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MYRA School Of Business News and Updates

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MYRA School Of Business News and Updates 2022-24


MYRA School of Business News and Updates 2022-24 is a great way to know the current affairs of the college. MYRA School of Business News and Updates 2022-24 lets the students know about the events and occasions going on in the college. The MYRA School of Business News and Updates 2022-24 enables students to know much more about the college in a better way. MYRA School of Business News and Updates 2022-24 is a way to interact with the audience socially and achieve more standards.

About The College

Full nameMyra School of Business
Year of Establishment2012
Myra School of Business addressNear Infosys, Yelawala, Mysore 571130
OwnershipPrivate college
MYRA School of Business AccreditationsApproved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)
Mode of educationFull time
Myra School of Business Ranking in IndiaRanked 9th for vision ranking
MYRA School of Business Courses1 course only ie PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)
MYRA School of Business feesINR 10 lakh
MYRA School of Business ScholarshipsGeneral Scholarship and Special Scholarship
MYRA Merit Scholarship and High Performance Scholarship
MYRA School of Business MBA Placement rate96 percent
MYRA School of Business Highest PackageINR 16 lakh per annum
MYRA School of Business Average PackageINR 7.5 lakh per annum
MYRA School of Business Collaborations (International)Catolica Lisbon, Portugal
University of Wurzburg, Germany
MYRA School of Business FounderShalini Urs

MYRA School of Business News and Updates 2022-24:- Congratulations Dr. Karthik Kalyanaraman October 15, 2021

Dr. Guido Imbens got the Nobel Prize. The Nobel council illustrated 5 research papers composed by Dr. Karthik Kalyanaraman in the comprehensive summary and one of them was co-authored by one of the professors of MYRA School of Business, Dr. Karthik Kalyanaraman. It was the most cited econometrics article of the recent decade. It is certainly a privilege for MYRA School of Business to have Karthik as an outstanding partner of the MYRA School of Business Faculty

MYRA School of Business News and Updates 2022-24:- Industry Webinar on ‘The Science of Being Happy’ by Mike Murali, March 12, 2021

On Friday, March 12th, MYRA School of Business, PGDM learners accompanied an online lesson named “The Science of Being Happy”. It was conveyed by Mike Murali, Chief Fun Officer & Director Marketing – Capgemini. Capgemini is a French international IT-services corporation with over 120,000 workers in our country.

Mike Murali is a Bangalore-based administrator with powerful attention in branding, the internal transmission of huge occasions, worker engagement training, and customer connection management. As the Chief Fun Officer at Capgemini, Murali appears with creative strategies and actions for worker engagement. He also deals with four other purposes under the corporate transaction, touching the brand at numerous statuses. He is also an accomplished public speaker and has transmitted TEDx talks, shows, cricket-stadium commentary, and televised episodes, and much more.

In this session, Mike told tales and tapes concerning Capgemini’s ambitions, and also provided some guidance on accomplishing personal joy and career achievements. This special session was comprehended by MYRA faculty and learners, especially those enthusiastic about HR and Marketing topics.

Key discussion points included:

  • How music can be utilized as a means to initiate workplace enjoyment, particularly if it carries together employees in a pleasant and soothed setting.
  • How motivating fantasies and dreams in people can enable establishing encouraged and efficient project teams.
  • How giving back to the public can be a basis of happiness – and how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offices at main corporations are utilizing this notion.
  • How a corporation’s inner fun ambitions can be utilized effectively in external transaction and branding exercises.
  • The 10 Commandments of Happiness is a set of private lifestyle suggestions that touch on principles of self-reflection, reading, goal-setting, exercise, friendships, and objectives.

This webinar was conducted by the MYRA Career Services Office, which intends to enable learners and faculty to relate with business professionals on fascinating issues.

MYRA School of Business News and Updates 2022-24:- Lecture on ‘Behavioural Information Security, from Trust to Inclusion’ by Dr. H. Raghav Rao, March 12, 2021

On Friday, March 12th, PGDM students from the first year of their degree listened to a live lecture named “Behavioural Information Security from Trust to Inclusion”. It was transmitted by Dr. H. Raghav Rao AT&T Distinguished Chair in Infrastructure Assurance and Security, the University of Texas at San Antonio – USA.

Dr. Rao is a creative investigator in the areas of decision-support policies, catastrophe transmissions, cyber security, and cross-cultural strategies to evidence networks. He is a Visiting Professor at the MYRA School of Business and maintains intimate educational links in Mysore, Bangalore, Manipal, and Mangalore.

The lesson concentrated on The Evolution of Trust and Technology over the prior periodic decades – and how academic proficiency in this area can be correlated to issues nowadays, like email-phishing, online grade networks, rider security with Uber and Ola, hacking of private data, online economic agreements, oversharing on social media, food delivery integrity, lodgings and Airbnb, and even remaking international politics. It was an instructive and fascinating trial that was appreciated by all attendees. 

This guest lesson was hosted by the MYRA Academic Office, to enable learners to interact with worldwide scholars annually.

MYRA School of Business News and Updates 2022-24:- Student Interaction with Vidya Singh, Manager – HR, Airbus on ‘Internship Readiness’, March 6, 2021

On Saturday, March 6th, first-year MYRA PGDM students attended a virtual workshop on “Internship Readiness”. It was delivered by Vidya Singh, Manager – Human Resources, Airbus Group.

Vidya is a Bangalore-based HR manager with over twelve years of background in strategic HR business partnering, ability management, execution supervision, understanding & people improvement, and HR global obedience. In this hour-long lecture, she brought out private and experienced knowledge to impart important guidance to MYRA learners.

Key takeaways included:

  • Resumes should be crafted carefully include projects, subjects, and specialties that you are aware of and enthusiastic about. These serve as discussion starters between the job-hunter and the canvasser. Through this discussion, the HR agent can evaluate whether you are a decent culture fit.
  • Instruct adequately for your job meeting. Be thoughtful of how you illustrate yourself, and what you wear. Browse up on the corporation and comprehend the commodities, assistance, and department culture. Practice indicates to the canvasser that you are excited about ensuring the job. Furthermore, everyone should be able to reply to the questions “what do you do when you’re not working or studying?” and “can you walk me through your profile?”. These topics are crucial because hiring administrators to want to know your attitude and proficiency to communicate, and not only how many layers of code you’ve composed or how many customers you’ve arranged.
  • Try not to babble during an interview. Give well-structured and straightforward answers to all issues, and then exaggerate further if expected.
  • It is better to do an internship in your main (rather than another field). This will enable you to create your profile, which will in turn assist in placements. For example, if you want a decent finance job, then a finance internship will be more helpful than an HR internship.
  • Hiring administrators commonly gaze for four things: communication abilities, learnability, the likelihood of accomplishment in the corporation, and how hard the competitor craves the job.
  • Internships can assist learners to develop important abilities concerned with decision-making and stakeholder management.
  • Start-ups and ascertained corporations furnish various internship knowledge. A start-up has limited individuals which perceive you to several different things. Whereas a conventional corporation business functionally appreciates one specialized industry purpose. Learners are enabled to experiment and explore concerns – particularly during this widespread epidemic. But they should put up with their internship incredibly by specifying key learning purposes for themselves.