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St. Xavier College Ranchi Reviews on Placements, Facilities & Faculty

  • Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Ranchi University
  • Private

Alisha Kumari

St Xavier’s College, Ranchi Reviews

Pallavi, BBA

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Course: The BBA is a management school with excellent instructors who are skilled in their fields. Nearly 60 kids are enrolled in one class. The faculty at the institution was excellent, and kind, and the instructors were competent enough to instruct. The exam was given every six months in a circle, and if you studied carefully, you could easily pass it.

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Campus: College life is pleasant and pleasant since the college organized a variety of festivals and other events, my favorite of which was Xavier Utsav. Since everyone had access to the internet and was using social media sites that everyone was familiar with, social life was good

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Admission: In order to be eligible, you must, of course, have an overall grade point average of 50 in the subject you choose. The application can be completed on St. Xavier College Ranchi's official website, I paid 700 Rs. as the application form fee. When the results are released, the application form can be completed. The entrance exam is the following stage in the admissions process. As one of Jharkhand's top universities, St. Xavier's College attracts a large number of applicants from the state as well as its neighboring states. You should stand in a queue to pay the admission price before the lockdown. However, everything is now online. Physical document verification takes place after fee payment. Students from St. Sc have a reservation. Due to the loss of their autonomous degree, colleges' credibility has decreased. A teacher position in our history department is open, leaving the syllabus incomplete.

Rohan, MCA

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Infrastructure:  There aren't enough rooms and the infrastructure is pretty outdated. And Library is diminutive. Only older male boys are allowed at the hostel. There is a canteen on hand. The hostel's quality was below average. The cuisine at the canteen was of ordinary quality. Medical facilities were present, but merely for show. Sports-related activities seldom saw any participation.

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Placement: 20% had jobs. The highest package available, which was also based on incentives, was 6lpa. The lowest average package sales price was roughly 1lpa. There were prestigious corporations like Amazon, TCS, and SIB. Business development, sales, and executive positions were the most popular job categories at the college.

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Faculty: Despite their expertise and qualifications, teachers are not very helpful. Just mediocre teaching standards are used. Semester exams range from simple to moderate. Students are prepared for the workplace. There were mid-semester tests and the pass rate for the semester exams was 40%. The marks were then inserted.

Puja, M.A.

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Campus life: St. Xavier's College in Ranchi is a lively, busy campus that is brimming with life and vigor. The St. Xavier's College Ranchi campus has a very welcoming and diversified community. On campus, there are many social groups and clubs that give students plenty of chances to participate in extracurricular activities, discover their interests, and interact with their classmates. The college holds a three-day festival called "XAVOTSAV" every year in February that features musical performances, cultural competitions, and other activities. The Music Club, Literary Club, Photography Club, and Drama Club are just a few of the clubs on campus.

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Admission: The following procedures are commonly included in the application process for St. Xavier's College Ranchi's Statistics Honours program: Candidates must have passed their 10+2 exam from a recognized board with Mathematics and English as required subjects, and they must have earned a minimum of 50% of the possible points in these two courses combined. Application: Interested parties may submit their applications online by going to the college's official website or by picking up an application form from the admissions office. Entrance Exam: To be eligible for admission to the Statistics Honours program, the college may administer an entrance exam. Merit List: The college will create a merit list based on the candidate's performance in the entrance exam (if one was held) and their combined 10+2 marks. The final step in the admissions process is for the chosen candidates to pay the $37,000 admission fee and submit all appropriate paperwork.


St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Placement: The firms Delloit, British Telecom, Accenture, and many others were visited and the offers for junior managers and staff were posted to the qualified students from the third year to the fifth semester. Students should not have any outstanding backlogs and should score well above 7 on their exams each semester.

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Scholarship: The fee structure of the course is 34500 in 1st for the General category and 33000 for ST/SC, OBC category which further gets lower in the next years and the college also provides scholarships for ST/SC, and OBC category of 20000 yearly. The college doesn't provide any scholarships for the general category students

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Campus: The campus life of the students is really good because the college offers a three-day annual festival in January and the college also offers a trip twice a year for a week which attracts the students and helps them to learn experiences of life and the best is about the sports facilities because the college is also concerned about the students' preference of sports so they provide for every single type of annual sports in the college. Except for the cost of food at the gym and canteen, the institution offers students access to a library, a canteen, a gym, and a game room. All genres of books are available at the campus library.

Akash, IT

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Infrastructure: This college has departmental libraries. On campus, there is a main library as well. It's cool in the classrooms. This college has three canteens. There are medical facilities available. On-campus Wi-Fi is available. On campus, there is a gaming area. There is a communal room as well. The cost of staying at the hostel is reasonable. Average food is provided at the mess. There are medical facilities on campus.

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Faculty: In terms of instructional quality, I would give it a score of 4. The course material is current and will prepare students for the workplace. Exams for the semester are handled flawlessly. Ranchi University has a relationship with this college. 33 percent of students pass the exam.

St. Xavier’s College Ranchi Placement: Approximately 20–30% of students were assigned to this course. The biggest wage package on offer is in the 7–8 LPA bracket. The lowest wage package available ranges from 4 to 5 LPA. Leading employment agencies include TCS, Infosys, Lido, and Deloitte. Top managerial positions are available for organizations and industries with a variety of expertise.