SP Jain Courses & Fees 2022-2024
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SP Jain Courses & Fees 2022-2024

Sydney, New South Wales

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024


SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-24 are all mentioned below in detail with the information and credentials about the circumstances revolving around SP Jain Global Courses and SP Jain Global Fees. 

About the College

SP Jain School of Global Management was Established in the yearIn the year of 2004
Institute TypePrivate Institute
SP Jain School of Global Management is Permitted byKnowledge and Human Development Authority (Government of Dubai, UAE)
SP Jain School of Global Management is Registered byTertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (Australia)
Entrance Exams accepted by SP Jain School of Global Management for admissionCAT, GMAT, GRE, JEE MAINS, GMAC EXECUTIVE ASSESSMENT
Entrance Exams conducted by SP Jain School of Global ManagementSPJET/ SAT/ SJPA
Popular SP Jain School of Global Management CoursesGlobal MBA, MG
SP Jain School of Global Management Courses offeredOffered 8 Courses across 5 stream
SP Jain School of Global Management ApplicationOnline mode
SP Jain School of Global Management Admission CriteriaMerit-based + Entrance Test
SP Jain School of Global Management Top RecruitersDeloitte, Schneider Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Landmark Group, Kuehne+Nagel, Redington Gulf, Aramex, Westco
SP Jain School of Global Management Facilities AvailableLibrary, Hostel, Auditorium, Sport
SP Jain Global MBA FeesINR 26 Lakh
SP Jain Global MBA placements96%

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024

SP Jain Global Courses & fees:- Course nameSP Jain Global Courses & fees:- FeesSP Jain Global Courses & fees:- Course Eligibility
Certification courseRupees 2.75 Lakh in totalGraduation
Bachelor’s of Business Communication (BBC)Rupees 13.75 Lakh for the first year of course10+2
Bachelor’s of Business Economics (BE)Rupees 13.57 Lakh for the first year of course10+2
BDSRupees 13.57 Lakh for the first year of course10+2
Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA)Rupees 13.57 Lakh for the first year of course10+2
Global-Master’s of Business Administration (GMBA)Rupees 26.23 Lakh in totalGraduation
EMBARupees 15.74 Lakh in totalGraduation

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- BBA

SP Jain’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 4-year full-time undergraduate program constructed to formulate learners with adequately advanced industry insights, significant reasoning, and judgment-making mastery. The BBA course curriculum is formulated about the wider industry, consulting industry, and liberal arts topics. Learners can select to master in Marketing, Finance, or Entrepreneurship. In improvement to intense educational understanding, the course concentrates on the improvement of the main real-world industry and employability abilities, giving learners the enthusiasm, proficiency, and aptitude compelled to exceed in a universal environment.

The BBA course provides learners the chance to examine study choices in top-nitch towns like Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney, knowledge of various societies and appreciate worldwide industry practices, learn with counterparts and faculty from around the globe, connections with business governors, and put up with the initial step towards assembling worldwide employment.

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- BBC

SP Jain’s Bachelor of Business Communication (BBC) is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course that assists learners in championing the detailed dynamics of communication – a rapidly improving and developing process of management, particularly in today’s evolving digital globe. Through this course, learners attain strong insights and strategies in stature management, journalism, civil connections, emergency communication, social agencies, and intercultural communication. Learners bring the chance to survey in two of the globe’s prominent towns – Mumbai (Year 1) and Sydney (Years 2 and 3) – and attain a universal viewpoint.

At the culmination of the course, learners will be readied to correlate the academic and specialized knowledge and mastery to give socially and ethically accountable industry communication explanations. Victorious BBC learners will be well-equipped for graduate research as well as for jobs in corporate communications, investor connections, civil connections, marketing, website and social media management, and advertising mechanisms.

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- BE

SP Jain’s Bachelor of Economics (BEC) is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course that provides learners the deep learning of economics in an international context. The course is quantitative and composed mainly of topics that will enable you to study multinational industry climates and critically analyze questions from an economist’s viewpoint. Learners get the chance to study in two of the globe’s prominent towns – Mumbai (Year 1) and Sydney (Years 2 and 3) – and gain a global outlook.

At the culmination of the course, learners will learn to understand several facets of the hypothesis and method of economics, encompassing improvement economics. The course’s powerful real-world priority, stirred with the hypothesis and application of economics, gives rise to it being highly helpful, whether you want to seek a business as an economist, evaluate a public business in the industry, or opt for graduate studies.

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- BDS

In an improvingly digital realm, Data Science takes advantage of an important role in steering judgments, invention, productivity, and achievement. Big Data analytics has shifted the path institutions identify tendencies, challenges, and modern chances. This implies that Big Data can give rise to enormous social and economic advantages. Strategic usage of Big Data will form the crucial purpose of the tournament, underpinning new waves of productivity, growth, innovation, and consumer surplus.

SP Jain’s Bachelor of Data Science (BDS) is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course formulated to ready graduates who can administer data-driven analyses and optical and developed analytics by amassing and organizing data of all types. Through this course, learners will formulate a deep awareness of data science and the methods for the investigation of quantitative and qualitative data to complete solutions. The BDS course curriculum gives rise to a mixture of core, principles, and employability abilities, and business co-operated programs that give learners empirical, hands-on knowledge.

Victorious BDS graduates will be well-equipped to replenish the desire for data aptitude in several regions such as IT, marketing, manufacturing, banking and finance, retail, and healthcare. They will also be readied to begin graduate research.

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- MGB

Inundate in modern cultures, walk out of your satisfaction area, formulate a cross-cultural awareness, improvement real-world knowledge and engage with a few of the globe’s prime corporations with SP Jain’s Master of Global Business (MGB) course. The 16-month full-time postgraduate program (inclusive of a 4-month internship) educates learners to understand and modify to various industrial climates, civilizations, and markets, readying them for a lifetime of decision-making and leadership. The course’s new modernized curriculum is constructed to impart the cutting-edge abilities of a ‘consultant’ to enable learners to fast-track their business development in the arising questioning atmosphere.

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- (GMBA)

Prime management positions increasingly go to world citizens – people who have lived in foreign places and, therefore, understand many business cultures. Get this facet with SP Jain’s Global MBA (GMBA) software the place every student lives in Dubai, Sydney, and Singapore – every a regional capital and an exquisite backdrop for business education. Designed completely for authorities with 3 years of work experience, the 12-month full-time MBA is an internationally diagnosed postgraduate application with a recognition that is built on the most desirable standards of learning engagement, research, innovation, and graduate outcomes. 

The application is rooted deeply in enterprise fundamentals, the development of indispensable wondering and decision-making skills, and their practice and application. The program’s new better curriculum is designed to impart brand new abilities of a ‘consultant’ to assist college students in fast-track their professional growth in the emerging challenging atmosphere. 

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- EMBA

To get to the subsequent stage of your career – whether it is to get promoted to the top, start your very own commercial enterprise or discover possibilities outside your business enterprise – you will want the management expertise, international exposure, and professional connections that a world-class MBA will help you foster. The SP Jain Executive MBA (EMBA) is designed to assist you to expand your managerial and management skillset, improving the tools to spot and trap challenging opportunities, and functioning yourself as the empowered leader your company wants today.

The 18-month part-time MBA program is currently delivering the usage of our cutting-edge Engaged Learning Online (ELO) science that provides you with an immersive classroom-like experience at your doorstep.

The program curriculum covers core standards of conventional management, addressing business features such as economics, accounting, innovation, and strategy, and professional guides offering in-depth coverage and insights in specific industry tracks. The direction also emphasizes strategic thinking, vital analysis, world intelligence, problem-solving, and decision-making, resulting in the development of distinctly specialized abilities and competencies. Rigorous coursework along with the sensible emphasis of the software allows students to define problems, perceive options and make an immediate have an effect at work.

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- MAIB

Fundamental technological improvements from the previous such as the printing press, steam engines, electrical power, and contemporary telecommunications have converted the economy and changed the face of the world. The present-day indispensable innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the use of digital computer systems to increase and enhance human mental capabilities. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, AI ought to make a contribution up to USD 15.7 trillion to the global economy using 2030.

The upward jostle of AI has created a brilliant demand not solely for engineers who understand its internal workings however also for professionals who recognize both the science and the business desires and can translate a business requirement into a technical specification. There is a notable scarcity of such experts, and the SP Jain postgraduate program, Master of Artificial Intelligence in Business (MAIB), has been created to fill this gap. 

The MAIB is a 2-year full-time postgraduate program that will cowl the foundations, principles, and strategies of AI, as properly as enterprise subjects such as economics, accounting, finance, and marketing. In addition to gaining knowledge of the theory, students will work on many initiatives that follow AI to practical troubles in retail, manufacturing, finance, and many other businesses. After graduating from this software students will be prepared to work on trendy AI projects such as:

  • Establishing recommender networks for e-commerce companies
  • Using AI to establish and govern publicizing crusades.
  • Constructing and deploying reasonable logistics networks
  • AI-based economic portfolio supervision.

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- DBA

SP Jain’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a 3-year doctoral program designed to meet the needs of high-achieving gurus who desire to beautify their business training thru authentic research. The program can be finished in three years full-time, or part-time in an equivalent period, and you can decide to study online or at our campus in Sydney.

The software builds on the commercial enterprise acumen of previously undertaken graduate studies, the use of global intelligence as a tool to resolve commercial enterprise problems. It conjures you to strengthen new perspectives and innovatively methods of business; it provides you the opportunity to find out about an actual business problem in-depth and at once follow that knowledge in your working life, immediately enhancing industrial effects inside your agency and beyond.

It presents all the educational rigor of a regular Ph.D. but is generally tailored to corporate executives and researchers who favor a qualification that is realistic and relevant to the business enterprise they work for.

SP Jain Global Courses & Fees 2022-2024:- MGLUXM

The Master in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management (MGLuxM) is a 12-month postgraduate program that will assist you in radically changing into a specialist supervisor in the international luxurious industry. Developed via SP Jain School of Global Management and MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business, the program provides a holistic understanding of developed luxury markets like Europe and the application of marketing, sales, and retail concepts in unexpectedly rising markets like India. The industry-centric curriculum and real-life projects, undertaken each in Mumbai and Milan, will help you achieve in-depth information of the entire gamut of the luxurious enterprise in substantially exclusive markets. 

On successful completion of the program, you will acquire an internationally-recognized degree from MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business. The program is accepted by Politecnico di Milano and the diploma is accredited and recognized through the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) (Italy). You will also be awarded a Certificate of Completion from SP Jain, giving your profession an international impetus.

SP Jain BBA Courses & Fees 2022-2024

Mumbai’s SP Jain School of Global Management (SPJSGM) BDS, 13.57 lakhs (1st year fees), 10+2; BBA, 13.57 lakhs (1st year fees), 10+2.

SP Jain Digital Marketing Course Fees 2022-2024

Digital marketing course fees vary depending on a variety of factors. Online digital marketing course fees range from INR 8,000 to INR 10,000, whereas digital marketing course fees at training institutes such as Digiperform, IIDE, MICA, and others can range from INR 15,000 to INR 45,000 per course, depending on internship, duration (from 2 months to 1 year), and other factors. For a 2 day – 1-month Digital Marketing Course at a reputable university like IIM, the prices can vary from INR 40,000 to INR 1,50,000, and for an advanced diploma or postgraduate degree for a 1 or 2-year course, the expenses can range from INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,00,000, depending on the many aspects. For a cheap charge of INR 5000 – INR 7,000, some respectable universities also provide online recorded video walkthrough (self-paced) courses.

SP Jain BBA Placements 2021/2020/2019

SP Jain’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 4-year full-time undergraduate program designed to craft graduates with well-developed business insights, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

SP Jain School of Global Management recently released its placement report for the 2020 BBA batch. The highest offer made this year was Rs 33.5 lakh per annum.

SP Jain BBA Fees 2022-2024

Courses and Fee Structure at the SP Jain School of Global Management in Mumbai. Courses in High Demand. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] is a degree in business administration.

B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) · Duration : 3 – 4 Years · Fee: INR 13.6 Lacs (Annually) ·

SP Jain Fees MBA 2022-2024

The present MBA Fee for IIMs ranges from Rs 12 Lakhs to Rs 23 Lakhs and the MBA Fee for Top PGDM B-schools like XLRI, MDI and SPJIMR ranges from Rs 15 Lakhs to Rs 23 Lakhs. So, MBA from most of the Top 10-20 B-schools in India will cost between Rs 12 lakhs and Rs 23+ Lakhs.

SP Jain Fees PGDM 2022-2024

The fee for the PGDM batch of 2021-2023 is Rs. 19 lakhs. This fee includes tuition fees, basic hostel/accommodation and Global Fast Track.

SP Jain Fees for Executive MBA 2022-2024

The fees of 1 year MBA course offered by ISB is Rs 3.7 million, where as the fees of 1 year course offered by SP Jain is Rs. 3.3 million at the moment.

SP Jain Fees Quora 2022-2024

The total fees for the 2 year pgdm mba in spjimr are nearly 18 lakhs for 2018-20. Food charges( mess) approximately 50000 per year to be paid directly to the contractor. Can expect the amount to increase slightly for the hostel if u upgrade room.

SP Jain Global MBA Fees Quora 2022-2024

SP Jain MBA also performs an excellent job in placements, with the top package provided being Rs. 48 lakhs and an average salary of Rs. 22.5 lakh.

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SP Jain Courses & Fees 2022-2024
SP Jain Courses & Fees 2022-2024