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NEW SYLLABUS JEE Advance 2023: IIT Entrance

 Saurav Anand
 Saurav Anand 29/10/2022
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NEW SYLLABUS JEE Advance 2023 IIT Entrance
NEW SYLLABUS JEE Advance 2023 IIT Entrance

The NEW SYLLABUS JEE Advance 2023:

IIT Entrance, has been updated for the upcoming academic year. On the official website at, the revised exam syllabus for all three subjects—physics, chemistry, and math—for the year 2023 is now available. According to analysts, the new syllabus created by the Joint Admissions Body (JAB) will increase the number of chapters in JEE Advanced and align it with JEE Main. Every year, the top 2.5 lakh JEE Main passers are given the opportunity to take the advanced exam.

Statistics has just been added to the NEW SYLLABUS JEE Advanced 2023: IIT Entrance, mathematics syllabus. Instead, the triangle’s solution has been removed. In place of semiconductors and communications, a few JEE Main topics have been included, such as forced and damped oscillations, EM waves, and polarisation.

According to experts, students who have advanced to class 11 and begun preparing for the prestigious engineering institutes, the IITs, will have to follow a broader syllabus than their peers. The advanced curriculum is in line with the JEE Main and CBSE curricula. However, individuals who start out by preparing for advanced would need to adjust their approach. Students who were exclusively concentrating on JEE Advanced would need to learn new material that was not previously covered in the syllabus. Experts said that students who outperformed mains preparations by focusing on advanced more and dipping into mains books at the last minute will need to change their approach.

NEW SYLLABUS JEE Advance 2023: IIT Entrance.

Despite the expanded content, experts predict that the exam will likely grow simpler. According to Saurabh Kumar, director of academics at Vidyamandir Classes, ‘Main had a larger syllabus, however Advanced now includes chapters that were already in Mains. Although a longer syllabus can seem stressful, students who take JEE Advanced still prepare for JEE Mains. So, for diligent pupils, the syllabus adjustment won’t be a major concern’.

But starting in 2024, those hoping to enrol in design and related courses at IITs would also need to get ready for an entrance exam with a new format. A new examination pattern and syllabus have been adopted for the design admission exams, CEED and UCEED.

There will be two parts to the admission exam for design: Part A and Part B. Three components will make up the part A of the test, which will be given through a computer (NAT, MSQ and MCQ). Two questions—one on drawing and the other on design aptitude—will be in section B. The response to the question in Part-B must be written or drawn in the answer book provided by the invigilator only. The question will be displayed on the computer screen. The official announcement for UCEED states that portion B would last 60 minutes.

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