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Amity University Patna Reviews on Placements, Facilities & Faculty

  • Patna, Bihar
  • UGC
  • Private

Saurav Anand

Amity University Patna Reviews

Rishabh Raj, B.Tech Computer Science Engineering

  • Amity University Patna Campus: They have good infrastructure. It is a 5-story building with parking, a café, and other amenities in the basement. Although the structure is a major disadvantage, the classes are excellent. It is just a building, not like other campuses.
  • Amity University Patna Course: The caliber of the faculty is above average. Some professors are excellent, they help us learn easily. The labs are available for practical classes. All the required equipment and curriculum facilities are available at the campus.
  • Amity University Patna Placement: Amity Patna placements are given in reputable businesses like TCS, Infosys, Nagarro, etc. However, the majority of them are looking for software developer roles as a Fresher, therefore those who have a strong interest in a different field must start their careers off campus. Off-campus employment is extremely scarce. Therefore, they must assist their students who have a strong interest in a different field.

Smriti, BBA

  • Amity University Patna Campus: The institution has agreements with private hostels; there are no dorms for students. Additionally, the hotel and meals are subpar. However, if one must leave the community, there is no other choice but to make accommodations. Additionally, the college lacks a campus of its own.
  • Amity University Patna Course: One can simply pass the semester exams. Students frequently achieve 7 to 8 CGPAs, with roughly 4 serving as the passing CGPA. Exams are simple, and obtaining internal marks is also simple. Additionally, passing is simple if one studies the PPT and other materials.
  • Amity University Patna Placement: Amity Patna placements for both large and small businesses have provided a wide range of different opportunities. Regardless of the various industries and jobs, the pay was generally satisfactory. The average was about 3 LPA, and the maximum was 8 LPA.

Harshvardhan, (B.Com Hon.)

  • Amity University Patna Campus: In comparison to other Amity colleges, the college's infrastructure is rather modest and not very large. The labs and classrooms have plenty of room. Both boys and girls have access to the hostel facilities, which is quite useful. The hostel mess serves good, hygienic food. The college hosts a variety of programs and activities, including a marathon and a candle march. Every year, festivals are also planned, and the biggest stars come to our campus to play. Additionally, our college hosts a DJ night. If a student receives more than 70% on the senior school exam, our college has a scholarship scheme, and the money is awarded based on the student's performance in the first year of college.
  • Amity University Patna Course: Every course has a semester structure, and the course curriculum is good. Based on credit, students take 10–12 classes each semester. There are roughly 40–50 faculty members at our college. Every teacher has an MBA and a Ph.D. from reputable universities. Faculty members possess extensive knowledge to help the pupils understand, they talk about their own experiences.
  • Amity University Patna Placement: Amity Patna placements have excellent rates. At the college, selection is limited to about 95,000 pupils. For placements, businesses like Infosys and others come to our campus. The typical compensation package provided to students runs from 5 to 10 LPA. The summer internship programs offered by our college are excellent for students. The majority of students are placed and given internships at the college.

Anand Singh, MBA

  • Amity University Patna Campus: Being on campus is like being at home with your family. The campus organizes an annual festival and a tech festival every year in the auditorium. Journals and books are available for free. The facilities offered inside the classroom are good, and the classrooms are pretty clean. Every year, the institution also hosts sporting events where each student has a wonderful opportunity to show off their skills. The college students are in charge of a variety of social organizations with various goals.
  • Amity University Patna Course: The course curriculum is three years old. It makes sense that other colleges offer students opportunities to study new technologies, therefore this is the same. I selected this course to learn how to manage an organization. 3:33 teacher-to-student ratio. The faculty here is well-informed and graduated from a top university in the recent past. Their approach to education is excellent. This is a two-year course that has two semesters each year and isn't too challenging if you learn everything.
  • Amity University Patna Placement: Third semester. Every student now has the chance to get hired by a variety of businesses. Every year, businesses such as Infosys, TCS, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Tech Mahindra, and many others come to hire bright students with attractive salaries. With a gift worth 33 lakhs, a girl received the highest package ever in 2019. 3-5 lakhs are the typical package. Every year, roughly 80% of students are placed. My goal is to be hired by the organization that offers the best benefits.

Sneha Jain, BA (English Hons.)

  • Amity University Patna Campus: Despite the small size of the school, campus life is fantastic. Every year, it organizes a variety of activities, with the students taking the lead for everything from the Literature Festival to the Tech Festival. It provides the best exposure and priceless memories.
  • Amity University Patna Course: I've always had a tendency towards literature, and I wanted to pursue it as effectively as I could. Amity University's high-quality instruction and committed faculty members satisfied this need. Even though class sizes were not excessive in 2019, they have begun to decrease as more and more individuals are becoming aware of this university. There is no doubt that the educational approach and the way faculty members interact with the students, focusing on each student's development, is fulfilling. To give the kids additional exposure, they create frequent tasks, presentations, and even events.
  • Amity University Patna Placement: There are many different kinds of internship programs available. It was a highly educational experience for me to prepare a research paper under the guidance of an IIT professor. To allow students to learn new things, it also offers internships in a variety of fields according to their interests, such as NGOs, newspaper agencies, etc.