in India you can get. MBA graduates who wish to pursue this career path would have to choose their subjects with a focus on finance.

8. Why MBA salary is so high?

Ans: Most recruiters attribute their high trust in business school candidates to their versatility, good analytical skills, and excellent communication abilities.

9. What is the minimum salary after MBA?

Ans: An MBA professional in India can earn a starting salary of Rs. 10-12 lakhs per year. The average starting salary for an MBA graduate in India is Rs. 9 lakhs per year.

10. Is CAT MBA difficult?

Ans: The CAT exam's competition level is a little more challenging than the other MBA exam, as more than 2 Lakhs (approx) candidates appear for this exam every year. So, to answer whether CAT Exam is tough, the candidates need to understand the difficulty level, exam pattern, and syllabus of this exam.

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