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IIM Bodh Gaya: Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya Facilities Details

  • Bodh Gaya, Bihar
  • NIRF Ranking for Management 73

Saurav Anand

IIM Bodh Gaya Facilities 

Building on the renowned history of the IIM brand, IIM Bodh Gaya cultivates a culture and curriculum with the express purpose of generating socially responsible managers and emotionally developed leaders. A dynamic curriculum that is in line with academics and business professionals gives students the possibility to pick up new skills and take into account different perspectives. IIM Bodh Gaya places a strong emphasis on practical learning outside of the usual classroom environment by having students participate in case studies, discussions with business professionals, real projects, etc. The qualifications and achievements of the faculty at the institute, which include publications in reputable journals on the ABDC and Scopus lists, show the staff's dedication to important research. Thanks to the work that its students have done for some of the most famous companies in the country, IIM Bodh Gaya has quickly raised its profile in the business world.

The eastern part of the country has long been recognized as a leading center of learning thanks to the ancient institutions of Nalanda and Vikramshila, where students from all over the world gathered in quest of knowledge. As a significant Buddhist tourism destination, Bodh Gaya attracts millions of tourists every year. Bodh Gaya, an old center of learning and one of the principal routes to enlightenment, is home to the Mahabodhi Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as a number of other significant temples and monasteries. The well-known 80-foot Buddha statue and the Indosan Nippon temple, which was built in 1972 and houses a collection of Japanese art, are both located in Bodh Gaya. IIM Bodh Gaya continues to be inspired by this site of enlightenment as it strives to become the enlightening IIM.

IIM Bodh Gaya understands how important it is to expose its students to modern trends and international standards in order to improve their learning. While discussions with numerous other international universities across the world are ongoing, the institute has worked with a number of reputable institutions in France, Venezuela, Russia, Mexico, Italy, and South Korea in order to increase the campus's exposure to the world and cultural diversity.

For this reason, the institute and its cutting-edge facilities assist the student body in actively exploring novel ideas, coming up with creative solutions, promoting sustainable practices, encouraging individual growth, affecting the neighborhood, and revolutionizing the management field. IIM Bodh Gaya Facilities and its educational programs have been carefully designed to foster all-around development and develop future leaders in international business. 

Students are encouraged to think critically and apply theoretical knowledge in real contexts through active participation in case analyses, collaborative projects, presentations, and interesting lectures. The dedicated faculty of IIM Bodh Gaya, which is made up of seasoned teachers and business executives, is its greatest strength. They do more than just disseminate information; they also act as mentors, assisting students as they go through their academic careers and offering insightful advice as they consider various career options.

The IIM Bodh Gaya facilities include cutting-edge classrooms, fully-stocked libraries, computer labs, and areas designated for various activities. The campus' serene atmosphere is the perfect environment for fostering learning and personal growth. The student-centered culture of IIM Bodh Gaya is a defining aspect of campus life. Numerous student organizations take the initiative to organize a wide range of conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events in a variety of subjects, including marketing, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and more. These extracurricular activities benefit the institute's student body by fostering leadership qualities, expanding networking opportunities, giving students practical experience, and enabling them to showcase their potential during the IIM Bodh Gaya placement process. The blending of cultures, languages, and worldviews is best exemplified at IIM Bodh Gaya. Students from different regions of India foster cultural interchange and understanding in this setting. The diversity in the classroom enriches discussions and promotes global understanding. Through its dedicated incubation facility and a number of competitions, most notably the annual Entrepreneurship Summit, the institute actively encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Resources are made available to students so they can develop their entrepreneurial ideas and establish their businesses. The IIM Bodh Gaya campus hosts a number of management and cultural activities. The yearly cultural festival features artists from all throughout the nation. Students regularly participate in a variety of social causes that benefit the neighborhood. Students who participate in challenging coursework, diverse cultural experiences, and extracurricular activities develop into well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the difficulties of the corporate world. 

IIM Bodh Gaya Facilities Highlights
Modern Classroom Facilities
Accommodation Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
Computer Facilities
Sports Facilities
Library Facilities
Guest House 
Mess and Cafeteria
Transport facilities

IIM Bodh Gaya Classroom Facilities

The classroom facilities of IIM Bodh Gaya are designed to act as a dynamic forum for encouraging student creativity, critical thinking, and multidisciplinary collaboration.  To support advanced learning, the institution has made major investments in cutting-edge technology, teaching aids, and creative seating arrangements. The setting of the classroom encourages exploration, creativity, and the development of intellectual independence. Together, these classroom facilities at IIM Bodh Gaya support a culture that is working to develop managers who will run several multinational corporations in the future.  The classrooms at IIM Bodh Gaya are dynamic learning environments where students are encouraged to participate in collaborative learning, explore novel ideas, and question-received wisdom. This strategy supports the institute's goal of developing dependable and forward-thinking business leaders who can adapt and succeed in a competitive corporate environment.

IIM Bodh Gaya  Library Facilities

The library of IIM Bodh Gaya is state-of-the-art and contemporary. It is referred to as the Knowledge Center, and it serves as a focal point for gathering and disseminating knowledge. The library facilities of IIM Bodh Gaya stand out as the most modern, technologically advanced, and completely automated library resource center that is dedicated to staying ahead in the rapidly developing global information era. The library on the IIM Bodh Gaya campus is an astounding 5,000 square feet, and it has a reading room that both staff and students can use. It provides enough study areas for students. 

There is a large collection of electronic resources available at the IIM Bodh Gaya library, including more than 40 databases like DELNET, E-Book Cambridge, EBSCO Business Source Ultimate, Economist Historical Archives, Emerald Insight, EPWRF, Grammarly, INFORM Journals, OECD Library, Oxford Journals, Press Reader, SAGE, Springer Nature, Statista databases, Taylor & Francis, Turnitin, Wiley Journals, World Bank E-Library, IS and many more.

More than 15,000 e-journals are accessible through this sizable digital archive. A whopping 150,000 e-books, including the renowned Oxford Handbooks Online, a wonderful collection covering many subject areas, are also accessible through the library, along with access to over 7,00 e-business magazines. Notably, the library has special collections from organizations like the World Bank and EXIM Bank, and it gives users access to materials like the Emerald and Harvard Business Review case collections, which are highly valued by both students and teachers.

The library subscribes to both print and digital editions of newspapers and publications, and the E-Library Portal allows access to its scholarly e-collection from any networked computer on campus. The library contains a physical collection of more than 15,000 books, reports, dissertations, and theses that may all be searched through the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). This collection complements its digital offerings. The library offers helpful services including the Turnitin plagiarism detector, E-resources searches for databases, journals, and reports, and remote access for off-campus users to improve the research and academic experience. A finance lab powered by Bloomberg is also housed in the library facilities at IIM Bodh Gaya and provides access to real-time financial data.

The library actively engages in numerous consortiums, such as the IIM consortium, and is a member of resource-sharing networks like DELNET and INFLIBNET in keeping with its dedication to resource sharing. More than 15,000 e-journals and more than 100,000 dissertations and theses are accessible thanks to these affiliations. RFID-enabled self-service kiosks are available in the libraries of IIM Bodh Gaya, allowing for automated lending, returns, and renewals. IIM Bodh Gaya's Knowledge Centre provides a cutting-edge learning environment with a range of tools and services to aid in the academic and research activities of its teachers and students. 

IIM Bodh Gaya IT Infrastructure

IIM Bodh Gaya Facilities have cutting-edge IT technology. The IT infrastructure at IIM Bodh Gaya provides cutting-edge technological resources to assist its academic community. The institute has integrated cutting-edge technological facilities to provide seamless communication in order to meet the academic demands of the student community as well as the teaching members. High-speed optical fiber connections connect the campus and its buildings, forming a robust network backbone. The campus-wide Local Area Network (LAN) of IIM Bodh Gaya combines wired and wireless technology to give students and faculty a variety of connectivity choices. This guarantees connectivity to both the campus network and the wide-area digital network. The institute has also been effective in putting advanced security measures in place to protect internet communications and data, guaranteeing a secure and continuous connection. The IT infrastructure at IIM Bodh Gaya is equipped with the most recent technical developments to create a connected and secure environment that enables the academic community to continue working toward its educational and research objectives while remaining linked to the online world. 

IIM Bodh Gaya Hostel Facilities

The institution offers its students lodging options. There are two hostel buildings at IIM Bodh Gaya. The dormitory buildings are equipped with a variety of amenities, such as entertainment areas and kitchens. The basic amenities, including a mess and cafeteria, designated areas for sports, common rooms, a library, etc., are present in each of the two hostel complexes. When applying to IIM Bodh Gaya, students must fill out the hostel application. Separate housing options are available in the IIM Bodh Gaya hostel for male and female students. There are single and double occupancy options for the rooms. The annual hostel price varies depending on the kind of room occupancy and is 39,000. Most of the time, first-year students share double occupancy rooms.  Most of the time, first-year students share double occupancy rooms.  They have the opportunity to switch to single-occupancy accommodations after the first year is up. 

Students have access to common rooms where they can participate in a range of activities like social gatherings, games, and informal conversations. For the convenience of the students, there is a constant, 24-hour electrical supply and Wi-Fi services. Additionally, the hostels offer sports facilities for badminton and basketball. The IIM Bodh Gaya hostel has well-equipped gyms for fitness aficionados. A student committee is also present at the IIM Bodh Gaya Hostels to address issues relating to upkeep, food quality, and tenants' well-being. For the convenience of the IIM Bodh Gaya dormitory residents, the campus provides a retail shop, banking services, and a post office. Students staying in hostels have access to mess facilities that offer freshly prepared meals and snacks, and they can also buy food and drinks from the cafeteria on campus.

On the campus of IIM Bodh Gaya, there are numerous eating alternatives. Homey dishes are served at the hostels' mess hall. There are more dining alternatives for students on campus, offering a variety of cuisine selections. On campus, the dining halls serve as gathering places where students can converse amicably. These amenities offer students a vibrant environment that promotes relaxation and interaction where they may savor delectable meals and forge relationships. There are a number of options for food and drink in both the campus cafeteria and mess. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available here, catering to the varying dietary needs and palates of students from all parts of the nation. These areas at IIM Bodh Gaya not only serve wonderful meals but also foster a sense of camaraderie, comfort, and belonging among the local student body.

The following are the main highlights of the hostels of IIM Bodh Gaya:- 

DescriptionNo. of Statistics
No. of Floors3 in each building 
No. of Hostel Buildings 2 (1 Boys + 1 Girls)
Fees Structure (Boys / Girls)INR 39 k per year
No. of Rooms90
Other facilities Mess, Washing Machine, Wi-Fi, Badminton Court, etc.

Important Characteristics of IIM Bodh Gaya Hostels 

Look at the key characteristics of IIM Bodh Gaya Hostels:

  • IIM Bodh Gaya Hostel has two hostel buildings, one for boys and one for girls.
  • In each corridor, there are 30 single or double-occupancy rooms, depending on the interests of the students. 
  • There is a common area where students can hang out and play table tennis, watch sports, or talk about their assignments. 
  • There are also gyms with a variety of tools available for individuals who are serious about their health and fitness. 
  • Every corridor has a shared restroom and a purified water supply that is available around the clock.
  • In addition to the volleyball courts on campus, the dorms of IIM Bodh Gaya dorms include basketball courts for restful evenings in addition to the volleyball facilities on campus.  
  • The hostels' tastefully decorated interiors suggest that there are many options for introspection and creativity on the hostel campuses. 

The girls' hostel at IIM Bodh Gaya is called Gargi's Hostel.

  • The Gargi's Girls Hostel has 30 rooms, split between single and double occupancy, over its three floors.
  • The rooms have good ventilation and lighting. 
  • The rooms have a variety of standard pleasures such as beds, mattresses, study tables, chairs, and cabinets. 
  • The mess is housed inside the hostel structure in order to ensure the security of the female residents, which is another intriguing aspect. 
  • A home gym, a common space, basketball and volleyball courts, separate washing machines, filtered water coolers, 24-hour power, WiFi access, LAN connections in each room, etc.
  • For the goal of promptly resolving concerns and questions regarding the hostel and mess, a Hostel and Mess Committee (HMC) has been established.

IIM Bodh Gaya Sports Facilities

There are sports facilities at the institute. IIM Bodh Gaya has both outdoor and indoor sporting facilities to accommodate the wide range of hobbies and preferences of its student body. A hockey field, basketball court, volleyball court, lawn tennis court, cricket-football field, throwball court, and badminton court are among the outdoor sporting facilities at IIM Bodh Gaya. There are many options for both team sports and solitary challenges in these designated areas. Table tennis, swimming pool, foosball, carrom, and chess are some of the indoor activities available. Both students and professors have access to a clean gym that is equipped with all the required modern equipment. In addition to the numerous sporting facilities on campus, IIM Bodh Gaya is getting ready to build a cycle track to meet the demands of cyclists. Cycling aficionados will be able to enjoy the campus' scenic splendor while remaining active and healthy with the help of this upcoming addition. The sporting facilities at IIM Bodh Gaya guarantee the community's members' physical and mental health. The hostel buildings offer additional sporting facilities. No matter if the students enjoy the exhilaration of team sports played outdoors or the concentration of indoor activities, IIM Bodh Gaya's sports facilities are made to keep them interested, active, and revitalized while still keeping them surrounded by nature. 

IIM Bodh Gaya Transport Facilities

The transportation resources of IIM Bodh Gaya meet the various demands of its students. There are numerous ways to get around IIM Bodh Gaya for participants. To satisfy the needs of its residents, the campus offers a variety of cars. There are a variety of vehicles, including two-wheelers, four-wheelers, sedans, SUVs, and cars. I am actively working to enable IIM Bodh Gaya Transportation services, and all vehicle photographs are included.

These transportation services are available daily at IIM Bodh Gaya for those who are handicapped or quadriplegic. The staff personnel, including the drivers, are polite to the participants and always eager to help.

These IIM Bodh Gaya facilities are available to participants from any department for excursions and field trips. The participant must get the institution's approval in order to use the facility's benefits.

In case of an emergency, an ambulance is moreover always available. The list of vehicles that can be disposed of at IIM Bodh Gaya facilities is as follows.

IIM Bodh Gaya Mess Facilities

In order to accommodate the members' needs for meals, the IIM Bodh Gaya Mess facilities are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine is available at the IIM Bodh Gaya mess facilities. A candidate can choose from a variety of menu options based on his or her eating preferences. The majority of candidates are satisfied with the facilities at IIM Bodh Gaya.

At IIM Bodh Gaya facilities, you can now get snacks including cookies, ice cream, and soft beverages on campus. The self-managed PI shop offers a variety of snacks to sate the appetites of IIM Bodh Gaya members.

The participants made a contribution to the facilities at IIM Bodh Gaya by developing JAM. JAM provides fruit and juice to attendees. This is one of the unique and cutting-edge amenities at IIM Bodh Gaya.

Last but not least, the hostel is within walking distance of four canteens. One of these is a night canteen, open from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. to satisfy the participants' appetites.

Stationery is also sold in the PI shop, which is a feature of the IIM Bodh Gaya facilities. On the IIM Bodh Gaya campus, everything from A4 paper, notebooks, printing, and the building is available.

IIM Bodh Gaya Healthcare Facilities

The medical centers at IIM Bodh Gaya offer a wide range of services. The cutting-edge sports complex has recruited a number of qualified specialists. These experts can help a candidate with their cardiac exercises. There are several fitness and health benefits to this exercise.

Additionally, a Guru has been employed by the IIM Bodh Gaya facilities to teach yoga classes. To support the medical facilities of IIM Bodh Gaya, several seminars are held every day on campus. These yoga sessions significantly increase self-esteem and body posture when participants actively participate.

The IIM Bodh Gaya facility's main objective is to support participants' growth. As a result, the healthcare facilities of IIM Bodh Gaya are made to accommodate participants' physical requirements. 

At IIM Bodh Gaya, the swimming program is given particular consideration. Swimming is a full-body workout that helps a swimmer's breathing and endurance while also stretching every muscle in their body. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in these IIM Bodh Gaya healthcare facilities by the institution. The facilities at IIM Bodh Gaya include these traits, and they greatly aid in the members' development as people.

IIM Bodh Gaya Banking Facilities

The facilities at IIM Bodh Gaya meet all of the participants' banking requirements. There is an SBI bank on the university's campus. Specialized banking needs are catered for by IIM Bodh Gaya’s banking services. The banking department at IIM Bodh Gaya accepts deposits and offers members passbook updating services.

On the fringes of the campus, there are two 24-hour ATMs for your financial convenience. Students, instructors, and staff who use the IIM Bodh Gaya facilities can open accounts with the SBI bank to benefit from integrated banking, which is offered in the IIM Bodh Gaya facilities.

The bank offers immediate services because it solely caters to IIM Bodh Gaya participants. All on-campus cash and banking requirements are satisfied with the help of IIM Bodh Gaya Facilities.

IIM Bodh Gaya Faculty

The faculty at IIM Bodh Gaya, which includes professionals from diverse sectors, is essential for creating future business leaders. The IIM Bodh Gaya academic community, which is made up of professors, graduates, and students, actively fosters management and research skills with the help of numerous resources. The institute supports academic autonomy in both teaching and learning. The mentors help students succeed in their academic endeavors and comprehend many career components in addition to acting as instructors, leaders, and information makers. The IIM Bodh Gaya faculty is assisting the institution in developing committed business leaders. All of the present educators are leaders in their industries, and they all constantly innovate, adapt, and change the way they approach teaching. They work hard to deliver a transformative curriculum that is appropriate for the institute's student body. Every student will receive an education that is both engaging and modern thanks to the commitment to new curricula, which will provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to become influential and visionary leaders in their field.

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Bodh Gaya Facilities

Q. Is it worth to join IIM Bodh Gaya?

Ans. Joining IIM Bodh Gaya is unquestionably worthwhile. In addition to giving you the skills you need to achieve, education instills in you the character you need to maintain your success. Although the hike is difficult and difficult, the vista is worth it.

Q. How is life at IIM Bodh Gaya?

Ans. At IIM Bodhgaya, daily life is frenetic and full of learning as well as enjoyable extracurricular activities. The demanding program will motivate you to maximize your time at the institute.

Q. Which IIM has swimming pool?

Ans. The sports complex stands alone as an important improvement to life on the IIMA campus. It has a squash court, gymnasium, swimming pool with Olympic standards, and other athletic facilities.

Q. What is the average CTC of IIM Bodh Gaya?

Ans. Rs. 15.68 LPA is the average CTC of IIM Bodh Gaya.

Q. What is the salary of IIM Gaya?

Ans. INR 8.8 lakhs is the average annual salary at IIM Bodh Gaya.

Q. Which is the best IIM in Bihar?

Ans. One of the most prestigious management schools is IIM Bodh Gaya, which was founded in 2015 and is currently ranked 53rd among the best management schools in India by NIRF 2023.

Q. Is IIM Bodh Gaya baby IIM?

Ans. IIM Sambalpur and IIM Bodh Gaya are new IIMs that were both founded in 2015.

Q. Is it easy to get into IIM Bodh Gaya?

Ans. The candidate's CAT, What, GD, and PI scores, as well as their academic standing, prior work experience, and other considerations, all play a role in the final decision. It is important to keep in mind that the admittance to IIM Bodh Gaya is incredibly difficult, and only a small number of applicants are approved each year.

Q. What is the hostel fee in IIM Bodh Gaya?

Hostel Amount
    Boys HostelINR 39k per year
    Girls HostelINR 39 k per year

Q. Is life after IIM worth it?

Ans. The highest-earning degree from any Indian university is an MBA from an IIM. Any offer made to an MBA graduate from any other Indian MBA college was beaten by the average income offered to IIM graduates. This is because an MBA from an IIM is regarded as having the highest value in the business world.