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UpGrad Full Stack Developer Course

UpGrad Full Stack Developer Course: Online Courses & Certifications

Get a free four-month Executive Certification in Data Science and Machine Learning.
Alumni Status of IIIT Bangalore World-Class Faculty Members & Industry Experts
Live Lectures + Online Sessions

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 Saurav Anand 18/03/2022
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Upgrad Full Stack Developer Course

Overview of the Program Highlights

  • Get a free four-month Executive Certification in Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Alumni Status of IIIT Bangalore World-Class Faculty Members & Industry Experts
  • Live Lectures + Online Sessions
  • 10 Programming Languages & Tools
  • Option for no-cost EMI
  • Software Transitioning Your Career Bootcamp for non-technical people and novice coders (new)
  • 7+ Projects and Case Studies
  • For free, exclusive access to Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • UpGrad 360° Career Support – job fairs, practice interviews, and more are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • E-portfolio- Using an e-portfolio, you may demonstrate your experience and talents to potential employers. Get professional tips on how to create a killer GitHub profile.

Exceptional abilities Fundamentals of Computer Science, Software Development Processes, Building Robust, Scalable Websites, Backend APIs, and Rich and Interactive Web User Interfaces are among the topics covered.

Full-Stack Developers, Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, and UI Developers are all available positions.

Audience Specified

Freshers are interested in a career in software development, software development, IT professionals, engineering, analysis, and tech support professionals.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree with a passing grade of 50% or above. Prior coding experience is recommended but not required.


  • Videos, cases and projects, assignments, and live sessions from top instructors and industry professionals provide best-in-class information.

2 Weeks of Java Programming Fundamentals

  • Basic data structures and programming language fundamentals (Java)

3 weeks Abstraction and Encapsulation in Java Object-Oriented Programming

  • Arrays, ArrayLists, and Linked Lists Inheritance and Polymorphism 
  • Assignments (optional)

Software Engineering + OOD

  • SDLC and Agile Methodology in 4 Weeks
  • Testing and Version Control Assignment for Object Oriented Design – OOAD

Algorithms and Data Structures

  • 12 week period
  • Recursion + Algorithm Analysis
  • Sorting and Searching (Divide and Conquer included)
  • Stacks and Queues are two different types of queues.
  • Dictionaries and Sets (Hashtable, Trees and BSTs, Heaps)
  • Algorithms that are greedy
  • Dynamic Programming (Dynamic Programming) is
  • Algorithms for Graphs and Graphs
  • Assignment Requirement

Soft Skills

  •  1 week
  • Interview Skills

Internet & Networking Fundamentals are required prerequisites.

Front-end development and user interfaces

  • 8-week period
  • CSS & HTML
  • DOM & JavaScript
  • Web development frameworks with advanced JavaScript, Ajax, and backend integration (React)
  • Frontend project/assignment

Development of the backend

  • 9-week period
  • Relational Database Management Systems (SQL and RDBMS) Optional extra week
  • NoSQL hands-on – MongoDB +1 week optional
  • Spring Core and Spring Boot: An Overview
  • Designing Microservices Applications at the Data Access Layer and Service Layer
  • REST and the Controller Layer (Introduction)
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) with Microservice Application Security Communication
  • Application Development Assignment/Project

Deployment and Software Architecture

  • 7-week period
  • SOLID principles and patterns for distributed systems design
  • DevOps Cloud-Native Deployment Assignment/Project System Design

Capstone Project

 4 weeks

Capstone Project (group)

Projects in the Industry

Real-world industry initiatives sponsored by prominent firms in a variety of areas provide opportunities to learn.

Participate in group projects and learn from your peers.

Mentoring from industry professionals to help you learn and apply more effectively

Subjective feedback on your contributions that is tailored to you in order to help you develop.

Interactive Live Sessions with Leading Industry Experts covering Curriculum + Advanced Topics and Industry Expert Guidance

  • Personalized Industry Sessions with industry experts in small groups (of 10-12) to supplement program content with unique industry-based learning
  • Student Assistance
  • Student Support is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You can reach out to us at Use the Learn platform’s “Talk to Us” option for urgent questions.
  • Bootcamp for Career Change

Learn skills that will assist you in making the move to a Software Development position (SD1, SD2, SD3, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Developer)

Content tailored to your level of expertise

1-on-1 Industry Consultation with Industry Experts

Additional Assessments of Industry Readiness

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all contributed to this comprehensive collection of interview questions.

Preliminary rounds of interviews at IT companies are relevant.

UpGrad offers a Certificate of Completion for Data Structures and Algorithm Bootcamp.

Customized Industry Sessions are led by an industry expert for a small group of 10-12 learners with comparable profiles to explore real-world applications of ideas and receive personalized coaching.

Coaching for High Performance (1:1)

Hire a specialized career coach to help you remain on track to reach your career objectives, improve your profile, and guide you through your career path.

Sessions of Career Mentorship (1:1)

Experts can provide individualized career landscaping to help you map out the finest options.

Preparing for an Interview

Assist in honing your hard and soft skills in preparation for an interview.

The Admissions Procedure

STEP 1: Complete an application and take a 20-minute online test with multiple-choice questions.

STEP 2: Candidate Evaluation and Shortlisting

STEP 3: Candidate Evaluation and Shortlisting

All applications will be reviewed by our professors, who will take into account the applicant’s educational and professional history as well as any test scores. Following that, offer letters will be sent out, ensuring that you have a strong peer group with whom to study and network.

STEP 4: Register for Prep Content Access.

STEP 5: Register for Prep Content Access.

Make a simple block payment, with help from our financial partners if needed, and get immediate access to the prepped content so you can start your upGrad adventure.

What’s Included in the Price Features/Benefits Program for working professionals who don’t want their personal or professional lives to be disrupted

  • Free access to exclusive content in Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Learn from a world-class faculty that combines excellent academics, considerable industry experience, and international exposure.
  • UpGrad 360 degrees career help in terms of job fairs, resume development, career coaches, mock interviews, and more upGrad hiring possibilities from Uber, Microsoft, PwC, Genpact, and more


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Executive PG Program in Software Development – Full Stack Development Specialization with UpGrad?

The Executive PGP is a 13-month online program that focuses on developing practical knowledge and abilities, building a professional network, and accelerating entrance into full-stack development professions for working professionals. IIIT Bangalore bestows the certification.

Q.What should I anticipate from my learning experience?

The program will include interactive lectures from industry executives and world-renowned experts. In addition, the curriculum includes live lectures or hangout sessions aimed at answering your academic questions and reinforcing what you’ve learned.

Q.Is there any kind of certification given at the end of the program?

IIIT Bangalore will award an Executive PG Programme in Full Stack Development Development upon satisfactory completion of the curriculum.

Q.Do I have to select the specialization that upGrad recommends?

No. Once you’ve completed the main curriculum, you can pick any specialty you like. However, we strongly advise you to follow our advice, since it is based on a complex rule engine and is designed to present you with the best possible outcome for your background, making it simpler for you to make the move.

You may also obtain credentials for both the 4-month Data Science & Machine Learning certification and the 12-week Software Development Fundamentals (Data Structures & Algorithms) for non-tech and novice coders.

Both classes are free and optional.

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